2011-08-22-ABC Summaries, Document H

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Topic: Cleansing the Urantia Grid

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson, Gabriel, Lanaforge, Malvantra

TR: Ron Besser



Michael: I am your Creator Father, the Creator Son of the local universe of Nebadon. My equal partner the Creative Spirit, Nebadonia, who is also your Creator Mother, is with me today as we speak.


We want to give our personal encouragement to those who want to help ME with our work and my Melchizedek Sons to eradicate, once and for all, everything to do with Lucifer and Caligastia and their helpers. Their horrors and vile deeds were meant to prevent you from evolving and to stop your ascent as Father indwelt beings that my plans enable everyone to do. Caligastia and Lucifer with malice aforethought kept my children in darkness, and I would even say they wished Urantia humans to suffer in their confusion and hatred.

It is true that Lucifer and Caligastia were aware of my second coming. They heard me speak of it to my Apostles. They also knew I would return to claim my stewardship of Urantia as a Planetary Prince. To them I was everything they hated and they both sought to destroy the planet of my bestowal in human form.

But this knowledge was not the only motive for what he sought to do by preventing your evolution and ascension, and to keep you, by all means, under his control. Evil was intentional as all sin is, and they would gladly destroy Urantia to get back at those they feared would come back to finally destroy them. If to obtain their revenge was to be successful, and if that revenge needed the destruction of this planet in one way or another to do that, they set to it to bring it about.

Their fury against me was not only because of my promised second coming, but because it was especially their uncontrollable rage that overwhelmed them each. Caligastia, when Lucifer was imprisoned on a planetary prison world, understood that one day justice would visit them, decided they would show us how capable they were at destruction. Abdication was not part of their vocabulary. I knew this, but they were still my children. I wanted to give them, up until the last minute, the possibility to change their minds, but nothing we did helped. The day had to come to stop dealing with the evil they perpetrated and clean the places they defiled.

Your Divine Mother Nebadonia and I, your Creator Father as your Parents of this local universe, We ask you to attend us and assist us in this tremendous work. The energy grids and their cleaning to remove Lucifer’s influence is much more vast and conceptually heavy than has been told to you before. We could not, nor dared speak, much about it until we understood it ourselves. Now it is time for you to give us a helping hand. It is not a small request, and it is deeply serious enough to invoke the Father’s name in our concerns for all on Urantia to be free of the dangerous default Lucifer created for Nebadon and even for Orvonton, our superuniverse of nativity.

If you wish to help, and are serious about your commitment, go into the silence and call upon Malvantra and Maltucia. Tell them you desire to participate with the cleaning of the grids and the establishment of Light and Life on Urantia. Help us by volunteering to go into service to God. Those who volunteer to implement actions on behalf of Michael to eradicate this scourge of dark energy on your grid by Caligastia and Lucifer shall be afforded full protection by the archangels and Melchizedeks and others. Everyone on Urantia will benefit, even to those who for centuries have been ensnared in the fear of going to the Light will benefit. Let the still living in the flesh on Urantia themselves breathe again and evolve as they should as it was planned in my Plans of Creation.

Nothing irreparable has been done to harm the plans of our Father, The Universal and Eternal Father, for nothing is impossible to overcome with His help. But there is order in the universe, and we needed to know exactly what was going on before we asked My Father for help. We now know the depth of Lucifer’s depravity, and that explanation has been issued on our equivalent of your television broadcasts and daily news on all of our celestial circuits. The damage has been reported to all in the local universe of Nebadon and to those of the Superuniverse of Orvonton. In the Hollywood sense some of your pictures have been shown to make you movie stars as the actors and actresses in the epic called “The Destruction and Final Phase of the Rebellion of Lucifer in Nebadon”.

