2011-08-20-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Extending Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Unknown, LIGHT, Michael, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Session 1


Prayer: [Mark] Please come and join this circle and feel the love. What a privilege it is to get together at this time every year, to come together to experience the love we feel from you, our Divine Parents, and from each of the others here who we recognize as a representative, a piece of the gigantic whole, an expression of your love made real in this life. We are grateful for these expressions of each other. We are grateful for our security in the knowledge that we are family with you and so we openly, eagerly invite you to be with us closely in these moments and throughout this weekend that we would share together. I'd like to make special vocal petition at this time to openly include and desire the presence of our teachers, our friends, our associates, who have so lovingly represented the truth to us throughout these years that we have been together, to open our hearts in our circle here to our friends on the other side and to ask them to seat themselves with us as it were, to be in our circle. I state this intention so that it may be closer to being fulfilled by the very act of its being thought, word, and now, I believe, deed. What a glorious opportunity we have before us in these moments to share each other and the grace of a greater spirit among us and between us. Let it be so, even now, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello and thank you for such a loving invitation. I am this ones Inner Voice and in something that is perhaps different from that which has been attempted before at these wonderful gatherings which I have observed as have all the other Voices Within around this circle, I perceive an opportunity at this time to make yet a stronger connection between these Inner Guides. As you know, we are always here present, we are almost always observing and recessive in relationship to you, your personalities and your choices. This is as it should be as we have just begun our sojourn together and will require some time and effort before our roles become more closely intertwined. But, there are things that we can do to aid and assist in this process to condition our very futures with our desires to do so.



I would recall to you the lesson shared yesterday of being in the moment of the eternal now and I invite you each one, just even for this moment, for this instant of now, for you to express your inner intention and desire to request a greater latitude of connection, an expansion of circuitry, an enhancement of capacity from your Inner Guide. To make such a request is a sacred gift that you give to The Father through His representative within. Now normally and in most occasions you do not get requested of you a gift. This merely would happen by means of your own desire and your own choosing, but since I know your inner desires, it is then possible for me to make such a suggestion to have such an influence in your lives because I, we, know of you, that it is your desire to reach toward the Divine and to make steady progress in your efforts and when the students are eager, the teachers arrive to provide the stimulus and the direction and the guidance.

And so it is that I come here today to make such a suggestion, that each one find during the course of this event, to find just a few moments of privacy in which you would direct your thoughts and your intentions inward and open a door, cause a portal to be opened within through the conscious act of your request that it be so. Your heartfelt sincere request opens many doors and creates many pathways and portals that are used routinely as a course of your living. So, perhaps we may enjoy greater connection by virtue of this common suggestion to express your desire to not only open this portal, this entry point into your being, so that spirit may infuse you with a greater sense of divinity, but also once the door has been opened it may be used for you to expand beyond your current perimeters to go out and explore the greater dimension that is without or outside your being.

Doorways are wonderful things, they let what is out there in and they also create a living space between your sense of self and confined space, to all that is outside of that. They allow you an access point to exit as well as spirit an access point to enter. All of us Inner Guides here today are eager to try this experiment, if you will, among such worthy spiritual seekers as yourselves and to see if we can not only have a greater connection among and between us on these various levels, the level of your individual personalities and who you consider yourselves to be, as well as a circuit among and between all of the Presences of The Father and to weave and combine this directed intention into a nest for the reception of spirit.

Intention, Focus

You all have engaged in this for quite some time; in your simple meeting and building of the relationships you have woven together the fabric that you all relate to. When you come back together you sense the reality of that which you have created before you and we are merely seeking to add to your creation, to build on your foundation and to bring to you the direction and inspiration that you seek in your building process. It truly all does come down to your individual decisions and desires, and these desires even though they may be fleeting, if they are not given expression they may very well wither away like the plant that is unattended, but if they are nurtured and supplied with the nutrients of intention, then they most certainly can flower and produce great fruit.

This is the purpose of My suggestion to you this day, once again to focus on the all important key of providing your permission, your intention, your request, so that the forces at play around you may act in accordance with your will. But if your will is unexpressed, even unknown, then the forces at play around you do not have the jurisdiction to create for you their version of what you would have. But if you are in motion, if you are choosing, if it is your desire to be engaged, then all manner of resources may be summoned to aid you to make real that which you can envision and even, as I do now, to bring you suggestion as to how to more effectively proceed in this regard.

