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Topic: Roots of the Urantia Book

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Ron Besser



The Urantia Book is heir to a rich tradition of human thought and divine teachings when it comes to aid with the mysterious and timeless spiritual process of revelation. The traditions and efforts through which revelation appears is older then man on earth, but all men on many earths experience much as we do, such is the yearning of the human soul wherever it takes origin. We are no different in our need for some justification of our existence; or, conversely, feel we need an ear about how unfairly pressed we are by the terms of our material existence. The roots from which we partake our spiritual guidance are ancient, surprising, and drive deeply in the evolutionary soils to find the wellspring of divine nourishment to give to man.

The roots of living revelation can be traced back centuries on our world, and in particular, the fifth epochal revelation was more than just a seed in the Victorian Age. It was taking shape through the processes used then, but modified and transfigured as the times today required for the modern mind to hear it well. Man seeks the superior knowledge of God, and even though he may fail the tests of time to receive it sometimes, the spiritual pressure to enlighten eventually brings an epochal disclosure for all to hear.

Beginning in the England of 1870, lived the 31 year old Stainton Moses already a gifted medium, who became a student of a high quality revelation under the guidance of the mentor who called himself Imperator. Moses wrote his lessons down until 1878, and had them published as Spirit Writings, in 1883.

Reading these lessons today, anyone who has had the benefit of the Urantia Book’s teachings would conclude, with but a few exceptions, that Imperator was preparing a revelatory statement of considerable scope. His exhortations to train Moses cover most of the material written in the publication of his book, and through them we may see what Imperator’s revelation would contain. The 1870's text does not have sections on universe cosmology beyond the local universe, although Imperator’s scope appears to be somewhere between Part III of the present-day Urantia Papers (History Of Urantia) and perhaps some of Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Upon asking under what authority the revelators worked with him, Moses received this answer concerning who instigated the work, and who saw to its progress:

“You understand aright. I have before told you that I was myself the recipient of influence from a spirit

who had passed beyond the spheres of work into the higher heaven of contemplation. That Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. He is now arranging His plans for the gathering in of His people; for further revelation of Truth, as well as for the purging away of the years of error which have passed. He chooses His messengers in the spheres, and allows us to select our instruments. He is the head of this new

endeavour.”[from Imperator to Stainton Moses; C.1878]

More Spirit Teachings, (the second volume published circa 1888) Stainton Moses (writings in this work often were taken from earlier transcriptions not included in the 1883 work, Spirit Teachings.)

Imperator warned Moses that the work they were undertaking could be threatened if he, Moses, did not take the warnings seriously to avoid contacts outside of the present circle of his spiritual friends. Because he did not completely heed these warning, this and other concerns led to breaking the contact with Imperator after 1880. Imperator warned Moses in 1874 that . . .

“Powerful agencies are even now at work, as we are assured, who will seize every opportunity of

developing mediums through which phenomena the most startling may be produced, so as to convince the inquirers of supernatural power so called. This done, the rest is easy. By degrees trick and fraud are allowed to creep in, the moral teachings are allowed to appear in their true light, doubt is insinuated, and the uncertainty and suspicion which have become the fixed attitude of the mind regarding phenomena which at first seemed so surely spiritual, gradually extend to all manifestations

and teachings.”(March 15, 1874 Section 29 Spirit Teachings, Stainton Moses (1839-1892)

Caligastia hated Jesus. In fact, the hate was visceral to the point that if he, Caligastia, could dethrone the proposed second coming, he would. To do this Caligastia enlisted the aid of Lucifer to help him destroy the reputation of the ethnic group Jesus was found to take origin in on Urantia, namely the Jews. Among the Palestinians of that day were those who remembered the story of Jesus as he had appeared in the so-called Holy Land, and that they had become heir to the narratives that had appeared in the Gospels giving rise to the Christian New Testament. Because the Palestinians held Jesus so highly, Caligastia enlisted the aid of Lucifer to poison their homeland by insisting that the Imperial Power known as the English Empire, be instructed to follow their own wishes and return Palestine to the Jews when it was possible to do so. In this event, the Palestinians would become enraged at having their homeland stolen from under their feet by Jewish settlers who had no more power to arrange such a possibility without the help of the powerful Caligastia who wanted to confuse and anger the people.

