2012-07-12-Love is the Best Way, Always

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Topic: Love is the Best Way, Always

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “Hello my friends, this is Sharmon. I am one of many Midwayers on this world, and incidentally the best dressed lady in the Midway Realm. We are collectively in service to Christ Michael, our Creator Son and the Sovereign of Nebadon. I am one of His children, and a lightning-fast messenger. My full-time task is to deliver urgent messages from and to diverse personalities on Urantia. As you would say, I ‘keep things rolling.’

“I take great pleasure in what I do because I am serving others, cooperating in their lives, and as a result I also progress in my own experiential growth. A life spent in service is a pleasurable life. I very much enjoy being among you humans, for I find you – our evolutionary cousins – very interesting creatures of God. You are so imaginative, so creative, but, also, more often than not, so belligerent, destructive, and irresponsible.

“You, Valdir, asked me to say something special and helpful to all who will read my message. So here it is, my friends. The most helpful thing that you can do for yourself, and for others, is very simple and very well known to most, yet unfortunately often neglected by many. It is love, my friends. Love is what put this entire universe into motion and evolved it, and love is what will continue to move and progress it into a bright future which we all aim and work for – a wonderful future with much love in it. Love is never too much, as it fits all things, all hearts, and all lives. It is what we need most on this distressed Urantia of ours. If each one of us could make sure to show a little affection every day – both through action and attitude – it will make a big difference to the entire world.

“Evil cannot build anything. It can only destroy, but love builds lives, restores what was destroyed and lifts up the broken hearts of those who have fallen down. In the end only love is what really matters. So, my dear ones, let us show non-stop tenderness to all who cross our paths. The Father showed us the way of devotion first of all. We are all His valued children – low and high -- one big and much-treasured family. Therefore, I could not say good-bye without saying this, I love you all . . . all of Urantia humankind. Please take care of yourselves, because I want you to be around forever! That is all, my friends. Remember, love is the best and only way, always!”