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Topic: Spirit Directive 55

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Aya, Kuwaya, Siraya, Michael

TR: Ron Besser



In helping to prepare this document, I was reminded how dependent I am on the indwelling Thought Adjuster.

I have received this Paper by and through an Adjuster transmission. It would not exist without the presence of the Adjuster and his wish that the knowledge be available and transmitted to others who share an interest in the welfare of Urantia. This is a transmission process different yet from previous editions where a modified form of reflectivity was used to pass on facts and names to the subscribers of this series. It is also different from T/R as a spiritual transmission versus channel which is a psychic transmission. The experience in transmitting using the Thought Adjuster’s circuit may be likened to sitting in on a communication center as the hub that would produce a written transcription of those making the information available.

Adjuster transmissions use their own circuitry and they are usually, for me in any case, easier to deal with as they are less tiring and more motivational. One does not simply download a speech with the Adjuster doing the transmitting, but receives conditionally, using the motivation principle that all good subjects have a starting place and a reasonable ending. What is in between is as mysterious as being alone in a Florida swamp at midnight to the participating mortal who must await a light to tell him where we may proceed to get to the end.

I will also add that any stumbling is my fault. For I had from time to time, and quite frequently on some days during the preparation of the Paper, the completion seraphim, Manotia at my side. In addition to the help of Manotia, I had the unswerving dedication of a secondary midwayer watching everything I wrote down for accuracy (as humanly possible she reminds me) and who uses the designation DEF 5 for those who may know the equivalent avatar of this helper.

All of us together have toiled over the passages from older transmissions which have illustrated the text information. These passages were added to demonstrate how long it has taken to recognize Urantia’s condition after the rebellion. As to updated material, we received the cooperation of three of the Master Spirits who were kind enough to provide information in the appropriate sections of the work below. It was the Thought Adjuster who facilitated the Master Spirit input. I would assume without them telling me, that the seraphim in charge and the midwayer as aide made those transmissions easy for me to type into the narrative.

Several new universe documents, at least new to us on Urantia, came into the light of day during discussions below. The Eternal Son has issued Spiritual Directive Number Fifty-Five outlining the processes Urantia will use for the foreseeable future concerning Urantia soul preparation to enter the afterlife, and the remediation of Urantia’s spiritual codes in the energy grid. Spiritual Directive fifty-five also changed some of the outreach plans of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

It was also announced in this presentation that Adam and Eve would bring with them a document they will teach called the “Rights of Man.”

The release date of this document was made to coincide with the 27th anniversary of the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. Today, March 16th is the exact day by Urantia’s calendar the Lucifer adjudication was announced throughout Nebadon from Uversa. Using our current calendar, it was on March 16, 1985, that the news was broadcast to our local universe of the decision of the Ancients of Days regarding the guilt and fate of many rebels who conspired against Michael to destroy Satania and the lovely creation called Urantia. March 16, 1985 seems like a very long time ago to some of us, but it was the same year that many of the midwayers were released from detention until the call from Uversa ended the tension of not knowing the fate of our colleagues who worked so hard to keep Urantia free from the worst of Lucifer and Caligastia.


The following work is the product of many types of input to explain the current status of Urantia with regard to its evolved human species. Homo Sapiens are the essential forms on Urantia which has, as an evolutionary planet, no future without their presence or some replacement equivalent of same or greater value.. Yet, homo sapiens have been so contaminated by Lucifer and Caligastia that the decision has been taken to phase out this particular pattern of life and replace it with future forms that will work toward the goal of life transformation for the replenishment of all that Urantia stands for.

I hope the document will be sufficient to at least understand the magnitude of the problem on Urantia, and I do not doubt that what has been explained here is only scratching the surface of what remediation efforts will have to be undertaken to bring this planet’s life forms and natural physical arrangements back to a stable condition the universe can safely work with. It was a pleasure to produce a work that was quite instructive to me, and I hope to all of you as well. Thank you. Ron Besser York, PA, March 16, 2012

Section I

  • Status

Few truly understand that the world we call Urantia has failed to produce material beings who know God. The universe looks at the discrepancies and determined that the failure of the Lucifer rebellion was not just the suicidal decisions of Lucifer, but he also was complicit in causing the lack of survivable souls. The majority of the population on Urantia has little understanding of their purpose and this misunderstanding wastes opportunities for development and even places nature at risk on Urantia. The human failure to pursue some attunement with the spiritual nature may be construed to mean that God plays no part for too many. The empty vessel may be a beautiful form to look at, but too many carry no lasting contribution to the spiritual community, the origin of all values.

