2011-07-24-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Mind, Spirit, Portals

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Machiventa

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father for this great day, thank you for this circle of friendship, for the circle of spiritual light that is shining on us today from within, helping us to understand and see clearly what is on the table. We thank you for the spiritual tools which are available to all of us. Without them we are nothing more than bugs crawling over each other. We thank you for our individuality and we thank you for our ability to come together as one.



Michael: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is good to be here this morning. This is your Father/brother Michael. It is good to hear you discuss and share the inner workings of mind this morning, your thoughts on perception and how perception both reveals reality and creates it. When perception is inspired it is influenced by the energy of spirit. When you are thinking clearly, when you are hearing the call of spirit, it's direction will be made available to you, and the spiritual practice is to answer the call of spirit by and through the activation of will. In my embrace of all my children and this dear planet of mine, I cannot help but feel the cry, the pain, the misunderstanding, the lack of enthusiasm, the brutal violence. The thought I hold is that my peace and love, your compassion for each other will eventually squelch and bring into balance the discord which exists among you on this world.


It does not take tremendous philosophical insight to be led by the spirit. There is so much which needs to be done to bring balance and peace that a mere focus will reveal to you what needs to be done from the particular position in which you find yourself for one has to move from the position one is in to be able to accommodate another position, a position of action. The motivation of spirit is like grace. It is tremendously powerful yet so subtle that you could completely miss it. So as you were saying this morning about the 'seed crystal', its ability to pattern space, pattern thought into which it comes into contact, these are the activities which are at hand at this time.


Understand that in your connectedness to spirit, spirit mind and personality does not expect a child mortal to totally remain connected to spirit in the mental sense. I, Michael can remain connected as was shown through my earth life, with the Father because I personally know the Father, I come from Paradise. There is forever a connectedness which ensues as a result of having been in the actual Paradise Presence of the Original, One and Only Father of life and personality. This is why it is important to access the reality of the Thought Adjuster because it also carries a Paradise connectedness. I came here and showed how to access this awareness; when you can access the King, you certainly are in the Kingdom. It is even made easy and elementary for you, just by doing His will, you are accessing the Father, and if you are aware of this, it becomes even more powerful.

This heightened sense of awareness then keeps you malleable and flexible, malleable to the effort to act upon your will to see and understand in your own way, wisdom! My dear children, the spirit world and especially your Mother's children, continually care for and guide you through the tangled nature of life. We compensate in a spiritual sense, for the love and compassion that not everyone receives. We truly love you. We are in peace. Soften your field and allow our seed crystal of peace to organize your space and your nature. I so much love all of you and rejoice the day we shall meet face to face. I go in peace, your Master.


Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I'll take advantage of this opportunity you present in having created this portal for us to come together, I from my side and you from yours. This is Charles and I'd like to avail ourselves of another opportunity to make another installment on this portal creation once again. This week I would like to begin by reminding us all of the familiar terms and vision that we hold of what this portal is and how we may utilize it. As I have referred to, there are many types of portals, really doors that are opened into your consciousness which allow that which is outside, access to come in.

That is all any portal is, a gateway or a doorway between one realm or dimension into another. So with such a definition we have great latitude to allow for the existence of many many doorways or gateways into our consciousness. I am grateful for this one that we both choose at this time, to be able to even have this conversation and share these truths. I invite you to exercise to the fullest degree your willingness, to entertain the reality of many possible entry points that you could provide. Each one you could refer to as a portal.

It takes some courage and perhaps curiosity to propel you to be willing to go and fling open the door onto an unknown platform of awareness. You take great comfort as mortals of the realm, and understandably so, in providing for your immediate environment, your platform of awareness, all that you are familiar with as the walls of your structure. Having these familiar foundations around you, you are provided with a sense of comfort that you have discovered your perimeters and put up your foundations and walls with what you are familiar with so that you may surround yourself with your version of reality.

This process of providing new points of entry for alternate realities that are outside your abode is much like opting to remodel your house and put in a new doorway out onto a patio. This preparation that you undergo to literally break through the walls of your existence with great intention and even foresight as to how your environment will be improved with the addition of a new opening is a good parallel to use for you to actively seek to go through this process of remodeling your environment to accommodate an improvement, an opening, an access point with which you may freely cross the borders of your perimeter and proceed to allow yourself a means to go out and explore the greater world.

