2012-07-05-Agondonters, Spiritual Vitamins

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Topic: Agondonters, Spiritual Vitamins

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, and all of those who listen to these expressions and petitions. Thank you for your presence in our life, for your graciousness, tolerance and affection, as well as the opportunity to ascend in so many things -- we have no idea how many things are in store for us.

Help us muddle through our human experience and be with us this evening as we aspire to gain insight into something that will contribute to making our life here more meaningful, our service more effusive and our relationships more communal.

In the name of our beloved master, Michael, we pray. Amen.

MICHAEL: This is Michael, listening in on your petitions, supplications, and praise to Our Father. I share with you these expressions of hope and deliverance. Nebadonia and I are at work in our realm, aspiring for those selfsame things for our universe as you do for yours – not just Urantia but for the universe of your lives, the existence that you present through your personality.


Objectives, Moment

Each one of you are dynamic little universes, starting out as a mass of matter and gases with tremendous potential; you come up through your early years foraging and forming your character through the influences around you; you attain the age of emancipation and begin making decisions that will enlarge and expand the universe of your making; and you learn to get along with those other personal universes of reality that swarm around you, each of you seeking your own orbit, sometimes temporarily colliding, but always aligning yourself once more to the divine will and finding your way back into your cosmic niche, eventually and gradually to attain what we might allude to as a state of light and life, where you are able to function alone and with others in relative peace and harmony. And we know this by observing the tranquility that exudes from your vortex and the larger vortex that is created by the synergy of all of you together seeking these selfsame values for yourself and for others. In this way we will eventually and gradually establish light and life in your sector, in the constellations, and even our/my universe will become replete.

We are all working toward the same goals. We will be at it for some time. So when you feel you are behind the times, unduly retarded because of your long-time quarantine, be assured you have time, you have opportunity, you will have all the counseling you need to recover, reconnect, and reconvene re-encircuited. There are wondrous days ahead for you, my children, but none more exciting, viable, real and important for you than the one you live today. Today is the day you learn the lessons, have the experience that will carry you into tomorrow. No amount of impatience – either pushing yourself or pushing others – will make it go any faster.

In fact, pushing often has the opposite effect. It is far better for you to relax into the pattern of perfection as it is revealed to you here in the worlds of time and space and modify yourself to fit that pattern instead of insisting that the divine will adapt to you. It is the most difficult thing, it seems, to quell your enthusiasm. Indeed we wouldn’t want to because it is from this enthusiasm that you are inclined to forge ahead and experience and make mistakes and learn from them and proceed therefrom, wiser universe citizens.


The farther personalities are from the First Source and Center, the more inclined they are to become impatient, and this is appropriate; this is why you are children of faith, and why some few of you on the worlds of time and space are agondonters. You cannot see the end from the beginning. Sometimes you cannot see a thing, and yet you persevere, and this is very important experience. It is a rare opportunity indeed to be an agondonter. In your vernacular it would be like someone having the opportunity to go to West Point or Julliard. It is the best training ground, the best school. It may look depleted and sorrowful from your perspective, but take the father view. Lift up and let the Adjuster work with you.

Indeed, work with your Adjuster to see just how beauteous your world is, and again I don’t just mean your world Urantia, but the world of your own making, your own very existence, which has come about as a result of your decisions. You have, of course, influences like the racial composition, the societal conditioning, the health factors, background, religious training and so forth, but given all that you’ve been given, you have made choices. Sometimes you have made mistakes, sometimes grave error, but you have learned, or at least proven willing to try again. This experience is so very important for you and it will serve you not only today but throughout eternity. You are being made, and you are participating in your own making. And your efforts contribute to my efforts to manage, supervise and cultivate Nebadon.

What a nice name for a place, don’t you think?

I am glad to have an opportunity to spend some time with you. I didn’t intend to come in and monopolize the evening’s meeting. I just felt it was an opportune moment and I am glad I took the time. I know you sometimes grow very weary. You become discouraged. You doubt. And I am glad for those of you who rally and rise up to serve again.

Be in my peace. Farewell.

