2012-05-20-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Assumptions

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Unknown, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris




Unknown: [Mark] Good morning my friends, it is my pleasure once again to inject myself into your conversation as it were. This morning I particularly enjoyed the idea of the jigsaw puzzle and how you managed to thread the pieces and assemble a few, and these pieces become your beginning island if you will, from where you start. As you work through the pieces contained in the gigantic jigsaw puzzle you at one time focused on pieces of a certain color or pieces of a certain shape that you may put together and assimilate into the greater picture. But as time goes on, your interests and focus change because what you are looking for [also] changes. The color you need next changes, the shape you need next [changes] also.

And so as you go through this gigantic assembly process, having settled yourself and determined that all pieces belong, it then behooves you in the process to narrow your focus and group together those items you can determine belong together. This is what assumptions are. This is what brings you to the level of assumption. You recognize that all pieces that have one straight edge are perimeter pieces; you make this assumption that they all belong together, that they fit somehow. You may not be able to see the great variation in color and texture sitting together but you recognize that all the pieces that are perimeter pieces must somehow work together. This assumption makes you prevail in the intention of seeing how and where these pieces apply in your project.

You are taking on faith this great assumption that all pieces with a straight edge belong on the perimeter somewhere, but you are proven to be correct, your assumption has been borne out in experience. This then serves to reinforce your assumption for next time when you tackle a similar project. You will immediately begin to operate on the principles that have been established in your assumption. So, there is a very positive and helpful dimension to having made a determination and an assumption and sticking to it because many times this will prove to be the correct course. The danger may lie in an assumption running so deep that anything which contradicts this assumption, is in the realm of to never be considered.

Now what if, as part of this unique jigsaw puzzle that you are working on, it is not designed in the exact same way as all the other jigsaw puzzles you've ever had experience with? What if this jigsaw puzzle that you are working on has straight lines that intersect throughout the fabric of this puzzle? And so instantly you are confronted with the challenge to accept that not all straight pieces or pieces with a straight edge must conform to being on the outside perimeter. Now, you may never have encountered such a jigsaw puzzle as I describe but, that does not infer whether it exists or not, merely that you may never have encountered it.

So for now, it is normal that one operates on certain basic premises and the true seeker will be greatly served by their willingness to stand on these premises, but to be discerning enough to look for amendments if you will, to these premises; cases in point where the theory is proved faulty to the degree that exceptions are found and included. This does not make the theory warrantless; the theory stands until a greater theory replaces it. Your assumptions may stand until your observations provide you with greater experience from which your assumptions may grow to accommodate.

On the one hand, your assumptions serve you well and on the other hand, the hand which calls for great spiritual expansion and growth, it may serve as an unnecessary boundary or condition on your experience which will need examination. Truly it was wisely said that the best posture to enter into the kingdom of heaven is that of the attitude of a child, open to formulating his opinion, open to establishing his conditions, willing to adapt his understanding to accommodate all that he encounters. The willingness to see it through fresh eyes is what keeps the spiritual seeker young.

So build well your experiences and have your assumptions. Recognize them as such and be ever willing to stand atop them and search for amendments to your assumptions, an increased capacity to your assumptions. Just as it is with your spiritual awareness in general, what you pray for most effectively is an increased capacity, not more to bring in but the capacity to bring more in. That's what you can provide to your assumptions in life, to your expectations in life, is this willingness to consider them with an open mind and not necessarily take for granted that it is the way it appears, but allow that it may be much more than it appears.

Thank you for providing the context and substance for this discussion this morning. I appreciate the opportunity and will now allow this forum for use by others, thank you.

Unknown: [Henry] Greetings this morning, it is good to be here to share in the discussion in some minor capacity to offer a little of my assumptions to the discussion. It seems that as humans, you all, as you are observing things, observe them differently. This is a natural way that observation exists in the mind. No two people will see the exact same thing and when two people begin to see the same thing in something, there is a connection, there is a reference, there is an open line of communication. But for the most part, no two people will see or observe things exactly the same. Each will have noticed some particular minute detail that they were paying attention to because when you are observing something it is always greater than the act of observing that which you observe. Therefore it follows, you are also formulating in your own mind what you did observe and how you did observe it. You begin to have assumptions about what it is you have observed, how you may observe it, and what you may choose to do about implementing these observations.

In this analogy of the jigsaw puzzle, which is a really good analogy, there are many ways to look at this. For example, you could look at it as [if] all of the pieces are blank, all of the pieces to the spiritual puzzle are the same color, their shape is the only distinction and the way that these pieces fit together are even more peculiar because these pieces can change as you begin to come into contact with another piece. It will instantly reveal a connection to you and all of these different pieces and all of these different connections begin to create a context, a scaffold in which to better understand the nature of life in which you are caught up living, this spiritual life which you are grasping for.

