2012-01-22-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Heart

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Michael, LIGHT, Monjoronson, Elyon, Charles

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Unknown Source: [Cathy] Join together and focus upon the Middle East as tensions are increasing. It is true that the people in that part of Urantia have much common lineage and experience. In the effort to bring them together we want to send light focused on Iran.



Michael: [Mark] Hello again my dear ones, it is I, Michael here to be here with you and commune with you. It is my pleasure to join you in your communal donation of energy towards this project you engage in and to join you in reflection of your comments regarding how a world changes. I tell you that the answer is simple and it is the same as it was in my time, in my day, it is with the use of love which brings you to the destination that you seek, of love. It is the way, the path, and how you proceed along the path and it is the destination.

There is only this one way to arrive at this destination, it is down this path and so all along the answer will always remain the same even though the questions will vary so greatly, the circumstances will change so radically. The answer will always be the same. Love is the answer, the approach that love will take is the answer always and forever more. So whatever circumstances arise we will always look to approach it from the standpoint of how love would approach it. What would love do? What is the greatest thing with the most amount of love that you could think to do in any circumstance or situation. That is your answer.

It brings me great pleasure to come among you and bring you these words of encouragement because you know all along this to be the truth but it is good to acknowledge that it is so and that you are right in staying to this path. We'll join together on this path, this is where we meet, where love comes together and brings us together, so I enjoy simply being in this condition, being in this reality that you create in this moment. The forming of this environment of love is your creation, is your gift, is your choice, represents your intention.

For all these things I am grateful, we are grateful, and we acknowledge the contribution this makes to the project and to the Supreme. I will now step aside to allow this platform for use by others but I appreciate this opportunity to simply co-mingle our energies once again. It is to my great pleasure, farewell.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I Light. I am here this morning to tell you that light is love and love is light. Forever and always the choice is love and light. There is no thing that exists in conflict on your world that cannot be resolved with love and light. In all situations of potential there exists love and light. In the greatest moment of emptiness there is always love and light. Unlike the breath that is taken for granted, love is always a choice. When many options are available, love is always the best option.

In the light of love may all your hearts be. Love is the basic reality, it is also the final reality. In the vast parameters of reality, all there is, is love. For the soreness of life, apply the ointment of love and all will be well in its time. Continue in your loving expressions, in your task to reveal a greater truth, not only to yourselves but to the group. Thank you for allowing me to share these few words. Go in peace, in light and love, I am Light.

Magisterial Mission, Demonstration

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson here to be with you again. All this discussion about love brings me here to remind all of us that my mission here and our upcoming mission here is in response to the question: What will happen in the universe about Urantia? My mission here is in response saying, this is what love will do, this is how love will heal and mend and promote and elevate all of the situation. So I look forward to joining with you in this opportunity before us to actually be in position to demonstrate what love would do.

When we act in service we will be this example, this demonstration, this taking of the belief and leveraging it with the faith to accomplish that which will be. This will be done all with the most peaceful and loving approach that it will not even appear as though there is a struggle. Rather there is only change and change does not need to be associated with struggle for it simply is, like all things that simply are. We are in a great position to demonstrate this truth out to the others as we hold steadfast to our conviction, our belief, and with our faith, that all is in the hands of the Divine, all is being lovingly tended to and embraced and all will be well, indeed all is well and getting better.

It's great to come among you again. It has been some time, although I have listened in on your meetings from time to time as I know your intention is to make them available. Those are my thoughts I would throw into the well today for your consideration and I will take my leave and allow this space for others, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am here to join you in bringing light to the area in conflict in what you call the Middle East. I can see what you cannot, that light is spreading and permeating the hearts of individuals in that region. A focus of light will "lubricate" the friction between brothers. A focus of light will help in the effort to remove the darkness that is viewed as separation. Please continue with me to send light during the coming week. Together we will begin a process of shifting the belief of those in the region. It is a great effort that we are participating in with others on the planet.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am Elyon. I have opted to take advantage of this opportunity just to say that I am with you in spirit, many of us are with you in spirit, and it is a joy to be able to make this communication once again and establish this connection. Truly, my heart is in this group, it has been my long term project and yours as well and so I feel joined with you as we take this journey to wherever this path may lead. But, in keeping with todays lesson, I will acknowledge, you know where the path leads, the path leads to love, leads to truth, beauty, goodness, and love.

The roads that go in that direction will go hither and yon but they will eventually provide access for us to make the right turns, take the right avenues and achieve our destination, all the while being guided by the force that would have us make these choices following the reckoning of love. Choosing with as much love in the equation as is possible brings us the most fruitful path to take. All paths have value of course and none are forsaken, all are known and all serve a purpose, all have a place in the total tapestry but one can navigate these roads with quite a bit more enjoyment if they will navigate using the rules of the road and choosing wherever and whenever with the greatest focus of love, the biggest mix of love into the equation.

It's a pleasure to be with you as we go down this road and make these choices and enjoy this juncture of time and space we share here together. We are comrades at this point and are with each other to witness how our choices manifest and how love can direct. Thank you for the opportunity to jump onboard with the conversation. It has been my pleasure. I bid you all have a good week, bye.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I Charles to give a few words to the soup which you are serving this morning and that is to know that all paths of love connect. It doesn't matter the direction, the intention, or the outcome, all paths of love connect. All paths of love are in synch and all acts of love work together. Love never occupies a wrong direction or a wrong path. All of the areas in which love manifests itself are greatly enhanced by its phenomenon. So as you go about in your daily activities, always remember to include love as your focused destination. When you have to grab a tool out of your toolbox, grab love first. It is the all purpose tool.


Continue to have a good week and we will see you shortly. Go in peace, full of light and love, thank you.