Caligastia then proposed to Lucifer that there should be at least three more reasons for the Jews to be castigated or eliminated to take revenge on the bestowal’s Son’s heritage as King of the Jews. In this proposal, Caligastia asked Lucifer to find a place to introduce the codes of life in such a way that the benefit of Jewish culture to the world could not be recognized and that the idea of a monolithic kingdom of God go no further than recognizing Lucifer as God. The mind sustaining grid was to carry those philosophies created to sustain Lucifer forever on the apostate worlds of Satania and on the planet in particular called Urantia.

Caligastia subscribed to the idea of divide and conqueror. He divided the Christians from the Jews and the Arabs from the Christians in order to confuse the spiritual circumstances with the nation states. All of this was to betray the heart of man to withhold it from the savior of the planet. The Satania rebellion was still being spread during the 18th and 19th century rise of nationalism and the industrial revolution which funded the narrow aspirations of nation states that played right into the hands of the rebels. The old statement about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread was exactly the situation man concocted by his enthusiastic orgy of material gain without material replenishment and spiritual wisdom.

Imperator knew that Stainton Moses, an actual candidate for the recovery of revelation from the hands of Caligastia and the team he had assembled to re-write the spiritual history of Urantia, knew nothing of the dangers waiting to trap the promising Reverend who had the fortitude to do what Imperator requested. If Imperator allowed it, however, Caligastia’s plans would subvert these attempts and the machinery would be put into place by the rebel Son to put a stop to the Nebadon government from asserting regency over Urantia. The Caligastian scheme sought to cause the mortal population to rise up against any attempt to teach them the truth of universe life and the cosmology of ascension and its spiritual rewards. Caligastia and Lucifer determined that the hardest thing to every reverse was a popular consensus that anything the Sovereign Son did would be considered an invasion of the popular will and be resisted to death.

The presence of Caligastia on Urantia presented special problems of security for the proposed revelations this early in the game. Special precautions had to be taken while serious safe-guards were erected to protect and thereby avoid having the medium overwhelmed by the agents of the rebellion. The celestial group surrounding the transmitter, Stainton Moses, was composed of forty- nine individuals in seven circles of seven individuals each; each circle, collectively, having a task of guarding each of the seven circuits required to complete the transactions of providing information and maintaining spiritual stability of presence with Moses.

The spiritual contact to the transmitter was usually Imperator, but others, namely Rector, second in command, could fill in when Imperator was not available for the session. Both Imperator and Rector were pseudonyms for well-known spiritual achievers who had completed their life times on Urantia and had been tapped by the Michael government to return to Urantia in search of suitable candidates to prepare for the fifth epochal revelation.

Above Imperator was an even higher level of coordination that reached back to Christ Michael (Jesus) under whose authority the 1872-1878 disclosures were made to Moses. When Moses began to fail at his task (mostly and alarmingly through disinterest, and not unlike the disinterest displayed by the famous Sleeping Subject of Urantia Book production) to help Imperator provide a new revelation, the spokesman for the group of forty-nine revelators reminded Moses that not all of everything depended on him because,

“In America, the land from which dates this movement in your days, there are many who have been

so far developed as to lead a dual life, and to hold face to face intercourse with us. We have even now a band of workers there who are achieving results which we cannot command here through faithlessness of mind, materiality of interests, and even grossness of atmospheric surroundings. It is not with our work as with your mundane affairs. We read the heart, and it is useless to feign interest which you do not feel--that you would not do--or to proceed on our way while faith is lacking. . .

