2011-09-30-Magisterial Mission Update, Doc. I

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Topic: Correcting Time Status

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Siraya, Kuwaya, Aya, Michael, Urantia, Planetary Supreme, Metatron

TR: Ron Besser



  • Concerning the Year 2011

We have observed the planning of the Correcting Time and their subordinate components of the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission over many years of their announcements and developments with man on Urantia. In this time of observation the Teaching Mission has gone through many cycles and joined together with the Magisterial Mission plans announced in the late 1990's as prepared to go in any minute. At least this was the human expectation in 2005, and there was little said from the celestial side to suggest this was wrong.

From 2005 through 2009, students participated in the Magisterial Mission plans and the Teaching Mission classes with a very uneven approach to the coming and anticipated deadline for Monjoronson to incarnate and declare the new dispensation on Urantia. Student participation numbers fell off as human doubts took their toll.

Christ Michael himself came to Urantia in 2008 and was resident on the planet for almost a year of our time to undo what he calls a minor rebellion in the ranks of certain celestial orders. There were those who continued to resist changes Michael had ordered to be done on Urantia to facilitate the declaration of a new dispensation. This was to be done through the Magisterial Mission and, with that mission in mind, Michael planned to also orchestrate his own return in association with that mission.

But the Magisterial Mission ran into an additional problem on Urantia besides just resistance. Not only was there resistance to overcome on Urantia that Michael had to return in 2008 to adjudicate on the planet, but there was a far mor serious problem not recognized and which was hidden by the rebel personnel still working on Urantia from Nebadon. Something was being defended by those who were one-time rebels remaining on Urantia. It was that some continued the defense of and the maintenance of a corrupted energy grid. These celestial hold-overs had recanted the Luciferin philosophy, but did not come forward when the Ancients of Days adjudicated the Lucifer rebellion in 1986. They just fled the scene. These minor orders of rebellion prone supporters continued to assign their work to maintaining an energy system called the grid which surrounded Urantia from about 30 miles above its surface.

  • The Grid Conditions Discovered in 2011

It was not revealed until June of 2011 how seriously the problem had become concerning the actual grid construction. In brief, Urantia’s energy grid was constructed by the Life Carriers at the time Andon and Fonta humanized upon receiving their Thought Adjusters. The grid was used to maintain the life of future orders such as midwayers, and was an energy source for those who visited the planet to observe or work on behalf of the Michael government. For human purposes, it was a third rail which energized the soul of the departed to enter into the blissful sleep of seraphic transport to the mansion worlds for future ascension into the local universe training schools. For 800,000 years it served these purposes quite well and was adequate for all that was required of it to forward human souls to mansonia.

However, the grid was taken over the minute Lucifer decided he wished to use Urantia for a stage of human development not authorized by the Nebadon authorities. The grid is energy, a combination of morontia energy and other spiritual energies not otherwise used on Urantia for any other purposes. Its construction in appearance is not unlike a geodesic dome suspended above Urantia’s surface complete with intersecting energy nodes called anchors and other minor intersections of node-like construction. This energy system is capable of reaction to its use and like artificial intelligence computers we speak of in our own culture, it is capable of learning and taking actions much as one would expect in cause and effect programming. It could be compared to our idea of software which uses codes to tell the processor that forms the machine’s intelligence what to do and how to react when certain conditions exist or come about.

Lucifer with Caligastia encoded the software into the grid-energy system. They corrupted it by taking codes that induced fear into the adjutant mind systems using it. The fear codes were real and held millions of departed humans at bay and who had refused to go toward the light they all could see around them at death. Caligastia and Lucifer programmed the grid to contact soul mind to arouse the fear sensors. The grid programmed their mind that if they disobeyed and attempted to go to the light or respond to a celestial who was not a rebel, Lucifer would kill them by disconnecting them arbitrarily from their life-giving energy system. Caligastia held them in terror by reminding everyone he had the power to do this the moment anyone disobeyed the chief.

By the time of the Lucifer adjudication in 1986, the Melchizedeks estimate there were many millions of souls entrapped from the period of from just over 200,000 years ago to the day of Pentecost when most were released by Gabriel as sleeping survivors in the roll call of justice. Most of these millions were conscious and had hidden themselves for millennia. Many who kept conscious were put to work by Caligastia and Lucifer while their Adjusters were detached and residing on Sonarington. Lucifer would have them ascend on Urantia only and would keep them alive through reincarnation.

