2011-08-14-ABC Summaries, Salvington Broadcast

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Topic: Second Coming

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Luminerion, Manotia

TR: Ron Besser



Luminerion speaks:

Take this message to heart, It contains the redemption of Urantia in its import. Your world is soon to receive Michael of Nebadon in a new form of incarnation never used before on an inhabited world.

Sonarington is the habitation of Michael of Nebadon today. He has entered the sleep of transition to be able to visit Urantia as a former male of the realm known as Jesus.

We now commend all who hear this message to pray that He, the one you know of as Jesus the Christ, shall soon be among you in the flesh.

I am Luminerion, Chief Of Planetary Seraphic Services.

I am a Primary Supernaphim who has been allowed access to your minds for the purpose of sending these messages directly to those commissioned to use the universe reflectivity services. I know whereof I speak when I say that no other personal message could make such a difference to so many. We trust you will take the Michael Message below as the final act of a Creator Son who so dearly loves the world of Urantia that he willingly undergoes yet a second transition into the flesh.

In all Salvington, only the Divine Minister and Immanuel knew that this was taking place, and the Union of Days shared Michael’s plans and this prerecorded broadcast secretly with the chief executive of the universe, Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star.

The broadcast will be unified in spiritual currents and the messages from the Creator Son will all be heard through the archangel circuit and by the Urantia Planetary Broadcasts soon to appear. The two edge sword of truth will soon visit and your sphere and Urantia will be reclaimed by the Father’s Love in Truth Justice and Mercy.

We now play back the announcement from your local universe headquarter world, Michael’s parting words to those who received his message several short years ago as you reckon time. It was necessary for Michael to delay this message until he was well prepared to enter the sleep of transition to once again appear on your world as the Jesus of your Bible and of your heart and joy of discernment.

  • From Michael, Broadcast April 25, 2007 - Departing on the sea of glass on Salvington:

“I leave you but for a short season. Many of you, I know, would go with me, but whither I go you cannot come. That which I am about to do, you cannot do. I go to do the will of the Paradise Deities, and when I have finished my mission and have fulfilled my promise to return, I will return to my place among you.”

From Manotia, Supreme Seraphim and Second in Command serving with Luminerion:

Stating this noble and true fact, especially in conjunction with the Magisterial Son’s plans to incarnate, points to a time of unparalleled glory for the world of Urantia.

All those receiving and partaking of this information may equate the magnitude of it all, but surely the divinity, the grandeur, the all inspiring time that is about to transpire on Urantia will forever be etched in the annals of history in Nebadon’s and Urantia’s history books.


There can always be speculation in regards to our Creator Fathers plans. It can be a precarious and difficult thing for evolutionary children of time to speculate in regards to the universal celestial administration now being brought to light and revealed on Urantia through the implemented reflectivity. The planetary broadcast Urantia received was a broadcast of celestial information through the spiritual channels and implementation that is now in place which is new to Urantia. This information that was broadcast was the first in Urantia’s history to be heard through the aforementioned channels. The message encompassed Michael’s intention of returning to Urantia. The message which was initially broadcast from the superuniverse and Paradise-Havona broadcasting station and was received on Jerusem in liaison with Salvington by a technique involving the polar crystal, the sea of glass. This in turn was broadcast through the Jerusem sending station which is located at the opposite pole of the sphere. It was Luminerion acting in liaison with the archangel circuit to Urantia who distributed it to an approved reflectivator.

Reflectivators have been admonished many times to meditate and process with their Thought Adjusters intimately on the sensitivity and grandeur of the information that has been entrusted to the mortals in the special reserve corps of destiny using reflectivity.

It is always easy to speculate with the human mind from a personality standpoint to try and assimilate and process revealed celestial information, especially that which is revelatory to mortal mind. Mortal mind through imagining utilizing human intellect and personality speculation in regards to revelation can cause confusion or questionings which can only serve to impede your divine understanding which will be afforded to you through your Adjuster’s leading.

Allow everything to come to light appropriately through the Father's guidance. Learned that even though personality may be eager in anticipation in regards to much it desires to know, spirit many times will bear witness with your spirit that you cannot rush these things. There is a proscribed order or things in the universes of creation, for in due season you will reap divine understanding if you do not give out to distresses, doubt and wanderings of mind.

All must prove to be patient in this grand undertaking. Understand and allow the Father's guidance and reason to guide and guard your thinking. Michael’s return has been two-thousand years in the making, and in assimilating this, know that the Father will never give more information than human mind can handle or understand.

You were provided a dispatch message from the Creator Son, our Creator Father Master Michael. It is utterly futile to speculate when this will actually transpire on your sphere, at least as you know time. For even as your prophet of old spoke, and was correct in the statement; “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, not even the Son, but the Father only.”

If the entire order of universe celestial personalities and angels of heaven know not the intimate details of the plans of our creator Father, it is highly unlikely that humans of a human evolutionary origin would know much more than we beings of a higher order of personality.

Two thousand years ago John of Patmos received revelation in regards to many weighty and glorious events that concern your planet and the mortals therein. Daniel also saw and received revelation in regards to the time that you are living in.

Even these great prophets of old did not understand the information they received when they received it.

Daniel spoke after he received information from the Archangels:

"I heard what he said, but I did not understand what he meant. So I asked, "How will all this finally end, my lord?"

He replied, "Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand."

We fully understand the impact the information Michael broadcast is having in your mortal minds. The information received was to restate his intention and was simply stated by our Creator Father. Said Michael: “I leave you but for a short season. Many of you, I know, would go with me, but whither I go you cannot come. That which I am about to do, you cannot do. I go to do the will of the Paradise Deities, and when I have finished my mission and have fulfilled my promise to return, I will return to my place among you.”

There can be many speculations on this simple message, but it stands firm in its simplicity. Know that all things will be revealed in time, and that you will not be given any more at any given moment than which you can handle. Patience, patience and more patience children of Urantia in Michael’s service, take heed and remember to not rush the divine spirit at work, for spirit understands the vicissitudes and conjecture of human mind.

There will be much more information forthcoming in proscribed order in regards to the plans of the Magisterial Son, and Michael. The broadcasts will clarify upcoming questions and clarify the information in due time. Do not give way to conspiracy or speculation, for we along side of you are eagerly waiting for things to be revealed.


-Approved by Luminerion