2011-10-27-Manifestation of Divine Energy

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Topic: Manifestation of Divine Energy

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael, Nebadonia, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Henry] Father/Mother, thank you for the opportunity this evening, this circle of love and friendship and fellowship connection with everyone that is here this evening on this Lightline call. We are all here en-circuited in your love, in your understanding and wisdom, in your tremendous embrace. We thank you for this opportunity.



Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening my friends, this is Charles. If any of you do not know of me, I am a finaliter attached on assignment to your sphere in this part of the universe. It is good to hear your story and to help in understanding the nature of the divine call within. Many times humans in their hectic lives either find an excuse not to take the time to better themselves or to grow more spiritually, and if they do, they want to many times separate themselves. At some point this is correct, that is what you must do; you must in a sense separate part of yourself from the common references to establish new references.

But you live in times where it is called upon to be everything at once. You are to have tasks, you are to have jobs or lives, you are to have family, you are to have activity and you are also responsible to grow spiritually, to take the motion that you have in life, the movement. You know, God does not move you from inertia, God just simply directs while you are in motion. You know, the things from God are spiritual; in a certain sense they do manifest into reality but they do not manifest into reality magically or through miracles like in the life of the Master here on the planet. That was his life and the energies that he portrayed was what he was supposed to do.

But in your life you are to incorporate these energies, these growing spiritual directives from within, your sense of fellowship with your fellow man, your sense of duty to your commitment, the sense of responsibility for your action and God so directs within your mind, concepts, ideas, directives, choices, many things in how you see yourself. In all of this the responsibility is yours to act upon the guidance you get, the intuition, the light which enlightens inside, this awareness is brought into reality by your effort. God has done His part; He works through your hands and your feet and your mouth and your mind. He is within this tremendous aspect of eternal bountiful love.


Many times it is easy to get caught up in the awareness of things. Just like a child beginning to walk, you stumble and your steps are not quite sure at first. Many times when you attempt to do something new and creative, either on the planet or new for you as what you are used to, many times there are periods in adjustment and then there is the adjustment in your thinking and it is the adjustment in your thinking which sustains you. It sustains you in your ability to understand, to comprehend these things you are being shown, to go within and find that what you are supposed to do is deal with what is right around you. It is not necessary to go tremendously far these days to find out what to do. If you are connecting the web of fellowship and the web of spiritual love with one another, this is a full time task in itself, not to mention you live in times where many people are needing all kinds of help.

Then again it makes no difference in the big picture what one believes and how one acts because if you are truly open to being led you will find the correct posture, the correct direction. People think that being grounded is something stationary, it's permanent, it's solid. But if you were on a ship and it is in motion, how would you ground it then? You are grounded by a sense of direction, you have a point that you are gravitating towards and this also is a grounding device, this point, this port you are trying to reach. Of course it never ends until one day you find that you finally are arriving at the final port, on that final shore.


So do not become discouraged at mistakes, at misunderstanding. Do not become overly concerned of things which already have happened. It is more important to focus and become focused on what is happening in the moment you are in, where you are at, and how if you are able to bring light into your own consciousness, can this light be transmuted through you into others, into [anothers] situation, into a greater aspect of yourself, your part in a group. Then this is the understanding of the part to the whole, how the part flavors the whole, how the part can actually move the whole in a direction. This is where we are at these days. You are all a part to a whole, the part which is capable of determining direction. So we are all called forth to take responsibility to account for ourselves, to account for how we are with ourselves and how we are in the world. At some point they must become consistent, they must become of the same essence.

I thank you all this evening for allowing me these words, these thoughts, this little pep talk. Have a wonderful week and I leave you in peace and I leave this arena open for others; thank you and good evening.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am your Father and I am your brother. You know me by the name Michael, you know the life that I lived once among you on earth as Jesus. I am pleased to access this opportunity you provide this evening and continue on with some of the thought patterns offered here by an emissary of light I have bestowed upon you. I arrive tonight in observation of these thought patterns and this direction and I seek to put forth the question.

You all know of my life as I lived it in the flesh, at least you know of the recounting of my life as I lived it in the flesh. This recounting has brought to you a certain idea of a life lived by an individual in a time long ago that somehow became special. And so my question to you this evening my dear ones, is one for you to ponder and consider as you go through your days and that is: What is the difference between my life and between yours? I ask this question because we are both children of the same Father. We both hail from the same grace of the First Source and Center. We both have within us Divine Fragments of this First Source and Center and we both were granted the opportunity to come to this planet and to live a life in the flesh.


Many many of my activities during my life mission were quite ordinary and routine. I helped raise a family like many of you. I worked and toiled to provide for my family like many of you. At some point I became aware of my spiritual nature like many of you and I also became aware of a certain life mission, a purpose, like many of you. What then was such a grand difference that you may sense between us? I will tell you. It was not what I did, it was not the activities themselves, it was the relationship to bringing the divine energy into such activities. It was as has been referred to, bringing in the light, bringing in the energy and infusing it into ordinary circumstances which turned them into extraordinary circumstances.

That is as plain and as simple as it is. You are as I was, a mortal of the realm. You have access to divine presence as I did when I was in the flesh. True, I came here as a Creator Son with express purpose and intention of experiencing the mortal life and executing my divine mission in a timely fashion, but my dear ones, there are these same tendencies and desires within all of you. You are here to do the best that you can do. You are here to be of service. You are here to be a beacon of this divine energy which I call love. So it is not what you take up to do which is important, it is how you do it and with how much love. This is the key to changing a mortal life into a spiritualized extraordinary experience.

