2012-04-26-Process of Individual Growth

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Topic: Process of Individual Growth

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Henry] We thank you for this connection, this connectedness with the better aspects of ourselves through spirit, the eternal circle of friendship, peace, and love which exists in this moment. We come here to get inspiration, a sense of connectedness and further sense that we are on the right path, doing what we should be doing. In all this understanding we ask for your hand in guidance, your expertise as it is, thank you.

Process, Collaboration

Charles: Henry] Greetings to you all this evening, it is I Charles, here to connect as one with your minds and your personalities, to come and offer a sense of purpose in this process that unfolds here this evening. There are two aspects to this process, the spirit aspect and the mortal human aspect, the overlay of spirit notion, spirit idea, the balancing reference of spirit as it takes your thoughts and sorts them out and puts them in a certain order and priority. Certainly by now you have experienced in this process, that what you bring to this process is tremendously reciprocal to what you receive in this process.

We really are not giving you anything for nothing. Everything that we may suggest to you comes with a notion that is already embedded within you. We merely point, move you into a position to act, and not by dangling a carrot in front of you but by showing you a necessary outcome to the work which is at hand. This is what you bring to the table. You bring your sense of purpose, your sense of urgency, your connectedness, and your willingness to take control of the situation that you are in to the best of your ability and to grow, to grow in a greater understanding from what spirit is relaying to you personally because on many levels and maybe on most levels spirit is tremendously personal. It is working with you, the great individual inside of your body, that master of decision.

Many times you come for motivation encouragement and certainly spirit does find it necessary to convey a brotherly or sisterly relationship to you, a feeling of friendliness, a feeling of trust that through your efforts spirit does not necessarily take you into an unpleasant situation. You are very good as humans in getting yourselves into your own predicaments, we merely help you out of the entangled web you weave for yourselves. We show you the necessity of contacting your own personal spirit presence within to work with your own personal guidance, to be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are real and that the spirit inside of you is real and although it is subtle and small, its impact on you is dramatic and at times can become tremendous.

So much of your lives are consumed with the necessity of living, the servicing of your responsibilities and yet the small part that you give spirit, in a sense, creates a large understanding of why we are here and why our purpose of being a part of your life will in time bring you to a greater understanding of this personal relationship which all mortals are constantly striving to figure out. In a certain sense, you are as little children. You constantly have to be nurtured and reassured, nurtured in the understanding of our love and our goodness and reassured of our position in reference to your personally, that we truly do love you and we do intend the best of the best not only for you, but for everyone.

Transmitting, Limitations

We know of the tremendous burden of struggle which exist in the tensions of the human mind trying to grasp the subtle yet powerful and profound spirit concepts as they relate to you and individuals coming to an understanding with your inner presence and your inner guidance and growing into a greater reference as a human personality. We don't intend to be any more to you. We will not give you the secret to your life; the secret to your life is within you. We will help to guide you to find this treasure within yourself but you must do the searching, you must be of the mind of discernment for this understanding.

It was not long ago that it was tremendously taboo in your society for individuals such as yourselves to be intending to communicate with the unseen and the unknown, the spiritual presence or the presence of spirit as people in those times understood it to be. Through the text book you were given, the Urantia textbook, you are now able to have a greater understanding of spirit and the diversity of spirit personality and function on all levels of creation up to the perfected levels. It does not necessarily give you a greater sense of connectedness. That greater sense of connectedness comes through this feeling you experience about your understanding of spirit.


It is sort of like you are behind bars and you have a visitor and the visitor is on the other side and you communicate to each other. You are here, we are there and we are both able to be here and now, together. It is this understanding and sense of connectedness that is one of the true and great purposes of this Teaching Mission as you call it, that through this time/space continuum, in this moment you can connect and palpate the presence of spirit, you can sense it, you can feel it. It feels very real in the moment you are experiencing it. It is this experience which in your memory you are able to reference in the time that you are not here on this call connected with spirit, that you can recall what you were feeling, what you were sensing, and initiate your own connection and your own understanding of this connection with spirit for you all will understand it differently and you all will come to know it in your own way.

