2011-12-13-In a Small Way

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Topic: In a Small Way

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “It is I, Chief ABC-22, generally known by the name Bzutu. I am one of the original 33 loyal chiefs of many, many centuries of service, spiritual advisor to Kiowa and Comanche tribes, and more recently the leader of the Australian 11:11 Emergency Platoon, which has now morphed into the International 11:11 Progress Group.

“I want to speak with you this evening about habits and about disappointment. I call on you many times during the day. I find that on occasions you are investigating the Over the Counter Derivatives, and I agree that they are a glaring example of man’s egocentricity, of his only caring for himself despite the incredible mismanagement that it entails, the debt disaster that such gambling is bringing onto many. In a very big way it is making life hard for millions.

“In a small way, the unthinking egocentric behaviour of individuals can also do much harm to others. It can be a deed without thought. It can be a word not carefully weighed. It can be a routine action that has failed to work in the past, repeated once more, to eventually bring disappointment to you and to others.

“It is my lesson for you for today that when you act, or when you speak, that you give thought to your inner self and consider in a sensitive way what would be the right action for you, what would be the right words for you to use, to ensure that the one on the other side of your actions is not going to be harmed by what you do, or troubled by what you say.

“The majority of you, from day to day and during your days, is unaware of the fact that you are indwelt by a powerful Spirit Self who can guide you if only you give a moment’s contemplation to the decisions you need to make before you act.

“I cannot pretend to be an expert on financial matters, but I guarantee you that I, perhaps, know many times more than what the average one of you knows about finance, knows about saving, and knows about doing those things right that will not negatively impact on others. There are angels that we are regularly in touch with, who can see the overall picture so much more clearly, and even within your population are those who understand very well how the present world-wide financial system can be improved upon, and it needs to be.

“Likewise, in a small way, your behaviour as individuals can improve so much more if you give it that moment of time, and consider the consequences to others before you act, or before you open your mouth to speak. In a small way you can do much to alleviate disappointment. Give some more thought to this lesson which I feel is arriving here at an appropriate time. Consider as year's end is upon you.

“I thank you for answering my prompt. It is a pleasure to be with you once again. This is ABC-22, belonging to those who look after both of you from the moment you awaken to the moment you go back to sleep. I say goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”