“Your world will assuredly be settled in Light and Life. There was a time when this

was not assured. There was a time in the past twenty-five years, when we feared for your planet. We felt a need to intervene, using those individuals, whose hearts and minds were open to this. We have, over the past, used many avenues, many people. Hundreds of books have been written, in the effort to open more minds to this . . . . We have now reached what might be called a critical mass. There are more people opening their minds, whether from a book's title, a movie, an over-heard conversation, the prompting from their Thought Adjuster, or even an article in the

Enquirer. [From a celestial educator, Will, delivered to Tallahassee in September of 1993.]

When the proposition of a default after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion was determined to be likely on Urantia, the highest levels of spirit authority in time looked toward the all-knowing God to identify the attitude of the Paradise Deities so that the time administrators may obtain the understanding necessary to avert a universe disaster on Urantia. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit responded. First the Father stepped into his role as the primal resource of last resort.

“With divine selflessness, consummate generosity, the Universal Father relinquishes

authority and delegates power, but he is still primal; his hand is on the mighty lever of the circumstances of the universal realms; he has reserved all final decisions and unerringly wields the all-powerful veto scepter of his eternal purpose with unchallengeable authority over the welfare and destiny of the outstretched, whirling, and ever-circling creation.” [The URANTIA

Book, Paper 3 Section 6]

In their joint analysis on Paradise and Uversa, they determined that Urantia human genome was using the creation of a sub-set of genetic principles banned everywhere else in Nebadon and throughout time. The poison infecting the genetic code was a deliberate decision to produce heartless human development, a design scheme promulgated by Caligastia and abetted by Lucifer in defiance of the general order of life creation. The sub-set of ruinous genetics was found in the Urantia grid which perpetuates the genetic changes while it supports all morontia forms and mind developments on Urantia. As goes the mind set, so bends the creation to its reward and destiny. Eighty to ninety percent of the minds alive on Urantia remain within the adjutant-mind usage, but it was not expected that a preponderance of adjutant-mind would continue with little change to the present day. Adjutant mind precedes cosmic mind as the Creative Spirit chooses to endow it to Godknowing individuals who have attained at least a preliminary order of self-control and thoughtful expressions of humility before their God.

“Your society is wantonly deviant, in that it accepts predatory behavior by members

of its own kind. This is simply not tolerated in other species even on your world. It is truly a lack of intelligence and reasoning to tolerate such behavior-predation of innocence by those who are deviant- it is malicious! Those are strong opinions, yet in the standing of civility, your world ranks close to the bottom of all of those of technological and philosophical development, compared to other worlds in

Nebadon.” [Celestial educator and administrator, Rayson delivered August 03, 2003]

Mind bias on Urantia has contributed to mind default. If those biases persist then eventually the species is doomed for then it becomes non-progressive in the pursuit of a divine civilization destined to come to Urantia in Light and Life. Such a spiritual golden age could not be used by most mortals on Urantia today even if it miraculously appeared one day on the planet. There is such a lack of clear thinking on Urantia that there can be no correction without altering the mind too. From a mansion world instructor we learn of how precarious Urantia’s survival will become:

“. . . there is little hope this world will survive well, or sustain itself as an incubator

of quality souls, that can endure the infinite journey to Paradise. We have told you before that many from your world in this age will make the decision not to continue into the afterlife, into the morontial realm. Even those that have gone into the morontial realm will find the journey difficult and arduous. Why is that? It is because you will carry many of your biases with you, as well as a lot of the emotional imprinting that you receive during your mortal lives. These will transfer with you to your morontial life, and you will need to be in remediation, while some will be in detention. [Sondjah Melchizedek, a mansion world instructor, on May 20, 2007, NOCO #99. Sondjah Melchizedek is an instructor to newly arrived souls on Mansonia One, the world of the finaliters, and he has observed that too many of former Urantia inhabitants, since the end of World War II, show an increasing tendency to become difficult and disenchanted with the morontia training regime. Many more of his remarks on the subject may be seen in the NOCO transcriptions found on


Section II

  • Re-Constitution: The Father’s Primacy Must Sometimes Transcend Evolution

Some may say that the decision to have the Father intervene on Urantia is a human misinterpretation about how God works. In nearly 100 percent of the cases of wrong doing in Nebadon, not taking the evolutionary path into consideration for remediation is generally the cause for creating misleading actions or histories, and all such must be corrected by later appearing revelation.

