2011-12-04-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Support, Mercy...

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.




Nebadonia: [Cathy] My children, this is your Mother joining in conversation about nurturing and connection between you. My spirit helpers are constantly with you and embrace your efforts to work together. Your Inner Guide is indeed bringing you choices and opportunities. I am always supplying spiritual support as you determine which choices to follow. My angels are with you in an effort to uplift your action as you move forward with intention. Know that my love surrounds you in every moment as you wrestle with choices and reach out to each other. We amplify your connection between individuals and intertwine your heart energies to enhance the connection. We accompany you always as you step forward in the Father's plan. You will be prompted by your Inner Guide in the most beneficial of ways. It is all part of our plan for your growth and the growth of the Supreme. Know that our love is always with you in support of your growth.


Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning, this is Charles, again good to be here in this circle of friendship and love to acknowledge this mornings conversation and it sounded tremendously educational, thank you. It seems that the understanding is getting clearer and clearer, within your discussions anyway. This notion of mercy is a tremendous compassionate nature of divinity and this would be one of the first human references to the great divine consciousness, to practice mercy and extend mercy, to show compassion for others, to see that all is safe and nurturing for everyone.

Inner Life

You live in a world which offers no blanket of safety and mercy to everyone at this point but this will change also in time. Yes, as you begin to practice, the practice begins to grow because as humans you are not privileged to what is in anothers mind. Only through observing what they do are you able to see that this person is different, this person chooses to practice this, this person chooses to follow something from the inside rather than following something from the outside because invariably as humans, you will follow from the outside. This is a natural way in which human operate, by imitation, at least this is what the genetic response is revealing at its average level.

This too will shift so that once the behavior begins to shift it opens up the possibility for the mind to start thinking that because this is possible, that mercy has been extended, that someone loves me, someone cares, I feel safe. Because of living with these conditions, all of a sudden it frees you up to begin to trust what is inside because you can trust what is outside. Right now it is extremely difficult, it's only the few who are able to go inside and not be distracted by the outside. This is something that is not practiced at this time on your world everywhere but in times to come will become more commonplace, where people are able to distinguish the fruits of service and the fruits of efforts. These are the fruits of the spirit.


So by all means, continue to discern and follow the inner guidance and if you are not sure, just ask. So much of what you will be experiencing these days and the days to come will be this shoring of your foundation, the balanced poise of the inner awareness and consciousness as things around you begin to move and become unstable, and as you are learning, stability comes from within. Thank you for allowing me these few thoughts and have a wonderful week and we will touch base again, thank you.

LIght: [Cathy] I join you today in an enhancement of light surrounding your planet. Together we anchor a foundation for the portal. We have the ability to focus this energy to the benefit of the planet in an up-liftment of all, especially the areas in turmoil. I am eager to join you in this exercise.


Cathy: My idea is that we should envision this light surrounding this planet and maybe even direct it to an area you see as troubled. Please spend a minute to do that, simply blowing energy to the areas that are troubled, the areas where new ideas are forming, to the areas where people are yearning for freedom and light.