We as teachers, walk a fine line of our mandate which dictates we must not tell you how to live your lives but must only aid you, assist you, and attempt to enlighten you as you so desire and request. Were it not for your invitation, I could not be here now. Were it not for your individual desires, you would not be here now where you are on the spiritual ascension ladder. Spirit is a passive force and must be recognized and summoned to be activated in the process. It is always present but it is not always chosen. This is the power that you hold, to choose that which you would see as the best and highest choice and allow the universe to support you in your decision. You know of the truth of this statement for you have all seen it in your own lives; when your choices reflect the highest values and morals they are unerringly supported and you are provided the confirmation and the success in your endeavors.

Likewise, there are times you all recognize when things did not go as well as you would have liked and you recall perhaps that you did not make the highest and best choice you could have but rather went along with an old pattern or declined to make the grander choice and the results were consistent with that choice of action. So in keeping with this universal principle, let us activate it today, now, even in this eternal moment of now so that not only is it true in this moment that we focus, and that we desire and we direct our intention, but as a result of having done so, a pattern is created, a universal decision has been registered and what comes next will have to conform to what we have accepted as reality now.

Free will

This is how we create our future; the choosing now is the conditioning of the future. If you are steadfast and consistent enough, you will find that no other options can coexist. When you have chosen a direction all things must line up and be consistent with that choice and it becomes easier and easier to make the choice because the choice you have made gathers to itself greater and greater strength as you reenforce it over and over again. Eventually this force is so great that there are no contrasting options that may be considered as the choice has been made.

You all have made the choice to proceed in a grand journey of spirit and to follow where that road may lead you and you will all witness that it has led you to spectacular experiences in your universe ascent. And so you grow accustomed to this as being your reality, the more you seek, the more you find, thus you are prompted to seek and then to find. In this way you have conditioned your journey and you keep reenforcing this conditioning as you go and that is what has brought us to this moment of now. Once again, we're here together, we have been here before. We can recall the times that this very group of individuals has been configured thus and we are able to foretaste in time, the reunion of such a collective gathering, and all because we have conditioned this truth, we have built this reality as we do in this moment once again.

It is a unique privilege and opportunity that I share with you this day. I know traditionally, at these events which honor Michael and His journey here, there are other guest speakers but this opportunity arose to allow a speaker of a different sort because while I have been accessing these word symbols and filling this environment with sounds, we have also been within and registering the truth within in a space where there are no words to convey. And I Am privileged to point out if you will, that while your contact with your friends on the other side, the devoted teachers and assistants that serve your needs so devotedly, I am here to remind you that they are as you are to each other, friends on the outside, friends who are pleased and privileged to come together at times and share, friends that you hear from on occasion and you cherish these relationships.

I am something different, we are always present, we are the inspiration that you share, we are the sense of conviction when you are considering what choices to make. We are the support that you feel when you are emboldened to take a direction that you consider to be the highest choice and we are with you at every journey and through every experience and relationship that you have. So perhaps you would consider opening the door even further so that we may share the experience in the same space, that is, side by side as partners in the journey rather than your being in the drivers seat and Me in the back.

This shift in relationship is underway and in process throughout. We are in fact becoming more and more familiar with each other but all things are possible and so perhaps we would join together to push and create new boundaries and new areas of exploration together because wherever you go, I am there. Whatever you choose to explore, we explore. Whoever you choose to associate with, we associate with. Such a gracious opportunity you provide. It is my honor and pleasure to have contact with you at this time.

And now I would relinquish this podium and return to what you might consider to be your regularly scheduled program. Just as your Master has told you that He does not leave you, neither do we. I am always with you. I withdraw at this time, thank you.


Unknown: [Cathy] Your circle of influence, it begins with your intentions, it begins with you and you are unaware of the influence you assert in your surrounding sphere of influences.


LIght: [Mark] Hello my friends and family, what a joyous occasion that I have been given the opportunity to address you at this time, not so much address you as come among you and co-mingle with you. There are so very many possibilities and directions that we may pursue in the desire to access spiritual growth and so we are always trying new suggestions and approaching things from different angles because the angles that may be used are like the rays of light which fragment when they pass through the prism. The light, the source of the light, becomes diverted and channeled into many many independent offshoots and rays as a result of hitting the prism of humankind.

