2011-09-25-Long View Project-Dialogue 31

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Topic: Dialogue #31

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Monjoronson




LVP: I believe I’m ready to begin the new cycle, though hesitant, desiring clarity with you and assurance.

Monjoronson: Hesitancy is a signal of humility dear one. I have been waiting to begin again, in this formal sense, though we’ve had many conversations preparing for this re-initiation of the Dialogues with My more active participation.

LVP: I hear you clearly now that we begin.

M: You must trust your inner sense, as must all who are in this pioneering work of Spirit re-entering the conscious experience of humankind. You mention assurance and this is a useful beginning for what we may share.

The assurance you seek is actually within you, the certainty of life force, the origin of your life experience and the conscious connection you have with the Creator and all of Creation. You may want My assurance that this Dialogue be clear and worthy, but ultimately that assurance must be tested with yourself and established there. This is the foundation on which we must proceed.

LVP: I understand. I think a certain amount of hesitancy is good, humility tempering hubris. It balances the tendency to put these Dialogues forward in an absolute way, rather to acknowledge that I have this personal vessel for reception, consciousness, and aware of my limits.


M: This awareness of limits should not dissuade your certainty. On the Celestial side We are more aware of “limits” than you but are more than willing to proceed. What you must do is temper the expectations you have of “perfection,” that old problem of wanting “to be perfect even as the Father in Heaven” that was articulated by Christ Michael long ago but sorely misinterpreted by the subsequent Gospels. CM was speaking of a problem in the human psyche, a desire to “be perfect” rather than to accept the present state and be willing then to work within the confines of limitation toward the ascendant state to which Source is inviting.

LVP: So the sense of inadequacy is connected to a desire for perfection which is a misinterpretation of the impulse to arise and evolve in consciousness?

M: Exactly. And so how to establish a beginning point becomes the question. In our work to begin the cleansing of the planetary grid how can we introduce Mercy if each one must meet some arbitrary standard of that virtue? If one must be perfect in mercy before we begin the work of cleansing then We would wait forever and never progress. We must start where we are, both you and Me… You are stopped right here are you not? You are going to have to accept My imperfections?

LVP: Yes, that sort of takes my breath away.


M: Why should We be any different than you? Are we not all on a grand journey to Source? My experience is quite different than yours, and I come with a much wider and deeper understanding of how the Earth and Her people must evolve and change, but I have my own difficulties!

LVP: This is hard to transcribe.

M: Only because you have an arbitrary standard for what would be upright based on something or someone you imagine perfect! The very quality of mercy asks that you let go of that arbitrary standard, that you stand down so to speak from the desire for a perfection removed from experience. The standard you hold for yourself is how you will judge your fellows and the quality of mercy then cannot be fully released.


Mercy, kindness, charity, justice, these are all aspects of the central Spirit of Love, but as you have been counseled in recent days, these are all dependent upon clarifying the aperture of truth. The Spirit of Truth is the way which allows Love to come into expression, to bring the new Life we are asserting and fostering. And so I am suggesting that humility is a powerful tool in cleansing your personal aperture of truth, but that humility be disconnected from the old grid of perfectionism and connected to the new grid of Love, Truth and Life.

LVP: How can I disconnect these elements that are part of me, the old grid which I am still part of, and connect to the new matrix, the new grid of union with Source?

M: The process involves both letting go and reception. Right now, in this moment, you are both letting go of older concepts that you are seeing as not useful, and letting in those understandings that will allow you to rise and connect with what must come. Essentially it is a change in vibration, with the vibration that has supported the planet and the people of Earth fading, and the vibration that is of Christ Michael, and beyond Christ Michael from Source Itself, taking form.

Through the work of many through transcriptions from around the world, you are seeing the anchors of a new order being established in the Earth. The anchors begin in consciousness but are very real in the Earth as they are formulated and set in place. The pattern of ascension is somewhat gradual, with what will no longer hold or be supported losing its grip and what will now govern and connect taking hold.


This is why the virtues we are introducing are so important. Mercy is the clothing of the spirit of Love. To just advocate Love in the abstract might be interesting and useful on some level, but what we want is for that Divine Quality to find form in ways that realign the matrix of human experience. The way for Love to do that is to come through the aperture of Truth, Love expressed as Mercy, and Mercy then expressed in Life as justice, compassion, kindness, etc, these meditations which are allowing the vastness of Spirit through the aperture of human consciousness into the Earth through the connectedness of the Magisterial Mission.

The Mission seemed an abstract to those who initially contacted it, but as the abstract finds a pathway through consciousness into expression than the Mission becomes real and tangible and begins to have the desired effect.

LVP: So in a way you are presenting the principles upon which the Mission is enacted?

M: Yes, the foundational principles of the movement toward the new grid that will govern on Earth. Humanity has been under a government these many years of darkness, but assumed that it was their earthly governments that were in control. However, it has been the larger “government” or grid, of denial, of death orientation and refusal of Source that has been governing the Earth. Humanity has been following the dictates of an invisible but effective matrix of control and we are in the process of disallowing that matrix and introducing the government of God.

The ways this has been seen in your prophetic traditions have been metaphorical: clouds of glory, white horses and powerful angels, swords of light, etc. All these and more have been useful symbols for what is to come, but the practical introduction of God’s government is coming in the way of God’s Spirit. Love being introduced through Truth in human consciousness, on the Vibration that is enveloping the Earth and finding focus through those individuals who are opening their hearts and minds to Spirit, giving this new radiance expression through the simplicity of mercy, truth in everyday living, of love in expression on Earth.

LVP: Allowing ourselves to open then to this Spirit, to Love, letting our aperture or understanding of Truth clarify, then giving expression to that new understanding in ways that embody the new planetary grid through kindness, mercy, all the qualities we are espousing.

M: More than espousing, actually anchoring to the Earth and human consciousness. Anchoring is the key, and although this work may appear intangible at the outset, we will see that it grows ever more real and verifiable, effective in the most intimate and yet far reaching ways imaginable in the days ahead. Open yourself to the Love of God as it comes to you, allow the aperture of Truth to be vulnerable to that vibration and thus clarified, let the Spirit of Life find expression. As it was said, “Behold I come quickly” and in this way it is done.


LVP: Thank you Monjoronson. This has been very helpful to me and I hope to many.

M: Surely it will be and in joy it is done.