The reader is advised that the above is not a typographical error. Sonarington is the place the Adjusters repaired to, and not to Divinington. Sonarington is where Adjusters reside or tarry for a season, since it is to Sonarington Adjusters go to to await the arrival of their wards on mansonia for re-personalization. Divinington is used primarily as the training and the (re)assignment of Adjusters. Sonarington is the Father-world of the bosom of the Son-Spirit activities associated with the repersonalization mandates and programs for all of the superuniverses, and is the appropriate sphere to remain upon until adjudication settles the case of any rebellion affecting ascension activities of their wards.

Today in 2011, t he Melchizedeks have readjusted the number caught in the grid since Pentecost to be about 150 million. And this is not a final number. In 1974 Christ Michael decreed that no soul shall perish on Urantia because of Lucifer and that the grid was to be kept in place and maintained until after the Lucifer adjudication was final. He has kept his word, and in 1983 he amended the order for grid cleansing after the adjudication of Lucifer (1986) by providing for a new and unrevealed process for soul adjudication without having the need to call an epochal dispensation to make sure no one would be trapped on Urantia for centuries or millennia because of the corrupted grid.

The large number of trapped souls currently on Urantia dwindles quickly as groups of humans are being pressed into service to work with the Melchizedeks to cleans the anchors and nodes of the worst corruption and replace them with the new energy the Universal Father is providing from Divinington. It is estimated that the bulk of the souls now trapped on Urantia date from the medieval period up through the Second World War and Korea. Vietnam era related deaths were adjudicated immediately upon Michael’s insistence that no more war-time souls be added to the already huge soul numbers still entrapped.

WE wish to have our reader note that trapped souls even extended to millions of children and young people hiding in caves and other underground grottoes found on Urantia where sacrifice was practiced and where ceremonies honoring Lucifer and Caligastia were held to intimidate even the celestials who were there to guard the children. In September of 2011, in a cave in France the following was reported by a Melchizedek human aide:

Narration, Quote:

[Editor: The party of anchor creators and grid cleansers reached the Grottes de

Gargas about 10:45 am of this day. They had been instructed to enter the caves in the area to search for lost souls and to attempt to build a light Anchor dedicated to the Father. The group was forced to follow a tourist group in order to get access to the caves in question. We pick up the narrative where they have already established an anchor dedicated to the Father, another to the Eternal Son, and about to create an

anchor dedicated to the Infinite Spirit.]

A little way further, we went into position to create the third Permanent Anchor of Light, dedicated to the Infinite Spirit. Once more, an incredible feeling of drowsiness took us. But around us, the imprisoned souls were getting more alert. The dark forces were losing strength, but were still surrounding us. The state of losing our balance was still present. Our installation work was ended. My personal sweeping was limited to the caves. I wanted every little corner to receive the Light. We finally joined the group of tourists, but each of us wanted to get out of the place.


At that moment, a Melchizedek began to speak to me, and asked me to help the children out. He told me: “Get the children out !” I went to the dark end of the cave, at the place where children’s hands with missing fingers were drawn on the walls, on my own, and I saw these souls, as I had seen them in Oradour, hundreds of thousands of them, crouched in fear, watching me, and asking themselves what I would do with them. God, what a sight ! Masses of them!

They looked like small ones with a dim light on each of them. Silent, not moving, not daring to move. In the same place for thousands of years, confined within a few cubic meters of space, fearful, almost without life, without energy, unable to move in this dark place, and without hope!

And I could see this ! You can imagine my feelings ! But, sleeves up ! My job was not finished ! I very slowly moved towards them, and I told them “Follow me, get out, follow the Light!” And the more undertaking ones started to move. It ended up like a swarm, with a “tchui tchui” [an agitated motion and stirring] making a faint noise everywhere. They were all talking at the same time. I could see some of the dark Celestials also take the road towards the Light, change sides and help these trapped children souls.