Over the years of this human/spirit connection, there have been many who have sought the scintillation of spirit, the possibility that spirit was able to reveal something to the human mind that it did not already sense or already know or was just not ready to figure out for itself. We make no great claims yet our present is consistent, it is loving, it is warm and generous, it is all embracing because as spirit, we too embrace the circuit energy of the Father. We embrace the circuit energy of Father through the Universe Sovereign, through the Ancients of Days of our Superuniverse, through the connections of Master Spirit, and through the association of Deity all the way to the Father.

We constantly are in connection and it is our intent and purpose to help you achieve a greater sense of sustaining this connection, especially when as humans, you are having an off day, nothing seems to be going right, your body chemistry is a little off. So we are here to reassure you of our commitment, our commitment to be present, to be connected as the Spirit Within is always connected, connected to your every thought, your every decision, your every act. In this connectedness, this understanding, you begin to experience a knowingness, a certainty which fills little pinholes, which repairs cracks, which helps you put things together in your life back where you feel they should be.

We truly honor the individual. We do not judge whether you are right or wrong. Life itself will show you if you are right or wrong. There are no erroneous decisions, the only erroneous decisions are the repeated ones which eventually you do come to an understanding about these things. We intend to have you feel the greater universe family you are a part of, that as a part of a universal spiritual family, you are entitled to some of the benefits we all enjoy, the benefits of understanding and knowing love, experiencing love, experiencing wisdom and understanding, experiencing a sense of purpose out of respect for all of the parts, having a sense that everyone is trying to be the best part that they can be.

So today there is no profound teaching, yet a sense of understanding which allows you a greater access to use the tools you truly possess, the tools of faith, trust, hope, the tools of love. As individual spirits yourselves, fledgling spirit personalities, you begin to get a sense of your connectedness to everything, everyone on the planet, all of the beings in the universe, that you are all worthy as parts of a great whole, a great federation of wholeness and goodness, of beauty, of synchronicity, of ideal being-ness.

Well, thank you this evening for allowing me to share these thoughts. I bid each of you to go in peace, that you truly acquire a greater sense of being, a greater sense of purpose, and a greater connectedness with us as spirit. I thank you all and I leave this stage open for others to express themselves to you, good evening.

Attainment, Individual

Michael: [Mark] Greetings to all of you my dear ones. It is my delight and pleasure to come among you today to bring you a question for your consideration and I invite you to examine your thoughts around this question. The question I would bring to you today is: What is it that you think is the greatest accomplishment of our efforts here to create this environment for you all to be in and grow in and experience in? What is it you consider to be the apex of attainment of such a circumstance? You might consider that something as grand as Light and Life would be a paramount achievement and a noble and worthy reward for having created this entire learning environment for you to use in your process of ascension. Perhaps the settlement of a condition such as Light and Life over the population might be considered worthy of such an extraordinary circumstance as you enjoy in this life.

But I tell you, that the greatest single accomplishment, the grandest and noblest achievement made in this universe of awareness is made one individual soul at a time, that each of you constitutes the reason that this entire paradigm exits. It exists for you each as individuals to learn and to grow and to evolve into a greater and greater sense of awareness, to have more perspective, to have a greater and greater grasp on truth, beauty, and goodness. This is what the whole classroom is built for, you, the individual, the single and indispensable part of the whole. And yes, something as grand and impressive as the state of Light and Life or communal accomplishment is but the fruit that is created from the vines which are grown throughout the process and certainly the fruit is enjoyable and good and beautiful.

But it is the planting of the vineyard, it is the vines that make the fruit possible, it is the setting of the stage in this time and you as the actors on this stage which is what the whole plan is built around. Yes, there are many great opportunities provided in the grand plan such as service to others and accomplishments made along the way of individual achievements but all these are as tools. They are as hopeful aids in your individual growth process because that is what we are here in this time, now, doing. We are creating you as individuals that are safe and secure in your relationship to me and to the Father.

We are here to build your perspective, to bring you an attitude of awareness, and in so doing such things as peace and Light and Life are natural repercussions. So while we strive for overall harmony and peace and settled stages of awareness and existence, we build these things one individual at a time, one vine in the orchard, one piece of the whole. That is what is the most important thing that can happen here and now is you as individuals become enriched, become charged with your connection to spirit, to me, to the Father, to your Mother. All of us care deeply about your positions within the family, your part taking its place within the whole to the end that we have designed and built this entire classroom you are in you call your life on this planet.

