2012-06-28-Lightline TeaM

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Topic: This Age

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Inner Voice

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father/Mother God, thank you for this life and this opportunity you have given us to know you more personally, to have an experience of you in our actual lives. We thank you for this circle of friendship, this energetic connection which we now hook up to the presence of your spirit. We thank you.



Michael: Greetings my friends, it is I, Michael here as your friend, brother, as your Creator and as one who intimately shares your nature, having myself lived a life as you do so now on this planet. I know there is tremendous sorrow on your world. There is tremendous grief and regret. In times like this a large amount of the population of the world are turning inward and their prayers are prayers of hope, prayers of sorrow, frustration. I cannot help but think that part of my spiritual agency had something to do with meddling in the affairs of this planet and creating part of the havoc that exists today.

Even though I came here personally to show you that even on a world like this it was possible to walk upright. I myself experienced a tremendous amount of sorrow, especially in the final days of my life on this planet. Part of my sorrow was that no matter what I did, I was not able to move the lethargic consciousness which was in place on your planet. Like all Creator Sons, I sent my spirit to always be here with you, to guide you, to act as a comforter, a Spirit of Truth, a spirit which when men are in doubt, would show the way to a better way of living.

Recently in this age a tremendous amount of effort was put into your country to make this country great for the purpose of bringing peace and prosperity into the world, then again, so much for good intentions. We still shower you with love, we still present opportunity and we still are making an effort at seeing more growth in the nature of your souls, more truth in your lives and ultimately, with the Father in the middle of all things. We do intend to help you bring peace to this world. It is easy to see from a vantage point how an incorrect upbringing can really play havoc in a later age, in a later time, especially a time when you are more focused on the consequences of your actions.

I feel for all of the people on this planet. I love all of you the same and there is nothing greater in my heart than the feeling that if you would but begin to try to love one another and understand that which you do not understand, to be able to accept humanness, that you would fare better as a planet full of people, that everyone would have the opportunity to benefit for living their live on this planet. Yet, we did initiate this life, we have helped guide this life and we sincerely intend to continue in this venture no matter what you do.

The Father has a gigantic storehouse of mercy and compassion and love. The idea is to receive this mercy and compassion yourself and in turn, take another and show them compassion and mercy, a little love. True, it takes a lot of people and a lot of consciousness to reach a threshold and you keep upping the ante, you keep adding more and more and more people to the planet and the threshold grows larger and larger and still we intend that all of you will help to pull in a greater consciousness, to bring in more joy, more laughter, more prosperity.

My friends, do not choose to live in fear. Though fear is prevalent, though many in this world live in a police state, this is not the ideal intention for this planet. This planet was intended as a garden, a beautiful garden in which beautiful people would multiply and enjoy this wonderful life on this wonderful planet that has been given to them, that you would take the time to go within and find the gift which is hidden inside and that you would begin to move towards a feeling to grow and educate the population with the message of my gospel, the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

It is still a viable option for this planet. Actually, it is one of the few options still left available which is open to bring Light and Life, to bring a greater consciousness and a greater awareness of the living Fatherhood of God and the living brotherhood of men. There have been many people who have sojourned here and have gone forward and we hear many regrets, not being able to have done more when the opportunity was right. My friends, don't let the opportunity pass you by. Stand up to righteousness, stand up for peace and bring all of this into a loving space and help that greater awareness and consciousness grow, not by preaching to people and inundating them with quotes and slogans, just show them by living your life, living your life as if you cared and loved people, to be able to stand in a healthy neutral and balanced stance in a spiritual grounded-ness, in an understanding and knowing-ness of the reality of the Universal Father and of the aspect of His Spirit which lives within you as your real self.

Correcting Time

I have put in place a tremendous amount of spirit manpower to attend to the human needs on this planet. Though the growth is slow and shaky, we know in your hearts it is certain as it is certain in our hearts and in our minds, in every function that we partake in it is certain, that the light and truth of my spirit will truly rule this planet and bring it into a more enlightened dimension.

So I am completely empathic with your sense of sorrow, your feelings of frustration. Know that I am with you at all times if it is in spirit and know that all of your effort is not lost. Know that you must acquire patience and a greater understanding in this patience, that everything that I am telling you will come to pass. It seems that the greater portion of our work is just beginning. It seems that we are entering into a state of awareness, we are turning a curve, a conscious curve, that all over the world people are having a sense of a shared equality, of a shared nature. There is a growing sense that everything on the planet is meant for all of the people on the planet, that all were meant to share in a life of love, a life of giving, understanding.

