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Topic: All Things Shall Become New Again

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Metatron, Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Ron Besser

Section I

Editor’s Introduction To Section I

Some time has gone by since the last issue of one of The ABC Summaries. In part this had to do with the secrecy surrounding the incarnation of Monjoronson.

Document -J- repeats some information originally distributed as Document -I-. It was Document -I- that the subject of the prophecy of Isaiah was introduced. The subject has been reintroduced here to expand reasons why it became important to all who interpret prophecy, which in this case, is to understand the truth behind it and why it is of some importance at this juncture of the spiritual upgrade to Urantia today. I also an struck by the action of Christ Michael to bring up Isaiah again as I tend to believe that Michael considers the subject an excellent way in to describing the difference between Isaiah’s use of a Messiah as opposed to the more accurate use of Michael’s Metatron.

Below, is the section of interest quoted from the Isaiah passage ending with, “Nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing!” The sentence in its simplicity hides the enormous act by God to remake the universe of Urantia and even of Salvington, in order to bury Lucifer forever, and in a way to disenfranchise the very mold of rebellion being able to ever take root again.

Later on, at the end of this document in the End Notes, we publish more of Isaiah to demonstrate an additional point that Christ Michael makes concerning the use of the Metatron concept, and how in Isaiah’s time, reinventing the universe (as in today throwing out the original energy grid and putting a brand new one in its place) was a Messiah, when in truth the Messiah is a little beyond the reach of the universe, but a Metatron is not. They are similar in that both a Messiah and a Metatron have all resources put at their command, but differently in that a Messiah works miracles while a Metatron usually never resorts to them.

Below, in the opening narrative after quoting the Isaiah prophecy, Metatron comes forward to show there is a connection between what Isaiah saw and Metatron’s presence on peripheral Paradise. In Metatron’s statement in Document -I-, this entity states that he was the Messiah image Isaiah thought he saw. We requote (from -I-) Metatron’s initial statement and then proceed to permit additional information develop from that point to further explain the work and meaning of a Metatron.

From then on, Christ Michael takes up the narrative about Metatron and surprisingly, several entities then step forward to identify themselves as part of the Metatron composite to illustrate how the concept develops and is actuated into a gradual cleansing of the planet. It is no wonder we are experiencing difficulty in grasping the concept of Metatron because it is changeable and dependant on the nature of the emergency it works through.

Metatron and the Prophecy of Isaiah

  • The Isaiah Prophecy

Isaiah 43:16-21 - (16)Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea And a path through the mighty waters, (17)Who brings forth the chariot and horse, The army and the power (They shall lie down together, they shall not rise; They are extinguished, they are quenched like a wick): (18)Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. (19)Behold, I will do a new thing! (Editor: The reader is directed to the end notes of this document for some analysis of the verses shown and the historical context of these remarks)

  • Metatron speaks:

Isaiah spoke of me as the one who shall return one day as the Messiah, and while I am not the Jewish Messiah, I am the wonder of the world and I shall not be taken for granted or held contemptible by anyone upon my arrival on Urantia. Our world of Urantia is sick and old and will only revive when it can have the care and watching over that I can provide . . . .

  • Christ Michael responds:

Explanation: The problem everyone may be having with this passage has to do with the difficulty of assigning the meaning of the term Metatron. Metatron is actually a composite. That is, when we refer to Metatron, we refer to the entire mechanism through which the redemption of Urantia depends. Turn to your Urantia Book on the page that explains Monjoronson to you. This will be in Paper 20 describing the work of the Magisterial or Avonal Son. In that Paper it describes various avenues of approach to bringing a Magisterial Son to a planet. On Urantia this undertaking requires more personnel than is ordinarily used for such a mission. Nor can the Paper describe what was not revealed to the Commission at that time as to the role of Monjoronson and his consummation of his energy into the levels of a Metatronic arrangement of principles.

To understand what is at work, understand that the term Metatron is a personalization of the collective will of Deity to bring all pressure to bear in order to persuade man that he must change his ways or perish. This is not meant to intimidate man, but warn him. Deity locality is meaningless when the nature of Metatron is invoked. Is it any wonder that man’s will shall crumble before the mighty forces that prevail on Paradise when Metatron is so invoked? Unless the present collective will of man on Urantia is modified his present means of distributing his industry and wealth becomes an exercise in his own mass extinction. Such is the transformation to come to Urantia when the combined wills unite as one as Metatron upon mankind’s intolerant nature toward the goodness of God.

