2011-12-16-Conversations with Monjoronson 36

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Topic: Consciousness

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator: Michael McCray


Prayer: Heavenly Father, Divine Parents, we come to you with hearts full of love and gratitude for your many blessings. Please surround us with your love and light as we converse with Monjoronson on topics of importance to our world. Amen

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, my friends. So, you wake up each day in the glory of the Lord and the Father’s presence. We bask in his presence every day, every moment of our lives. That means our approximation or closeness to the Creator is ever present in our lives, from moment to moment. We enjoy that so much.


What do you have on tap for today, friends?

MMc: As we discussed last time, is there a topic that you would like to dialog about?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would like to continue our discussion about consciousness. You had mentioned that earlier and I would like to pick that up if you are willing to begin.

MMc: Most certainly!


  • A lesson from the mansion worlds on consciousness

MONJORONSON: And I will be taking today’s lesson from the syllabus from one of the early schools on the mansion worlds. This is taught by many Melchizedeks in the teaching corps, a standard lesson that will be presented today. It does not necessarily mean that this discourse is complete, but it will be a beginning place for you, the listeners and readers. This will be presented from the perspective of your species on this planet.

  • Discovery of the God particle

Consciousness is specific to species and to planetary development and evolution, and the evolution of the mind mechanism of the species, according to the era of development on their planet. Your planet and many individuals are awakening to the larger perspectives of the world. Your scientists are on the cusp of revealing that they have discovered the Boson Higgs particle, the God particle, as it is called by some people, the ultimaton as it is mentioned in The Urantia Book. Yes, it is a wonderful scientific discovery, but for those people who are true scientists, they must then ask, “What were the originations of this particle?” This will begin to create a discussion. As your scientists are able to isolate and work with this particle, they will realize that it is totally susceptible to consciousness, and that the higher development of consciousness is able to manipulate this particle in ways that have been unknown before. This is the end point of consciousness in the universe. Now we will begin at the beginning for you.

  • Awareness of yourself being conscious

Consciousness is in your reality, the awareness of your self being conscious. It is consciousness of your self, thinking the thought about being conscious. It is self-awareness in its most simplistic form. You must have this awareness of your self to begin an actual, practical, spiritual relationship with God and God’s hierarchy of beings of light. You become aware of yourself in relationship to the Divine, to celestial beings and spiritual beings, and morontial beings. You begin to be aware of your relationship to all else. As you observe yourself, you realize that you are one of trillions of beings that is in relationship to the First Source and Center. This is a most awe-filling experience; it is one of a profound nature that is only made possible by the existence of the Fragment of that First Source and Center, who resides with you in your mind.


  • Relationship with God by faith alone

On the other hand, you can be an obedient, diligent, faithful, committed believer without ever having the consciousness of yourself or of the God presence within you. Simply by faith alone you can be in relationship to God. God loves you, God cares for you, watches over you no matter what the development of your mind or the state of your consciousness. There are literally thousands, millions and billions of individuals on your world who are not conscious of themselves in relationship to God, but God loves each of you equally and strives to bring you into that awareness. When you have this awareness, that “Ah-ha,” that you are not alone then begins the quest for deepening that relationship. Some people are curious to do so. Some people are desirous of doing so. Some people have the comment, “So what?” In each case, the Father Fragment continues to work to draw you into that personal relationship.

In consciousness, you realize that you are a captive in your physical body, that yes, you have a mind, you have a body, something that you call a personality, an emotional being and some intellectual constructs. But your consciousness, your awareness of yourself is much different. It is not a captive of your mind, or your body, or this earth. Your consciousness can escape confines of this body, this world and its gravity. You can extend yourself to the limits of the universe, to other dimensions, to other realities, physical and spiritual and morontial. As I said last time, you are able to view these realities from a distance, even closely, but you are not able to manipulate the energies within those realms. Your consciousness to manipulate energies is limited to this material and temporal plane. But there is far more to the dimensions of Urantia than the four dimensions you are aware of.

  • How do you explain consciousness?

