2012-01-29-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Thought Adjuster Guidance

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, LIGHT, Thought Adjuster

TR: Cathy Morris, Allene Vick



Michael: [Cathy] My children, I am joining in your discussion, the question: Where is God in all this? In your daily journey, in service to your fellows, it is most helpful to bring a different focus, to bring the Creator in our forms of action in this world. In my time on your world I made conscious attempts to follow the Father's will. I turned to my Inner Guide and the divine connection to our First Source and Center. The divine universe pattern is always available as a guide also. In our daily encounters with our brothers and sisters this connection can bring amplification of the love of the Father to be applied to all situations. In the human mind, sometimes a confusion arises that can always be clarified by your Inner Guide. You are able to confidently rely on this connection as well as your connection with your Mother and myself. We are always available to aid you in your daily path, you only need to ask. Go in my love for it is always with you.

LIght: [Cathy] I wish to add a word also. Light is always around you to be reflected to situations of need. Feel free to focus light and be confident in your ability to bring the needed help. I enjoyed the discussion and am with you.

Adjuster: [Allene] I am this one's Adjuster and I would like to share some words with you in conjunction with the conversation that you were having this morning about how Adjusters work. We work in very intricate ways to reach the one we indwell, in subtle ways and sometimes in not such subtle ways. Often experiences we set up to help you, you do not recognize, and therefore our understanding is that humans do much better when they have something that they can visually grasp on to.

I would like to share with you this morning that perhaps it might be helpful, when you think about working with your Adjuster, to think of Him/Her more as a companion that is constantly with you that you can turn to at any moment and quietly say: What do you think of this? Is this true? Which way should I go? If you are driving and are not sure which way to go and you come to a fork in the road, you can say: Which way do you think I should go? as if you had a vehicle companion with you. This might be easier for you to grasp as a way of working with us rather than this sort of nebulous Divine Fragment Within. So think of us as a constant companion that you turn to all day long because I assure you, we will be with you all day long. Whenever you turn to us and open your ears you will hear us saying, this is the way, this is correct, whatever answer is the most appropriate answer for you at that moment in the juncture you are [at] in your life.

It gives us great pleasure to work with you and many of you will discover how many different things that we can bring to you aside from our much more advanced understanding, but also from our previous experiences indwelling others. These are many times, talents you have that are not necessarily ones you were born with from your ancestors but were brought to you from our previous experiences. You can always ask us questions at any time: What experiences do you bring to me and how can I discover these? How can you help me discover my potential? All questions are open and the more questions you ask, the more will be revealed.

I think it would be most helpful if you start to think of us as a constant companion. The individual I indwell, when she thinks of me she actually turns her head to the right when she talks to me and I Am always right there. I hope this helps you in your journey to learn to work with us more closely. Are there any questions? [pause] I leave you with the hope that you take these questions to your own Adjusters and that we can discuss this further at one of our other meetings. It is such a pleasure to see this group and see the bond that connects all of you with your Adjusters. You are very solidly bonded together as a group.