2011-08-28-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Discernment

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father/Mother God, we gather in this circle this morning, this circle of friendship and love and we receive the spiritual nurturing of our souls and of our consciousness. As humans on this planet, we are confused by the many offerings that are being thrust upon us. We need clarification, we are not able to find and follow our own consciousness, we want to make sure that we are not being led astray. We seek your advice on these matters, thank you.


Charles: Greetings this morning my friends, this is your friend Charles, happy to be here and eager to have a say in these discussions that are going on this morning. There is a tremendous amount of truth with variation being thrown around the table this morning. It is interesting from a Urantian perspective how truth and reality are viewed. On one hand you completely understand that the universes of time and space are in the process of becoming complete and perfected though they still are in the process.

Urantia, Rebellion

True, the spiritual universe has a sense, a comprehensive sense of order. We would not be able to keep everything in as neat an order if it were not so. Yet, in the spiritual universe there are problematic situations and there are areas, rough areas of incompletion, and then there is Urantia. You have been given access to all that can go wrong to a planet, this is part of your heritage. On the other side of the coin, you have also been given all that can go right and correct with a planet. On one hand you have experienced the philosophical error of a spiritual being as it is translated and understood by beings on the planet. I am speaking of the Lucifer rebellion and the effects it has had on the planet. On one hand, tremendously disruptive, disruptive on every level.

The confusion and chaos that was caused and which has ensued from this phenomenon has brought about a situation in which the Master Creator Son of the universe personally came down to your world to try to establish some sense of order, some sense of purpose and meaning. I completely understand where you are coming from. It is tremendously difficult to categorically say that the information you are receiving at the moment is incorrect or is complete. A lot of the information that you are receiving, you are receiving through human minds. Nothing has been perfected in terms of human spiritual communication.

This is the way that it is. This is why you are indwelt with a spiritual communicator, that individually you are receiving information about your personal being and your personal life. When information begins to move out of the personal arena, it begins to have a tremendous effect on large groups of people depending on whether this information supports what they believe or not. Then there is a large part of these people who feel that they should follow this information. Yes, you are getting the complete sense of my noncommittal nature on this subject, that being that there is a tremendous amount to this information that is correct.


There are aspects to this information which has to do with how the information is perceived and received by others. One thing is for certain, information of any nature which is incorrect will soon reveal itself to be as such. Information which does not personally concern you is extremely speculative. There are tremendous agendas and ideas which are going about and being discussed dealing with the problems on your world and how the spiritual universe is going to deal with it.

One of the things which is for certain, is that the spiritual universe is addressing this problem on your world at this time. It is obvious that the spiritual universe is posturing to do something about the problems on your world. What exactly is the form that this will take has not been precisely decided at this point. Part of the reasoning is that we are still in a myriad of discussions about this situation, the problems which will occur when we do try to do something, how what we will do will be interpreted and construed by peoples of your races, peoples in political and religious positions of power.

These certainly are interesting times in which to live on a planet such as you live on now. All situations point to a tremendous transitional flux. One of the challenging discussions has to do with the agondonter status on your world. This may soon change. It has become tremendously obvious to us that the human beings on this planet may not be able to bring themselves around in a spiritual sense, in the greater sense of creating a universal brotherhood of peace. [As] part of the corrective measures, the spiritual universe is deciding this as we speak.


Of all we are discussing, no scenario looks positive for the agondonter status. This generation of humans now on Urantia may be the last of agondonter status, therefore the spiritual presence (or materialization) of spiritual beings on your planet has not been finalized. It is in the process of being finalized and moving forward. This I understand, creates a peculiar situation within your minds, the sense of not knowing, the sense of longing and the sense of patient waiting until these scenarios begin to play themselves into the human arena.