For instance, how do you explain this consciousness? It is outside the confines or the boundaries of the four dimensions that you live in, yet it exists here on this planet and is attached to this planet through your species. One day, in the far distant future of your planet, the race consciousness of your planet will be joined with the cosmic consciousness of all other species on all other worlds, which have achieved that same status in the days of light and life. You will become ‘one’ in the family of God, throughout the universe. That will be quite a day of celebration; it will be a day of grand hallelujah and jubilation. Until then, we must practice with you to extend yourself, your consciousness, into your world in a positive constructive way.

We admire the efforts of those of you who are working with the conscious evolution of your world of humanity, literally of the four dimensions of your world, to increase the vibration of your world so that it is akin to, closer to the kinship with the vibration of God, to the spiritual energies which contribute to the growth of your world. This is a wonderful striving; it is a wonderful reaching of your people to consciously, deliberately, intentionally, raise the vibration of your world to that of the spiritual realms. This has wonderful, material consequences that are not visible to you that many of you are unaware of, though we see this ‘shimmering,’ so to speak, of light in the organizations as they develop. Organizations, groups of people are infused with a certain vibrational energy. For instance, if you took a piece of iron from your house and you placed it outside in the cold, and you had an infra-red detector, you would see that piece of iron glowing brightly amidst the darkness of the outside in the cold weather. This is how we view you, individually, and the associations that you form in organizations, whether they are loosely knit or closely knit, whether they are commercial enterprises or non-profit enterprises, or governmental enterprises, you have influence on that.

  • Calibration of individuals and groups

Your scientist, Mr. Hawkings, has evaluated these organizations according to his measurement scale. This is in many ways reflective of the energy that we actually see in an organization. We too, calibrate individuals, friendships, associations, groups, corporations and foundations in a similar way. People who are participants in those organizations have a tremendous influence to raise their consciousness. That is why we tell you to “hold the consciousness” of the light of God, wherever you go, for you have a mighty and powerful influence. When you do this in concert, as we have instructed you many times in the past, you have a much more powerful effect. Some of your effect far, far exceeds the numbers of the individuals who are collected together in united consciousness. If you have a prayer power team, if you have a merkabah group that you work with, then you know what I mean, that when you in concert with the same intention, with the same point of focus to bring your energies upon, then you can have powerful works expressed through your efforts. Your consciousness is the projection of yourself wherever you direct that consciousness.

  • Bringing the light of God with you

It is simply not a matter of wondering or wonderment, or imagination, but of actually going someplace, being there in mind consciousness, to bring something with you. If you visit friends when you travel, many of you often take a gift in gratitude for your host and hostess, who welcome you to their house or to their place, wherever they may be. So too, when you travel in your mind, to other places and you project your consciousness, bring the light of God with you. You will be recognized by those whom you visit, whether it is on this earth or whether it is on the morontia worlds that you will actually occupy after this lifetime.

  • Inviting your Thought Adjuster to accompany you

The beginning of this begins with consciousness of yourself being aware of your self—this is the very beginning. The second is to be in awareness of the consciousness of God, which is with you, in you, which resides with you all the time of your life. When you have this joined consciousness, this almost hand-in-hand relationship with your Thought Adjuster, you have a mighty partner to bring more to the party, so to speak, when you travel in your consciousness. Invite your Thought Adjuster to go with you, to wherever it is, whether it is to a friend who is ill at home, or to someone you know who is in the hospital. You need not be concerned about the tremendous difference of consciousness between yourself and your Thought Adjuster, simply to go there and ask your Thought Adjuster to accompany you.

Your Thought Adjuster, as well, remains with you, your body, your mind, but can project itself as well with your consciousness to wherever you go. When many of you practice this together on your world, you will lighten your world into its awakening to the next paradigms of your social developments. These are coming to the surface, much as sunspots take eons to travel to the surface of the sun, beginning deep within the star, the sun. It takes eons to come to the surface, and then eventually project itself out, which you see as light. So too, your planet is awakening to its light of goodness and power through the awakening consciousness of individuals, who now number in the millions. Good people pray to God and hold the light close to them. We are asking you to share this light broadly and deliberately, globally, within your capacity. Each of you has this capacity. When you awaken to this, you become very powerful.