So I invite you to consider in relationship to the abode that you see yourself inhabiting, the addition of more entry points, of more access points with which not only will your experience be expanded, but your ability to take in that which is outside of you will be so greatly improved. That is all that we are attempting to undertake in our spiritual growth as pertains to the development of these portal ways, the ability to accommodate an access point within your being so that you may benefit from that which is out there being able to find a point of entry and thereby increase so greatly your perception of reality and truth that you are forever enhanced and changed as a result.

It is my pleasure to make another attempt at the use of word symbols to lead thought patterns in the direction of potential and reality which exists out there and merely needs a point of introduction into your being. I too bring you and leave you my peace to add to your Father's and to yours as we create this great pool of peace which is so calming and nourishing to all. Thank you, I now step down to allow for others.


Light: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Light, as well pleased to take advantage of this opportunity. I will continue on with Charles' use of the metaphor of the structure of your abode. You all have direct experience with many different types of abodes and how they make you feel when you are in them. You have all been in subterranean parts where there are no windows allowing natural light to flow in and there is a certain feel in these caves of sorts where the only energy from light one can sense is what one brings in to the environment in terms of some form of artificial light.

Under these conditions there is a great sense of lack many times at simply receiving the natural energy which is contained in sunlight. So most abodes are built where they are able to receive these natural energies and most abodes take advantage of this natural principle by having windows and doors with glass to allow this energy to come in and permeate the space and thus change the environment from one of gloom and oppression where without an artificial light source there is darkness to one where the natural flowing energies are allowed natural access and entrance into the abode and therefore enjoyed by all within.

Such it is with Charles' metaphor of remodeling your abode to provide for such natural and normal universe energies to come to you and be allowed to come inside to brighten up your environment and to bring with them the positive stimulative qualities that exist out there. This example of either including or excluding these natural forces is a familiar one for mortals of the realm to grasp and realize the significance of going with the flow in a very certain sense, utilizing the natural flow of sunlight to bring vital energy in.

This is all we are attempting to do, is refine our temples, our abodes, into places which utilize the natural flow of energy which have been built to provide access for these natural energies, these portals, these windows, out into the real world out there and thereby we benefit so greatly from simply orienting ourselves and providing such points so that this natural energy can flow in naturally.

It is a joy to chime in with this thought pattern about access to energy because we are so involved in the creation of these points of access that it is good to draw a metaphor on how we might refer to them in our thinking. I hope this has been serviceable and appreciate the opportunity to offer it. I bid you all a good day and that you fare well in your experiences. Be at peace and be in light, farewell.


Machiventa: [Mark] Greetings, I am Machiventa. I am pleased to be with this group, it has been a long time since I have made my energy signature known and present in this group. I stop by to make a small contribution to this thought pattern of access points and entry points into your being by recalling the familiar statement of your brother and Father recalling to you that He stands at the door and knocks and whoever shall open the door, He shall enter. Whoever shall access this portal, He shall utilize it. Whoever shall choose the way of opening up will be filled with the divine love and light. Another example of creating an access point, a doorway for Michael to knock at and for you to open so that He may come in to your life, to your experience. Doorways and portals are identical in this regard and he who so would provide the doorway for Monjoronson and will hear the knock and will open the door, Monjoronson will enter therein. That is what we are referring to as the building and the utilizing of these portals. It is my pleasure to offer this reference, even to words of so long ago and their significance.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide this. I look forward to working with all of you as we expand the dimensions and the scope of our understanding of what this implies, this universal truth and principle portrayed here today. But as was referred to in the discussion earlier, while you may hold a vision of what this might represent, as you come in contact with it your vision will change in accordance with your increased awareness and your having a flexibility in your willingness to move forward, as you have stated, will be of primary importance. Hold fast to your compass heading, indeed let that be your strength and your purpose. But if your journey brings to you circumstances new and fresh before you it will certainly be required of you to make adjustments moment by moment and hour by hour in accordance with your opportunities immediately before you.

Thank you for this chance to address this group again. I have a fond affinity and have enjoyed the chance provided here today, farewell.