2012-06-12-Finding the Ultimate in Security

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Topic: Finding the Ultimate in Security

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: “It could be said that humankind evolved to be the top predator amongst all predators that existed on our world. Someone said just that, and I am merely repeating his words as I bring you a message from Chief Bzutu, who is elsewhere occupied right now. This is Sharmon, one of the prettiest and best-dressed Midwayer Messengers that calls you two her beloved friends.”

George: “Please congratulate Bzutu on his promotion.”

Sharmon: “Later, my friend. Right now just keep recording what I have to say. This lesson is about fear and making safe. It is about security.


“The most important and yet deleterious aspect of your primitive emotions was, and still is, fear. Fear caused you to roll large stones in front of your caves’ entrances to keep you safe from bears and cats and human marauders, even cannibals. However, fear of non-existent dangers also caused you to sacrifice some of your very kin, deplete your tribal numbers and actually make you less secure. Fear is what caused you to build palisades around your villages, and high walls around your castles and towns to feel secure within your shelters.

“Even today we note high steel fences, the upright members of which resemble spears or lances. And even the production of atomic fall-out shelters is again on the increase – such fear! So why is there no attempt to placate the other parties, also armed to the teeth with your most unmentionably barbaric of nuclear devices. Talk! Negotiate for a win-win situation to make yourself safe with those that are armed as well as you are, and guarantee reciprocal obliteration to any belligerent party. So much for your need for security and shelter!

“The most ill-begotten offspring of fear is greed…” (Here followed a lengthy interruption to the above typing).

Sharmon: “(Hours later) OK, let us proceed by recording the remainder. This is Sharmon, happy to be back with you again.

“Fear gives birth to greed. It is advantageous to preserve seed corn and grain for the next season. It is profitable to dry some fish in the sun for the next day, when the catch may not be great. Soon mankind learns to barter for what it needs with what others want. Not long after currency comes into vogue, and shells or the tusks of wild pigs will buy almost anything a tribe may require. To have many shells or many tusks brings security, or does it? Before long a coinage is struck, and mankind creates the ability to trade far and wide.

“Ever-present fear makes for individuals to collect more, and more coins, producing a shortage for others, and all of this in the name of security. Fear of being without, makes for this search for security. Exaggerated fear makes for the accumulation of great wealth for those who work hard, for those who are greatly talented, for those who are brilliant in manipulation, and for those who just must have at all cost – the predatory -- leaving many with insufficient goods when this world is adequately provided and all could live well-cared-for lives.

“Deep down fear makes one search for security, but security is never quite achieved. As fear turned to greed, greed turned into a fear of loss, and individuals, tribes and nations arm themselves to defend a privileged status. What a waste of effort, coins, shells, and tusks!

“It is here that I remind you to consider more clearly, to consider more actively, frequently, the fact that you all can make a life of better decisions by asking for advice. And the best adviser, the greatest mind you will ever encounter, is your Thought Adjuster, living right inside of you. In owning great quantities of material goods, security will always elude you. In your cooperation with the Gift from God who lives within you, you’ll find the ultimate in security.


“To answer your question now, Chief Bzutu has not been promoted. He is still in charge of the (two) original groups. I thank you for your attention. I wish you Adieu. This is your messenger, Sharmon, loving you both ever so much.”

George: “Thank you both.”