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Topic: McC's Questions, Relationship with God

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, we gather in your service with the intention of being of assistance to our natal planet, Urantia, by participating in Christ Michael’s Correcting Time plan. We invoke the loving presence of Christ Michael and ask that we be encircuited in loving light and with your blessings for a successful session. Amen

MONJORONSON: Hello, Michael, this is Monjoronson.

MMc: I was going to introduce myself, but apparently you know who I am.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your participation in this work.

MMc: Well, it’s my pleasure to participate in this work, Monjoronson. I’m quite happy to meet you and speak with you, and have the opportunity to speak with you. It is something that I’ve looked forward to, as I’ve not been able through stillness to accomplish.

MONJORONSON: You will find this practice to be very useful to you personally, as well as to the audience of listeners.


  • MMc’s personal questions for Monjoronson


MMc: Yes. I hope that works out. There is a theme that I wanted to talk about today, and the level of intent I have that has been with me for quite some time, at least back to early 2002, 2003, to increase the quality of communications across the veil. I know I should probably explain how that came about, and I’ll get to that [in a] moment. Right now I have some questions that I’d like to ask about my interaction with spirit in the past, and I’m hoping that you can help me resolve [them]. I’m hoping that you might be able to help me improve my communication with my Thought Adjuster and the other personalities, and I’d like to ask you to clarify some events in the news, such as it were, in solving some problems we have with communications. Finally, I would like to engage you in a dialog about how we might improve communications across the veil.

In the fall of 2002, I was in my basement facing what was a growing frustration for me about the real nature of God to the world. The situation was, and is chaos, multiple religions, none of them with a true picture of God, science claiming its superiority that there was no need for a God, just an empty boast. I railed and ranted for a good five minutes and when I stopped, in the far corner of the basement, was a masculine voice that said, “I want you to speak for me.” While taken aback, I said, “You want me to speak for you?” “Yes, I want you to speak for me,” was his reply. After a moment of thinking, I said, “What do you want me to say?” “Just tell them what you know.” “Tell them what I know?” “Yes, just tell them what you know.” Searching for what I knew that applied, I thought of The Urantia Book. There may have been some more conversation, but when I asked, “Who are you?” I got the reply, “You may use my name.” “God?” “YOU may use my name? Michael?” I said the word “Michael” toward the presence and it was gone. Can you tell me who spoke to me?

MONJORONSON: Yes. It was Michael. It was one of the rare opportunities that your Creator Father shared with a mortal. You had been railing and ranting about the difficulties that you experience in the cultural God that you have learned about in your societies, and so it is a first-hand experience to talk to God, your God, your Creator, Christ Michael. It was a rare opportunity that is remarkable. Does this help?

MMc: Yes, it does. Can you tell me what the interpretation that I’ve made… what was the interpretation of “I want you to speak for me”? (Forgive me, my voice is cracking here.)

MONJORONSON: You are speaking for him today. You are a presence. Just as this one does, [you] are guided to relax and speak the words of Christ Michael through you. Truly, would it not be unique to have a dialog between Christ Michael and Monjoronson? And have that recorded? This would be the penultimate of your experience on this teleconference setting. You are in the process of practicing this. You are learning to relax and to let others speak through you.

MMc: I can’t tell you how happy I am with that answer!

MONJORONSON: I understand your happiness.

MMc: Overwhelmed is the very small piece of what I’m feeling at the moment. I carried the thought that it might be Michael since it happened in the fall of 2002. I had hoped that the interpretation that I had, that he wanted me to not only be his advocate, but also speak in his place.

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is to allow him to speak through you. You are not to assume that you are speaking ‘as Christ Michael,’ but you become one who allows himself to carry the voice of Christ Michael through him. This would be something that would be unique and very useful to him and to us.


