2011-10-02-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT, Metatron, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we welcome you into the arena that we have created, into our construct of understanding, to our way that we have built of approaching you and approaching that aspect of ourselves that is spirit. It is always a joy to reconnect in this circuitry to be with you in this way through this method that we have developed and this portal that we have built. We now invite you to join us in this process in the building of this bridge, this portal, the maintenance and construction of this avenue of approach. We are here with intention to be about this process and to create this as a desire of our will in unison with you our Divine Parents, as co-creators. Let it be so again in this hour as it has been in the past and as it will be in the future as it is represented here in the now. Help us to be with you in all these times, be present here in the now with you and as our pleasure, there in the future with you as well. Let it be so and let it be in joy together that we act, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, I am Light. It is my great pleasure like you, to be granted greater and greater jurisdiction over the matters and affairs of you my dear team, friends, and family. We have both been diligent in our pursuits to grow and to learn and to embrace all that the universe has in store for us and in so doing we have made distinct notable progress and with such progress comes greater and greater liberties as a result of having mastered the skills. And so it is my pleasure to be with this group more and more and to step forward a little each time in my latitude that I take in approaching the group and inserting myself as part of the configuration.



I am always delighted when there is any discussion of light of course, and am pleased to hear about the many ways in which you consider light as part of the dynamic. I'd like to focus on the thought pattern offered earlier of the light that is contained and projected from within. You mentioned in the prior discussion the various colors or hues or tone that light takes and feels like when it is perceived and you all recognize the light at sunset is quite different from the light at midday in the way it is represented and therefore perceived.

Likewise, the light that comes from within and shines forth as a result of your aptitude with its use bears its own distinct hue and is perceived by others as a distinct color of light. After a while one runs out of ways to describe the phenomenon of light, colors are subjective and tones are as well, but each one knows the light by how it feels to them, by how it comes through their lens of perception and is imprinted on their data base of recognition. And so the light that shines forth from within each of you is of a distinct hue, is of a primary tone that is distinctive in all of time and space. It is your color, your tone, your hue that you portray as a result of this light passing through the filter that is you.

In discussion of this filter that is you, great benefit may be derived from pursuing the idea of your filter and what it is comprised of and how it is subject to your jurisdiction in its composition, that is, you may rearrange your filter as an act of your will just as you have created a means for this discussion to take place as an act of your will, just as you condition yourselves continually in the application of spirit principles into your lives.

It is always my great pleasure and privilege to make my presence known among you. Trust that I am always present when you are gathered in this configuration as it has been my pleasure to undertake such an opportunity and I look forward to our encounters in the future as we further build this construct of awareness between us. I now step to the side to allow this gracious opportunity you provide for use by others. Go in peace, as I will, and we will meet again together in peace, farewell.

LIght: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it seems that I get an encore. This again is Light to continue to share with you about the qualities and aspects of light. What you perceive as light is largely referenced by your sun or as it shines in its relationship to the planet yet, you have no reference for pure light, the light which is seated within the cellular structures of your bodies, the light that is brought to you from Paradise by the Indwelling Spirit. This pure light, when put in a lantern with quality windows, reflects the cloudiness of the glass in the lantern. This acts as a filter, it filters the light from within. This is similar to your own physical situation, that the light within is being filtered through all kinds of things, concepts, references, traumas, emotions, experiences, references by what others think. The sun also reflects through filtering systems, for example, it reflects through the atmosphere, the moisture in the atmosphere, humidity, clouds, movement of clouds, particles in the air like smoke filter the afternoon setting sun into a brilliant crimson glow.


So the discussion earlier of grounding in the light, this works really well with the portal project, the portal being this device of relationship between people that anchor in this shaft of spiritual light, this shaft of pure light. It has no color, it is just pure light. Only when it is touched does it have a particular reference to you, when you sit in this light and breathe in this light and ground it into your being you are awakening the pure light particles that are in your cellular nature and the more grounded you become in the light, the greater proportion the particles of light within your cellular nature begin to take in their substance, so that you are actually becoming a being of light within the physical confines of this Urantia dimensional reality.

You can have your cake and eat it also for the light begins to affect the cellular structure in ways in which chemicals are exhausted of their resource. Light is sustaining and to resource this light within strengthens all light on the planet. It adds to the critical mass of light on the planet to 'quantum-ly' shift the level of consciousness and to open a new portal dimension through consciousness by the ability to bring in this light and love and begin to operate as human family on the planet, a functioning, loving, servicing, sustainable, human family. This is the ultimate goal of all Light and Life, for what is light without life and what is life without light.

