2012-01-01-Clarification of Growing Tired

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Topic: Clarification of Growing Tired

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Damascus Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Damascus Scribe: “It is in your text where the Planetary Prince of Urantia speaks about those who grow tired, and in the end analysis decide to cease to exist. To you, and to many others, this leaves you with the question of how on the Mansion Worlds, where plenty of rest is provided, one could possibly grow too tired to carry on. Prince Machiventa does not explain that such tiredness is mindal, emotional, and that it deals with a learned or innate inability to adequately deal with archetypal changes that are universe mores.

“Those who give little thought to life hereafter may well consider the Mansion Worlds to be a continuation of their earthly lives, if indeed they have considered even for one moment ‘how the new game is to be played’. And I assure you, my dear friend, that not only is the game entirely new, but the rules are vastly different. On the Mansion Worlds life is relatively easy for those who have empathy, for those who find it easy to forgive. Those who have little empathy, and those who found it hard to forgive are now confronted with a new paradigm in which they need to grow in abundance empathy for others, and lots of forgiveness for the self.

“For those from your world who ruled with an iron fist, who had little time for another, the new Mansion Worlds patterns and its new rules of loving the self and others, and forgiving the self, becomes too hard if it must be soul felt. To be real, the mansion world individual needs to be forgiving of all of his or her wrong or cruel acts and decisions. In looking back over a lifetime of ruthless or deviant behavior, it is understandable that some will see the task as too taxing.

“Further, although on a prison world, rather than on a Mansion World, the leaders of the Satania and Urantia upheavels, Lucifer, Satan, and scores of other highly placed Ones, were themselves unable to acknowledge past wrongs, and unable to forgive themselves.

“Here I am certain that you are now beginning to understand that the universe, per se, does not punish, but that the individual can choose extinction, merely leaving it to those in charge (the Ancients of Days), to, as a last resort, accept their decision, next extinguish the life spark, and lastly delete their number and or name from universal register. For a time, the unsuccessful Paradise pilgrim’s doubtful reputation or the knowledge of a sad demise, may well survive in time-space, whilst on Paradise, where all time ‘converges’, they will have never been known.


“All who know you well send their love and best wishes for the 2012 New Year. I am the Damascus Scribe.”