I will not speak to you today about travels to other lands, to other planets, as this is an exercise that you can do on your own, or with others. It is much like getting on a tour bus and traveling in another country—you go there and you ask for a host to show you about and to explain to you what is going on and how it operates. Then you get back on the tour bus, go back to the airport and return home. So too, you can do this in your travels afar from this planet. We do not overly emphasize this activity, as it takes you away from the reality of your obligations, your spiritual, moral obligations to this planet. You have much work to do here, and the goodness that you bring, that you project around your world, is desperately needed in places of tremendous darkness. There are areas on your planet which are deliberately dark, which are deliberately occluded from your visitations only because of the penchant of those individuals to be in control through their own fear and ego, and desire for authority, power, control, wealth and notoriety. Be concerned about this; simply work in the areas which are receptive to you and you will see that your light, the light of this world and the light of all individuals will spread until one day in the future, those areas of darkness will also begin to glow.

  • Working with your consciousness

You have enough work to do within the confines of your own nation and family of nations, which are enlightened and which are receptive to your consciousness. Some of the hardest work is the work you would do with your consciousness where you live, whether it is simply yourself to be open to the light of God, to open your consciousness to direction and guidance from within, from your Thought Adjuster, to sharing that light with your friends, family, community and neighbors. You need not proselytize, for this is a far more powerful than simply handing people tracts to convince them of your rightness, of your beliefs. You will have a tremendous influence by simply glowing as you walk into your grocery store and you see heads turn to you, and others, who are strangers, simply recognize that someone who brings the presence with them has entered the building.

Are there questions?

MMc: That’s wonderful! I have experienced this situation where certain people have noted a difference in me, something that I don’t notice myself, but they have stopped whatever they are doing and addressed me as if I am something different. I don’t know quite how to put that, but I think it’s along the lines that they ‘see’ the light, or they recognize the light, but don’t quite know what it is.

MONJORONSON: Exactly. That is what we are talking about, that you begin to be recognized. And you, as you see that reaction by others, those of you who are more mature, would be humbly accepting of this acknowledgment, knowing that it is not ‘you’ that desires recognition, but the ‘you’ that is within you has grown and appreciates the recognition by others, and you know that you have grown. Give thanks for that, humbly.

MMc: So, I’m willing to experience, to understand, that out of a crowd of 50 people suddenly they turn to you and ask you the defining question for that group—they ask you to answer it. Very interesting.

MONJORONSON: By our lessons we are hoping to prepare you for this ‘coming out,’ so to speak, where you begin to be recognized, where you begin to be invited into other groups, where you can participate. They know you have something and they want you to share it, and we ask that you do, under the guidance of the lessons that we have given you.

MMc: I will do my best.

MONJORONSON: We ask this of everyone who has these similar experiences.

  • The development of consciousness is a progression

The development of consciousness is a progression. It begins by your awareness that you are thinking about your thinking. It begins by you observing yourself as an intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual being. It develops as you expand your awareness outside of yourself, to the awareness of others, to the awareness of groups, to the awareness of nations, to the awareness of the consciousness of those nations and those societies, to the consciousness of your world. Now this would be a humbling experience to have this awareness of this dimension and this expanded state of awareness, and yet be so aware of your captivity within your mind, your body and this world. You have that awareness, that humility, coupled with this power, you can begin to do greater things.

  • Why your intentions are deliberately important

That is why your intentions are so deliberately important. I say ‘deliberately important’ because it is deliberately important that you develop intentions that you hold dear, that you may even write out and hold in your mind and in your awareness within yourself, that this is something that you would want to carry with you, as you project your consciousness closely and afar. It is much like someone who owns a mail truck, and it is full of mail. They go here and there, and go to the grocery store, and they take it out of state and visit National Parks and relatives, without ever realizing that they are carrying messages across the country without ever delivering them. This is how each one of you exists. Many of you are carrying many messages, which are inconsistent. It is your intentions that begin to organize your messages, so that when you travel you deliver a consistent state of consciousness.