You cannot teach a child one thing and then expect it to do something else. It can only do what you teach it to do and the intentions of living my life on this planet was to show you of the possibility even here of something greater. It is not a notion and it is not an ideal but it is certain and it is hard work, yet we are all patient, gently urging and nudging you towards that which you must encounter to grow. When you keep making the wrong choices, it gets more and more difficult, and this is for certain. You cannot live an artificial life with artificial truths, you can only live a real life with real truth and understanding.

The realities of your world are pressing in on all sides. You are the hands and the mouth of spirit. You are here in our place doing our work, your work, helping in your own understanding and in your own methods. So we do not judge you, we just try to initiate you to act and in this act, we are certain that you will choose the greater path, not necessarily the quickest shortcut but the greater path to truth and reality. So there are tremendous examples on your world of goodness, of compassion and the sense of peace. Continue to connect with each other on these levels. Continue to serve the greater good and know that we are with you. We are just a thought away.

Go in peace my friends, make the most of the opportunities at hand, thank you.

Thought, Decision

Inner Voice: This is the Inner Voice, the still small voice of that which is within all of you, here to augment the notion that what you feel inside and how you think is tremendously real. It controls everything in your life. It controls your circumstances, opportunities, grace. It is not just the choices you make but true when your thinking is focused on a greater understanding of who you are and what needs to be done. It is difficult to make the wrong choice. All choices lead to a truth, even if that truth is that you have not made a correct choice that you could have chosen either in a different category or made a better choice. But nonetheless, all choices are important to growth. Mistakes are just as important as success, for after each, either a mistake or a success, you must continue on with your life and you must continue to grow. Success helps you to understand that you are moving in a correct direction. Mistakes show you that you need to change direction.

There is much concern at this time about the capacity of the mind to heal, to heal the body in which you live, to heal the situation in which you find yourself, and to help send healing energy to others. Yes, all of this is rooted and augmented in the mind. Health is first and foremost a concept, an idea, and it is in the mind. It translates into the body and into life by how you think, the decisions you make and how you live. Every once in a while you run into some genetic deficiency in your own understanding. This is just the way that life was organized for you. It was not meant to be perfect, it was just meant to function correctly. There is a difference.

It was designed that life would continuously provide hurdles, to provide things that you do not fully understand and to create situations that you would find yourselves in a tremendously creative aspect to be able to solve the situation you are in, whether you are a person, a family, a small town, a city or a nation. The outworking of the whole is no greater than the output of the individual. The inner joy, the inner peace, the happiness which you may perchance experience in your life is a result, not a formula. It is a result of how you think, how you live, the decisions you make and what you do or do not do, how much control you actually do have over yourself.

Know that it is possible to have complete control over yourself. When you can understand having complete control over yourself, you can understand what being real is because complete control insures that you have a greater understanding and that you are exercising the human ability to listen within and to find ways and the means to control that which you must bring in order to have a more peaceful, more prosperous and a happier life.

I know it is not a popular notion that you can actually have a relationship with the Spirit Within, that you can actually have a meaningful and personal experience with an aspect of God. There is no formula for this. There is just the chance that the spirit living inside of you and the mind inside of your head will make contact, develop an awareness and understanding, and the spirit within will begin to show in your mind what it is you must do to correct the situation in your life to make them greater. Know that as spirit, we must support everything you do, even if we do not necessarily agree because you are sovereign in your own mind. We would never inadvertently interfere. Yes, we would try to correct you, we would do everything in our power to help you understand and see what it is you are doing but we respect the sovereignty of your will. Therein is the catch of the universe, the sovereignty of the human will, almost like the wild card or a joker, if you may, having the ability to trump a situation.

Continue to bring love and peace in your life. Begin to exhibit more fruits of the spirit. Take care of those of my children who are in need. What greater gift than allowing another the true gift of life, allowing another an opportunity which maybe you did not have. Dare to have an intimate relationship with your Inner Spirit, not necessarily in a bold way but in a purely personal way. Believe in the possibility for greatness, for peace. Believe that all good things are for all people, and know that one day, all souls will reunite as one in my abode within the eternal future. Know that the whole of the universe was created just for you to experience, a time to give expression to life in the flesh.


I thank you. I love you. Go in peace.