And so, no matter what angle we will approach spiritual affairs, there will be numerous other angles available, as many as there are seekers to discover them. So we can discuss topics over and over again, repeating lessons with different takes or versions and this will appeal to a different sector of individuals who can relate to such rays of light in their spectrum. And at other times, others will resonate more clearly with a different perspective on the same truth, on the same light. And so it is that all these different reflections of light are what are spread about as you go through this process and become your own facet that allows a unique expression as the light passes through you.

Your direction will be your own, your influence will be because you are positioned and your surface is polished and prepared and so all you need to do is be there so that the light may access you and pass through you and be displayed out as a result of having been brought to focus through you. All facets of the prism are able to have the light pass through them and all facets have an influence on this light and all light has an influence on the darkness around it so that you are in [a] very real sense, the only one that can light up your quadrant around you.

You are the fixture that may be used to have this light pass to you and through you to bring this light out into the darkness and to bathe it in this light of truth that has your own expression through which it must pass. I tell you plainly that those individuals who are in alignment with this process and awareness of their position in this process, create a vibrant, brilliant, light and truly a gathering such as this becomes so luminescent and so bright that there is no room for darkness. It simply cannot survive in such an environment of love, of peace, and of grace. It has simply crowded out the elements of darkness, bathed them in its light and dispelled them. In a very real sense, you have conditioned this entire space so that truth, beauty, and goodness may fill the space and darkness simply has no place to be.

You all will register that this is an active process and as well, it is a passive conditioning of the space. It is not as though we must wrestle the darkness away, we must simply be the light. Then the darkness cannot exist side by side, there will be no space that it can take. This speaks again to the conditioning of your environment and of your future. If you are focused on registering this light and projecting this light out and about you, you cannot enter the darkness, it will not be dark when you are there. This is the most positive thing you can do for yourselves as individuals, to see yourselves in light, bathe yourselves in light. Use this fixture that you are, this prism, to shine the light out around you and in this way you condition the very environment around you and the environment before you as you move forward in time.

It's simple, it's basic, it's a universal principle and you are at play with it, you are in motion. Let us play with the light together, let us shine it out and receive it in, share it about and use it to condition our experience as we do even in this moment of now. Let us take this moment of now as a representative of the environment we would create around us and we will cast this moment of now out before us so that when we get to the moment then, it will be reflective of our intentions in this moment now. In this way we throw our stepping stones out before us and we know that they are there.

I hope these words have registered as useful. We are always looking to bring something of substance that you can grab on to and use, not just ponder as some unattainable potential. But you can and you do do this so let's be about the process and do some more together, here, during this experience you have designed for yourselves this weekend. Thank you for the chance to share with you these thoughts for the day. I would conclude any remarks I had with those, however, in an attempt to be more engaged throughout the weekend, I would also offer the opportunity for dialog or questions as your desires would dictate. Let us do our best to keep the doors open. Thank you, be at peace. So be it.


Nebadonia: [Cathy] This is your Mother. My children I embrace you with light and joy. It is a great pleasure for my helpers to join me in uplifting you in joy and light. We would enhance your experience of joy if your intention is expressed to allow an enhancement. Your Father and I are always with you and you need only ask for us to join with you at any time. We uphold you as you take these steps to enrich yourselves in spirit and light.

Session 2

  • Evening session 2011-08-20


Prayer: [Mark] Michael, you know that even if we don't stop at any given time and perform any given ceremony and do any particular act of tribute, you know, you know us, you know our hearts, that we love you. We are so very pleased to be a part of your family and so very grateful to be a part of this gigantic enterprise that you have created. We feel so lucky to be able to know you in the way we do. We are very very grateful for the opportunity to come close to you in this way, knowing you as we are privileged to know you.

Mary: I'd like to express gratitude for meeting Michael in each one of you.

Cathy: I want to express my intention to be closer to my Adjuster and to bring my Adjuster closer to every one of yours in a circuit of enhanced action.



Michael: [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, it has been my intention to meet you at this time, at this place that you create for this to happen, just as it has been your intention to meet me here. We have created this space before and we nurture its very existence with our intention, our choosing to have it be so as part of our experience. And so it is my expected pleasure as it is yours, that this interaction between us occur and that we both co-mingle our energies. You have fore-tasted this moment in time even as I have because we choose to make it so and we have built this foundation together. We have worked on the security of this truth we share and now we can stand firmly on the platform and enjoy the perspective from having built this platform.