In the case of Urantia, however, the Father’s intervention is factual and transcends evolution. If it were possible for the local universe to correct Urantia’s situation unaided by the Paradise Deities, it would be told to those inquiring that they have all the power to follow through and to place Urantia on a regimen of their choosing to nurse it back to health. In this instance, however, Urantia’s life patterns have been disrupted and the genetic disputation is beyond repair.

The reader is to understand the pressure on Christ Michael is considerable as well. Urantia must be repaired. It can not be repaired using local personnel. It can only be made whole by allowing the Paradise Deities to become available to the sphere itself through their various means directly and indirectly and most of those actions are already done. In addition, a short time element has been introduced in the reconstitution of Urantia, because completion of one requires the completion of the other, so Fatherly corrections had to precede the very missions which will carry Urantia onto the main roads of progress. The Father’s actions are now the foundations upon which all else will be built.

If the reader has philosophical objections to the lack of evolution in certain actions already taken on Urantia by Paradise, some of this is to be expected. The universe has responded to help explain the condition found on Urantia and explicates how Paradise uses its means to make null and void the nefarious conditons set in place to remove the human desire to truly know God.. Paradise notes that it is not enough that the conditions that affect the life on this planet are very poor due to the lack of supervision, but even more, the Urantia failure occurs because there is a human mind bias to accept irresponsibility as normal, and greed as a virtue, and all of this has contributed mightily to the spiritual pollution of mind and body.

Evolution is a means to an end directed by particular ways to foster new life capacities for change. It is also the preferred way to obtain the earned progress for the population of beings on a planet that can recognize and worship God. But most adult Urantians have squandered many spiritual credits, and almost none recognize God overtly as part of their personal religious views.

Many of you have experienced the lack of such a balance and have payed a price for it by failing to obtain a better sense of direction that would, perhaps, make many happier to face the golden years in the comfort of home and family. These restrictions on life fulfillment on Urantia have become intolerable to the highest being in the universe. The Magisterial Son assigned to Urantia has echoed the Father’s will in what has been transformed to make it accessible for later use to mortals on Urantia, and he has reserved many new elements of ascension to be revealed when He appears among us.

The powerful Master Spirits on Paradise are now more fully revealed on Urantia, and are activated to clarify the attitude of the Father toward this particular creation. Siraya, the time Voice of the Father, has stated for the record that the Father’s intentional suborning of evil on a planet so beset with the horrors of rebellion, will be ending when Urantia raises it standards high enough to join the family of planets.

We, Siraya, have concluded that Urantia has become the habitual hiding place of

certain elements of the Lucifer rebellion, and we have, speaking as Father, decided to end the victimization of those who choose to stay and begin the remediation of this planet. We wish all well in the endeavors that have been created to fulfill the vacancy of those who must leave and who will be rehabilitated on the mansion worlds. We wish this to become a world of for sovereign Creator Son training in future universes beyond the scheme of time. For that reason, I, your Father, have declared Urantia to become a world of slaveless beings who know their dignity and their inherited status as sons of God. No other world in my creation in Orvonton

shall be consumed with such plans until well beyond the age of the Supreme.

In this, we, Siraya as the Voice of the Father, beckon you to the understanding that

all creation must be employed as your co-workers in the field to consummate the end of terror on Urantia. This terror is both organic and inorganic. It is organic in the sense that it has an underlying purpose placed there by Caligastia and Lucifer. It is inorganic in that it is used by the mind of man to subvert the will of God in almost every phase of life not dedicated to the life of spirit and the choices of sovereign free

will to become a true son of God.

In this, I have spoken. The Father wishes all well on Urantia and looks forward to the time that he may personally and directly congratulate all of you who have read the great revelation known as the fifth of its kind on your world. It is this revelation which will become the standard bearer of the good news that Monjoronson will provide all in the near future. Thank you. [Dictated by Siraya, March 13, 2012 as part of this Paper on the present status of Urantia.]

