2012-05-16-Thought Adjuster Declaration

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Topic: Declaration

Group: Ron Besser


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Ron Besser



"Jesus of Nazareth has been, is, and forever will be, the way, the truth and the light for every ascending mortal of the local universe of his sovereign domain. Regardless of the level of comprehension that many mortals had of his mission on Urantia, he nevertheless became their role model and inspiration.

"Great is indeed the love that the sovereign of this local universe feels for each and every single one of his creatures, for it is true that he loves them as much as the Universal Father loves all of His children in the entire grand universe. As a demonstration of this love that Jesus always shows for his creatures living in this greatly afflicted but nevertheless special sphere, number 606 of the local system of Satania, in a very short time he will be fulfilling the promise that he made some 2000 years ago to those with whom he spent his time with while in the flesh. He will return to Urantia in glory and exhibiting the same incredibly charismatic and loving personality that endeared so many mortals to him on this sphere so long ago.

"However, before this promise to return can be fulfilled, the Avonal Son of Paradise known as Monjoronson, who will be accompanied by a team of Melchizedek teachers and a good number of other celestial personalities specially selected to assist him; all will appear on this sphere in a physical body. This is so that nobody will misunderstand that Monjoronson is here to mend what has been broken for so long and to bring the love of the Universal Father in a very tangible way to all. Monjoronson will demonstrate how Father's infinite love and mercy can rescue a world that otherwise would have been lost to evil.

"When Michael of Nebadon finally arrives on this world, thanks to Monjoronson's ministry and that of his team, the mortals of this sphere will be prepared to truly appreciate Michael's return and the meaning of such and unusual event. Consider yourself incredibly honored to witness his return as the extraordinary event that it will be; the greatest gift of love to his children of this beloved world of his seventh and final bestowal mission, the jewel of his universe, Urantia."