What an experience, what a vision, what happiness, what love! I turned round, and with my hands I showed them the Light of the Anchor. I directed them, and the “converted” Celestials were helping me. I knew they were not lost to the Father. Within five minutes, all the souls had left. At the beginning, some of them wanted to reach the day light that from their place they could see every time the door in the lower cave opened for the tourists, but they quickly understood that they had to go towards the other Light.

(See document: Mercy Sweep Announcement and Field Report No. 2 Grid Cleansing from Europe - 09 Sept thru 15 Sept, 2011 https://www.tmarchives.com/transcript_frames.php?tid=5771)

  • The Universal Father Intervenes

The rebellion-created resistance was uppermost in the mind of the Universal Father. Christ Michael had given his blessings to the Magisterial Son to proceed in October 2010, but this understanding was based upon Michael being reassured that the morontia energy grid which sustained morontia life on Urantia was going to be repaired after Lucifer and Caligastia had defiled it. The grid corruption, however, would turn out to be so severe, that the Universal Father himself intervened in the beginning of 2011 before the mission could proceed. At that time the local universe of Nebadon was asked to qualify all orders regarding the Magisterial Mission on Urantia for a final remediation plan that would embrace, for all time, the complete solution to Urantia’s ascension problems. Monjoronson took leave of Nebadon to work on a project some distance from the local universe he would serve in as Urantia’s Magisterial Son. He only returned when the Father rightfully decreed that all subsequent plans for remediation be passed through Monjoronson for Magisterial cleansing and fact finding and then remediation. This Order from the Universal Father sustained Michael’s decree of October, 2010 giving unto Monjoronson all and full authority to proceed in the declaration of the fifth epochal dispensation.


In effect, the Paradise Father chose to take complete control of Urantia at this time. His acts and his motions would be sustained on Urantia through Monjoronson and as coordinated through Michael and the Creative Spirit of Nebadon. Directions from the Father are provided through reflectivity to the lower orders, including humans, on Urantia. The Paradise Deities speak directly through the Master Spirits to the superuniverses.

The Master Spirits work in accordance with which Deity or Deity unity wishes to give a message to a superuniverse or planet located therein. It is in this early 2011 period we suddenly heard from Master Spirit Number One, the Voice of the Father. This Master Spirit does not just interpret the Father’s will but is expressing the Father’s actual will and voice command of the First Source’s expression. The Voice of the Father is named Siraya, Master Spirit Number One.

April 19, 2011:

SIRAYA: “. . . I'm speaking to you as the representative of the Creator Source, to use

that phrase. My work is as the voice for his ideas in what you call the superuniverse of Orvonton. I am the expression of the Creator's intent and observations in this configuration of the Trinity. My words are his words, as a rule, although I am capable of voicing my own observations and guidance. I am the conduit for his energy to be

expressed in this seventh universal manifestation.”

[See transcript: Siraya, Master Spirit #1 - Urantia Will Be Corrected by Father - Magisterial Mission Deflected - Apr 19, 2010 - Abundanthope, Jess Anthony. https://www.tmarchives.com/ transcript_frames.php?tid=5507]

Siraya indicates that the difficulties on Urantia in the past ten years, dating back to about 2000, are the result of too many factions placing too much emphasis on their agenda to run Urantia as though it were a personal fiefdom of man rather than a planet of young ascending sons devoted to the rule of the Father.

SIRAYA: “The last ten years have been a series of preparations and disappointments

as the entrenched resistance on Earth proved more difficult to deal with than expected. Ultimatums have been ignored and the number of inhabitants waking up has been less than hoped. Earth has graciously held off a little longer to allow man to catch up. This has reached a point in the cosmic synchronization where delay is

impossible for Earth and man.”[Ibid]

Meanwhile the changes for Urantia are what some would call unmitigated disasters that will cause many things to fail.

SIRAYA: “Look for the collapse of civilization as you know it and be prepared for

upheavals on Earth that are unprecedented in known history. Many will leave and much of the Earth's surface will be changed. This is the necessary closure that is

required to shift the direction and frequency of your existence.” [Ibid]

In March, April, and May of 2011, other Master Spirits have come to speak to Urantia in concert with Siraya. Master Spirit Number Seven, the Master Spirit which oversees the development of our own galaxy called Orvonton, is the Voice of the Paradise Trinity. Aya is Master Spirit Seven’s name.