It always brings me such great pleasure to accept this invitation that you extend to answer the desires of your heart to be with me because my dear ones, it is the desire of my heart as well and so I fully understand this desire for I share it with you. And so, because of our desire and our focused intention to have it be so, it is so, even now in this moment. And so we enjoy the fruits of our effort in this regard, in this project that we undertake. We come away with having been touched and changed. When you co-mingle energies there is an exchange, there is a sharing and this is the magic of relationship.

Whenever one chooses to engage in a relationship, there is a willingness to give an aspect of the self and to receive an aspect of the other, to benefit by anothers experience and understanding, to share back and forth and in so doing, both are changed; both have bee forever altered as a result of cultivating relationships. I feel with you the presence of even your environment as though I am experiencing it with you and I feel I am when you desire to be close to me, desire even to represent me, you create the opening and I access the portal and I engage more directly with you. And in that way in a very real sense, I am able to be here now with you as you will allow and provide for.

I love this world, your world, our world, so very much and I love each of you so very much that I am keenly interested in every opportunity available to me to bring my presence to be co-mingled into the mainstream of mankind. So it is with such great pleasure that I accept the invitation offered here so willingly and freely, so easily for me to access. I appreciate that you offer this opportunity and provide the space for this to transpire.

My dear ones, as we move forward we will find before us many challenges arise and I invite you to recall this moment. I will bring to mind with you this moment of peace, this moment of serenity, this moment of security in the awareness that all is well, even as it is in this moment, even as you enjoy it now for no matter what transpires, there is always the peace of this moment, the security of a moment like this, the comfort of a time of peace and security.

This is the pattern that we would choose, this is the condition that we would support and if we take the awareness of the love and the peace that we feel in a moment like this, we have the seed thought for what will be out in advance of us. We can cast the intention as you say, before you that all is well, but you know this because we have shared this truth and you believe it and have conviction. We have shared that all is well between us. No matter what may arise, it cannot change the inner condition of security and peace that we share together, this cannot be shaken and I feel so good that we have come to know each other so well as to provide us this certainty of experience, this conviction of faith and so I look forward to sharing the journey together and your providing me the opportunity to experience with you as if I were there by inviting me to be there.

You are cherished my dear ones, each and every one. I thank you for gathering in my name today and honoring me with such loving and caring and sharing. These gifts that you give are profound and so freely and generously offered. I accept them. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you for the service you do to me as you do to each other. It has been once again, a pleasure just to be with you even in the silence, just to be with you. Good evening to all.


Mark: Hello Elyon greetings.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings to you and thank you for recognizing my signature and inviting me to come in and play. It brings me great joy to come once again to your yearly celebration. We have in fact been doing this quite a long time as you reckon time, and I appreciate having been with you through this devoted process that you all have been engaged in. I refer not only to this gathering but this gathering as a symbol of your devotion to your spiritual commitment. That has been paramount to all that has transpired on the outside, your group commitments and your group efforts.

It all began with your individual personal efforts, your commitment to pursue spirit and your intention to follow through. And then as a result, this individual intention and pursuit of spirit, gathers to itself, like elements in others and thus you have a gathering like this, a gathering together of like elements, of a common desire to pursue where spirit may lead. So it is very directly related to your efforts that you have arrived where you are in your spiritual growth and no accident whatsoever that you are drawn together. And so it has been such a great privilege to watch the magic work when you come together and the creativity flows between those of similar passion. You can literally watch the growth right before your eyes, so to speak.

Immediately before you, you can see the evidence of those who are willing to grow when they are fed. And so it has been so very gratifying to be a part of your individual and collective spiritual expansions. I have watched all of you grow enormously and it brings such joy just as the bud of the flower finally unfolds and you can see the beauty that you suspected was always there. In fact, I have grown a great deal as well as a direct result of having a relationship with you. I have greatly benefitted from our experience and as was mentioned before, I will never be the same, nor will you. We have overlapped, our experiences have cross-fertilized each others, and so I am changed and you are changed.


This occurred by our direct willingness to engage and have it be so. This is the value of relationship and the beauty of what is to be gained through this process. So I feel lucky to have the privilege to have developed this relationship over these years and have been privileged to be present in the course of all this growth. Thank you for the privilege and opportunity that you provide. I take my leave in fond regards for the relationship we have developed. It is so, farewell.