So step into the portal, be creative, bring a friend. The practice, the light practice may not necessarily be everyones activity at the moment yet as you begin to practice grounding in this light you begin to experience a tremendous vibration within that is attracting you to continue this practice, to strengthening this light, this anchoring, grounding it into the planet and its consciousness. Times are quickening on the planet in terms of the light being grounded, conserved, growing proportionally and dimensionally into the consciousness of the planet in ways it has never been brought into the planet before and on a larger scale.

Continue to grow light. I thank you this morning for allowing me the lions share of this discussion. I hold you all in peace and love, your sister Light.

Metatron: [Mark] Hello and thank you, I am Metatron. I say thank you because there is a great deal of faith and no small amount of energy to move in the direction of that faith required for me to be able to be with you here now. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be with you here now. This is one of the safe portals in the storm, if you will, the places that we on our side can count on as being a safe refuge, a place of acceptance, a safe house for us to come and visit. And so it is with great joy that I access this portal to this safe place and am received in security by all of you with such willingness and open hearts to receive me.


Truly, these are magnificent times and one day, with greater experience and more reference to your credit, you will be shown in retrospect what it was to be able to take these steps of faith on your part and provide such needed points of assistance as you do in this process unbeknownst to you. That is what is so honored, revered, and respected about these acts of faith on your part at this juncture in your growth and ascension career. They require you moving in the direction of your faith with such sincerity by this ever inspiring to witness those who take the steps to do so. Truly the finest characteristics of agondonters are represented in those who will be so bold and have so much conviction in their faith at this point.

One day this graceful opportunity that you experience, although you may not interpret it as such, will not be available to all of those who come after you as they will have encountered the likes of me, the likes of Monjoronson, the likes of even their Creator Son Michael. And after these events have come to pass, truly an age will pass with it in which the opportunity for you to rise up through the ranks of your spiritual growth through your faith and through your acts of will to execute your faith will be forever changed and altered. Not so much will be asked of the next who come after you, not so much of a graceful opportunity will be provided to develop faith in the face of such darkness.

So it is with great pleasure that I come on the scene and am privileged enough to work with this class of agondonters as are present at this time on this world because truly, they have been tried and tested. They have executed their great feats of faith surrounded by the darkness and they have grown to be such light emitters themselves that the very darkness has been altered as a result of their existence and presence. It is my great pleasure to work with such as these in this great mission before us and so I look forward to the opportunity to utilize your services, the service that you provide even now in the extension of your faith to have me here, to engage with me as part of that which we would undertake for the Father and in the Son's name. Let it be so as it is, let us rejoice that it is and that it is so, and let us have the strength and the courage and the faith to propel us forward as we are led.

Peace be with you this day and always. I just wanted to introduce my energy signature once again so that I may be known as one of the gang, one of those you know who is on the team on the other side. We shall become well acquainted through this process and that is another gift of grace that we both share. Thank you and I will return, farewell.

Metatron: [Cathy] I am approaching your group in confirmation of your discussion earlier. I am indeed a strong being that has the capability to uphold the increasing of spiritual light. I have arrived in the vicinity of this world and am working actively to enhance light, the spiritual light, on all levels, individual as well as world wide. This quickening that was referred to has been happening for some time and will enhance with each passing element of time as you know it. I have been given great latitude in the control of light and the direction and intensity of its illumination. I have also been a factor in your efforts to eliminate the dark anchors from the past. It is my hope that we will be able to act in concert to enhance the work at hand. You may be aware of the quickening as mentioned previously. It is the accompaniment of the input of light and the increased activity on the cellular level. I will be pleased to continue this contact with you, the ones that are aware of my project. Our combined intention can act as an accelerator, an enhancement to the work at hand.

Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings to you my dear children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this light anchored group, this circle of love and friendship, here to acknowledge our divine love for you, our connectedness to you, and in reference to that connectedness, my consciousness I share with you, the consciousness of the planet I uphold. Know that within this consciousness are all of the answers to all of your questions. Learn to access consciousness through your ability to experience life, to grow in awareness and understanding, and to add to this conscious Supreme which is evolving.


In a matter of time all things will be known to you. We hold you dearly in faith and trust as you hold us. The children are becoming like their parents. I leave you in peace and the love of myself and Michael be with you, thank you.]]