The Eternal Son is voiced through Master Spirit Number Two, and was named by the Infinite Spirit, Kuwaya.

KUWAYA: “Hello my children, I come to you and I especially wish to thank [the Transmitter

who]. . . now understands the role of my Son, Christ Michael, in this Local Universe; who understands his great goodness . . . . His plans are excellent and there is a certainty of success.” [Broadcast on May 04, 2011 using reflectivity. This is the first incident known to history of the Voice of the Eternal Son being received on


AYA: The Master Spirit of Orvonton, The Voice of The Trinity“[Addressed to the

Transmitter:] You have been chosen to make this first test [of the reflectivity installation on Urantia]. We observed you for a long time and we know that you will do . . . very well. Later, . . . other transmitters will work with the same system, but it will be later and in terrestrial terms this could take several months or several years,

everything will depend on the candidates.

Yes, my children, things are changing slowly in the right direction. This could not be

otherwise with all the efforts we have put in it. What is new is that I, the Master Spirit, who speaks for the Trinity as a whole, Siraya as the Voice of the Father and even Kuwaya, the Voice of The Son, already could express ourselves and pronounce and speak a few words through this system. The Father Melchizedek is profoundly happy about the fact that also he could finally say a few words. We feel joy for now we are finally able to communicate more easily and more accurately. [Broadcast on

May 04, 2011 using reflectivity.]

April, 2011

On October 20, 1995, the teacher Rayson announced that reflectivators would be used in the future for messages. In April and May of 2011, developments went forward to test reflectivation on Urantia to establish that it would work and that the human transmitter could accommodate the higher frequencies the process uses. The tests were successful and it is through reflectivity and these circuits that the Father Melchizedek and Master Spirits use to speak to Urantia for the first time.

Reflectivation is a term used to pass messages of importance without error and transmission garbles. It was used at times in the transmission of the early Papers for the Urantia Book through a liaison between the Sleeping Subject’s Thought Adjuster and other celestial transcribers positioned at various locations in and around Chicago, USA. The phenomenon of reflectivity either works in the presence of those who inherently contain the ability to bring it about, or is activated on a planet for everyone’s use providing it is not abused. In the case of Urantia, the Paradise Father authorized its use and emplacement on Urantia in May of 2011. What may have taken a thousand years to construct and operate was made ready in four months on our planet. The Master Spirits must make use of it; otherwise, their individual frequencies would burn mind receptors of the lower orders. Reflectivators are human transmitters who have been trained to work with the reflectivity connection and its much higher energy when compared to the normal Alpha wave transmissions of T/R’s (transmitter/receivers) in the Teaching Mission.

May 22, 2011

Christ Michael: This is a day of all days my children because the Magisterial Mission has been given

the go ahead from our Father. The dreams that you have all had will become a


. . . [T]he Prince of Forgiveness is here. My Paradise Brother comes here to continue

in the work that I started almost two thousand years ago. This has been in the works for centuries. You are all seeing the culmination of that work. All of us here on ‘the other side’ have been working for a long time to awaken you from sleep and to arouse you from your dreams. These dreams that you are dreaming in your heart are

becoming real now. They are no longer uncertainties.

. . . This is a day of all days my children because the Magisterial Mission has been given the go ahead from our Father. . . .

See: Michael - The Dream of Certainty - Magisterial Mission Go Ahead Approved - May 22, 2011 - Monjoronson.com Paul Conklin; https://www.tmarchives.com/transcript_frames.php?tid=5679

September 30, 2011

From the beginning of this year there have been nothing but surprises and thoughts of redemption without the process of a Magisterial Mission actuated on Urantia. However as this year enters its final months, the Universal Father has decreed that the Magisterial Mission must proceed immediately. All of Urantia will fall to its knees before God and his Judgements and Mercy for all when the Magisterial Son appears in the sacred office of Majesty and Divinity of Paradise Deity and who shall redeem Urantia for the last time from causes originating from the Lucifer Rebellion.

To do this, Monjoronson will enlist all who can help him claim Urantia to be free of the hate and the fear that has held it so long against the Father’s will to recapitulate his will in terms of mercy and love. This shall occur and it will occur before the Christmas Season of the nativity of Michael birth as a helpless babe on Urantia.