MMc: I understand. Thank you. Back in my basement, I realized what I needed to do, before I could speak honestly for him, I needed to end the chaos within myself and when I finally decided that there was a God, I went back to the basement and initiated a prayer to everybody that I could think of—Machiventa, Michael… you didn’t get asked to come because I didn’t know of your existence at that time—but everybody else that I was aware of was asked, and I pledged at that time to do all that I could to relieve the chaos in the world over the knowledge of God. And I think my moving through these circles is a part of that pledge, is a manifestation of that pledge.

  • The true nature of a personal relationship with God

MONJORONSON: You are correct. This venue is needed to bring clarity out of the chaos of past beliefs, of unbelief, to come to understand the true nature of God, and to each individual’s personal relationship to God, and God’s personal relationship to them.

MMc: Well, immediately after that prayer, my Thought Adjuster started speaking with me, continued to speak with me for a couple of hours. Yes, it was a wonderful situation. The events of that night do give, or make it forever impossible for me to ‘unbelieve’ there is a God, or that he resides within me.

MONJORONSON: Once you have had the experience of experiencing God, then there is no way that you can refute the existence of God, other than simply being overwhelmed by the presence of God and attributing that feeling, that experience to something else, as your imagination, which would be a gross error.

Thought Adjuster, Communication

MMc: Yes. I have joined the Monjoronson web site in April of last year, and have been practicing stillness ever since, trying to reach my Thought Adjuster. Do not misunderstand; I am happy with the relationship that I have now with my Thought Adjuster. It supplies me with a great deal of knowledge that I wouldn’t otherwise have, and the wisdom to go along with it, but we are not conversational. Do you understand what I mean? (Monjoronson: Yes.) He comes to me as ‘he’s there’. Is there anything that I can do more, besides trying stillness?

Let me give you an analogy: I’m missing something in stillness, actually what it is that can help me reach that level to communicate with my Thought Adjuster—at least that’s my feeling. I took Spanish classes here in the United States in Junior High School, and again in High School, and again in College, but I couldn’t speak the language. I went to Mexico, and there I became so frustrated that I couldn’t speak the language, that I began thinking in the language. When I began thinking in the language, that was the emphasis I needed, the small difference I needed to become a speaker, so after that I didn’t have any trouble speaking the language. I wondered if there was something, some piece that I am missing here, and perhaps you might be able to tell me what it is.

  • Hearing the Father

MONJORONSON: Having the capacity to sort out your thinking from that of the Father, most people who are God believers do, in fact, hear the Father, but the vast majority of them attribute that to their own thinking, as the wiser course of their thinking. You do hear the Father and you need not be in meditation to sit in the practice to hear the Father, but simply be open to receive and with the intention of hearing the Father and to empty your mind so that there is the space of ‘no thought,’ as this one calls it, that allows you to hear and accept that which you hear as from the Father. You can discern later whether it is truly your thinking or the Father’s. You are working too hard at this, Michael! The Father is with you; he is a constant companion. Your Thought Adjuster has dedicated its existence to your mortal lifetime and thereafter, as you choose to be with the Father. The only time the Thought Adjuster would abandon you is the time you would refute your God experience and reject the love of the Father, but we know that this would not occur in your lifetime, and that there is every eventuality that you will fuse with your Thought Adjuster in the morontial realm, if not before.

MMc: Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m working too hard?

MONJORONSON: Yes, most students do work too hard, whether it is the religionists in their churches and in their daily devotions. The way of the Father is easy. As Christ Michael said as Jesus, “The burden is light; the walk together is easy.”

Dreams, Morontia

MMc: Very good. Thank you very much. Sometime shortly after I had the incident in the basement, where I talked with my Thought Adjuster, I had a dream. In the dream, two entities came to me, looking straight into my eyes. The first one held my vision for approximately less than a minute; the second one took its place for less time. If I describe what they looked like, could you tell me who I saw in my dream? (Monjoronson: You are very welcome to describe them.) Interesting! Are you familiar with Star Trek and the Wooky? (Monjoronson: Yes.) Well the first one looked like a Wooky with short hair, the same copper color of brown hair with gold eyes, with a triangular flap of skin that was loose and underneath there was a light, white, red and blue twinkling lights. The second was a more feline face that was white and black with large blue eyes.

