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Topic: Prayer

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “There is much need in the world today for earnest prayer, as many people are already going through difficult times and in desperation seek for a solution. Most solutions are truly easy to find if one would only turn within and find one’s God-Spark waiting.

“Once found, life becomes so much easier to take, as this Spark within would love to guide and encourage all to take another step, as life simply consists of moments. They are the decisions, taken from moment to moment, that count.

“The sad thing is that not many people think deeply anymore, being pre-occupied with the mundane. They need to be jolted into a higher reality that, yes, there is a better way to live. It is when life is lived courageously, and decisions are made thoughtfully, that much misery can be avoided, as life is a continual choice and decision making process. However, most decisions are made unawares, and many an after-thought is filled with regrets of how things could have been done differently if more fore-thought would have gone into the process.

“Every decision brings its own consequences as decisions bring causes and effects, which can ‘ripple’ down the line for long years.

“And this is the crux of the matter when a mortal learns to make prayerful decisions; to include the Spark from God within -- always the silent Witness to all decisions.

“It would be most wonderful for parents to teach children that they, too, have an on-board Partner -- a Spark from the living God -- and to teach the little ones to make conversation with this Mystery Monitor, and after speaking with It, learn to listen to It. This is the most important part even adults forget to do.

“It is so very important that after a sincere prayer to God, a time of silence is regularly observed. This then gives God an opportunity to answer, which may not always be in words, but often in a feeling of being surrounded by love, and a feeling of being accepted just the way you are.

“This gives you security, this gives you hope, this gives you encouragement, and this gives you strength for the day or even the moment ahead in the knowledge of your not being alone in the struggle, and the knowing of being loved so unconditionally. These are all the most wonderful growing moments a fledgling soul can experience.

“It does not then matter what lies ahead, because the full assurance that God listens, and is always there for inspiration, is living in and with spirit, without which nothing exists. Unfortunately, people have lost sight of this great Helper within, or they don’t even know that it is possible to have a personal relationship with the God, who created them.

“So give this listening to God a try, and you will not be left hungering for spiritual sustenance, which feeds the soul and helps guide you through life, but only when you are willing to listen. This is an exercise in faith.