Aspiration, Attainment

0802-AB JACK here. Wasn’t that fun? I so love it when I get to be the liaison between the mortal realm and the Master Son, as well as – well, I have my favorites, you know. It’s just such an opportunity to be exposed to their spirits, their graciousness, their authority, their undying affection. There are so many qualities that are so impressive and, as your next of kin, as it were, I feel quite inadequate by comparison. But I have been assured that this is appropriate; this sense of smallness is a good thing. We will have time enough later to have occasions of greatness that will be celebrated, certain accomplishments, certain milestones such as fusion and other lesser holidays and jubilees but still very worthy of attempting to attain.

The funny thing about it is that as we reach for those opportunities and aspire to enjoy them, as all children do on this world, they want to grow up to be president or a movie star or rich or have many children or drive a snazzy car or have a summer house on the islands, all these wonderful mortal goals, temporal goals, are somehow translated into the spirit realm as if to say, “Oh, when I grow up I want to be a--.” Well, Gerdean wants to grow up to be an associate of the ancients of days, a secretary perhaps, a clerk, just to be around their judicious wisdom. And there are those who want to grow up to be part of the pageants that are put on by the celestial artisans and historians.

There are many roles that can be played in your eternal career. Yes, there are those who want to sit on the Council of 24. So many aspirations and ambitions are typical of young mortals, or I should say mortals young in their universe career. These kinds of lures work well to impel you to read and study and apply yourself so that you might actually attain these goals, but even so, the real work is here and now and I am never hesitant to remind my mortal cousins of this fact because this is where we are, this is where the effort is needed.

Urantia, Light

It seems there are a lot of people lamenting, these days, their helplessness, thinking that the hierarchy of divinity is going to see us in our plight and do something about it above and beyond the normal course of evolution. This too is something you might expect from an isolated world like ours. Just as children will hope someone will come bail them out or fix it when they find themselves in dire straits: they can’t tie their shoelace, they can’t figure out algebra; they can’t figure out how to work the computer; they have trouble with a relationship. These situations that are frustrating to you are what you’re supposed to be grappling with. You are right on time.

The planet too is right on time, all things considered. It’s interesting, don’t you think, watching the effects of certain causes come about? I don’t know that it’s my job to lecture you on this kind of thing but it certainly is an interest I share with you. I see many who are under the thumb of lesser powers. You want to call them the ‘cabal.’ You want to call them the ‘illuminati.’ You want to talk politics. It all boils down to the same thing. You want to know how we can be effective in making this world a better place. What can we do to help? And when we feel frustrated in our efforts, we want to know, “Who is going to fix it then?”

Well, I’ve been kind of asking this question for about 37,000 years now. We’ve been waiting for you! Really! We have been waiting for evolution to catch up. We were so thrilled. We were so thrilled to learn that the Urantia Papers were being planned, to be delivered, so that you would have a textbook, so that you would have an idea of what was going on, where you were in terms of the universe, in terms of your own history. What a gift that revelation has been to this world and it is only now beginning to illuminate the globe. You are some of those lights. You cannot help but shine your lights. They are inherent in your Adjuster, which is acknowledged by you.

The very acknowledgement of your own connection to divinity results in a cosmic light, and when you allow that light to shine you don’t even have to say anything. When you allow that light to shine, others are affected by it. You don’t know this? You don’t believe this? Give it a go. Observe. Watch and see what happens when you take your god-consciousness out into the arena and have a one-on-one contact with a total stranger. See how they react to you. Do they look you in the eye or do they avert the eye so that they do not have to see that Fragment that lives within you that is looking out at them? Or do they appear friendly, and offer a handshake or a smile or a nod of the head as if to indicate, “I see you in there”?

“I see you. You are alive and well.” You give them hope by doing that. This, of course, is the lesson of Teacher Will, from the beginning. Smile on them. Make their day. There are so many people who are so crabby, so disgruntled, so impatient, so fearful, so much in pain -- and have been for so long it has become habitual. A well-timed smile such as when you deliver it can make all the difference. It may be the answer to their prayer. It may suddenly feel as though God has smiled on them. This is like when Jesus conferred with people. They came away from those conversations renewed. Their lives were changed by the simple things he spoke to them. You can do the same thing. It doesn’t take much.