  • The Cloth of the Lamb of God

When Monjoronson appears, he will be wearing the cloth of a lamb. That is not meant to be literal, but it is meant to show man that God instigates the means and ways about how to extract man’s thinking into a parable of the lamb. Monjoronson is to lead the flock through an execution of thought that instills heart and means to the salvation of mankind.

In this appearance, Monjoronson will appear as a normal mortal of the Urantia life plasm. However, underneath it all, Monjoronson carries the heat and desire of God’s will to change man. The incarnation is a superhuman reminder to personally look into the eyes of man and help him recall the nature of his obligations. God looks man in the eye and asks him “Why Do You Still Wait To Do What Shall Save Your Life?”

God obliges Himself to be perfect in order that he may represent perfection at any time when he appears in the Cloth of the Lamb. The Cloth of the Lamb is as a mantle of gentle motion toward redemption. The approach of God is always to first show the way out of the wilderness of despair toward the light of gladness even in the midst of the evolutionary fight to maintain progress in one’s life. The happy warrior overcomes the vicissitudes of life in stride. In the past we have noted that Monjoronson shall be the Lamb of God to Urantia and place all of heaven and earth before the Father’s eyes to see perfection in it when all that changes reverses the faults and failures of Lucifer.

It is the inviolable goodness of God in the incarnations of Divinity that shows through its leadership those examples of blameless living that guide man into the transforming effect of happiness through service to God and his fellow man. Altruism is among the noblest adaptations personality may achieve to structure its use as an instrument of the divine will of God. God’s will, when in synchrony with man’s agreement to believe and to accept God’s divine faith in him, eventuates in the transcendental trust Jesus so eloquently lived.

  • Metatron Speaks Once Again:

(Michael)We are using this as an example to state for ourselves that we too work as Metatron. I am Michael speaking to you as Metatron. In my role as commander of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia and on several other worlds at the same time, I command resources far beyond my local universe. I am now in command of Uversa’s contribution to the local universe for Urantia’s Magisterial Son. As Metatron I may use the liaison forces of the Ancients of Days as my own when there is need.

(Monjoronson) It is I the Magisterial Son. When I speak as Metatron, I am in command of resources far beyond the local universe. When I invoke the title of Metatron, I become available to the transcendental nature of God, and even unto the Absolutes of Potential, for my work on Urantia.

(Charles, The Mighty Messenger) I am Metatron when I work with the spiritual powers on Urantia for the Magisterial Mission management. I concur that I use this title when I work with the Master Spirits on Paradise and with the Ancients of Days on Uversa during the changes that must be made in Satania. Satania shall be changed as Urantia will be changed and the Magisterial Mission invokes the power of Metatron through me as a an official of the Monjoronson staff. This title allows me access to many forces not otherwise available when I pursue my work with Michael and Monjoronson for a successful Magisterial Mission.

(Luminerion) I am a Primary Supernaphim. When I work as the liaison between Michael and Paradise, I may use my title Metatron to open resources to me that I can not access while I am only acting as Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia. The angels known as Seraphim work through my office to enable a close working relationship between Luninerion’s colleagues, other Primary Supernaphim stationed on the fifth circuit of Havona, to bring down the wisdom of Paradise into the organization of Seraphic aide to man on Urantia and throughout Nebadon.

Metatron in its past usages was also made up of the composites of a Divinity and Deity structure especially in the days of the Lucifer Rebellion. In those earlier days, the structure was truncated to preserve the dignity of the local universe, and the Metatron in those days was spread out from Jerusem to Uversa to Paradise using Christ Michael as the commander-in-chief of the Metatron forces.

Section II

The Metatron & The Messiah: The Deutero Isaiah Prophecy

  • Christ Michael speaking:

The prophet you know as the second Isaiah in your Biblical studies was looking out far beyond his era to the time that Michael would return after the Magisterial Mission had been completed. In that distant viewing, Isaiah thought he saw a return of the Messiah– really a Jewish fictional King-God who held all power over heaven and earth– but this turns out to be misleading. It is misleading in that no such individual exists and never will exist. As you know the levels of reality where there is no error of thought (Paradise) is separated from time (Orvonton). At best, there is relative time perfection in the Monjoronson camp in time and as in the Michael function as sovereign of Nebadon., which partner together to work on Urantia. While no Messiah is possible when understanding the separation of powers between the existential on Paradise and the experiential- Finite-Supreme in Nebadon, the integration of our collective wills as Paradise Sons can be made to work as one as Metatron.