  • Seeing morontial beings in a dream

MONJORONSON: One moment. [Roxie: He’s probably checking with your GA or a member of his staff.] It was a visitation by morontial beings. They were not angelic; these are Celestial Teachers. They carry with them the signature identification of their species from their originating worlds. It is a rare experience. You are a rare individual to have received this and to have seen this; others have been presented with the morontial being of individuals, [or] celestial teacher, but have not been able to capture that or retain that in their memory for one reason or another. It is because of your training as a physician that you are able to accept that which is foreign and unusual to other people. Yes, this was a visitation by morontial beings.

MMc: Interesting! I thought it might have been a visitation by you and Serena.

MONJORONSON: No, we do not present ourselves in that way.

MMc: Very good. That’s all the personal questions I have to ask. Basically, I couldn’t identify any of those. I really appreciate the feedback you have given me so far. I think I will sort through it a little bit later, but right now, let’s move on to some current topics.

Consciousness, Circuits

  • Repairing the matrix of consciousness

There was a document that came out through the ABC documents, Document I, that dealt with changes that the grids have been repaired to some point where they are substantial enough that you can move on to other things. Can you tell be more about that situation?

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is as you call them, the ‘matrix of consciousness’ on your planet. Mortals tend to need objectification of their thoughts. Most of you are not capable of understanding the concept without giving it some kind of objectification, in this case, the ‘matrix’ is the composite of mortal thought of consciousness, and it acts in many ways like a ‘grid.’ It is the interconnection of supporting minds that support this grid, as you call it, of consciousness on your planet. It takes very few people to activate it in the positive light, to maintain it, and to in fact, see it grow, so that it is able to overcome the darkness of unconscious thought of light that is upon your world.

What we have going for us, you have going for you, is your conscious organization and connection with others of the light, to form this grid, whereas those of darkness operate usually by themselves, without association or coordination with each other. They are rather amorphous, unorganized. Yes, you are right that this ‘grid,’ as you call it, is growing and it is becoming healed—and as we explain ‘healed,’ it means that it is becoming complete around the world, that there are fewer places around the globe where there is no one supporting that consciousness. Are you with me so far? (MMc: Yes, the positive consciousness.) Yes, it is the positive consciousness coordinated by the like-mindedness to work with the consciousness of this planet, and of the Mother Spirit on this world. I will wait for you to respond.

MMc: The question that came up here is that there was seemingly a great deal of supper urgency made to bring down the “old corrupted grid” and to establish the new grid of the Father’s love. Then, quite abruptly, we got word from Michael, I believe, that the grid was fixed as well as it needed to be fixed, that all of the souls that had been trapped would be released and the grid teams were no longer necessary, that the Melchizedeks would be using light workers for other work. (Monjoronson: Your question?) My question is, is that an accurate assessment of what is actually happening, or what was left in the minds of most of us, was the expectation that it was going to take 5 years to fix the corrupted grid, to bring it down and re-establish the new grid, and this has been accomplished in 7 months. It seemed miraculous to us and unbelievable. The people that I am associated with are having trouble believing that this is actually happening. Did it actually happen?

Confusion, Language

  • Confusion of concepts and making assumptions

MONJORONSON: There is a great deal of confusion surrounding numerous concepts that you have mentioned. There needs to be a better understanding of these concepts that have been brought together. I do not wish to comment upon your question at this time, until there is greater clarity involving many of the assumptions made in the originating statement. You—‘you’ meaning collectively—have begun a discussion about things, about concepts which you have little understanding. What is a ‘grid?” What are these captive souls? The other aspects are not clear, even to those who brought them into awareness. There needs to be an elementary school taught about these concepts.

MMc: Would you be willing to take up that elementary school?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. Let us set this aside for another time, for you to gain clarity about these concepts. Make a list of them and we will discuss them. What I find in your mind and as you discuss these with your words is that there has been some unconscious amalgamation of concepts and constructs so that you end up with something that actually does not exist. This is the great liability of discussing highly complex spiritual and energetic processes with mortals of such short lifetime, with such bereft education in these matters. This is not a criticism, simply an observation. So let us see if we can sort this out for the benefit of the reading audience. Thank you.