Thank you my children for wanting to help me and to help your brothers and your sisters who have already started this work to help my Melchizedeks Sons and my other Celestial Children with this problem. We count on your generosity of spirit and hopefully your cooperation. Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: I am the Avonal Son, the Magisterial Son that is here to start his Mission. I have to start my Mission of Adjudication; I have to start many things which are under the umbrella of the Magisterial Mission without regard to the condition of the grid. But yet it defers us enough to worry that it must be removed before we can make real progress on Urantia.

Before the Magisterial Mission begins in its fullness, we have a job to do together with the Melchizedeks, Christ Michael, Lanaforge, Gabriel and all the beings involved on Urantia at this time. We all of us hold out our hands and ask you to put your hand in ours, to help, if you want to. The Magisterial Mission is hereby charged with the work to destroy, to annihilate completely, the dark grid work of Caligastia and Lucifer. It is only then that it is possible to begin the program of rehabilitation of all the celestial beings presently blocked on Urantia, as well as to help the human souls who remain trapped, unable to ascend, on Urantia. You may consider this as part of the Magisterial Mission for Urantia, which is a planet that has really nothing normal or traditional in its evolution of becoming a planet of destiny.

We therefore have to give an alternative definition to the Magisterial Mission. To all else that a Magisterial Mission must do, we now add to the work in preparation to my coming:

  • Cleansing of the Urantia Morontia Energy Grid;
  • Clearing of Earthly Souls Entrapped in the Energy Grid;
  • Removal of all Celestial Beings Held Captive by the Nefarious Grid of Fear;
  • Perform the Utter Destruction of the Lucifer Energy Grid.

After careful deliberation, it was Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek, and myself, Monjoronson, who decided this must be done as quickly as possible and with full disclosure before the Universal Father who is watching every minute of our labors on Urantia.

Those of you wanting to work for the Magisterial Son now have that opportunity to do so even before we set foot on Urantia in human form. You, therefore, have no reason anymore to wait for my coming in the flesh, or believe that you must wait until then to be part of the Magisterial Mission. We have decided to include all of the cleaning work to be part of the Magisterial Mission.

Additionally, all the preparatory work that has to be done to communicate with Urantia’s governments on all levels of responsibility on your planet, working the networks to dismantle prostitution, any activity being done in the work of peace to eventually end the systematic wars, and for all those who are solitary workers under our guidance, now all will be considered to be a part of the Magisterial Mission.

All this preparatory work for my coming and the preparations being put into place by each of you and our celestial brethren for the second coming of my brother, Christ Michael, will be considered as part of the Magisterial Mission as well.

This is what Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael and I myself wanted to communicate you. We address this message about your inclusion in the Magisterial Mission whether you consider yourselves adherents of the Teaching Mission, the Urantia Book Readership and the Foundation and its Fellowship, the Monjoronson planning, or other affiliations who follow other teachings and religions. We are not here for a group of humans; we are here for the world. Understand this. You who do God’s work, all of you, must of necessity come under the auspices of Michael and Nebadonia of Nebadon.

This message will be repeated all over the world. The messages are to be published far and wide. It matters not whether these messages are transmitted by reflectivity, or by the usual transmitters, or through yet other and unannounced processes some of you are already familiar with. The message is important and must be heard.

Gabriel of Salvington: I am the first being Christ Michael and Nebadonia created in this local universe, the one which is called the Bright and Morning Star in the Urantia book.

I wanted to ensure all those who work in the cleansing of the Urantia’s defiled energy grid, and for those who prepare to enter into this work, each of you will receive the same protection as those who have already begun to work as directed.

I command the Angelic Armies who shall become as one to aid the human servants of God to prevent unnecessary harm to those who want to help destroy the remains of the rebellion of Lucifer here on Urantia.

All have my personal reassurances that your work is regarded on high as essential and that your cooperation is greatly needed. I thought it best to deliver this message personally to those who shall undertake the reformation of Urantia. Goodbye everyone. Lanaforge: I am Lanaforge.

I introduce the concept called “egregore”.