.”[Imperator](March 15, 1874 Section 29 Spirit Teachings, Stainton Moses)

We conclude there is an odd situation in some of this arrangement described above in spite of Imperator's careful truthfulness with Moses. First, there is no mention of the chain of command by Imperator of Urantia’s government supporting him, and of the twelve receivers (Melchizedeks) we know were on the planet at the same time the group of forty-nine was working with Moses. Maybe no such direct link was necessary at the stage Imperator reached in validating his use of Moses, but subsequent to the work in England, Imperator still does not mention them in 1895 when he had a chance to do so working under a new medium in Boston (Mrs. Piper).

Could we say that the direct inclusion of the Melchizedeks at this moment with Imperator was not part of the revelatory plans at the time? The fact that our planet had no chief administrator in place except the receivers was complicated by the situation that it was the absent Jesus who was given the official designation to fill the office of Planetary Prince who would actually take over the reigns of the deposed Caligastia, may have made mention of the Melchizedek intervention moot. The only thing we know for sure is that the planetary government rulers were not mentioned this early, or their role allowed to take center stage as it does today through the Machiventa Melchizedek assumption of the Planetary Prince’s office at the behest of Michael himself to assume. In the 1870's the captain’s role was assigned to the Council of 24 who were directly involved with Imperator to find a suitable situation in which to make the disclosures that would be known as the Urantia Book in the future. We may further note:

1) The revelation as envisioned at this time was through the auspices of The Council of 24,

which was and is Christ Michael’s organizational envoy to Urantia and which answered to him. The Council of 24 is also Urantia’s source to provide us with a Governor General who was selected from this body formed at Pentecost under the direct supervision of Christ Michael(Jesus). We may rightly assume this to be correct because one of the members of the group of the forty-nine under Imperator was John the Baptist (JTB)*, who also served as one of Urantia’s Governor Generals during this period.*(John The Baptist is identified in a book by Trethewy, A. W. The 'Controls' of Stainton Moses, London: 1923, 291pp. In this book JTB was said to have worked with those Imperator had assigned as possible candidates who could be induced to cooperate with the assignments passed out by the Council of 24 for these purposes. Trethewy knew nothing about a so-called Council of 24, but he did note that the presence of JTB strengthened the operation considerably. We may never know to what extent Trethewy was actually part of the planned administration of the fifth epochal

revelation as he was completely unaware of any contact himself)

2) The keepers of earth’s safety are the twelve Melchizedek Receivers who had wide

authority to act on Urantia upon the default of Caligastia, and who in turn, coordinated with the Council of 24 for the spiritual administration of the planet. The Melchizedeks were not directly involved with this attempted wide-reaching revelation in the nineteenth century, at least not then to the extent they became involved in the early twentieth century as guardians and/or instructors of this work. The same is true today in the same way regarding the Magisterial Mission where the Avonal Son

coordinates with the Melchizedeks but is independent of their oversight.

3) The Most Highs are involved as Imperator assigns his thanks to their ceaseless

work on his behalf. Since the Most Highs are an integral part of operations with the Melchizedeks, much of the work of the Most Highs apparently could be exercised through their regent and observer with The Council of 24. It is also to the Most Highs we can likely thank most sincerely for their work to isolate Caligastia while the Papers themselves were indicted into English and allowed to appear in the safe on

paper at the 533 Diversey residence of the Contact Commission.

We also have seen through the centuries, and even by the testimony of modern history, that persons sought for the purposes of providing revelation reveal a pattern in their personal lives. We notice these Trustees are usually highly educated in the day of their selection, and exhibit an abiding interest in religion, metaphysics, teaching, and philosophy. Seldom are they given to trance directly themselves, but usually begin their output through the art of automatic writing coupled with the solemnity of meditation, and have usually proceeded through and completed the worst disruptions of soul growth leading them to live respectable lives with settled dispositions. Not all interested individuals could possibly meet all of these requirements, but in the main, such qualities are sought by celestial review and are mortals who are probably already sponsored to serve in the Reserve Corps of Destiny.