I’ve been told that the Life Carriers have built you to certain specifications. It, your body, knows what it is, what it needs, and if you’ve worn it out or depleted some element, you can take a supplement for a short period of time. Your body will go, “Oh, yes! I remember that! I need that! I’d better manufacture some of that in myself,” and suddenly your body is functioning better because it remembered what it needed. The same thing can happen with people. They forget. They get in the habit of doing without that which is essential. Your smile can be the daily minimum requirement of acknowledgment that they need to keep going, that will awaken them to their own spirit that can then lead them forward.

The trick, the challenge, is to not succumb yourself to the vagaries of the human existence, but to keep your God contact, your god-consciousness alive and well through daily conversations with the Source and Center that will renew you and create in you a clean heart so that what you emote, what you emit, is life-giving, encouraging. There is nothing new in this lesson, in my words, but that they are given on a different day and they are food for today.

I have fed you a vitamin, but there is more meat. Do you have questions? There are other entities in the vicinity also who might participate if given the opportunity. We have several minutes, a quarter of an hour perhaps, time to visit another universe. If you want to participate, push star six; that will open the channel between us. [pause]

Gerdean wants to know where Charles is this evening. He had been visiting regularly for some time and now it seems we’ve reverted back to the midwayer Jack, but I don’t have an answer for that. It might have to do with the 4th of July holiday. Maybe he’s gone on vacation. Perhaps he has gone somewhere to celebrate his freedom from these travails and perhaps there is other important work for him to be engaged in. There are very few slackers in this mission or in any extension of this mission. You and we are infused with an endless supply of dynamism. It may need to be modified to suit the moment, or the vehicle, but it is there none-the-less at our disposal. Are there questions or comments? [pause]

It seems not. Shall I sign off or shall we see if there is someone who would like to participate in the time we have remaining. It’s your program.

Mark: I would just like to comment on what a great lesson it was. It feels like a vitamin. It feels instantly nourishing. Applicable.

JACK: Wonderful!

Mark: So thank you.


JACK: You’re welcome. It feels so good to serve the spirit. Is this not service to the spirit? Have I done anything? Not really. The spirit has done it all, the spirit that is in me, that comes from Paradise, works its way through the channels and out into the arena where I work and finds you and infuses itself with your spirit which picks it up and runs with it. You see, the spirit has done all the work. We have been passengers. Participants, yes, but ‘the yoke is easy and the burden is light.’ If it were ego – the negative definition of ego – if it were self-serving, a self-serving process, no one would feel better, no one would have anything to think about, no one would be connected to their Source, there would be no resolution, no attempt; there would be continued oppression and depression and hopelessness.

By opening the mortal end of the channel, we open the opportunity for the divine spirit to come into action. We give God permission to act, to be, and He then gives us the opportunity to express Himself through us because we have gotten out of the way. It’s not all about me. It’s about the spirit! Life itself! Creativity! Giving of oneself in service. It doesn’t even necessarily boil down to fixing supper, washing the car, writing a book, getting a degree. Those are things you do not who you are.

Who you are is a vehicle for the spirit to operate through so as to shine a divine light and illuminate the realm, ultimately leading the way into light and life and beyond. And God certainly does benefit from your cooperation. The Supreme is being created by your efforts – or should I way by God’s efforts through you – one day to become an even greater aspect of divinity, far beyond our understanding. Let us be content with our mortal greatness, our miniature greatness, our microcosm of greatness and let this greatness be also good. Good, nourishing, comforting, encouraging, joyous, meaningful, appropriate, cooperative, all those qualities that are of the nature of God.

We saw them in operation in Jesus when he walked here, when he lived here and taught here. We’ll not soon forget how it appeared to us, how he appeared to others, the effect he had on people as he passed by. We hope the same for you. You have the same goals as he had. He lived this life as a human, as one of you. Aren’t we fortunate here that we had such a blessing, such a gift. If we had waited for a magisterial son to come and give us the spirit of truth, we would still be waiting, because humanity is so barbaric and warlike, there is nothing a magisterial son would have been able to do.

But I don’t want to get all bogged down in facts or history or records. I just want to rejoice at the moment, and feel satisfaction in the progress we have been able to make these past few years. And once the sun is shining, once the light is shining, we will be better able to see what is next to come for surely more will be revealed.


Well, my friends, this has been a delightful repast. I wish you good tidings for the next leg of your journey, and we’ll see you next time we have a chance. Later!