2011-09-29-A Coma Patient and Purgatory

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Topic: Coma Patient and Purgatory

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beatrice

TR: George Barnard



Beatrice: “I say come on, George. If you drift any further you will be fast asleep. Let us get started. As they say in the Tennessee hills and probably in many other places, ‘You mentioned my name, so here I am, and now you will just have to put up with me.’ This is Midwayer Leader Beatrice. It is a pleasure to actually be with you, whilst on most occasions I don’t have much to say -- no message for you. I do visit here often and I enjoy being with you and in a silent kind of way I partake in the conversation (Beatrice often uses subliminal input as she is not officially part of the 11:11 Group).


We are talking this evening about a coma patient – a sad happening for a young family, and one of those accidents that can devastate so many. I shall try to answer, as well as I can, the questions that have been put to you. Your world is at a great disadvantage, because amongst your medical people there are very few who would have the ability to decide whether for a coma patient the Thought Adjuster is resting nearby, still available, or whether this Adjuster has gone and is basically awaiting the organization of the Morontia body of the particular patient capable of ‘letting go of’ his or her physical self.

“Such a situation is often a hold-up, but less so on advanced worlds where accidents happen regularly, as well. Would that amongst your people there would be those who can easily determine whether the Adjuster is still present or not, it would become an easier matter for you to revive a coma patient with frequent stimulation, or if nothing further were to be done, to simply turn off all life support. It is not for me to say here that this particular patient should have her life support system turned off, oh no! Indeed, we do not interfere in your world efforts, your worldly progress, or lack thereof, unless clearly directed.

“However, only in part related to this talk, I want to explain to you, and make it clear, that for worlds such as yours, where there is no visible being from Paradise, where there is no spiritual world government, less is asked of you. And it is normal for by far the greater percentage of souls from this world, almost without exception, to be sent to Mansonia One. Much less is asked of you except perhaps that you may vaguely feel that there is another life to come after life on this earth.

“Compared to those from other worlds, allowed to freely intermingle with the many different human races that find themselves on Mansonia, you become more or less isolated on Mansonia One. Only slowly on will you be introduced to others that do not resemble you as well as do your own varied races. For you on Mansonia One there is much to learn, much to get used to, many strange habits to be purged, and much time is taken in achieving this. Indeed, your purgatory will hardly have you float on a sea of flames as some misguided fellows do teach.


“This is Midwayer Leader Beatrice. I do so dislike the title ‘Chief’ – so definitively masculine -- saying, it is good to see you again, good to be with you, and I leave you my love. I am leaving you now. Good evening.”

George: “Thank you dear Beatrice.”


Our dear friend, Midwayer Beatrice (ABC-3), is the older sister of Chief Bzutu (ABC-22) and the Master Teacher and Guide of the sage, Dante Alighieri of Divine Comedy fame.