  • Stating your intentions for your life

Some of you have mind mechanisms that are confused; some that are undeveloped; some that have not been refined; some that are naïve; and some that hold beliefs that are inconsistent with the vibration of your Thought Adjuster, the God presence within you. It is time to examine the messages within yourself that you carry, to see if they are consistent or inconsistent. It begins by stating an intention for your life. It begins with stating an intention for your being, or your infinite-becoming eternal being. What is it you are about? What is the intention that you have for this lifetime? for yourself, for your being? for your relationship with others?

  • Quality of your life

Surely it must be for the improvement of the quality of your life in this mortal lifetime and in all lifetimes afterwards. It is to assist you to become equally powerful as others, as you would want others to become equally powerful. This is where you will find whether your ego is in charge of these desires, or not. If you want domination and control and authority over others, then your Thought Adjuster will not assist you in this process. But when you want everyone to have the same quality of life as you have, then you assist others in growing by the sympathetic harmony of your consciousness, with the higher consciousness that they hold.


  • Growth must be dynamic

And lastly, this is for growth. A life of quality without growth is static, so a life of quality must be dynamic, for as you become satisfied with one level of growth within yourself, you eventually realize that there are an infinite number of levels above you, that you want to grow into. This is how you develop a sustainable, infinite life of ascension, through this curiosity, this desire, this consciousness where you hold these three values close to your life as an ever present, operating system within you, so that you have the capacity to grow into that which you will become. If you do not hold these dear to you, then you limit who you are and what you will become, and you also limit the messages that you send when you are with others, whether personally or in a group, or in your society, your nation, or your world.

  • Unique, identifiable characteristics

I hope you are beginning to understand how we can ‘see’ you, each one of you, as unique, identifiable, particular and peculiar among all others. Your technologies are becoming so refined and so expert and so highly defined that when a picture is taken of a thousand people within a mall, you can point your cursor to a face and it will expand that so it is completely identifiable, even at a distance of many hundreds of yards or hundreds of miles. The same precision that we have with each one of you, but when we—so to speak—put our cursor on your face, we see, feel, know your consciousness and the depth of who you are and your uniqueness—and we love you. We appreciate you. You are not singular automatons running amuck on your world, you are incredibly powerful, creative beings who have something to do that is creative to help bring this world into the days of light and life.

  • Limits to capacity of growth

Who are you? What are you? What do you identify with? You have the answers within you to all these questions and hundreds more, and you project those answers to us and to those around you wherever you go. When you become more conscious of yourself in this multiple dimension, we hope that you will become more conscientious in training yourself to evolve and to grow. We know that there are limits to each of your capacities for growth. We look at ‘Joe’ over here and we see that he’s operating at 68%, and ‘Edna,’ who is beside him, we see that she’s operating at 37%. Yet the child in her arms is operating at 94%. We see this within you. We have this clarity of understanding of who you are with our consciousness as we come in contact with you.

Influence, Change

  • Becoming a mighty influence

We are very much aware of our projections of our consciousness to you. We know that some of you feel us when we approach you in this way. We hope that you would be able to do the same to others, so that they would notice you, that you are a loving presence, that there is hope and peace and joy and anticipation that you bring with you, so they feel this in themselves and that they can identify with that. We wish you to grow out of the naïve consciousness that you have held most of your lives. It is our wish that you would grow into this expanded consciousness so that you become a visible spiritual force of light as you project yourself around your world. You have a mighty influence to make and when you are conscious of this, you can be deliberate and intentional in your spiritual work, in your meditations and your prayers, and in your daily consciousness as you walk about wherever you go—sitting at your desk, walking to the store, getting in your car and driving, sitting across the table from a friend or an associate, or someone you just met over a cup of coffee or tea and conversation. When you begin to hold the consciousness, you begin to hold the light when you do so deliberately and intentionally. When everyone on your planet does this, your planet will change immensely and very rapidly.

  • The social paradigm change of our world

Some of you are curious about the tremendous amount of social change that has occurred in your world. It is attendant to the development of evolution of your world as a spiritual world of spiritual beings in mortal form. As more of you become awake and enlightened—literally enlightened with the light of God—you have a profound effect upon you. I have spoken of the change within individuals; I have spoken of the change within families and in communities. Their effect is powerful, and so you are beginning to see that your world, your society, your culture is beginning to bend to the light and the old institutional ways of behaving must adapt and change. You are walking to the front door of a tremendous cultural change—paradigm change—in your world. It is your door of opportunity, it is a door of crisis, it is a door of challenge.