We can not see by their direct behavior of these Trustees that such individuals selected for mediumship are all going to work out. The Urantia Book speaks to these other qualifications for more advanced standing that are essentially spiritual and unrevealed to the eye. Today’s Teaching Mission transmitters generally meet these criteria for service: They exhibit the self-control which allows the message to be transmitted without sub-conscious additions; plus a conscious intention to want to have these contacts; to desire to know the Father in heaven; to feel some degree of brotherhood and service to mankind; to have gained certain mastery of the self enough so that they are assigned a pair of destiny guardians to them alone; and to have had some degree of communication with the Indwelling Spirit in the mind area of what Freud calls the super-conscious.

It will be confusing to understand that transmitting-receiving and the ability to do it in the Teaching Mission is not usually associated with what is popularly called being “psychic”. Rather, the communication circuits required to transmit are supplied exclusively to the work of the Correcting Time in general, and to the Teaching Mission specifically. This is one reason that we make a distinction between transmitting-receiving and channel even though a listener could not usually tell the difference. Because of the training associated with a Reserve Corp, human personality in addition to the encircuitment of the energy field used by the Correcting Time, errors, while they do happen, are greatly reduced.

The Indwelling controls permissions in and out of the mind for any spiritual contacts in the Teaching Mission and otherwise. Knowing these details comes to us thanks to the Urantia revelation. From this list we may rightly surmise that an individual such as Stainton Moses had an extraordinary and settled encircuitment with the spiritual beings he was in contact with, but like so many even today, he treated lightly the responsibility to behave in a manner which permitted serious work to conclude before it had really begun. Moses was ignorant of the cause that would shake the world to its foundations in a few short years.

We do note that Stainton Moses, who was born in England, was a Rector at Maughold and later as Curator, in the spring of 1868, of St George's, Douglas, Isle of Man. At the time (1870's and 80's) of these communications he was fulfilling his appointment as English Master in University College School, which position he held until 1889, (see Forward, Spirit Teachings). These positions, except for the last, were all associated with the Church of England in some way, and in particular, reflected the great interest in Biblical re-examination during the Victorian revival in religious studies. This background, together with what else was available, are the right chemical and genetic dispositions to form the pattern we described, and they are the evidence of good standing of the person Stainton Moses was as a recruit for the work.

In part it may be assumed that Christ Michael’s testing of the revelatory waters of man’s interest as they existed on Urantia was rightly conditioned by the age, and by the circumstances through which truth had to be communicated. In the person of Stainton Moses, he was usually insisting on proofs that were literal which was typical of the mind set of most in his day, and he was just as concerned about the social repercussions on him of this kind of work. His choice to invite people interested in séances and personal communication with their departed relatives through the spirit world brought warnings from the group of forty-nine, especially Imperator, that he should desist for reasons of this project, security, and his own health. Even today there is a ban in place– enforced by the celestial educational corps– of not permitting this kind of activity to develop although it has been asked for quite frequently. Stainton was of the opinion that he had to use his talents publically in order to maintain a reputation as well as earn a living that could substantially see him through his worst fears of succumbing to England’s Poorhouse. Only Imperator knew the danger well enough to assign more than one pair of seraphim to guard the right-minded but short-sighted Moses.

The First Revelatory Commission which later replaced this nineteenth century arrangement to test and produce an outline of revelatory material to later be presented in a much greater volume as the Urantia Book, did not yet exist during Imperator’s time with Moses. It was not until 1895 that the Commission had arranged to meet and become active on Urantia in order to obtain a set of working rules with mortals who could do the work. By then, Moses had died in 1892 because of injuries suffered in a freak accident. We think it may be at least partially correct to suggest that these attempts at bringing the world a new revelation ran into strong headwinds. Imperator could have used the buttress that the First Revelatory Commission would have given him, but more than the lack of a commission began to take the toll on the work to be done. And it was in 1895 that Imperator was reassigned to the United States to leave the plans for the English revelation behind.

