2012-05-28-Conspiracy of Thought Adjusters

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Topic: Conspiracy of Thought Adjusters

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: Daniel Raphael



BZUTU: Greetings, my friends, this is Bzutu, ABC 22, Chief of the Midwayers. (Welcomed by the group.) It is a pleasure to be with you. I will be here occasionally, but not frequently. I have striven several times to get this one’s attention, to bring this topic to the fore, for exposure to our readers. As you are aware there are now many thousands of midwayers here on your world to assist in this process, to more directly make contact between the celestial realms and the mortals of this world. I wish to share with you some insights that I have gathered over the many tens of thousands of years that I have been on your planet in this capacity. Having experienced many eras of human activity and the expansion of population on your world, and the ups and downs of civilizations, their appearance and disappearance, the rise of spiritual and religious groups and their demise as well. We have observed on occasion evidence of the Father’s work, and when I say, “the Father’s work,” I mean the First Source and Center’s work through the Thought Adjusters, the God-presence within each individual, that gift of Divinity that is given to everyone, whether they believe in God or not.

We have observed through/over long eras of time, a wave of change in whole societies due to reasons that are inexplicable, which have no apparent reason for occurring from any intervention on our part, or from those of the Planetary Management and Administration. We believe that this is the influence of the Thought Adjusters, who have somehow coordinated their efforts to bring about a desired result. I bring this to your attention now, because there seems to be what I would call a “benevolent conspiracy of Thought Adjusters” across your world who are working in many hundreds of thousands of individuals, actively, to the ends which are similar to those of Christ Michael, your local universe Creator. We do not have direct contact with Thought Adjusters; we have influence from them, however, and we note their appearance not by their presence, but by their activities, which occur in unison by some coordination of their own.

The end product is that your world is being influenced by its ultimate and original First Source and Center, the Creator of all. Without any direct evidence, as such, this is in addition to the overt conscious and deliberate actions of your local Creator, Christ Michael, and through the Planetary Administration and Management. This tells us that your world is being guided uniformly through several levels, and that you are participants in this with your Thought Adjusters, as you have the capacity to be simply aware that you have the God-presence within you. The assistance and work of your Thought Adjuster is much more effective when you have declared the conscious intentions of being of assistance to your Thought Adjuster, both for the spiritual up-liftment of your own life, and that of your family, your community and your world. When you do this, you have given overt permission to your Thought Adjuster to engage you more actively and pragmatically in the affairs of your world. As you know, there has been deliberate and conscious efforts by many global cultural creatives to up-lift the consciousness of your world for its conscious evolution. This is wonderful! This gives the prospect of greater influence by Thought Adjusters, a much wider field of influence.

Further, this tells you and tells us that you are not alone; that we are not alone. That tells us that the God-presence within individuals is not inert and only solely effective to the work and up-liftment of an individual, but that there is a coordinative conspiracy going on among the Thought Adjusters of Urantia to assist in this world’s improvement.


This is Chief Bzutu; I salute you and hail you with a good day. Good day.