2012-04-29-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Progress of Correcting Time

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Cathy Morris




Unidentified: In the effort to understand the process of up-liftment there are many aspects to be connected. All forces are proceeding in a positive way to produce an up-liftment in the spiritual awareness of individuals. Ordinary circumstances are brought together to multiply the effect of light and wave contact. It is not the individuals light and wave but the phenomenon of universe light and wave action that accompanies its absorption into the energy system of mortals. We are of course working to facilitate the contact at all levels. The progress in most encouraging and we are most pleased with the progress being made. All of you are able to focus light and energy to others around you to give them aid in receiving as you have the desire to help. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

Correcting Time

Michael: My children, I am most pleased to speak about the progress being made on our planet at this time. As you know, I have a special interest in the correcting of error on this world. I did indeed study all rebellion in the many universes and produced this mode of action to bring Urantia back into the cosmic family. In this effort, all forces have been utilized to the best advantage. Your Mother and I to congratulate you on the progress that you have facilitated, each in your own sphere of influence. It is now approaching the time to step forward when the situation arises, to speak your truth and show the way to those in confusion. You will have opportunity, will you take it? It is our hope that you ask for our help at that moment and act with intention. We are available to help. Go forward with strength my children, it is a wonderful time.


Light: I also wish to join this conversation. You are just beginning to realize the power that exists in light. It is a force that brings all life and sustenance. I am blessed that you brought me forth to serve with this universe phenomenon. Your light is much stronger than you know. Together you form a blazing circle. Please attempt to increase your use of the light. It is a never ending force to flow through you and out into the world. The effects will multiply and expand. I will give you aid with this as you proceed. I am always your [comrade], always with you.