God the Sevenfold is a concept introduced in your Urantia Book to show how Deity cooperates for the ascension of the experiential life in the time-space universes. It is an entirely voluntary agreement born of necessity, and should ascension ever cease, there is no further need for this particular Deity cooperative form to continue without purpose. As a comparison, God the Metatron is also an ad-hoc voluntary Deity cooperative as binding as God the Sevenfold when invoked. While this arrangement is hardly ever referred to as God the Metatron, it really is no different in concept so long as there are emergencies to meet and changes made not usually applied in time as it is to be done on Urantia.

The Metatron concept was more felt by Isaiah than intellectualized by the prophet. The Messiah concept is worthy of consideration even while it can not possibly exist as the Father has ruled that no being shall have the power to assume what and when all the powers of I Am are to be used. That decision is wholly the Father’s to decree to decline or accept if requested. The I AM enthronement within the pre-reality infrastructure of ancestral infinity pre-dates the circle of Infinity. Such energies, generally speaking, are unavailable even to the Paradise Coordinates with whom He associates within the Trinity. But the Metatron concept represents the request by sub-absolute Deity to reach into or toward the infinitude of the past for permission to use segregated elements of the underlying arrangements of creativity. To whatever degree of metaphysical power can be assimilated by the Metatron is bestowed temporarily by the Father to construct to overturn that which can not be corrected by normal means by even God the Supreme or the other experiential Deities. Metatron actions are universal as opposed to the local application of its work, and the universe as a whole benefits by its corrective and redemptive use.

Isaiah saw the people of Israel jeopardize the last hope on Urantia for monotheism after the Lucifer rebellion entirely destroyed the heart of the goal of God for Urantia to return to the world of spirit and its ideals. It may have been given to Isaiah to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the use of Metatron, but in the end he could not adopt its premise without a much expanded cosmology as we have today in the Urantia Book. For Isaiah, it was sufficient to carry the warning without fully understanding what he glimpsed as a way to inspire the warning to Israel.

Those who benefit from a modern epochal revelation may now put aside the idea of a Messiah and contemplate the work of Metatron. Metatron will clearly illustrate how things may be accomplished on Urantia when Monjoronson appears. Do not separate out Monjoronson, do not separate out Christ Michael, do not separate out those humans who shall be on staff who become part of the Magisterial Mission or the incarnated superhumans of the spiritual nature, from the collective designation of Metatron. They all participate within the Deity structure that is Metatron when going about the Father’s business for Urantia.

For instance, in the human usages of reflectivity now or in the future, and usually reserved for use outside of the lowers spheres of a local universe, such a grant is made possible by Michael and Paradise. The use of reflectivity as an agent of change is an example of the powers provided to an operation designated as a Metatron operation. While mortals can not command anything as helpers except their own will to serve in a spiritual incarnation of a Paradise Son, mortals may use that which is given to Paradise Sons who in turn may loan these gifts by choice as Michael and Monjoronson have done and are doing on Urantia.

The Children of The New Dispensation

  • Monjoronson speaks:

When I said,

“Do not forsake me when I arrive as a babe or as a child of Michael’s doing, for in

my own right, I am a builder of spirit much as your Lord God, Jesus was and is. I stand with Michael for his righteousness and for his forethought to include me in his plans to bring his name to the lips of those who have forgotten his [Jesus’] teachings

and his love for humanity.”

It is so stated to introduce that Michael has chosen to become as one with the new babes of Urantia after the dispensation has been changed. Monjoronson spoke this to include himself as a catalyst for genome changes in children born after the new dispensation arrives. These new children will become as though they are living the blameless life of the child Jesus did and as the mature adult that Jesus became. The designation of “babe’ was meant to confer upon the reader’s mind that nothing will change on Urantia as much as Urantia’s children in the new era. Monjoronson and all who support him shall stand for the righteousness of these children to grow into maturity with the new design of heart and mind to enable the new era to come to fruition in the era of Light and Life.