In 1870 the Franco-Prussian War occurred and Germany (Prussia) occupied France. France was an ally of England, and the Prussian demonstration of military might frankly shook John Bull to his roots and hence the rush into formulating protective alliances in case of war against the Kaiser erupted. It was also in 1870 that the first Vatican Council promulgated the dogma of Papal infallibility. Now a mere mortal as Pope could out maneuver the revelations of a Christ if he so choose and be sanctioned by the authority of his office that had long become moribund in its exercise and hardly enlightened enough to pronounce the truth in absolute terms. This was true in Roman Catholicism and it was true in its way in the society of the Empires of Russia and most of the civilized western society, except in the rough and tumble United States. Europe had become a crystalized society enforced by the social mores of the Victorian era and the domination of the government by the Tories who had no love of the lower classes. Elsewhere in Europe there still ruled the feudal practices of a millennium ago.

As the last part of the nineteenth century passed, more and bigger wars between the European States loomed that would also involve Turkey, Russia, and war even arose in their colonies as the competing European powers sought to outstrip each other in all classes of development. General world war was portending and no one knew quite how to stop it before it became too late. All the while, Caligastia and his supporters were making it as difficult as they could for the Michael government to bring change to Urantia and eradicate the remaining reminders of the greatest blunder Urantia ever suffered. Consequently, the work of revelation was once more interrupted and it was pulled up by its roots and transplanted across the Atlantic. What could have been prepared on English soil no longer was considered possible or safe. The entire enterprise fled the European continent and headed for America, taking with it a complete change in scope to prepare Urantia for a new dispensation.


In 1878 Imperator wanted to prepare a new revelation, and twenty-two years later, Jesus himself alluded to it becoming a reality to his student, when he said that even the Bible was going to be surpassed by new truth. The Bible, he remarked in 1910, had inspired men, but God has greater things in mind to inspire their thoughts:

“The Bible has become to you THE Book, but I would also have you know that God has inspired men

and women with power to reveal, in our own time, even greater things, and ever fresh unfoldings from the heart of life. Above all things, we want you to have the open visions today, for greater things are coming, and God is doing wonders among you. Rejoice in the new revelation, abounding in hope. The new will reveal the old to you afresh. Have no doubts. Launch out into the deeps of God, and fear not.”(First Edition 1910 Christ In You “by Anonymous” New York 1919 Printed USA. This work

is beautiful and timeless.)

By 1905 we also have a new cast of characters to learn and who have to be taught to receive and formulate what would become a revelation of epochal dimensions. In addition to an all new cast that was assembled to receive the revelation, there was also a demotion of importance of the compromised efforts at spiritual contact through the practice of spiritualism and the stand-alone medium. While this practice continues in a great many instances through the rest of the twentieth century, the quality of the work begins to suffer, and the tradesmen of the day search for ways to make profits out of the process. What had been a proving ground for the universe personnel associated with promoting revelation on Urantia, was now viewed as undependable and erratic by those in science and in the medical field.

Names made well known to us after the publication of the Urantia Book are part of recorded history. But there are also unknown or hardly known people that worked in the process of revelation begun in Chicago. Many of these unsung heroes who brought us the Urantia Book without knowing what they were working toward probably came from association within the wonderful educational effort in America that appeared a little after the turn of the twentieth century.

In fact, it is here in the touring lectures and tent classrooms of the Redpath Chautauqua that God saw to it that the main personality ingredients would naturally meet and mix together. Chicago was the meeting place of those coming from the east and those traveling from the west to begin their lives of investigation, show biz, and commerce depending on their choices, and who would meet to produce the enigmatic fifth epochal revelation. One, a Dr. Sadler, became the mortal leader for a project that which would impart sweeping new truths, and it began in his office located in a Chicago mansion.

The person who would be in charge of the future publishing of the Urantia Book worked as a Chicago psychiatrist, with his physician wife, Dr. Lena Sadler (Kellogg). In addition to their professional duties, they volunteered to lecture across America about health and hygiene. A keen observer of the circuit enjoyed the Sadlers on stage and recounted what they brought to the audiences of those days before radio.