That which man may understand is being told to him on Urantia. Those who remain on Urantia to work with the returning Creator Son, and with Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, then must prepare themselves to study and make sure they understand what has happened. The horrors of rebellion have been ended, but the consequences inevitably will consume most of Nebadon for the next millennium and beyond.

Revelatory experiences are now much more common then they once were. Not so long ago, receiving revelation of this magnitude was considered the right or in the pervue of priests and ascended masters. Not any longer. The Father has asked that the process of receiving be expanded to include all who can hear, and all that are sincere, that they be placed on the roster of workers for the kingdom’s declaration of the fifth epochal world-wide dispensation. The average God-knowing person is to be taught to be still and to learn to listen to that which most satisfies his need to know God.

Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of sovereign dignity to his local universe, has achieved much and will achieve even more when the intersection of all that has to be done will result in and rectify Urantia. Normalcy, however, must become a first priority and that is going to be achieved.

Section III

  • Homo-Sapiens

So far we have dealt with history and plans. It is now time to examine what the practical circumstances will be as it concerns race on your planet.

It is to be understood that by race we mean not man’s color or culture, but the species that has developed all over the world. In your sciences, these are the racial varieties of homo-sapiens recognized, and it is to this rainbow creature of variety we now rreturn to for discussion.

It would be helpful if the reader would remember his lessons from the Urantia Book and how Michael of Nebadon was required to "write" a plan out for review by the Trinity of what he intended to do when he was approved to create a local universe in time. He had to show what life forms he wanted to use, and how he would use those life forms to correct a universe rebellion if it were to happen. He did so satisfactorily. Permission was granted to him and with his consort, the Creative Spirit, they together claimed that space region in Orvonton that is now called the local universe of Nebadon.

“(2.) Creature designs and types are controlled by the Eternal Son. Before a Creator

Son may engage in the creation of any new type of being, any new design of creature, he must secure the consent of the Eternal and Original Mother Son.” [The URANTIA

Book, Paper 21 Section 2]

In the chosen human form for Urantia, the modification of those forms for use were two complimentary patterns. While these proposed human forms were not unique to the grand universe, they had never been used in Nebadon except for the experiment on Urantia. No limitation was placed on the powers of procreation in these selected forms so that they could produce offspring that would directly and consciously associate with the lower levels of morontia and even spiritual life. But that ability was destroyed once the Lucifer rebellion had interfered with the purposes of such life in the average procreating pair on Urantia. Lucifer and Caligastia changed the priorities of having the children of man naturally acclimate with God and his family to where the seed of man would cringe in fear of a wrathful Lucifer.

In using these forms on Urantia, Michael chose man and woman to be co-equal partners in the raising of the family. The equality of the sexes in this experiment was actually that feature which would ensure the success of the Urantia design of life. Not only were the coordinate designs considered essential, they were also designed to emulate the attributes of the creative nature of the Material Sons and Daughters which is a nature that exceeds the human element of only a material family to gather around him. Therefore, great civilizations can be built upon the patterns chosen so long as the evolution produced from these plans does not stray from the divine wisdom provided for.

When the evolution of the family was put into practice on Urantia, it eventually caused a stir in the observing universe because Urantia mortals began using the "ying/yang" principle, not for complimentary variety, but for adversarial domination of other species including one gender against the other. Revelation did help the potential within mankind to think about the more cultured lifemate selections, but in the end, conquest and even sex status overcame the ability of the mind to resist forming those lasting unions for a more sustainable society based on superior children even without the Adam and Eve model.

The preference for domination in many levels of competing society left many outside of the normal developmental patterns who should have been included. Differences that were excluded were very necessary to obtain a well-balanced human convention on Urantia. Your educational system for nearly a millennium of time has relentlessly sought to eliminate the average person and to replace him or her with the unusual, or felt it was the sacred obligation to remove the unfit. Eventually, the western educational and philosophical ideals thought they could create less disagreement and even peace by removing objectionable persons and ideas. This was done in order to provide what was thought to be a more tranquil society to be dominated by logic and reason through education.