Section III

The Difficulty of Being In All Places At The Same Time

Editors Introduction to Section III

Sometimes it takes awhile to make the mental links come together for conceptual understanding. When I first came across the concept of the Metatron linkage to how Deity is able to overcome obstacles built into time and space, I never dreamed that there was a universal way to make time and distance disappear even when having work within these dimensional concepts. It is true that as the Urantia Book states, that the Creative Spirit enables a Creator Son to be virtually space free. But when a Paradise Son has to work inside and outside a particular local universe, the Creative Spirit involved is actively limited to her own space domain. How then do we overcome the space obstacle beyond the borders of Nebadon when the Creative Spirit herself must work beyond the local universe?

I make this introduction to help the reader slowly get used to the idea that when invoking the Metatron into a project, there can be the useful feature of removing time and space the whole way to Paradise even when performing a Magisterial Mission on an evolutionary planet. Mortals can hardly share in this power except when they use communications placed at their disposal that is all but instant. This in fact defies the delays of time and space. However, when Deity cooperates from Paradise down to a Planetary Prince to produce a situation where time and space can be moved out of the way, the results are quite dramatic for all concerned.

Monjoronson and Michael speak to the Deity nature below and in what way they reveal the Metatron when acting together.

Monjoronson speaking:

It is the Father’s will that changes how we conduct our business. It will also be clear that my appearance is in accordance with the Eternal Son’s will which is always one with the Father. I shall appear as Monjoronson and I will sometimes use the title Metatron when addressing the higher beings of the universe for their aid and for their help in taming the shrew that Urantia has become.

The Deity Nature Compensates For The Obstacles of Time and Space

Michael speaking: It is the intervention of the Father who makes it possible that as Metatron, Monjoronson has full command of all forces and that he may act on Urantia and on Paradise at the same time.

The ability of Paradise Sons is little known on Urantia. It is an ability to obtain all measure of power granted to them providing they can adjust to the serial decisions of the Master Spirits while at the same time remotely control the area of work to be undertaken on a particular evolutionary sphere.

When a Paradise Son incarnates, he understand he must listen to the guidance of Paradise through the Adjuster and through the Master Spirits. It is the Master Spirits who work along with Monjoronson while Michael commands the resources to be used on Urantia. To permit a free exchange of information, the Magisterial Son works through all agencies previously set up on Urantia such as The Council of 24. This is why I, the Sovereign of Nebadon, had to release Monjoronson in a formal statement to Paradise that I also have understood the terms and conditions that Monjoronson must put into effect.

[Editor’s Note: Christ Michael turned over to Monjoronson all executive power to propose and initiate those phases of planning that will become the Magisterial Mission. This was announced on September 13, 2009 in an address by Christ Michael quoted here:]

  • Michael speaks (September 13, 2009)

Although I am Sovereign of Nebadon, the future on planets as this, is known far, far

in advance, but the process, the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year process of achieving that is a piece of art—it is artful management, artful execution of Divine and Sacred plans, so that your celestial teachers can bring you along with us, to contribute to the healing of your planet. I have signed the Executive Orders for the completion of this phase. This also declares that I would not be the exacting executive, moment-by-moment, but have given way for the more direct influence and management and execution of these plans by Machiventa and Monjoronson. Do not interpret this as a withdrawal on my part; it is simply managerial; it is simply executive in function to have these two individuals begin the

process of more direct participation in the events of your world, as they unfold.

I am here, available for you, as always. I now can devote more time to the other

planets that have been in quarantine. I can devote more time with you, individually. Call upon me! You will find me there with you, beside you. I am available as your counselor, as your teacher, as your way-shower, just as I have always been. This development is, and has been, a known factor and a part of the plans for healing this planet and the other planets. It was known long ago that there would in some time, in some way, be an Avonal Son, who would come to this world and to the other worlds. The “when” of that was not clearly known, but the divine developments from Paradise brought Monjoronson here in a timely manner. Now he and Machiventa, as they have been since Monjoronson’s arrival, will continue to directly

participate and manage the execution of the Correcting Time plans.