We shall remind all that the end of this dispensation, the fourth according to your Urantia book, shall be ending shortly. This will be when the last days of summer recede and early fall has taken hold. I am Metatron, otherwise known as Monjoronson.

I come to you to spend a few moments of your time in relative comfort while we prepare Urantia for its last hurrah as a planet severed in its heart from Michael and lost to the sight of its Father on Paradise. Son, tell all that will hear me through this message that they shall al hear and see me in the flesh as I come to you as Monjoronson, but I retain my Paradise name of Metatron as a reminder it was I who told the prophet of old,

“All things become new in the light of our Father” (The Second Isaiah)

Isaiah spoke of me as the one who shall return one day as the Messiah, and while I am not the Jewish Messiah, I am the wonder of the world and I shall not be taken for granted or held contemptible by anyone upon my arrival on Urantia. Our world of Urantia is sick and old and will only revive when it can have the care and watching over that I can provide. Do not forsake me when I arrive as a babe or as a child of Michael’s doing, for in my own right, I am a builder of spirit much as your Lord God, Jesus was and is. I stand with Michael for his righteousness and for his forethought to include me in his plans to bring his name to the lips of those who have forgotten his teachings and his love for humanity.

Do not forsake me for those who have claimed my usability on a thousand different levels of universe tomfoolery where I am here, and then there, and then nowhere, for I must act in accordance with the Father’s will to provide all I can in order that Urantia may live again as she was designed to do.

Urantia, The Planetary Supreme: I am URANTIA. I am your God-given Mother Earth, I speak to all of you today to tell you that you must be caring for me in the last great trial I shall ever go through for all of mankind. I work to replace you, the heathens who destroyed my heart and my soul of purity so that I weep for the last time we shall hear each other. We are about to proclaim Urantia free of mankind in one respect and one respect only. Urantia is being reassigned to the architectural sphere status as of September 2011 and will remain an architectural sphere until it is no longer of use for the ascension activities on Urantia and for Nebadon.

I Urantia, your Planetary Supreme, shall remain on Urantia forever. I will not leave her as I left you from time to time to fulfill the work of our Lord Savior Michael of Nebadon. We of the Supreme Planetary Order have but one goal to fulfill and that is to feed the children of our spheres so that they may grow strong and happy in the planetary life of origin.

Today, I decree that no soul residing on Urantia shall ever be confined again. I am breaking the bond of hate and fear by Lucifer and replacing it with the love of God as I know best and in accordance with the place of origin of my name. I come forth from the Eternal Ones known to you as the Universal Father and the Spirit of God the Supreme resident in Havona.

I speak to you today as one who has lost no one and has lost no thing as you may do when you leave Urantia for the last time in the coming months and years of travail. I shall open the floodgates for the fury of water and fire to devastate those areas of the land which have been poisoned beyond redemption, and to purify those areas with the care of a doctor who sees his patients become ill from the polluted food and water they must ingest. Now I turn this back to Monjoronson known to Paradise as Metatron.


What Work Shall Humans Do For Me?

We speak in low growls sometimes to you who hear with faint hearts, but know that I am determined to bring all of Urantia into the era of Light and Life. From now on, Urantia will be held as a complete and sovereign planet of the Universal Father. It is in his name I give you my sons who will be taking orders from the Father as to what service I am to be provided during my stay on Urantia. You who are familiar with The ABC Summaries are now aware with how some of this work is to be done. These Summaries are taken from the highest sources for speaking the new realities as we may place them on Urantia in the coming millennia of service to this planet.

  • Monjoronson Will Adjudge the Planet

Christ Michael will not adjudge the realm as originally prepared for in his plans for the ascension of your sphere to architectural status. He will relinquish that work to Monjoronson so that the Father on Paradise may take charge of all souls who work for his will to aide me and who shall become the last of their kind on Urantia.

  • The Last Agondonters

These helping souls directed by Father will be known as the lost agondonters of all Urantia. We say “lost” because for a time on Urantia, agondonters were so rare as to be held in the esteem of too few of their fellow men and women on Urantia that we thought the status would die out.. Henceforth, my human aides shall be known as the last of Urantia agondonters, the last of their kind, as I shall very soon be in the flesh before you all on Urantia.