Christ Michael: Being born in a relatively modern age where the empirical method of demonstrating

natural law has been in effect for many centuries now, you soon learned from your family, and were taught in school, a world view in which both mental and spiritual considerations were very rigidly excluded so that you could focus in on a very strict, mathematically perfect cause and effect: natural law. Here, whether you were specifically taught it or not, objectivity was the ideal, even to the point where some very scientifically, empirically-minded folks almost totally discount their own inner reality, and consider real only what can be proven to another. This is literally all they perceive, and so they feel themselves existing in a world totally devoid of spirit. Understandably then, their concepts of spirit tend towards spiritualist

phenomena--ghosts and such. This is what spirit means to them.

  • (The limits of empiricism and materialism)

It was during the heyday of this empirical method in the latter part of last century,

and the early part of the twentieth century, that there came about a great social illusion: that by eliminating the so-called spiritualist phenomena of superstition, and everybody becoming purely objective, certainly society would achieve an utopian age very shortly. With everyone being so objective, there would be no more disagreements between folks, and then nations. War would quickly become a thing

of the past because agreement would be so obvious.

But as we all know, that has not been the recent history of Urantia. Instead the

conflicts kept getting larger, right up to a Second World War where tens of millions of individuals perished. Mankind has only slowly gained a greater maturity by first grudgingly acknowledging, then ever so reluctantly accepting the equally valid dimensions of mind and the importance of understanding human psychology. Beyond this, there is a reaching out for a deeper understanding of what spirit is. [from Christ Michael on January 23, 2006 Michael012306 Marin TM _The Limits Of Empiricism & Materialism

& A Sense Of Proportion.]

Because of the grossly imbalanced life between the inner life of many on Urantia who are without God’s rudder for direction, and the cultural requirements to conform to false standards in the outer life, much experimentation had to be undertaken from spirit to redress the misadaptation. To find the spiritual solutions to the problems on Urantia the question asked was: “How does spirit reach down to provide obvious exposure to spirit guidance without empowering movements in society that result in senseless creationism and canonical belief in magical solutions?”

One such experimentation was to provide a book that produced the fifth epochal revelation. This was the first time on Urantia that a major revelation was not delivered through some divine personality attached to the Michael revelatory team.

The Urantia Book was designed to provide spiritual input while respecting the twentieth century’s belief in the panacea of scientific empiricism by showing in print that there is a fundamental logic to truth even if it is not always provable through mathematical proof. However, it was not known then that the failure for mortal adaptation of the life principle of thought and action could never fully develop well enough to integrate these factors to produce a sustainable center of thought to expand the revelatory concepts. There was one more stumbling block for such a center to not materialize around the Urantia Book and that was the presence of self-perpetuating evil to undermine the best of efforts of man, midwayer, and angel on Urantia.

In the search for the prominent areas of evil on Urantia after the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion, investigations were undertaken to determine the condition of the Urantia spiritual and material support systems which maintain the pattern life forms. These examinations yielded, in 2009, evidence that the life plasm did receive undue notice from the genetic experts on staff of the then Planetary Prince, Caligastia. In fact, it is now realized that the life sustenance on Urantia was manipulated well enough to produce a brute of a man species that can not be further corrected without horrific consequences for Urantia.

Thus, we have arrived at the point in our narrative to explain why the Father has intervened. The actual manipulation of the life plasm is one thing, but the pattern itself has been compromised and will be retired from the earth’s progression of species development for reasons that are explained in the next section. The plasm changes and pattern disturbances in Homo-Sapiens are also the reason that evolution, as a technique for correction can not be fully applied to a problem which has gone so far off the looked-for results.

Section IV

  • Adam & Eve: The Manifesto of The Rights of Man

We have at some length discussed with the readership the eventual replacement of Homo-Sapiens in the next one thousand years of mission direction. He will be phased out in preference for a highly developed type of man-species open to change without hesitation. Present-day Urantia is overwhelmed with the failure of spiritual development even while the race is physically well enough developed to carry on forever if permitted to do so.

Corrections to the races will be done through the plans of the return of Adam and Eve with the Magisterial Son. Adam and Eve will bring with them a manifesto: “The Rights of Man, ” which they will introduce and explain. Here man will learn from the leading theoreticians of Uversa how man will coordinate his personal life with the rights of individuals to the nation states or world government. Man will also learn what his rights are to determine his own ascension course, and how he may choose work related to those choices. These principles will be explained in the form of a Manifesto to be published as soon as the Magisterial Son arrives in the flesh.

