2012-01-08-Healing Light

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Topic: Healing Light

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This is the dawning of a new day as the darkness of night slinks away. This is the accepted norm for most people, and I say most people, for how many will not see another day on this planet, as they are on the verge of passing on, to have a new, heretofore undiscovered Light come to their consciousness?

“Life is eternal and so is the Healing all-pervading Light from the Creator, which serves as a nurturing balm for the human soul. However, it is up to the human to open the ‘inner eyes’ to see, and truly imbibe of this spiritual Light, which lives within them.

“Among the living on this planet, there are those who never see the dawning of a new day until the sun is well on its way above the horizon. It is the habit of catching another ‘forty winks’, so the most glorious moment of daybreak escapes them.

“Liken this to the start of a new day in the inner life, when most are to busy to notice that there is life to be discovered so deep within each one of them. More is the pity as many opportunities for inner growth are lost, and indeed causes mortals to fall by the wayside, even though they profess their faith in reciting by rote their habitual prayers.

“It is in waking up to the inner life, and finding the resources waiting for a greater life fulfilment. It is the discovery of this mysterious inner Light Spark from the living God, which has been waiting for this all-important moment for the creature to wake up and realize that there is more to life than only the outer material life.

“These moments are what create great joy in heaven, as another mortal awakens to his or her great potential to grow and nurture their soul, already in this earth life, now nurtured by the Healing Light from the Creator of all things and beings.

“Realize that the greatest opportunity lies in doing the will of God, as this is how the soul grows. Many on leaving this mortal life realize only after their resurrection into eternal life how they could have served others by being a healing light while nurturing their souls.

“Service is always reciprocal; you give out and you receive, for this never stops, as this nurturing and Healing Light Energy has been set in motion at the very beginning of space and time as you know it. There are many dimensions in the hereafter and all who dwell there share this Healing Light as this cannot be otherwise. This is the law of Heaven.

“Consider how you can become a greater light on this planet, so more may wake up and begin to shine their lights as well. In this way your planet will truly be on the way to Light and Life, which is its destiny. It has been so ordained ere this planet began her evolution, as this is the method of creation in space and time and all planets share this same destiny.”