[The full text of this meeting is archived at: https://www.tmarchives.com/transcript_frames.php?tid=5094]

The arrangement between the Father’s indwelling as the Thought Adjuster in the mind of Monjoronson has to be done in a way that integrates the thought of Paradise with the conditions found on the planet his mission will play out upon. To do this the Adjuster indwelling him must establish a liaison between himself and the Metatron designee on high which turns out to be none other than Michael of Nebadon. The Deity nature of a Sovereign Creator Son is such that the ability to transfer huge amounts of data in seconds is recognized. From this data transfer, the facts and efficacy of the proposed actions on Urantia become available– to attempt the plan as originally conceived or to find a suitable alternative.

When Monjoronson says he is ready to incarnate, he will assign his Paradise nature to Michael of Nebadon. This is doable on transcendental levels of reality and can not be done within the nature of time-space. Monjoronson’s trip to Paradise in 2009 was not to hold just a conference with the Magisterial Sons available for consultation on Ascendington.* But also to provide the Universal Father with a step by step plan to eradicate the subnormal mind that has arisen on Urantia in such numbers.

  • [The function of Ascendington may be found in Paper 13 Section 1, and the consultations take place, not on Sonarington, but on our home world of Ascendington. Perhaps one day that might more sense than it currently does. Editor]

Section IV

Concerning The Urantia Grid and My Return

Michael speaking:

“My children, I address you as the sovereign of Urantia and Nebadon. My work has

taken me all over the universe to find the right way to express how I feel about all of you. You take me into confidences and you take my hand when worried, and today I ask you to take my hand in thought. Where do I reside in you? Where do I make my heart known to you? The answer may be different for some, but for most it will be in the mind of clean thinking and helpless attenuation of thought I sometimes must

dismiss quickly.”

Explanation: Michael speaks:

I am here among all of you and I decide when I shall return. However, it is incumbent upon all that you shall return to me before I make my visit to you sometime near the time of your calendar year 2050. Here me speak now:

I know not of your time to return to me so much as I know your wish to return to me.

That is a different situation between these two statements. When you return to me you will be clothed in the style of the lamb who returns to the fold after searching high and low for his or her place in time, in history, and in partnership with me and my Brother, Monjoronson. Here we stand before you today as we stood before all in the days of Melchizedek. We come soon but not yet fully prepared to enter into

the discourse that becomes your names.

What do we mean when we say, “the discourse that becomes your name?” It means

that we need to hear you declare your ever lasting support for my friend and cohort on high, the Father Himself. He wishes to become part of the Urantia brotherhood through you and me and Monjoronson and all of my Melchizedeks who work so hard

to bring Urantia back to right thinking and doing.

Keep yourselves well. Keep yourselves as though you can be heard by me every

second of the day your are conscious. I need to hear your thinking and how you wish to see Urantia become the heart of a universe that knows its name. Keep your hearts well, and keep me in mind when you discuss these Papers, as there will be many to follow now that we can clearly communicate what we need to without the interference of the Luciferin groups once hidden in the grid from us a few short

months ago.

The Ejection of Lost Souls & Orders of Angles from The Urantia Power Grid

  • From Document -I-, Page 12, the following statement was dictated by Monjoronson:

All of us together upon this announcement have determined that no soul may remain

on Urantia after tonight!** They will be expunged and taken over en masse. For this we may thank our Paradise Father whom you refer only to as Father, but he is much more and a great power in the love formulations of fairness and excellence of thought

everywhere in the time universes.

[Editor: This was referring to the final Mercy Sweep of Urantia in October 2011]

  • Monjoronson explains:

When I used the term “expunged” in Document -I-, I was referring to the likelihood that all living things can be taken out by actual ejection. No one can resist the power of the Father and none may hide from his power and his goodness. Such a Father-force literally pulls them out to view as roots being ejected out of the ground before one’s eyes! That is the meaning I attempted to provide the reader of the document at that time. However, as time has passed from issuance of the Document [-I-], I have concluded there needs to be a better understanding about how the world sees the training necessary to work with the Melchizedeks in grid cleansing. It appears we have we now have a better connection to assign some other information to the real purpose of the statement that our work with the grid is finished as far as human participation is concerned. When we said the grid work was finished, we mean it was finished insofar as our human groups on Urantia need know about.

The existing grid is also uneven in its ability to cleanse portions of Urantia. This is being attended to by Monjoronson, the Melchizedeks, and shortly by some of your human groups who are today being trained to work a different way with grid energy.