The Manifesto of The Rights of Man will establish the divine baseline through which all subsequent development will be directed to be in conformance with many provisos contained therein.

Section V

  • Homo-Sapiens

Go to the Urantia Book and read what it says about the Eternal Son. In those narratives you will find that the Eternal Son has an absolute say regarding the use of life forms. It is normal for adjustments to be requested, but when deliberate misuse of the patterns selected has occurred, the Eternal Son has ruled that such a pattern must be retired and replaced with forms that will not be tampered with. The phasing out of Urantia’s Homo-Sapiens falls into this category of having been misused and manipulated by a Planetary Prince that committed the sin of attempting the annihilation of a species. There is no reason that such a man would have been anything but a resplendent example of evolution and would have carried the ideals of creaturehood forward as the epitome of what it means to truly serve God, provided the flaw of self-negation had not been introduced. How else, Lucifer may have mused, would he obtain a completely servile to be under his command?

Master Spirit, Kuwaya, the Voice of the Eternal Son, concluded the following:

Kuwaya: “Examination of the life patterns on Urantia, those which pertain to man

and his future development, are now considered null and void. We carry no malice in this statement, and it will become clear in a few hundred years that the Urantia experiment failed in one principle area: Thought processing and the courage of


Because there is a lack of thought on Urantia, it becomes inevitable that we must

return man to a pre-state of thought that existed centuries ago when Urantia began to recoil from the Lucifer rebellion. This was the era of the Renaissance– the cradle of western civilization and the dominant civilization on Urantia today– and to which we look forward again as another Renaissance for the rehabilitation of Urantia in the


Thought patterns are evident in all the work of Urantia where it is allowed to take

root. However, Urantia has been under the guidance of the Thought Adjusters for only a few years now, and that is reason enough to provide the reader the idea that a major shift in thinking and doing will proceed over the next few decades at a rapid rate. Insofar as the current status of man on Urantia, the pattern suffices until we have a change of thought to empower those forms which will erase homo-sapiens from the majority of world stocks. They will be relegated to history.” [From Kuwaya, Voice of the Eternal Son, and Master Spirit of the Second Superuniverse of the time creation, speaking to provide comments in this narrative regarding the present life form known on your planet

as homo-sapiens. March 14, 2012.]

By the laws of spirit as promulgated by the Eternal Son, man becomes the apex of planetary sustenance for himself and the beasts he manages. Since man is the only animal capable that makes contact with all seven mind adjutants, the role of supreme manager of the material realm is his to hold. These adjutants were intended to help process mind learning in a way that would eventually develop a science to conduct the experiments necessary to bring man’s needs and the animal populations under control and into balance with world resources. Instead, man has fallen into the thoughtless motives of self-exaltation that has now produced a situation on Urantia where predation is known across all life forms, and has created the condition of chaos in a civilization that is unlikely to be saved.

Because there is a failure of life on Urantia in sharing, and in the area of self control, and in the realm of consecration of thought to the devotional aspects of spiritual living, the Eternal Son sought a means to inject the Paradise view of what he must do. To prepare Urantia, the Father cooperated with the Eternal Son and the Master Spirits to respond to helping with the success of the remediation of Urantia. Aya, Master Spirit Number Seven of Orvonton, and Kuwaya, Master Spirit Number Two , have jointly revealed the Eternal Son’s Spiritual Directive Number Fifty-Five to guide the processes that will reunite Urantia with its Satania neighbors before long.

Section VI

  • The Eternal Son’s Spiritual Directive Number Fifty-Five

Spiritual Directive Fifty-Five has set forth the principles from Paradise which establish the terms for the full remediation of Urantia. It was received on Salvington, (by the Urantia calendar) on April 24, 2010.

Paradise seldom issues this type of directive since it is usually up to a Creator Son to adjust his creation when a problem of the nature of rebellion should occur. In the case of Nebadon, Urantia was far beyond being corrected by a Creator Son who had done all he could to cleanse the planet of Caligastia and the other rebels which caused him so many problems.

