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Topic: 2012

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents, we gather here this afternoon in this circle of love and friendship to be one with you, with spirit, to offer up all of our intentions for a new year and our thankfulness for the one that has passed. We ask you for the continued love and support which is continually shown to us all and the understanding to greater comprehend who we are and what we are doing, thank you.


Charles: Greetings my friends, it is I Charles this evening. Thank you for [coming] and welcome to the weekly [lightline]. Throughout the year you have been privileged to hear an extensive amount of detail in mans ongoing awareness and relationship of the Indwelt Spirit, lessons on aspects of the relationship that humans have with the Indwelt Spirit, the awarenesses of the actual Indwelt Spirit and how these bear upon your immediate lives. You have been shown a greater sense of the universe at large, a greater awareness of your consciousness and step by step details, somewhat of a roadmap in accessing this spiritual phenomenon, this reality of light which indwells all of you, this aspect of the divine which ties all of you as humans together into a large brotherhood on this level and then on other levels ties you on a cosmic level to myriads of clans of brotherhood all indwelt with this eternal divine presence all in various levels of exploration, of exploration into self, exploration into consciousness, the awareness of yourself, your mind, and the deep pool of consciousness.


You have had numerous lessons showing intention as a powerful tool in helping bring the mind into a greater awareness of possibility and to actually augment and manipulate the course heading that you are on at this moment, how to change your life to get more out of it, to experience what life really has to offer, and to help make it possible for others to experience a similar quality in life as you are privileged to experience yourself.


Yes, this awakening of the great adventure within oneself, the meaningfulness of life which brings one to a level of acknowledgement and respect for the greater divine consciousness within as well as the ability for an individual to begin to control and dictate their own consciousness, their awareness of consciousness, truly all the while growing as cosmic citizens and you ask yourself will this next year be the year in which I put all of this knowledge, information and wisdom to use? Is it the year I have been waiting for?

Certainly there is tremendous anxiety as well as anticipation on your world about this particular year that is to come. It may be so that it will become the year in which you utilize of the majority of the tools which you have been gathering throughout your experiences in life, that you may use these tools to a greater spiritual capacity in helping to calm fears, helping to neutralize and ground people in a greater understanding of who they are as children of God, how as children of God they live in a loving universe that is well organized, just exquisitely maintained, and as individuals you can grow into a greater awareness of this spiritual dimension as you begin to discover this dimension actually exists as part of who you are.

It is wonderful that as a human species you are discovering a tremendous amount of knowledge, of technology. What you have not truly discovered as of yet is an ability to put it all to a just and noble cause, to good use, to reflect a greater plan which the Father has for you and your world and the people that live on it. So whether it is the year or not where you may use all of these tools in a greater spiritual sense, it is merely a choice to use these tools to step beyond yourself into a greater social consciousness and recognize the need for neutral thought, a grounded and firm experience established in faith and trust.

Leadership, Society

The society at large needs evidence that there are spiritual super humans, not miracle workers but individuals who have the capacity and the ability to give of themselves and their time to focus their energies and efforts towards a greater expression of the human nature and spiritual consequence in society. The greater portion of mankind learns through the acts of observation. The greater portion of mankind will become motivated by the sincere and persistent effort of the few who take it upon themselves to bring a greater awareness of how we are to be as humans in our own personal lives and in our relationship with responsibility to the group.

Unfortunately, many who attempt to fill this role are riddled with agendas and this retards progress, for people are suspicious and not ready to follow personal agendas. But if the will of the Father is also presented as their agenda, as something that everyone can benefit from, then we may be surprised that a large number of people are willing to support those things which come from sincerity and integrity; not that you are perfect and that you are not human, but that you are working without a personal agenda as your battlefield.

You will notice that one of the great issues surrounding politicians has to do with their level of reality, how real they are, how committed they are to the causes that they profess to support and on your world nowadays, politicians are held to a greater standard of behavior. People want leaders who can walk their talk. There will be situations in the future which will sway peoples opinions. They will become piqued with curiosity at something which has an impending lure within their consciousness. They will ask the question: Why is it we can think of something greater, cannot we create it and experience something greater?