More Urantia Power Grid Changes To Upgrade Urantia Mind

(Monjoronson)In fact, there is continuing work the Melchizedeks are doing. It concerns placing the grid into a position that is somewhat higher (vertical height) around the planet than what had been initially installed when the Planetary Supreme arrived on Urantia about five hundred fifty million years ago with the Life Carriers to implant life.

At that time Urantia became an inhabited sphere meaning life was planted and evolution was beginning. The Eurasian-African implantation was made in the area you now called the Caspian Sea, and it is from what is now called the Caspian highland area that the major evolutionary changes overspread the world in contribution with the two other areas of implantation.

This particular implantation worked well but it carries the lowest strain of mind evolution. If the strain from other areas had been more significant, the life on Urantia would have taken more of a leap toward greater mindal stability. Unfortunately, minds on Urantia, while well done as to intellectual capacity, are now poorly designed to bring out the spiritual improvisation we need to upgrade the mind with its own evolution. Therefore, the grid is re-designed to mitigate error in mind (actually it is the lack of evolutionary potential arising from the implantation that errors in development have occurred), but the new grid is designed to raise children who have the mind of spirit insight. The present situation supported by the old grid was consequential upon Urantia that allowed a slow decline of intellectual insight into your problems of survival. If allowed to continue this mindal evolution as currently existing within most of your population would result in the end of human existence due to its destructive and shortsighted planning. Mind which works well is a parallel guide with the personality and the Thought Adjuster to bring a healthy person well into the steps which lead to the spiritual evolution the understanding that not all things belong to man to deny or accept on his say so alone.

Therefore, while the grid itself has been replaced, the Melchizedeks are working to bring into existence an additive to the grid energy which will produce brilliance without fanaticism. We know how to do this in divine mind, but it has never been achieved in evolutionary mind of the finite human type found on Urantia. It is necessary that our Melchizedeks bring this work to completion for Monjoronson’s use of the Infinite Spirit’s work through the Master Spirit Moiraya.

At some point again, the Melchizedeks will ask for the support and help of the same human groups which stepped forward recently to release the trapped souls and the imbedded workers of millennia ago. The time for this request will be made after Monjoronson emerges from the cloak of secrecy which surrounds his work at this particular moment.

Section V

Editors Introduction to Section V

This addition to Document -J- was a surprise to me. I did not expect anyone to go into the touchy subject of Justice before it was a done deal. Justice as it applied to Lucifer and the other rebels came to us as an announcement after the fact that Uversa eliminated them as unsalvageable. The announcement placed some distance between the culprits and our selves and could be handled without undue emotion. However, this next section exposes the reader (and yours truly) to the unpleasant acts of Justice to come.

Do some of you recall what General Eisenhower did when Germany was defeated? He made the citizens of the towns nearby the concentration camps, under threat of the bayonet, to walk through the camps and view the stacks of bodies waiting for cremation, and thousands of poor souls starving waiting to be gassed. The film taken by the Army shows the reactions of the townspeople as they were forced to consider what they had ignored and pretended did not exist, These towns had acquiesced to the horrors of the Nazis and they were force to comprehend the massacre they caused..

I believe in some way, the next section is to force us, the readers and townspeople from the Urantia villages, to comprehend what we have ignored and let be. Elements of our culture are frankly lost to God, and that is not a horror but a sight of thoughtless and tragic waste which justice will address. There is no other choice. I considered leaving these transmissions out because of the moral confusion most of us entertain about the taking of life and under what circumstances, if ever, it is allowed. As it seems important to leave the remarks intact, the section remains.

What follows next addresses one of the great problems of Urantia and that is the degeneracy of mind and thought that has twisted Urantia’s future into the specter of a Purgatory if no redeeming Paradise Son enters the picture. I leave it to you to work out the details in your own mind how this problem shall be cleansed from our midst even though we may be very uncomfortable about is actions.

Section V - Justice

Policy Explaining What Nebadon Has Decided To Do With Sub-Normal Individuals on Urantia

  • Michael speaks:

Such sub-normal minds are given to arising thought forms which detail nothing but depravity and have little concern for life which, given the opportunity, they take with impunity. This is an anathema to the Sons of God of all Orders on Paradise and the local creations, and the Father has designated Urantia as a sphere for remediation to remove all such thought forms in the kindest way possible even though such persons would not or could not reciprocate such mercy to others on their world given the choice.