Time corrections are evolutionary and do not touch the area of patterns and/or life sustainment mechanisms such as the Urantia grid of energy responses to mind activation. Since these super material elements of creation were involved, the Father decreed that their correction be made using the transcendental powers of the Master Spirits and the absolute power of the Eternal Son.

Orvonton’s Ancients of Days convinced Michael of Nebadon to respond to the Directive by asking him to revise the Magisterial Mission to include actions that would accommodate a veritable army of unattached Thought Adjusters to work on Urantia who would flood in to help the Magisterial Mission succeed. These Thought Adjusters are assigned to the Planetary Prince of Urantia for administrative purposes only and no local universe direction is thought necessary from Nebadon. The chief of Adjusters of Nebadon will head the Urantia contingent.

The goal for this group of specialized Adjusters on Urantia is to bring the inhabitants up to the standards of other evolutionary spheres. This means that the primary product that comes from Urantia will be better suited for ascension and undergo less remediation. There are cases where the sleeping mortals, released from the material life, are not resurrected and these losses are in increasing numbers, enough so to alarm the spiritual worlds that receive them.

The losses are sometimes the contribution of circumstances that prevents the normal ascension preparation to be allowed. To this mix of circumstances causing loss, it is not so much the lack of religious upbringing that causes these failures as much as it is the lack of the gradation of spiritual development through the material life wherein the mortal should have been able to have reasonably suspected that another power greater than himself was at work and that such a power, somehow, is responsible in helping him transcend the flesh and survive. In so many this mystery of God’s hidden presence has not resulted in the curiosity to transcend doubt and thereby engender the flower of faith to bloom. That is all it takes for a merciful God to smile on such a tender shoot.

The enforcement of a more rigorous attainment policy for Urantia souls is necessary. This is not a religious instruction or view being formalized by the judges, but the beginning of a remediatory policy the moment the body is shed. It is a basic reminder by Paradise that life in a superuniverse is affected by life in a local universe which ascends into it. Remediation of a Urantia mortal who carries the seeds of rebellion can not be entirely vouchsafed for without replacing the tenets of thought that cause rebellion in the first place. That removal begins with a conscious acknowledgment by the new morontia soul that it has been so instructed and transformed in nature that these actions on Urantia for the soul has been made to the satisfaction of Uversa and Nebadon to continue on to the mansion worlds.

Uversa and Orvonton are directing Nebadon, and Urantia in particular, to institute immediate reminders to conscious mortals after death that there is a responsibility to understand life well enough that it must continue with them or without them in a universe destiny. Mortals are to understand that it is a serious affront to the grace of God to be ignorant of the gift of choice and life continuance.

This directive is meant to immediately begin a conscious realization in the passing souls that the mortal life is done, and that the mortal being judged is asking to be passed on to the higher spheres in which he must be conscious of his obligation to follow the divine mandates of the ascension career and as a willing participant in his service to God. The directive allows that in the future, and when Monjoronson signals that these stern measures of soul approval to mansonia can be rescinded and the soul being passed on high is safe, such rules will be rescinded for souls who have yet to achieve the third psychic circle.

Mortals or Urantia who have achieved the third psychic circle and above need not experience the judicial review unless there are mitigating circumstances. Always there will be the specialized ministry of the Thought Adjuster and the Seraphic Guides available to determine how such an individual will be passed to the ascension worlds on high. This should indicate to the reader the importance of circle placement as it affects judicial review and should create the impression in mortal minds that not all mortals who leave Urantia after death are considered suspect or are to be treated any more differently than those from the other planets of Satania. Those below the third circle have much to do after their judicial review including how they find themselves being placed in a restricted area on Uversa. It is also important for the reader to understand that it is only those souls graduating from the flesh on Urantia and a few other planets in Satania that have been placed in this situation.

Aya, Master Spirit Seven, conducts Orvonton’s maintains discretion to root out time errors on behalf of Paradise. The Master Spirits filter the changes that appear for the superuniverses to adopt when necessary. In this regard and for the perfection maintenance of Uversa as the last evolutionary station in the grand universe for processing the one-time souls of the local universes, he wishes to say the following:

Aya: We are Aya. We are the Voice of the Trinity and of the Supreme in Havona.

We doubt there are many reasons to state the obvious once more; however, we see there is good reason to conclude this paper with at least the perspective of the Trinity

toward Urantia’s woes.