“In the same period [circa 1911] were the two Doctors Sadler, apostles in new dress of the old theme of

individual improvement. Dr. William Sadler was a psychiatrist. Fortunately for Chautauqua, he respected the germ theory as much as he did Freud; it was he who, after one startling experience with the "Chautauqua salute,"** drove it [the Chautauqua salute] out of business. His wife, Dr. Lena Sadler, was a Chicago gynecologist who had successfully beaten down the prejudice against women doctors. She was an active club

woman, too, and the pair made a very presentable team. (1)

(1)[Text Footnote] Taking a registered nurse with them, the couple [the Sadlers] offered a choice of one to

three-day programs, with the further innovation of a medical round table. Dr. William discussed worry and selfmastery, which to the folks in front meant the old, inspiring refrain, "How to Be Happy." Dr. Lena talked about

the care of children and mothers.

(Culture under Canvas: The Story of Tent Chautauqua; Harry P. Harrison as Told to Karl Detzer, Hastings House, Publishers, New York , 1958, P182.)

The Chautauqua salute offended the writer of a letter-to-the-editor received at the New York Times,

and published on October 25, 1904, which in part read: “Recent large political meetings have impressed me with one fact– namely, that the so-called “Chautauqua salute”– the waving of

handkerchiefs– ought to be suppressed. It is a menace to the health of the public. . . .”

Then we must consider the mysterious Harry J. Loose. He too appeared on the Redpath Chautauqua circuit in 1917 to lecture, but he was already familiar with the Sadlers because he became a patient of theirs about the year 1914. His teaching specialty was about crime and his work as a detective and policeman. He was also a home-made psychic which he hid from all except Dr. Sadler. In the line of duty, he had been shot and may have suffered the event as an emotional trauma which caused him considerable mental distress. What is of particular interest with this individual is his preliminary association with what would be the basis for the first 31 Papers of the proposed Urantia text.

The hint that such was his to witness would become a great work of revelation is given in his own words in a letter to Harold Sherman, a friend, screen writer, and fellow believer in the production of the revelation in Chicago. Loose tells Sherman that he knew about the proposal to begin work as far back as 1906. In frequent references to the Urantia Book by Loose in the published Sherman Diaries, we can read of his secret contributions which ended by 1934 when he left the Sadler group of human reviewers and advisors called the Forum.

“Remember to watch for a tremendous book which will be published in about two years. It has been

now thirty-five years in the building. It is not mine but I had something to do with it. You will recognize it when it appears. It will be world shocking.” (Harry Loose Letter to Harold Sherman, February 04, 1941, The Sherman Diaries, Vol I, Compiled and Edited by Saskia Praamsma with

Matthew Block, Square Circles Publishing, California, Page 100.)

There remains credible evidence that the celestial revelators maintained speech contact with those who helped bring the revelation forth well passed the initial experiences with the “Sleeping Subject.” In particular, Harry Loose often said he received instructions, and in several letters like this, he mentions the supernatural control in the following fashion.

“I must leave this letter unfinished and send as it is. I have just received instructions to cease my

writing and to report. I do not know if this means a complete and permanent quittal [sic] or not . . .

. Have you violated confidence in anyway?” (Ibid, April 20, 1941, p 219)

Harry’s claims to hear (clairaudient) and visit (remote locating) at a distance along with other phenomena we are familiar with today. There are mortals, for lack of a better term, who are“specialists” and who have developed audible methods of thought transference and physical projection. Sherman dabbled in this with Sir Hubert Wilkins and it was a subject of mutual interest and discussion between all three men. Loose may have been part of a spiritual network known only to the Thought Adjusters who coordinated with the high universe commissions to visit the physical mediums for assignments without causing a lot of notice. In any case, we think it is fair to suspect that Loose, Sadler, Wilkins, and a man known as Howard Thurston (associated with the Chicago Cubs and a world-famous magician), knew Mrs. Blake of Omaha, Nebraska, and a few more, who all were likely part of the secret conspiracy to bring about the greatest revelation since the birth of Jesus. We do not know the specific details of assignment, but they are the likely candidates assembled by the Adjusters with the help of the Council of 24.