  • There is no going back

Cultural change is very much like becoming a mystic, to experience the presence of God. Once you experience God’s presence, there is no going back to the old way of believing and living. In your world, as people experience freedom and democracy, there is no going back to tyranny and control and to fascism. This is a truth that has yet to be validated in your world, as your democracies are very young. In an evolving world, social change develops in all social dimensions—politically, economically, culturally, socially, academically, familially and all the other realms. The world does not operate solely in one area of great expertise, but the other areas must awaken and they do.

More western cultures have been vastly out of balance technologically to the philosophical and spiritual developments that are needed, yet there is a certain curiosity that goes on, even in the materially oriented minds of individuals. Many ask quietly, “Is there more than this? What is beyond this? When you have the full satisfaction that a material life can offer, and technology and mechanics can offer, then what? There must be more than this. Is this all there is?” That is an important question to ask, even in a materialist’s mind. Many ask themselves, “Is there more than this?” And so, as you project your consciousness to the world, their minds are open to receive this, and many materialist’s minds, even atheists, begin to open to the possibility, the potential that there is far more within them than just their mind and their intellect, that there is an awakening consciousness that they too can count on in an afterlife.

Lastly, I wish to tell you that we project on your world, much great good, and the spiritual pressure—some of you call it spiritual pressure, some call it vibration, some call it spiritual amperage—is increasing, so that when you have enough pressure, it forces the bending of culture [to] that which is spiritual. Even though you may not identify it as spiritual, we know that there are nascent buds that have germinated or are beginning to grow in these areas of your society that will have a powerful positive influence. This is what we are watering, this is what we are nurturing, and the light of God truly does act as a spiritual photosynthesis in your human cultures and your human societies within the minds of individuals and it proves your world is on the move, it is growing, it is evolving. There is no going back. Once you have tasted the presence of God in your life—particularly in the pragmatic aspects of living your daily life, you might begin to understand that your capacity is far more capable to effect change in a positive way in your world.

[Long pause where we lost contact with our moderator.]

MMc: Yeah, it was just that the microphone was turned off. I was able to hear all of Monjoronson and it was just like listening to church bells. I experienced Michael’s Spirit of Truth as a real bell sound that basically the Spirit of Truth rings when the truth is spoken in front of me. For instance, the sound of a bat hitting lead, or thumping the mud when somebody speaks what isn’t true. It’s like the whole of this conversation with Monjoronson today was like listening to church bells ring so clearly and one thought just led into another, as it opened up into a hallway, and out into the universe, and then back in among ourselves. So I guess the question I have is, again, please, how do we project our consciousness into the world?

  • How do we project our consciousness?

MONJORONSON: Friend, it is as easily as your “how do you pick up a pencil?” How do you do that? You know the answers neurologically, muscularly, but what initiates that to pick up a pencil? (MMc: Intent.) For instance, you may be hearing a conversation and you realize that you want to take notes and there is a pencil in front of you and you have paper, and so you pick up the pencil and begin writing. It is very intentional, it is very deliberate, you have awareness that you need that pencil in your hand and you begin to work the pencil to make words on the paper.

You project your consciousness in the same way, as though you were sitting there and your realize that soon you must go to the dry cleaners and pick up your clothes, and so you project yourself to the dry cleaners and you see your blue blazer hanging on a hanger with clear plastic protective cover over it, waiting for you to come to the dry cleaner. How do you know it is hanging on a hanger? Well, because you ‘see’ it there in your mind’s eye, and this is very similar to what you do with your consciousness.

You have a child, for instance, who went to school this morning, who was very well and you realize at 1:30 in the afternoon that your child is ill. You get in your car and go to school, make the connection with the teacher who realizes that the child is ill and needs to go home with you. How did that happen? Simply by the consciousness of the child was projected to you, who was not feeling well and was looking for the comfort of their mother or father; and in doing so, they connected with you and this arose feelings of emotion within yourself, a connection to your child. You took the initiative and your curiosity to discern whether this was so, or not. You knew within that it was completely valid and there was a sense of urgency. How did that occur? Well, it just does.