Once these thought forms begin to become commonplace, to become expressed more, a greater awareness will begin to show itself forth in society in mans consciousness, in mans need to have a say so in their own lives and their own future because this is ultimately what this all leads to. This all leads to responsibility, for individuals taking responsibility for their lives, for themselves, and helping others take control of their lives and become responsible. You cannot keep people from learning lessons which need to be learned but you can help change the way society learns lessons. The way society learns lessons is different than how individuals learn lessons. The more individuals learn lessons, the greater society will benefit from these lessons.

Right now you live in a time of contrast, black and white. Things are highly polarized. You have justification on both sides of the platform for why things should be a certain way. The ability to come in the middle to negotiate, to allow everyone expression, to allow everyone to benefit and in time, come to that place in understanding which results in society reaching those dawn ages of what is called Light and Life, for light can truly be added to life. Life doesn't have to be just competitive sports and commercials and bad t.v. dramas. Life can actually become dynamic in ways in which the focus on creating a better world and a better society becomes a great focus.


Right now, society is somewhat on a cusp, it is right on the edge. There is a sense that things could be better, there is a sense that things can be corrected, there is a sense of impending equality between all people, and there is a great spiritual renaissance in religious ideals all over the planet, a planet riddled with myriads and myriads of spiritual traditions and spiritual ideologies, and Christian religions expressed in ways which include the whole gamut of ideology and behavior and ritual patterns.

So my friends, make sure that the wheel of hope keeps turning. Do not let the wheel of hope become stagnant, do not let it stop, do not let despair rule the masses as it has at times. This time, show that hope is alive, hope is real, that hope is living. You are becoming part of that hope, you are awakening to the fact that you are the ones who are responsible for the great change which is impending. You are responsible for its direction, you are responsible to its mass gravitation by your own personal lives in your ability to create this momentum within yourselves.

My friends, I thank you for allowing me this platform, these words this evening, these words of encouragement, these words of love. Know that you are all embraced in the divine outpour of love and mercy, of justice and compassion, of strength and guidance. Thank you this evening, I will allow this platform to become open again and I look forward to seeing you again in your new year, thank you.


Michael: Greetings my friends this evening, it is I your Father/brother Michael here to acknowledge the bond of embracing love which the universe holds all you in in all moments and to reenforce the notion that you all play roles of importance by changing your inner personal life to reflect a greater aspect of my teaching and to respect the life I have shown you to live, that life in peace and knowingness, that life in worshipping, acknowledging and respecting the Father and its reciprocal, its reciprocal nature of you then respecting and acknowledging each other, sharing a greater portion of your life with others, that the growing momentum of my message is beginning to be realized on your world through your lives as being expressed by you in the lives you live.

As my spirit is on your planet, I am also there for my spirit is an aspect of myself, much like myself in personality and presence. I am with you as one to share in the great work you are achieving in understanding who you are, why you are here and what you must do. Know that you are supported by my presence. Remember to call upon my presence, to invite me in, to make me a part of what you are doing, especially when it comes to working with groups, when you have to confront a group or work with a group.

My presence enlivens the spirit of the group and it is not necessary that the group know that I am there in reality but that they experience my presence being there in reality, they experience love and acknowledgement between each other, that as a group you grow in understanding to gain direction and momentum. Too many times groups do not include spirit. Groups get together and debate, argue, make no headway. It is like a game which animals play, to see who can leave their mark higher on the tree. We are not interested in these games, we are interested in groups growing in a greater consciousness and understanding, beginning to realize that groups can take responsibility for group involvement, for group maintenance, for the life and welfare of the constituents of that group, that groups begin to become empowered with this presence of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Spirit of Truth, the reality of the Adjuster circuit.

As you leave this old year and enter the new year, pause and reflect on how much you have received this last year and how much you have grown, what you have learned, and in seeing where you are now, feel the weight of the future as a stage and arena in which you have grown to take a part; you have been trained as a player on this stage in this arena of activity where you interface the spiritual universe with humanity through your own individual lives.


I thank you this evening for allowing me to share these few words. I hold all of you in great esteem as my brothers and sisters and together we will truly reap the great society of all ages. Thank you for this love and this attention, I now leave you my friends. Go in peace.