2011-08-05-Economic System

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Topic: Economic System

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “The economic system of your world is not a sustainable system, and you will constantly find yourselves facing new crises unless you implement a better system. The fundamental idea behind any financial plan is to make a profit. This is not a secret and it is unanimously accepted in your world as the goal of any enterprise that plays a part in your economy. This, specifically, is the fundamental issue in your economic system.

“When the procurement of material benefit is the main motivation for a human endeavor, all ethical, moral and spiritual considerations are relegated to being a matter of secondary importance – something that may be good to have, but not really deemed to be essential. This is why you can so often find persons, groups and organizations that produce things that benefit no one, but just to maintain their profits. Products such as tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, processed foods and the multitude of drugs that hide the symptoms caused by the ingestion of many useless products, are promoted and distributed without any consideration, even when the majority among you know they are detrimental to your health.

“Many persons and organizations that offer services supposedly for the benefit of their customers offer their knowledge and help with the main goal of obtaining a profit. Insurance companies promise to protect their clients, but if their clients actually make use of this protection, they are re-classified as problematic and their policies may be canceled. Doctors and hospitals offer the most advanced Healing technologies, as long as their patients have the means to pay.

“There are those who offer the keys to success and happiness, only for those who have the money to afford such knowledge. There are some that even offer advice and spiritual wisdom asking for a reward beforehand. They have become mercenaries of mercy and merchants of ideas. Is this unconditional love for your neighbors? The worst part is that many ideas and plans for improvement will never see the light of day because their creators haven’t found a way to make a profit from them.

“A new economic system must replace the current system focused exclusively on money and material benefit. The new economic system should focus foremost on the creation of products and services that are useful, and promote the development of civilization and the individuals, to make the life of human beings in this world more tolerable and plentiful, instead of putting additional loads on the shoulders of people. In this new system, the priority should be the improvement, progress, and service toward human beings in general, not the benefit of a particular group at the expense of the rest.

“This is not a simple change. If an organization attempts this new model, without the support of the entire system, it will surely fail. The change has to be profound and global. It has to be born in the hearts of all human beings on this world and they must learn to orient their lives and efforts toward the goal of being useful, and provide benefits for all – for the world and the universe, instead of focusing only on their personal gain. This is a challenge for future generations that are being raised today within the families of Urantia. It is the task of the fathers and mothers of the present to embed these ideas of love and truth in the minds of their children.


“The state of your world, with its economic crises becoming more frequent, is a clear sign of the need for change. Search in your deepest being within for the guidance that the Creator-Father himself offers you to direct your efforts and inaugurate once and for all a new age of Light and Life in this world.”