Egregore is a thought form. Some of your early thinkers on Urantia who were in groups wanting to explore spirit, coined the word to discuss the meaning of certain thought forms that were mythic and without a true reality but that many believed them to be so. Egregores represent untrue concepts the masses keep alive by dogma, tradition, or some other unusual idea or concept to set themselves apart from most of humanity. Benign examples would be the Santa Claus egregore which translates into an anomalous energy cloud the mass consciousness is able to tap into and perpetuate. We shall use it here to tell you about the Nazis egregores and their use of the grid to perpetuate their dogmas.

Nazism [1933-1945] , as it is presented through the SS [Schutzstaffel or defense corp] and all of the purely Nazi paramilitary organizations such as the Gestapo [secret police] , found their roots in Lucifer and Caligastia who worked hand in hand with Hitler and his henchmen. While Lucifer was already on a prison planet in your system by the time the Nazis [Nationalsozialismus or National Socialism] came into existence, Caligastia remained free and was in contact with Lucifer. Caligastia’s contact with Lucifer was allowed by the agreement with the Ancients of Days and the Michael government of Nebadon in order not to thwart the full spread of the rebellion to the bitter end of it so that when it did end, it could be exterminated for good. All of the horrific plans to enhance the Nazi idea of genocide were mostly executed by Caligastia for revenge against Michael and the Ancients of Days for the imprisonment of Lucifer. Jesus was a Jew, and Caligastia saw to it that the Jews became hated enough to exterminate, just as Lucifer wished Urantia to be exterminated and the race that bore the Son of God to Urantia

Caligastia not only strengthened the Urantia morontia dark energy grid to aid the Nazi regime, Caligastia also imprisoned and used many souls for the project. How many human beings, we ask, could die in peace under these circumstances? How many actually knew that their soul would continue on its way on to other worlds to continue to study, develop and learn in peace? Your great revelation being prepared was not available to them, and Caligastia enslaved millions to ensure the success of Adolf Hitler to beat the coming influence of the fifth epochal revelation before it ever had a chance to be read by the masses.

The egregores of fear and suffering are real constructions. Specific kinds of fears are egregores that are baseless but are almost magnetic due to their popular belief in their efficacy. Fear of race, fear of representative government, fear of mass participation of a people in their governments– these egregores were created to force normal evolutionary competition into an abnormality of belief and hatred by Caligastia against a country or race, and such egregores became the dominant psychology underlying the first World War (1914-1918). They were strengthened in the grid between the two world wars (1919-1939), and energized the horrors of the Second World War (1939-1945). The grid was just always there to tap into and feed the megalomania of war and greed, and it continued its powerful influence after the Second World War in countries such as Russia and several countries in Asia, and even now in the Arab countries. All of this fear has lead to a genocidal orgy feeding upon the infectious egregoric vibrations of anxiety, confusion, and hatred.

During a normal evolution of a planet, human beings will fight each other and sometimes exterminate the losing side. Early societies are generally populated by warriors, but it is always local and often isolated portions within the evolution of the sphere. But on Urantia, war was planned and programmed to persist. From the beginning of human life on Urantia it was normal for the human gene to contain the program of fear. The fear of dying along with the lack of knowledge about the Universal Father was to be corrected by the Planetary Prince and his staff for knowledge, and to be followed by the Material Sons to purge the DNA of such traits, but it was an enemy within on Urantia that defied these uplifting spiritual programs and sought to corrupt man on Urantia until the planet could not be saved.

The fact that some have come to believe without knowing the specific facts of resurrection and education [the agondonter class] came to arise on Urantia anyhow in spite of the best efforts of Lucifer and Caligastia to prevent it. But for those on Urantia who continue to stay in fear and confusion, and make no effort to find the Father within, such ignorance will create people and societies that remain selfish. It is they who will make massive efforts to destroy other civilizations that cannot defend themselves against the raw and naked aggression of hate.

Let us come back to what we have to now destroy that Lucifer built.