In a certain sense it is like there is no right and there is no wrong, there is just what is. Your intention and decision and motivation can help to change what is and yet you set about carving in stone as humans, what is right and what is wrong, what is correct and what is incorrect, when all the time you live in an imperfect universe where things are correcting. They are in the process and in the actuality of becoming more correct, more perfect, more harmonious and more synchronous. The true great beauty in your lives is that you hail from a tremendously fractured planet where the ideals have been smashed to smithereens, that you can actually start from scratch and piece together in your assumptions, a context of greater reality. You have to also assume that the reality in which you are living may be your great reality in this moment until at some point this reality changes for you because everything is always changing.

The universes of time and space are designed to forever change and they are forever changing in order that the possibility some aspect of this created reality may shift, transform, and change to accommodate a greater reflection of peace, beauty, goodness, and love. While it is true that most human intellectual thought is based on assumption. Spiritual Paradise principles are not based on assumptions. Love is real, goodness is real, truth and beauty are real. True, you may have assumptions or beliefs about them but in their actuality, they are absolute and even in this level of time and space recognition, these absolute realities can be experienced.

It is true that for the most part you live in your assumptions, that there are moments apart from these assumptions in which you can experience an absolute reality, that you can gravitate towards assuming that these absolute realities can be harnessed within your being and your psyche, in your behavior, in your social structure, that they can be embedded and implemented even here and now in this life that exists for you.

You shouldn't think of assumptions as something negative for assumptions hail from the shores of Paradise where in the presence of the Universal Father and His abode, there ceases to exist assumption and you begin to experience complete and absolute perfect reality, undistorted by any evolutionary thought. So in this sense, it is always important to stay in the flow of possibility and not so much into the rigidness of actuality for it possible that at some point, the actuality that exists here will actually represent and reflect a greater aspect of absolute resource of truth, beauty, goodness, peace, justice, love and respect.

Thank you for allowing me to share these few words, have a great week, thank you.

Unknown: [Cathy] Many times our assumptions are partially correct but lead us in a direction of error. In our daily life, we operate on a view of the world that rests upon assumptions, which may not support a larger and more active pursuit of a fruitful life on this world. It is for this reason that a request is made for each assumption to be examined from a point of values supported and the growth that is encouraged. Many erroneous assumptions were injected into the world consciousness during the rebellion and its aftermath. It was a corruption of the divine pattern that was implemented by conscious decision of the rebellious one. As part of the correcting time it will be necessary for assumptions to be examined and the foundations of organizations to be evaluated. We are at a point where the existing structure of world society is in deterioration and an opportunity exists to take the sustainable values and assumptions and create a more solid foundation for future development. You as individuals and as small groups will provide a service if you actively engage with your assumptions.


LIght: [Mark] LIght here with a small contribution to add to this pool of understanding. You are probably all familiar with the statement based in so much truth, that being: "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." That speaks to the power of intention and the power of conviction in the mind. I would invite you to substitute the term assume: "Whether you assume you can or whether you assume you can't, you are largely right." Your assumption directs your intention and your intention is key in this process.

So be on guard that your assumption is largely responsible for steering your intention so that you are not so strictly confined by your assumption as to stifle any intention. I will suggest that you recall that your assumptions are all formed on previous life experiences, your encounters with realities you've had which go to form these assumptions. But, there is another aspect to growth and that is, in order to grow in places where you have not grown, you have to encounter and do and accept things that you have not encountered before. It is required that new steps be taken and new actions be taken in order for you to acquire to yourself the new awareness and understandings.

So let your assumptions guide you to edge of the voyage, let your assumptions prepare you for what you assume you will find and what will be out there and use your assumptions of a positive journey ahead of you to guide and steer you and then once you have embarked on your journey, back off of your assumptions and allow the truth, the beauty, and the goodness that is out there to present itself free of your assumptions for your new interpretation and your new modification that you will bring to your assumptions of life. This is how your assumptions may help you in getting you ready and preparing you for the voyage, bolstering you with the faith and courage to take the voyage and then proceed on your journey as a child proceeds in his new learning environment in life, willing to embrace it all and bring it all in and allow it to impress upon you its true value and worth. Such experiences inevitably condition a new awareness and a new and greater set of assumptions about reality and truth.


Thank you for the opportunity to share these words with you. I bid you all have a good week, good-bye.