In the past there were several means of correction we have chosen not to use,. In

those choices was the use of Material Sons and Daughters to upgrade the human stock on Urantia in order to bring about a better selection of candidates for the conversion of Urantia to the days that will precede the eras of Light and Life. It was not possible to use the Material Son and Daughter due to the reasons stated in the discourse as told in your Urantia Book. It was then considered to be a problem which the Magisterial Son could eventually correct through centuries of application of programs that would teach mortals to adopt those procedures which work to ingrain

Urantia’s needs with Urantia’s progression toward Light and Life.

Even this turned out to be hopeful thinking. We turned to our savior in these affairs

where no further action is possible in the time universes and asked the First Source and Center to process the situation from the eternity perspective. He did so and determined that nothing in Nebadon or Uversa could find a solution to overturn the

genetic disturbances taking place in the reproductive chain on Urantia.

Our first task was to learn how Lucifer and Caligastia changed the genetic code so

as to produce what this paper calls a “brute” of a man. He, man, has been determined to be just that and shows no sign of producing offspring which are any different from the parental seed. The Trinity is not responsible for this transaction, but it is

responsible to seeing to it that Directive Fifty-Five be carried out to the letter.

We finish these remarks by suggesting that the determination to replace Homo-

Sapiens species was not taken lightly. The species of human on Urantia is well ensconced on the surface of the planet in a way that precedes the work of the Magisterial Son that will enable him to take measures immediately for the good of the planet. However, the Magisterial Son will at some appoint a race commission to study the effects of slowly removing Homo Sapiens from the lineage of humanity and will establish the policies to implement life changes in consultation with Nebadon and Uversa and Paradise where needed. The new life genome on Urantia will replenish the population with a new species at sustainable levels in a society that

recognizes God.

We recognize this may come as somewhat of a great surprise to Urantia Book readers

who have determined that the book would continue to work with the races for blending into a one-blended sub-species of the current appearing homo sapiens. At the time of the writing of the Urantia Book, it was not foreseen that any work would be done with the races in at least a thousand years. Spirit Directive Number Fifty- Five as received by Uversa has been instituted, and it is stated in that document that no human soul will be allowed transit to the Mansion Worlds without first appearing before the Council of 24. A special detachment of the Council of 24 has been established on Urantia within the administrative placement of the Urantia Supreme

Court established on Urantia in 1951.

Souls who have been removed from Urantia also will been detained on Uversa for

further remediation since they would cause problems of adjudication on the mansion worlds which have no court system of their own to justify action for the removal of the current life coding in these adjudicated souls. Uversa has established a separate organization to deal with the Urantia problem of soul ascension in order to prevail upon Jerusem to carry out its part of the Spiritual Directive from the Eternal Son. Jerusem contains the resurrection halls for the highest evolved souls in the local universe of Nebadon, but it can not arbitrarily change its processes without the proper institutions. Detain souls from Urantia are to be temporarily deflected from local processing to a place which does have the operational capacity to remedy these problems. I think all may agree with our conclusions that souls who yet harbor thoughts of independence unsuitable for the review of the Paradise Deities must be

prevented from entering the inbound stream to perfection.

This situation will bound to be controversial wherever it is told. However, we look

forward to the years in the future when we may refrain from interfering with what is normally a purely local policy about how souls ascension is handled from a rebellion


We thank the reader for being considerate of our place in the ascension process. We

will not, dare not, harm what has already been placed so well on Uversa that our graduates would be barred from entering the Havona adventure of the spiritual

finishing schools.

The Ancients of Days on Uversa wish to state to all of Urantia that we, the Uversa

processing center, are unable to produce those managers of the future universes beyond the present established boundaries of time without a complete review of those soul graduates from Urantia/Nebadon. Nothing will interfere with the grand scheme of perfection so much as being unable to determine who we may fully trust and who must be placed at some disadvantage by delaying them in time to assure us that we

are truly guaranteeing the one-time human product is safe to admit to Paradise.

This, we hope, is temporary and will last so long as the Eternal Son concerns himself

with Urantia’s human species as it now exists. The Magisterial Mission is critical and may be considered the fulcrum upon which the superuniverse and the local universe depend on to swing Urantia back into the normal channels of ascension and


Thank you. This is Aya, the Master Spirit of Orvonton.


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