You can do this in any walk of life, at any time, with any relationship, under any circumstance. It is simply as was stated, a matter of choice for you to become the conduit for this divine energy of love and to transform every life experience, relationship, and opportunity before you into a grand opportunity, an expansive opportunity, with the simple desire to choose to bring in divine pattern, divine energy, divine love into the equation.

It was mentioned that the part resembled the whole and this is ever so true. That the part also influences the whole is also true. But my dear ones, the whole never ceases influencing the parts as well. This is where your compass heading is determined. This is the longings of your heart in determining your direction, that is the whole calling the part and summoning it to be all that it can be and when you choose to follow these leadings, when you choose to rise up to this opportunity and be all you can be, I tell you my friends, you are no less than I was when I walked among your brethren. I simply did the highest and best choice I could make and my circumstances were transformed and the common average things I did of walking here and there, of speaking to individuals plainly,openly, and simply, became an extraordinary experience, not because it was an extraordinary circumstance but because there was an extraordinary amount of love present in the equation.

This is something you can do as well, this is not outside your reach by any means, as a matter of fact the part has a certain right to have access to the characteristics of the whole. And so this is what I knew when I was in the flesh in my later years, was my divine birthright and in a very real sense, we share this. So I tell you my secret as it were, so that it can be yours, so that you can know who you are in relationship to the whole. You can call on all that the whole has to offer and as you witness by the recounting of the stories of my life, many great things happened simply because I believed in this truth. I believed that this was so and I acted in faith as though I believed. Really quite simple principles and principles you are already aware of but I remind you, I bring you this assurance that you have found the way, you have found the truth, you have found the light and so it is merely up to you to choose them and to channel them through you and then I declare to you that indeed, all things are possible.

I welcome this opportunity that you afford me to have these words with you this evening. I respect this forum for those who arrive here are among [those] of my brightest students who are seeking to know and discover these truths and to emulate them and become them in your efforts. I honor you for doing this, for being these truths in your lives. Remember, there is no small task, there is only the chance in each small opportunity to bring in great amounts of love and in so doing, transform them into great acts. Be at peace my friends, be in hope and be in love and all will be well, even as it is now. I bid you farewell though I never really leave as I have told you before. Thank you and good evening.


Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings to you my children, this is your Mother Nebadonia, the counterpart to Michael, the energy and the creative spirit which holds the whole creative pattern of the universe and consciousness together at the same time. I thank you for the conversation, the ideas of discussion this evening. I am here to remind you that you are a part of a large and gigantic organization and not only within the cellular structure of your bodies or the thoughts within your mind, but the universe at large. The environment in which you live is just as much a part of you, it is part of life, it is the substance as yourself of which life expresses.

You are able to express yourself individually whereas a tree may not or an animal may not. You are allowed to even be responsible for the consequences of your decisions more so than other forms of life are. So it is not necessary to completely segregate yourself from parts of life. So many times man intends to create environments which become citadels with which to separate [themselves] from others. I tell you that all life has breath, has movement. Movement is what defines life. Rigor mortis is what defines death, but movement defines life, the ability to move like water, to flow. Yes, this is what defines life and spirit comes into this life within you to give expression to your being, to your individuality and your personality, to allow you to be part of what we have created for you to exist in.

So when you can see yourself as part of a whole from where you are now, then you can project yourself as part of a whole which is gigantic like a universe, all of reality, eternally now. You have been gifted with spiritual circuits within your mind, you have been gifted with an actual individual aspect of the Eternal and Primal God the Father Himself. We are all Father's children and as such, we all respond to the title call of His breath, the breath of life, the movement in and the movement out, the contraction and the expansion, the folding and the unfolding.

It is magnificent to be responsible for life, to give life and support all that it maintains freely as I do here for you, even as my daughters minister to you. We hold you in love and peace, we hold you as a complete part of our whole and I hold you in my embrace. Go in peace, thank you this evening.


Light: [Mark] Greetings friends, it is my pleasure to come among you. I am Light and like you, I am humbled at this moment to have been so lovingly addressed and embraced by our Divine Parents. Surely we sense this embrace of spirit and we recognize the loving affection that we feel from our parents, the ones who have provided us with all that we have need of and the very life that we live.

I am graced with the opportunity to bring this opportunity to a close with the final thought restated, that we must be in motion my dear friends, to be guided by such loving and endearing parents. We cannot be summoned from a place of being at a complete stop or at a rest to get moving. That is not how our parents treat us. They allow us every opportunity to make the choice to be in motion or to be at rest. When we choose to be in motion we are able to be guided and they are ever there to guide us when we look to them for such guidance.

So I leave you this evening with the final thought of being in motion and perhaps even recalling Michael's question to you about the difference between your lives. We observe in the recounting of his life how his motion was always guided by his desire to commune with his Father. So too, your lives can be guided by your desire to commune with your Father and if you are in motion and if you have similar guidance, then you can expect that you will be provided with similar direction. It is truly that simple and it is at your disposal; it is a matter of your will, to simply follow the pattern presented to you by the Creator Son turned mortal of the realm just like you.


I leave you with those thoughts and words of encouragement, that you can be magnificently adorned in spirit as was Michael as he went about doing good by simply bringing great amounts of love into his equation, just as you are capable of. Be at peace and I bid you all farewell, good evening.