Audible contact (inside and outside) as mentioned with those charged to assist revelatory expansions are usually done as described when so much must be taken into consideration and the urgency of the task well known. In this case it may be that the only way to be sure that the work proceed as planned would be to charge everyone with a secrecy oath and then begin the process to open up the means to move material from the Orvonton Revelatory Commission of 24, which was composed of high spiritual beings assigned for this purpose by the Ancients of Days. (See Page 354 of The Urantia Book for a description).

What obviously did not work in previous attempts to provide new information was to place the medium/receiver as both the instrument and the manager on the physical side of the transaction. That leads to problems of control especially when the control is left to the mortal. In the Urantia revelation, the mortal instrument was completely controlled and managed and the managerial tasks assigned to Dr. Sadler.

Someone, however, in the higher up hierarchy cut through all the red tape to start over with the new way of doing things. In the old process the dual roles with mediums was changed and the practice established to assign the receiver a passive role with no chance to interfere with transmissions once agreeing to being used for higher purposes. This agreement may not even be spoken between the subject and the Adjuster, but thanks to years of contact and training by the Adjuster in the mortal life, the agreement does allow the Indwelling Monitor to accurately determine the attitude of the medium and his acquiescence to the process.

We do know that Howard Thurston had a passing knowledge of the Omaha-based Mrs. Blake (through Loose). Howard Thurston was also a successful entertainment businessman who worked for about a year with the Chicago Cubs (1907), by bringing them back into prominence after the huge White Sox scandal of 1906 where the championship was thrown for money by the Sox. While there, did Thurston invest with the Chicago Board of Trade by trading in farm commodities? We think it is entirely possible, for in the era of tycoons, Thurston was an opportunist like most and who saw opportunity in rising markets. This would suggest that there is a fourth player we have overlooked who was informed and ready to assist Thurston in his special money making projects as well as his particular interest in spiritualism. The year would be 1907 and we can suspect that there was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade who knew all about Thurston and spiritualism since Thurston himself was a convert in Europe and had studied at the Dwight L. Moody Bible Institute, intending to become a Unitarian missionary before he became a magician. Thurston was civic minded and this may have been the link through which Thurston met the influential and businessmen of the day. His conversion to accepting spiritualism as it was practiced in that day is known to have taken place in the salon of Madame Eusapia Palladino where he witnessed without trickery, he said, her ability to manifest many amazing feats. Like Houdini (whom he knew and worked with in 1892), Thurston disliked the fake spiritualists and sought to root them out by exposing them in the middle of one of their tricks.

Harry Loose was also a Chicago associate with Dr. Sadler and they may have compared notes about Thurston and Blake on several occasions. All in all there is a sense of collusion about all of these interests, meetings, and circumstances among the principles surrounding the revelation before it was established within the Contact Commission in the offices of Dr. Sadler. The Sleeping Subject was probably a mutual acquaintance of Sadler and perhaps a member or two of the Forum, and not unknown to Thurston and Loose since Loose was attending the Doctor’s meetings in the early days. That Thurston may have been involved with the Sleeping Subject is tentative, but placing him there in 1907 also made him available for the chance meeting with him through other and innocent activities such as requiring the services of a broker or official for investments.

The Sleeping Subject, a descriptive pseudonym for an individual all were sworn by Machiventa Melchizedek to never name, was placed into a natural sleep by the indwelling Thought Adjuster which directly bypassed the material personality with information the Urantia Book would be based upon. Thus we see the first known use of a clear channel that can obviate the personality bias by avoiding passing data through the medium's personality. We find that the behavior of the Sleeping Subject is not unlike Stainton Moses in one respect in that they both evinced little interest in the process, and were used frequently as passive and inattentive transformers to the actual work.