Magisterial Mission

I will say that it is necessary to create a separate avenue of information apart from which was started with the Teaching Mission and this information is having to do with the transitional directives which are taking place both from the spiritual personality standpoint, the time has come for the adjudication of an age, the time has come for a Magisterial Son to visit the planet and become resident here. The time has also come to bring human nature into a greater resemblance of a spiritual brotherhood and the time has come for a global network of communication necessary that all elements of your society will have access to the same information.

We understand that the human agencies are not perfected in the processes they are undertaking at this time though they are intending to present information which they feel is more correct and inline with what they are receiving through the spiritual agencies. No matter what information you receive from spiritual agencies, none of this information will override the prime directive of the spiritual agency which resides within the human being and transmitting information to that particular individual.


Within the spiritual universe, not much of our information is of a conflicting nature though it is of [such] a vast nature that one part of the vastness may not be aware of another part in this vast arena of spiritual agencies and pertinent information as it relates to your personal human endeavors and the spiritualizing of this planet. There are many aspects which must precede the final stage whereupon the spiritual personalities will become present on your world. Part of reconnecting Urantia into the spiritual network of life evolutionary worlds has to do with placing the spiritual grid and repairing the spiritual grids that originally were in place on the planet and have somewhat deteriorated once their use was discontinued and new grids have to overlay and reestablish spiritual confirmation to this planet.

We ask for your patience while this necessary work is going on. This work is involving millions of spiritual agencies among which the midwayers on Urantia are necessary to our endeavors to reestablish these spiritual circuits, these grid networks. It is true that in the processes involved with reconnecting and reestablishing these spiritual energetic grids, that there have been problems which have been encountered. Though these problems do not affect you personally, they are being dealt with and being brought into a greater sense of order by the spiritual agencies assigned to these tasks.

In a certain sense, it is a complete remodeling of the planet. Part of what the grids are intending to do is reshape the consciousness on the planet. How successful this will become, at this point we do not know. I personally do not completely understand and comprehend all that is ensuing but in the process of remodeling the planet, you will have to allow time for construction and demolition. This is part of the remodeling process. We thank you for your patience, we thank you for your concern. Are there any more questions?



Question: There have been a few occasions the last year or so where transmissions come through which seem to test the ability of those reading transmissions, testing the transmitters themselves sometimes. The information that comes through is confusing such as recently we were told that Michael was going to materialize on the planet then thereafter we were told that it was just a test of [the] reflectivity ability of the transmitter. This method doesn't make sense to me. All I have ever understood from spirit is that they don't work this way, they don't try to cause confusion, especially on this planet where we've already been mislead by a high spiritual personality. I'm trying to get a better understanding of this process. Is this the confusion of the transmitter themselves or do the celestials actually use this type of method to bring forth their information?

Charles: Thank you for this question. At this time, what I can tell you is that there is a tremendous challenge in the transfer of information from the collective of spiritual consciousness to the collective of human consciousness. There is a tension on the human side in receiving spiritual and spirit based information and I make a distinction because not all information from spirit is of a spiritual nature. Some of it is functional or procedural information. A lot of this information will in time work itself so that it is much more consistent and in order with other information being received through spiritual agencies.

There is in a sense a condition or a problem resulting from information being transferred, both from a sense of spiritual information and information which categorically comes from spirit. You must be willing to bear with this transitional part of receiving the information. The best that I can tell you is that you will know of things when they manifest themselves to be. Is this helpful in any way?


Questioner: Well it just confirms what I've already felt that this is going to be an even greater time for lessons on discernment. Thank you.

Charles: My friend, the lessons on discernment will lead you all the way to Paradise. While you are in the universes of time and space, your sense of discernment is of great value for there are many aspects [to] the same information and at some point you will receive all of the aspects to the information and you will be better equipped to discern the information for yourself at that point. Information from your end is just trickling in. Part of receiving information is the ability to ask correct questions, pertinent questions to the information you already have received. Much of the information which you will need to discern will have to do with information which affects you personally. All other information would be better left to itself until it is clarified. Thank you.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this circle of friendship and love with you this morning and we will continue this discussion again. Thank you.