Given the opportunity to hear these words, it should not come as a surprise to many of the readers of this document that the law allows for remediation so long as there is concurrent approval from the highest authorities to proceed. We have petitioned the court of the Ancients of Days to review the plan and to present us, Monjoronson and Michael of Nebadon, the best policy with regard to salvation of these souls with sub-normal minds. It has been decided to prevent massacres of individuals through natural accidents and catastrophes, but instead, to take them as they are when they are approached by the sovereignty of the Ancients of Days through the liaison officers known in the Urantia Book as the Assigned Sentinels.

They may be seized in life and prepared for immediate dissolution from the flesh. How this may be done will be determined by the Assigned Sentinels who travel with the other Ancients of Days court officers known as the Perfectors of Wisdom and the Divine Counselors, who are capable to perfectly judge, on behalf of the Trinity Authorities, the spiritual standing of these abnormal individuals before the spirit court of last resort. It has been declared essential that these cases will be immediately adjudicated in the branch of the Nebadon Supreme Court located on Urantia placed on the planet in 1950. It is in this Court that the final act of submission of evidence of the life involved for adjudication will be supplied to the high Uversa Court. This Court in turn will finalize the adjudication immediately upon hearing the evidence and recommendations of the spiritual superiors involved in the case.

In liberating these individuals for ascension for what is for them an early release from the flesh, there will be a new regime initiated on the mansion worlds. Normally, sub-normal minds are brought to their own conclusion before they may attain the life resurrection wings of the chambers for life renewal on Mansion World Number One. The Finaliters in charge of Mansion World Number One will be instructed from the Master Spirit of jurisdiction of these souls, Master Spirit Number Four, named Ociliaya, and with Master Spirit Number Seven, Aya, that they shall be resurrected immediately and placed on probation and remedies for mind rectification are to be immediately applied with permission of these new souls. If permission is denied, such individuals will be placed on the lowest rung of ascension there is, and that is where the individual named Judas yet resides to this day.

The Adjudication of Lucifer

  • Michael speaks:

We guide the reader to the Urantia Book for details that led up to the dissolution of Lucifer and the other rebels associated with the vast rebellion in Nebadon over 250,000 years ago. Only recently have we cleared Urantia of the followers of Lucifer and Caligastia, making it safe for the divine incarnation of Monjoronson very soon.

It is appropriate to remind every one that Urantia still suffers from the fear of the devil. This fear is so great because there is no operational control and command on Urantia from our side of the veil to spread the word through Urantia’s official channels that the devil exists no more. That said, we implore all who hear my words that the adjudication of Lucifer by the Ancients of Days in 1985 by your calendar, ended the rebellion everywhere except in the hearts of man on Urantia.

Much of the damage done to the life on Urantia was through the calcification of thought which held so many in bondage through the centuries of misbehavior. We now have to modify the life plasm on Urantia to include the development of a new species introduced to you earlier as Homo Spiritus. It is in this new variant of the Urantia human we place much great hope to avoid the cataclysm of default again. It is they who will open their minds like flowers to the sun when Monjoronson appears with Me. History on Urantia will record that the end of the millennium was not in the year 2000, but in the year 2012 when most of what has happened to Urantia is finally placed behind us for good. Lucifer and Caligastia are no more, and in that year the remains will be eradicated from Urantia.

In approaching persons who refuse to believe these words, remind them that no harm has come to them during all their days while in the flesh. Nor shall they be harmed as the ascend. But it is to the everlasting grief of your Sovereign that nothing has been done to change the attitudes of those who refuse to be enlightened in these last moments of agondonter sonship on Urantia, and who will leave Urantia without affirmation of having had the faith enough to retain this status on high.

End Notes

  • The Isaiah Prophecies

Some Analysis: Isaiah 43:16-21

(16)Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea And a path through the mighty

waters, (17)Who brings forth the chariot and horse, The army and the power (They shall lied down together, they shall not rise; They are extinguished, they are quenched like a wick): (18)Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old.

(19)Behold, I will do a new thing!