No human after the fact will easily understand how these complex relationships insured the Urantia Books production except to note that the text’s usages and conceptual limits were determined after the fact of Forum review and Dr. Sadler’s insistence that all comprehend he was in charge and would brook no opposition to his dedication to finish what he was asked to do.

The secrecy oaths were a factor in bringing the whole enterprise into completion several years before the revelators thought they could finish. The celestial plan for the book was originally envisioned to be finished before 1945, but not before 1930 [a Loose comment]. Meanwhile, no one knew, on either side of the veil, how to predict the blessings of time and spirit that came together into liaison with the Universal Father and the ministry of the Thought Adjusters that would result in the finest revelation Urantia had ever received.

Indeed, the universe however briefly, poured revelation directly over the land Chicago was built upon and into the mortal vessels who would serve the rest of mankind through publication. The revelators drew upon the resources of Paradise itself to complete the work that shall inspire Urantia for centuries to come. All who worked directly in the arms of Jesus to bring the daily routines of publication to fruition are gone now, but they deserve our heartfelt thanks and devotion to the work they achieved through the turmoil of world war and the ideological struggles that followed it.



Earlier published in London, 1910. The referenced text is from the 1910 first

edition. This is a beautiful work and as timely today as the day it was transcribed.

The text may be read on line at <https://www.spiritwritings.com/christinyou.pdf>


The text may be accessed on line at -

<https://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext99/nrvln10.txt> Doyle does not quite understand what the “new revelation” is, but he is convinced, that such a disclosure is being prepared. Because of Doyle’s wide knowledge of the spiritualist movement, and his direct participation with many of the subjects, the book is useful for the reader to gain a feel for what is happening (1918) and, by its tone, hopeful signs that something wonderful is about to happen

with the participation of spirit on earth.



9780313203800) Anecdotes of the author who was one of the pioneers in the Tent Chautauqua with

some 30 years in various management capacities.


It is this text which discusses permissions for the then active attempt to reveal

additional information for the proposed revelation Much of what did not get into Spirit Teachings made it into this volume which also contains more information

about Stainton himself.

-MOSES, WILLIAM STAINTON (1839-1892), SPIRIT TEACHINGS, LONDON, (1883, 291 PP). 1976 REPRINT, SPIRITUALIST PRESS, ISBN: 0854370099 / 0-85437-009-9)

This work contains the bulk of the Imperator teachings and a major source for

tracing the attempt to provide Urantia a major revelation before the turn of the last century. Because it is a text that was copied from his journals during the 1870's, dating sometimes becomes a little haphazard and there is no good chronology to depend on except when Moses actually dates an entry. It is a priceless inside look

at the workings of a celestial revelatory commission.


The reader may access the archives on line at -

<https://www.nytimes.com/ref/membercenter/nytarchive.html>. The archives helped to ascertain location dates in public news stories around Harry Loose (d. 1943) and Howard Thurston (d. 1936), both known to be in Chicago at least in 1906 and perhaps intermittently until 1912. Thurston arrived from Europe to New York in 1906, and consulted with Sadler sometime between 1906 and 1908, then becoming associated with the baseball club, the Chicago Cubs, during the



This volume is especially helpful in focusing on the whereabouts, and possible

contributions of Harry Loose, a mysterious confidant and patient of Dr. Sadler, during the initial Sleeping Subject contact. Mr. Sherman met Loose and had frequent correspondence with him from which we learn more about the early period of the production of The URANTIA Book, and coincidentally a degree of

Loose’s own participation in the work.


Trethewy was a well known botanist, British Museum, who took an interest in W.

Stainton Moses’ work as a medium and sought to document his work underlining the high moral character of the teachings. He particularly disliked fakes and cheaters and liked Moses because he considered him to be above reproach, completely reliable, and dependable in the forwarding of messages from Imperator, the Moses control. It is in this volume that Trethewy discusses the real personages behind the pseudonyms of the spiritual entities around Moses. Trethewy corroborated his findings through others besides what he had investigated himself providing today’s historians more than the usual reliability in

many of these findings.