As you sit in your chair and you want to go to your favorite coffee shop and have your favorite pastry. You project your consciousness and see that there are only two sweet rolls left. You wonder if there will be one left for you when you arrive there in twenty minutes. On your way, you realize that there is only one left, and when you arrive, there it is. How does that happen? Is that psychic awareness? Is that consciousness? What is that? How does it work? All of those phenomena are related.

I will not go into the spiritual physics of vibration of those various realms, but it is very similar to infra-red, ultra-violet, daylight, gamma rays, and so on. You call these categories of vibration light. The light that you know is the light that you see with your eyes, yet there are hundreds of other categories of light that you do not see. There is the light that comes to your cell phone—you do not see this, but we see it if we want to tune into it. You hear the result of that light as it is transformed in your cell phone as a voice or as a tone, or something else. You do not know how it works, do you? You just accept it that it does. This is how we see the vibrations of light in the universe, in the spiritual realm. They are all vibrations outside of your four dimensions. Your electromagnetic waves are within the confines of these four dimensions—we see them too. So, how does it work is not necessary for you to know, but simply to practice it and know that it does work. You accept this in many, many realms of your life, technology of which you thoroughly do not understand, but you use them, nonetheless, for good, positive results. We ask you to be our little ‘cell phones,’ to receive the light and to share the light and to be a part of the broadcast of God. It is not necessary to know how it works, but simply that it does.

You begin by being self-aware; self-aware of how your emotions work, what influence they have on you, and you begin to become aware of your mind mechanism. Some of you have predisposed temperaments, predisposed ways of thinking and of behaving. If you are aware, for example, that you have an attention deficit problem, then being aware of it, you can compensate for that and you can cope with it, and in fact, if you are really conscientious, you can use it to your positive benefit in your life in many wonderful ways. If you do not understand it and are not able to cope with it, then it will cause you tremendous frustration in your relationship with others, and particularly with yourself.

Becoming self-aware is to develop your own consciousness. You cannot be effective in projecting God’s light to others if do not understand or do not have the capacity to understand yourself or be conscious of yourself. You know powerful individuals who project their consciousness in spurious and destructive and harmful ways, and it would be wonderful if they became more aware of that, so that they could project this deliberately and conscientiously and intentionally in positive ways. Thank you for your question; that was delightful to work with.

MMc: Thank you for your answer.


  • A question about dimensions

Roxie: I have a question, Monjoronson. You mentioned several times today and in past lessons about the four dimensions, and occasionally we hear from others on the Internet about a fifth dimension. One of our readers wanted to know if you would explain those dimensions to us.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. You understand the three dimensions, don’t you? You are a three-dimensional being: you have height, width and depth. So you can measure the distance from the sun to the earth, one parsec, and you can measure the distance above the sun, that way, and you can see the dimensions of another galaxy, and so on until you have the measurement of the finite universe. You also understand the concept of time, the development of change: the location of your world in its 24 hour cycle, the 28 day cycle of the moon rotating around the earth, and the yearly rotation of the earth around the sun, so time is the sequencing of change. You measure this in any way you please, in analog process or digital process, and so on. Do you think that these four dimensions are all that there are? You think that time is only linear and that once one event happens it is known and the future is unknown? As the Divine being knows, the eternal beings know, that the sequencing of time only occurs within the four dimensions, and that the ends of time are as visible as the beginnings of time. In the four dimensions, those beings who live there are able to experience life in an organized way that makes sense. It is important for your spiritual development, individually, that you are confined to your body and you experience life in this way, and that you are confined by gravity to this planet, so that you are not able to escape and learn lessons, which would not be in an organized way. You do not have the capacity within your mind mechanism to understand more than is outside of these four dimensions.

