2012-05-26-Free Will is Paramount

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Topic: Free Will is Paramount

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “While personality is one of the most difficult universe phenomena to be defined or explained, it is possible to know what its basic vehicle for expression is: the human will. Will, in evolutionary creatures is a product of the adjutant spirits’ ministry and can be found in several gradations elsewhere in the universes of time and space, always according to the level of evolution. However, when in a world human will evolves sufficiently to acquire a purposeful consciousness and moral status, it always prompts for the reception of a bona-fide personality -- this being an exclusive endowment from the Paradise Father. God’s purpose in giving personality to His creatures is to allow them to fully share and enjoy the perfection of His plans for this Universe of universes. In exchange He Himself shares our experiences in time and space through the Supreme Being and His Spirit Fragments.

“It is almost impossible to adequately emphasize the universal importance of human will. Let us just say that moral will is paramount, anytime and anywhere. Although the Infinite and Almighty God expresses Himself even impersonally, His personality and will attributes are the very source of all that is, because He is the great “I AM”, the source and center of all. Will and personality turn God’s creatures into individuals with total autonomy. There is no will, but free will. God grants personality to His myriad creatures, and in doing so, He makes them potential partners in His caring for Creation; He gives them total personal free will. No one is to interfere with the exercise of free will by His creatures, even if they choose against the will of their very Creator.

“Will is paramount, and any will-creature may choose to do or reject the will of God; that is, to follow or decline to follow the path of perfection the Creator directed us to follow when He proclaimed: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” He even gives a Fragment of Himself, the Spirit Within, to guide us on the way, ever saying: “This is the way, walk in it.” Notwithstanding, any human being can refuse to do His will, and may choose to cease to exist as a will creature in the Father’s Universe -- and if this is such a creature’s wish, it will be granted, to be their loss, because personal will is paramount.

“On that distant but certain day, the will of God will be done in the universes of time and space, as it is now done on Paradise, and the supernal glory of God will fill all the universes ‘as the waters cover the oceans.’ On that glorious day, all creatures high and low, in all worlds of all universes, will know that the most paramount will of all is the will of God.


“I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher, glad to once more exchange thoughts with you. Call on me --any time -- and my thoughts will be with you.”