Nevertheless, we are focused on the individual student in this school of life. We remain overjoyed at each student who becomes enlightened and each student who chooses and finds their way back to the Source, who finds their way to love, to truth, beauty, and goodness. We are not concerned that any stage has not been accomplished because that is the nature of a classroom and a school and a training ground. Things have to be mastered and learned and that is as it should be and these experiences take time and that is simply a necessity. It may not be circumvented. Experience is only gathered in conjunction with time in your present existence.

So be patient with yourselves my dear ones and be patient with all your brothers. Give yourselves the time necessary, avail yourselves of all the lessons the classroom has to offer and embrace this unique opportunity in all of time and space for you are the one to occupy this unique juncture and no other one out there can fulfill this purpose. It is yours and yours alone. Embrace the experience, and in so doing, I pray your capacities are so enhanced that you are able to feel the support and the love that surrounds you throughout the process. I pray it be so for each and every one of you my dear ones, my family, my students.

I love you with a deep and abiding affection, each and every one, for the place you hold, that only you can hold. Hold fast to your faith that you are loved and that you are part of a great whole, a piece which reflects the goodness of the whole. I pray these words bring you encouragement and bolster your faith which is your guiding compass throughout your journey. Stay true to this compass and you will most certainly navigate easily through any obstacles that arise before you. I am always with you, we are always with you. You do not enter any of this alone. Just as in any good school, you are monitored to insure that all is well. Take my peace and my love and then give it away to all your brethren and have it be from us. Let it be so, farewell.

Light, Barriers

Light: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I, Light. It is good to be here this evening, to be one in this circle of friendship and goodness, here to tell you as the Father's namesake, that the light is growing in each of you. Most of you can say that there is more and greater light than there is darkness within you and the little darkness that is left is only blocked by something which the light cannot penetrate. Search out these blocks and you will be surprised how unstable they actually are, that with the help of light, the light within, you are able to remove these blocks and reveal a greater amount of light within yourself.

The great spirit of light and wisdom within you is constantly working, moving you to see and understand these blocks to light, that all may enjoy a greater amount of awareness, understanding, to truly live in peace and sustained love, to help you understand and see that you can actually become brilliant with this light within, that any small amount of darkness appears greater than it actually is. Truly understand the great quantity of light which you already possess. Begin to see yourselves wholly as light, light which is within, a spiritually guiding, understanding, and nurturing light, truly a light of the heart, a warm and hospitable light, one in which you truly trust and have faith in.

Do not ever feel that you do not have enough light. Focus on the light you do have and in that confining space, become aware of its brilliance and then get a sense of your attraction to this brilliance, the goodness feeling which it brings, the peaceful understanding that all of you are connected through this light and at some point, when you yourselves have begun to increase light to a level that you may begin to see the evidence of light in others, that the world may begin to experience the evidence of this uncorrupt-able light for on an ideal level this is transpiring now. Your sense of belonging, your sense of feeling as a part, a potent part of this life gift you have been given, where through your understanding, even now the darkness is exposed to light; misdeeds are being corrected, there is a subtle negotiation between all things which insures the accommodation of more light, greater light.

It is a sense which is being felt in all of life at this moment, this need to be a part of the original mass of life, the all loving, all knowing, all consuming, all present mass of life. As magnetic light, you are attracted by it, you are attracted to it. You cannot avoid its drawing power, what it enables you to see, what it sheds its light upon. All of you are attracted to a greater sense of knowing, a sense of adventure, an adventure of purpose and meaning. Yet in this sense that you are feeling, you may only take one or two steps forward in a lifetime which do define the greatness of your life, the understanding at hand, the light which you have attained. Live in the light my friends, it is the light which never goes out. The light is perpetual, infinite, and eternal and the oneness of its source reflects as a small aspect present living within you.


I thank you for allowing me to come in this circle and share a greater personal sense of connection to each of you as we are all part of this eternal circle of friendship. In the name of peace and Christ Michael I say good day to you. Until we come here again, thank you.