And, reinventing the universe to begin it anew, may be found in these passages from the prophet speaking about mid 8 century th BC before the Babylonian captivity of Israel. Mark Copeland writes (https://executableoutlines.com/isa/isa_09.htm), “Chapters 40 thru 48 contain one of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God. Through prophecies uttered by His servants hundreds of years before they are fulfilled, we find evidence that God exists, and He is the God of Israel!”

Then we consider Isaiah Chapter 46 and following:

Isaiah 46:17-25

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be

remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no

more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.

There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled

his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed. And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them. And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith

the LORD.

Scholars consider that the Book of Isaiah shows evidence that there are two authors composing it. Those chapters beginning the prophecies are likely the old Isaiah, and the chapters after the 39th belong to the writings, they conclude, of the second Isaiah (or Deutero Isaiah). It is the second Isaiah we believe that Christ Michael refers to as pronouncing the era of a Magisterial Mission then far in the future. Isaiah, of course, foresaw the coming of the Magisterial Mission in terms of his day’s culture which believed in the concept of the Messiah, a belief prevalent among Jewish theologians and the people of Israel even unto the days of Jesus himself.

In the current document (J), Michael explains there is a problem of context when attempting to understand the Old Testament and particularly the prophecies of the Second Isaiah. Isaiah foresaw the cleansing of the planet and added the idea of a Metatron which he refers to as a Messiah. While a Messiah is steeped in the history of the Jewish people, the Metatron concept is without precedence on Urantia, and it does comes as close as it is possible for a Messiah to actually exist.

It will take years of teaching and even praying that the human mind will be able to conceive of the power of God without over doing the extension of powers as may be found in the Jewish concept of a Messiah. However, a Metatron order for the conscription of power from Paradise to undo the blunders found on Urantia is essential if one is going to understand the forces allied under the command of Monjoronson.

It does no harm to examine the concept of the Messiah as Jesus ran into the belief in his final bestowal on Urantia. Jesus was not the Messiah, but many wished to press upon him the title so that he could fulfill the works of Daniel and Saul and many others who proclaimed that the Messiah would end time and bring a new order to the world where the lion would lay down with the lamb.

Just remember as you read these pages, that the Messiah idea is alive in Israel yet as a belief about the eventual designation of Israel as the capital of the new world order under a God-King. While Monjoronson will not reside in Jerusalem, he will reside in the 12 sectors designed to be ruled by the Melchizedek Governors who will order their regions into their divine prowess without using the miraculous attributions of the Jewish Messiah.

Isaiah could not have fathomed what is about to happen on Urantia today. But the concept of a loving parent and a powerful protector that is the reality of God will forever be in the heart of mankind as he faces the vicissitudes of life on such a planet named Urantia.

A brief historical Narrative on the Passages in Chapter 46 of Isaiah

  • God and the Messiah

(From https://www.answers.com/topic/isaiah)

Isaiah was fully committed to the idea that God was the author and guide in human history. All nations, moreover, were mere instruments in His hands, and they must serve Him by establishing the rule of justice, righteousness, and peace. This would be achieved only in the "end of days," when all nations would worship the God of Israel, who would teach them His ways.

Isaiah envisioned the glorious future of the world, when the Messiah, God's anointed, a perfect ruler, would bring about an everlasting peace among men. The nations would "beat their swords into plowshares" and would not "learn war any more" (2:4). The Messianic ideal thus gave a spiritual goal to human existence.

Authorship of the Prophecies

The Book of Isaiah is generally believed to include prophecies by several hands. The first part, chapters 1-39, is attributed to Isaiah. Some scholars maintain that the second section encompasses the remainder of the volume, while others claim that it embraces only chapters 40-55, which deal generally with the period of the Babylonian exile. This part of the Book of Isaiah is ascribed to an anonymous prophet, who has been referred to as the Second, or Deutero, Isaiah. Unlike the prophecies of Isaiah ben Amoz, warning of punishment and doom, those of Deutero-Isaiah speak of God's salvation as manifested by Israel's return to Zion and the attainment of universal monotheism (45:22 ff). The reason that scholars believe that the final chapters of the Book of Isaiah (56-66) form a separate division and were composed by another anonymous prophet, designated as Third, or Trito, Isaiah, is that these chapters deal with the problems of the Jewish community after its return to its homeland. This would be around the time of Haggai and Zechariah (ca. 520). The several parts of the Book of Isaiah represent a Hebrew prophecy that attained great heights in human ethics and ideals

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