The fifth dimension is that of the psychic plane. It has its own depth and sequencing. It is not necessarily another set of three or four dimensions in itself, but it is a plane. You live on the material/temporal plane—and so you operate within these four dimensions. The fifth dimension is actually a plane—more accurately described as a plane of dimensions, rather than another dimension. It is a state of existence outside of the four, but has access to your four, as well. There are a sixth and seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions, as some of you are aware, and these are planes. As the planes increase numerically, they have more dimensions within them. Your material/temporal plane has four dimensions and the fifth plane has more than four. I will leave it at this, as this is perhaps even too much information for you to process. Realize and appreciate that it is beyond your mind mechanism as it has matured to the point of its development to understand what I am speaking about. Simply, you live within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box, and as you traverse to those planes, you become much more aware [of] what you do not know, and this is important as well.

You think in mechanical terms, but we do not. You think in mechanical terms simply because you are a captive of the temporal and material dimensions. How do you explain the morontial? How do you explain the spiritual? How do you explain the eternal? There are simply no words, no concepts, no analogies, no metaphors adequate enough for you to understand the fifth dimension, let alone the morontial. Is it not a paradox that beings of such limitation can ask questions of such grand dimensions? That is why we so much appreciate you and see the capacity and capabilities that you have within for greatness, for development and for expression of potential. This is why the development of your consciousness is so important. It is a peephole through which you can see the greatness of the universe and become acquainted with that which is outside of your own plane of awareness.

Roxie: Thank you, that was very interesting.

MMc: One of the pieces of trivia that I picked up somewhere along the way is that scientists have postulated as many as eleven different dimensions.

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is not extraordinary and they could expand that to eleven thousand, perhaps, but it would still not be explainable to you.

MMc: I understand, yes.


  • Metatron

Roxie: Because there was a recent posting about Metatron that was rather confusing to some of us, I wonder if after the first of the year, we could ask you to go into further detail about Metatron, because you only gave us very brief coverage of it before, about one paragraph’s worth, and I think I would understand the concept more coming from you, if you would agree to present a lesson on that with us.

Daniel: He gave me an answer already. Do you want to hear it?

Roxie: Certainly!

MONJORONSON: I understand your concerns for this being called Metatron, or variations of that name and that word. It is not a topic that we are interested in pursuing. We have consulted within our team and are of one mind that our intention in all our work is to draw you into the future and to keep the process as simple as possible. This is very difficult, as you already note, because of the mind connections that are being made between mortals and spiritual entities on this planet who are associated and are not associated with the Correcting Time. To get into a discussion of all the things that are not is not a worthwhile endeavor in our estimation.

[NOTE: There are many spiritual beings working for Christ Michael on Urantia who are not directly involved in Correcting Time activities.]

We do not wish to promote further confusion about topics and issues and items and personalities that are not consequential to our work. We do not operate with our heads in the sand; we are not ignorant, we are quite aware, but we are also very aware of the complexity of the human mind to confuse things. Our mission is to keep this very simple, so that you understand the work ahead. Our work is not intellectual; it is not academic, but rather it is practicing the fundamentals of spiritual pragmatism, of how to get work done co-creatively between mortals and the spiritual realm. That which does not pertain will not be given attention by us. My response to you is not intended to be critical, but to explain thoroughly our position on the confusions that exist and arise in the human mind. I will always be glad to clarify issues of confusion. Our work is to draw the whole of humanity into a point in the future, which you are aware of as the days of light and life. Right now we are gathering the strands from thousands of ‘sheep,’ so to speak, who are undirected and so we try to keep this quite simple. If you follow the strands, you will see that it is being woven together into a consistent whole, and that which is extraneous is disregarded. This helps us keep our work on focus, without having to fight the fires, the brush fires of controversy within the ranks of human communities.

MMc: Sounds perfectly understandable to me. You augment the positives and ignore the negative.

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is a matter of pointing your light into the future, to objects in the vision that you want to fulfill, is how we are working with you.


MMc: This brings us to the end of our session, and we do not have any further questions at this time. Thank you, Monjoronson, for your wise counsel and infinite patience with us. It has been an interesting session and I am certain that we will all gain in understanding as we study the transcript. We will meet with you again after the busy Holiday Season. Good-bye.