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Topic: Communication

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Chief Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “I find it rather amusing you should ask me what it is I want from you, when, after all, in your silent meditation it was you who ‘linked up’ with me, called on me, made me aware. From discussions face to face, you progressed to sending messengers, posting letters and making telephone calls. You and I contend ourselves with mind-to-mind communication, and haphazard as it sometimes is – not on my part, however – we have been pleased with the results for many years.

“Even primitive humans had their essential alliances. There were small clans, then tribes. In today’s society the groupings are huge, from total inter-dependance in a family situation, to casual involvement with others as one barters, or buys and sells, and any kind of association in between. Modern mankind has an ever-increasing need for a greater circle of associates as life on the planet becomes more complex year after year.

“As the intricacies of Urantia life increase, evolve, there is a constant need for better and faster communications between those of disparate lands, languages, religions, colors and customs, not to forget about the all-importance of thoughtful communication between the sexes. This is the age of communication as well as the Time of Correction, making it ever more important both aspect of interaction are taken care of – the talking by one as well as the listening by another.

“At best, and at our own initiative, we bring you messages that are general, already well rehearsed and understood. Call it ‘Mind to mind 1-0-1’, and delivered one to one to those with whom we have a well-developed relationship. Routinely, however, we are intermediaries together with our Primary Midwayer kin, and those of the Angelic Services appointed to assist all Teachers and incidental Lecturers unable to communicate with you directly from on High.

“Whereas glitzes in communications among high orders are an absolute rarity, we are aghast by what we at times witness at a human level. And I am not here speaking about misunderstandings between humans and ourselves. My comments are directed at you alone. For all the methods of communications at your disposal, there is much more said than is heard. For all the ways you have to get your message across, the integrity of what is conveyed must improve.

“All this so very human misinformation and truth avoidance will improve, gradually and unavoidably, not in months or years, but in time by His knowing, and as one person at a time through Midwayer prompting and human endeavor learns to commune with his or her Creator, and as the ‘parts’ recover, so shall the whole be healed.


This is ABC-22, Midwayer Chief Bzutu to some, a planetary helper to many. I say Adieu.”