It is a fact that what has been done here is far more serious and much less easy to resolve than what you have been told. It can NOT be solved out of sight or without a great effort by all. It must become public and a pubic effort by those who know the facts! For this effort we need two contributions:

1) The coming together of human groups who want to help under the guidance of the Melchizedeks.
2) The help of the Universal Father to obtain the permissions needed to over ride the grid itself.

We have obtained the authorization of the Universal Father. This authorization is for the complete destruction of that dark energy grid. It also allows us, the Melchizedeks, to release all beings who are not of human origin. The group to be released are human souls trapped for eons; there are also angels, and other types of celestial beings not revealed on Urantia. Above all, there are intelligent, living morontia beings created by Lucifer and Caligastia who are human in intent but have no capacity to initiate a soul. These created beings by Lucifer and Caligastia were meant to replace the commonly known type of human as those who now read this report. The new type human designed by Lucifer and Caligastia were meant to be eternalized by reincarnation.

We have to start an emergency cleaning program because the Magisterial Mission and the second coming of Christ Michael are blocked in their effectiveness until Lucifer’s work is eradicated!

It is also understandable that The Ancient of Days want to judge every being who has contributed to this rebellion in an honest and correct way; just as this happens on earth where nobody likes to clear the evidence of innocence or guilt until a fair trial is accomplished. We therefore must proceed in a way that allows each soul, each individual, to be identified and brought before the tribunals as themselves and with their own free will to answer before the judges as to their intention to survive.

All of these programs have begun. But surprises always remain possible. This is why we are moving slowly, and why we started with a small group that is unnamed and unrecognized. When we have exposed and cut out the large wounds to the grid and to the celestial and human beings, we then can see how everything has worked, and how to react and respond in the next situation we address.

Subsequently, we hope to have more people who want to help us to clean up the dark grid. By doing this you liberate yourselves. This service you provide us will be extremely useful in helping the Universal Father and improving the lives of your human brothers and sisters, as well as to many others. The demolition of the evil energy grid not only helps humans on Urantia, it also has an impact on the celestial world, and the local universe, right up to and including the superuniverse and other superuniverses. What happened to Urantia is something unique. We hope it will remain just a unique example! And that this will remain a single incidence of unmitigated evil against the universe of the living and is never to happen again in any superuniverse.

In many ways the grid cleaning will be like a surgical operation where everyone can come and watch behind a glass about how it is rectified, and the high and low will learn from the operation as is done in your medical universities. The Nebadon Melchizedeks in charge are the most experienced with the rebellion anywhere to be found, and have worked with it for a long time and are familiar with the situation. However, even if with such expert help, the grids will not be cleaned and finished in a few months time.

For any person who volunteers and presents himself to the Melchizedeks as a volunteer for this work, take the responsibility well into account, think carefully, and that the time required to encircuit you to enable you to receive our messages and our guidance will be long. Do not procrastinate in deciding to get started, and above all be patient, for it takes time before you are able to work and do efficient work where you may be located. It is always the first pioneers who have the hardest work. Once they have succeeded in their task, the ones coming after them will have it easier because they can already enjoy the experience of these early pioneers.

Malvantra Melchizedek We will finish the session. Indeed it was decided to integrate all the preliminary work for the coming of Monjoronson, The Magisterial Son and the Magisterial Mission. It really is not possible otherwise because of the gravity of the situation, and the importance and the enormity of this work, and its immense importance in order to help humanity to continue its ascension and its evolution towards Light and Life. This is not just a small cleanup for a few volunteers. It is a great deal more than we initially ever thought was needed.

It is a work where many people will have to apply themselves in order to help us and together we will achieve this, and we will succeed in eradicating the dark energy grid and everything that revolves around this dark grid of Lucifer and Caligastia.


Thank you my children and I affirm that this session is to be published as other sessions preceding this one have been disseminated. We will mention each time when it is important to publish. Thanks to all who those who may read these lines. Goodbye my children.


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