MMc: Thank you. I was hoping that you might be agreeable to do something like that. I want to thank you for what you’ve said to me so far in this whole session, and for your willingness to take these concepts further and to deal with them in some detail. It’s going to be, I think, very helpful for the human side of this equation. In some respects we’ve been too superficial in dealing with some of these things that are of great spiritual and functional value, and therefore we miss out on making… we’re left with making assumptions that don’t lead us to reality, and don’t lead us toward the truth. I think by solving some of these new concepts in more detail, we may be able to have less assumption and more truth in what we are seeing. As time goes on, these concepts will need to be further evaluated and fleshed out even more, but I think we need to put some flesh on the bones of these guys so that they can stand on a more solid footing so that your world and my world will come to some agreement. Are we in agreement on that?

MONJORONSON: In eventuality and in time, your world will be in full agreement with ours. What I wish to also say concerning these concepts is that many of these concepts which have been used lately, have been used in the past decades and centuries before. There is the carryover of the earlier assumptions as they were used, is correct. This may not be the case at all. You will find that some of the concepts which have been used, have been used in other genre of spirituality, whether it is something of New Age, or something that has been bandied about in past decades in literature by other writers. We urge you to begin to understand where some of these concepts come from. For instance, the word ‘grid’ has been used for many decades, and it has been used in less than desirable context. It would be useful to you and to the audience if you (collectively) would begin to examine where these words come from and where they have been used. You will find that sometimes contemporary authors bring material to mind which they have read about in another context, and are using them in a similar, though modified way. This is something for you to hold in mind as we move forward. Thank you.

  • Monjoronson requested that part of this session remain unpublished, AT THIS TIME.(see below--rdavis 21:29, 2 January 2012 (UTC)]


  • Putting a date on the incarnation of Monjoronson

MMc: In Document “I” you mentioned that you would incarnate by Christmas of this year? (Monjoronson: That is what the words ‘say’ in your document.) And is that what is actually going to happen? If I knew where you were, [could I] walk up to you and shake your hand before Christmas of this year?

MONJORONSON: There is a certain liability in denying that, and there is certainly a definite liability in accepting that. There was a definite liability in those statements being made at the time. We have heretofore been very reluctant to be so definitive as to the arrival of my presence. I continue to urge you to be open and receptive to my presence, whether it is in this form through your mind, or whether I am present in front of you, knocking on your front door and asking to share a cup of tea or water with you. It is quite unlike my nature to be so definitive, as even the celestials do not know these dates. I caution you using such specifics that if this is not fulfilled, then there is tremendous damage done to those who have marginal faith.

The goal is to educate and strengthen the faith and trust and knowing of each individual believer. This is how the Father Creator, the First Source and Center operates, and this is how the rest of the universe relates to mortals, and that is to strengthen each one’s faith to a point that they trust, have faith in the universe, and eventually to know from personal experience of that process. When you see me, when I shake your hand and I look into your eyes, you will surely know that you have seen and spoken to and shook the hand of a Divine entity in front of you in mortal form. There will be absolutely no mistake about that. This will be an experience, much like chewing gum: once you have chewed gum, or have swum, or have ridden a bicycle, there is no forgetting it—you can never forget it, because it is something that is ingrained in you now, in your own being as your own.

So, you see, for me to state that no, I will not be here by Christmas, creates a great damage in those who have strengthened their faith on the hope that they would see me. Yet, there is no substitute for ‘knowing’ from hope. Hope is at the low end of the “gradient of certainty.” There is no amount of hope that can substitute for actual experience. Therefore, you all must hold in abeyance your desires and your hopes for knowing. It may be confusing to you, and yes, it surely is because hope-filled desires for something that may not occur, is exceptionally damaging. Damage control must occur before it actually is experienced.