My time with you this evening is to allow you to ask the question that burns in everyone’s mind and heart: What shall I do for you Metatron? You shall do as directed by your Thought Adjuster, and your reward is the end of time for all who contributed to my positioning on Urantia. That means I shall decree that all who hold me well and who respect my Mission, they all shall be among the elect and carry the symbol of the Magisterial Mission to their graves and to their resurrection on the Mansion worlds of assignment.

  • The Symbol and Colors of The Magisterial Mission

That symbol of the Mission, I wish to announce tonight, is the Lamb. I shall hold it dear as did Michael and I will become beholden to all of you to stop using the Trinity Concentric Circles as originally decreed for usage on these Papers several months ago. My colors are dark green and white, and my symbols of office are the corkscrews of wine we shall drink together to celebrate my arrival shortly.

  • Christ Michael has a few words for the audience.

Michael of Nebadon: My children, I address you as the sovereign of Urantia and Nebadon. My work has taken me all over the universe to find the right way to express how I feel about all of you. You take me into confidences and you take my hand when worried, and today I ask you to take my hand in thought. Where do I reside in you? Where do I make my heart known to you? The answer may different for some, but for most it will be in the mind of clean thinking and helpless attenuations of thought I sometimes must dismiss quickly.

  • The END of The Grid Cleansing Work Is Today

I am coming to you tonight to tell you that nothing in all of this world shall matter except that which I have decreed shall be the final solution to the grid cleansing exercises. That work must stop. By this, I mean that the overwhelming response has caught us all out of thinking we knew what each of you would do. However, it is also our thinking that the Melchizedeks now know how much they can depend on Urantians to do as they will now ask for a thousand different tasks that need to be undertaken and almost all at once. In this I am aided by Monjoronson and the Father’s Master Spirit, Siraya.

  • All Souls by Father Fiat Are Removed As of Now

All of us together upon this announcement have determined that no soul may remain on Urantia after tonight! They will be expunged and taken over en masse. For this we may thank our Paradise Father whom you refer only to as Father, but he is much more and a great power in the love formulations of fairness and excellence of thought everywhere in the time universes.

Henceforth, the grid cleansing service no longer exists. It is finished and it is replete! On October 01, 2011, the last souls shall depart Urantia to be forever more reunited with the loved ones they left upon their own death on Urantia. The children released in France told in this paper have been received by the infinite kindness by those on our mansion world nursery schools. Here they are being attended to and placed in the sleep of the dreamless existence of love awaiting for the right time in Nebadon to bring them back to the light of a warm sun and loving parents. The horrors of existence of being trapped in a living death on Urantia will be removed from their memories and they shall open like flowers on a new spring day when they are awakened.

Finally, we wish to thank the author of these papers for standing tall while he was castigated by so many for taking the attitude that they had to be done and done well. I am asking that henceforth, the list he sends to shall also contain the addresses of the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Fellowship in appropriate measure of my gratitude for their service and their accommodation of what has been written here this evening.

I return you now to Metatron.

Metatron: We have one last word for readers of this paper. Go to your beds tonight wondering how this has been accomplished so quickly. If we told you that a Magisterial Mission would last four thousand years, even that would not be enough time to do on Urantia what has been accomplished in seven short months of this past year. We are beholden to Father and to the Infinite Spirit for accommodating the needs of Urantia, and to the Eternal Son for his uncomplaining thought patterns made available to us for these past few years. We can not described how these things are accomplished, but you all have been made witness to the heat and clatter of changes not ever anticipated at the beginning of this adventure seven hundred years ago when I first came to Michael with my plans for a Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

For now we thank you all for working with us. In a very short time we will be with you. The grid is repaired. The grid is safe. The grid can be used again for the purposes it was intended to serve without catching anything or anyone in its bowls or its entrails to keep them there forever. We are finished now and ask that you distribute this entire paper as written to your BCC list. This also concludes our first direct interview with you since we make contact near Christmas 2004. Until this evening it was my staff who accommodated your interviews with me.

To all we wish you the Peace of Michael and our Father’s Love. I am Monjoronson.


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