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Topic: Seraphic Disclosure Series 2

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Michael

TR: Ron Besser



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Human Staff(s)

The human staff for the return of Michael is chosen. They will wear the same Ring of Service as does the Monjoronson human staff.

There will be 144 mortal servants of God on the staff of Michael as there are 144 staff members on the human staff of the Magisterial Mission. Both Missions are so intertwined that either staff may be used by Michael or by Monjoronson if circumstances warrant.

Michael will wait perhaps thirty years after Monjoronson arrives to arrive upon Urantia again, but already the preparations have begun.

The last time Michael was here for any length of time was in 2004. This visit by Michael to the planet was when Manotia was informed she was going to be chief of angels at the separation ceremony on Urantia in 2004. Then Michael with his attendant staff produce the Morontia Temple blue prints for Urantia, and then proposed the changing of the guard from the old Lucifer rebellion administrative set-up, to the new dispensational set up where Luminerion would move to the heart of the planet and depart for Paradise.

That did not happen, because if you remember, Michael had a change of heart about who should be in charge of Urantia, and ordered that Monjoronson should prepare for his return sometime shortly after the Magisterial Mission began.

In the meantime, the Paradise Father held conference with Michael and his universe staff on Salvington, and proceeded to prescribe that there would be no reform on Urantia because Urantia will be declared in default for at least the third or fourth time in its relatively short existence. In this case, the Father sought the advice of others on Paradise and preferred that the Creator Son follow the joint decisions reached by the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Shortly after the beginning of 2009, Urantia was declared in default. Michael rang the last bell for Agondonters to form their own group on Urantia at that time, and placed them all in the Reserve Corp of Destiny for Agondonters where they still reside under the tutelage of Johnson Melchizedek. Johnson Melchizedek is the last of the Melchizedeks to have arrived on Urantia while it was in rebellion, and it is he who will lead the Melchizedek contingency to start the world over when Michael opens the last year of sovereignty of the present acting Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. Machiventa will vacate his post as Planetary Prince, and provide his continuing service to Urantia as one of the twelve (12) Receivers who will come to Urantia when Monjoronson arrives to start the Magisterial Mission.

Monjoronson will rule Urantia with twelve Melchizedek receivers. When Michael arrives, the Creator Son will be inaugurated as Planetary Prince, and the twelve receivers will work with him. Michael will serve as Urantia’s Planetary Prince until he leaves perhaps in as little as five years from the inaugural swearing-in ceremony, or perhaps later if circumstances require him to stay somewhat longer

The swearing-in ceremony will be officiated by none other than Machiventa Melchizedek who will lead the group in prayer and then address the Universal Father, and then press the orb of office upon the forehead of the visible Michael. Then there will be a ceremony where Monjoronson will erect a statue of the visible Michael on the land chosen to display where the ceremony has taken place, and then there will be an official welcome to Urantia to all those who may return to serve on Urantia once again.

Among those who may return will be the following itinerary of Orders once banned by name and number on Urantia, but who have served faithfully since rehabilitation has been accepted and approved by the Universal Father himself.

Among those I may make special mention of two individuals today, who are:

1) The Planetary Prince of Panoptia who will serve as a plenipotentiary Prince with

Michael. Of the thirty-seven Planetary Princes who went into rebellion with Lucifer, only two recanted and sought service in the universe of Nebadon. After mercy was extended to these two, one of them recanted his desire to further serve. The Planetary Prince who recanted his choice for rehabilitation was summarily executed only because he sought the whereabouts of Lucifer, and when he learned that Lucifer had reached the point where he could not be saved, he cast his lot with fallen System

Sovereign, and was no more.

The remaining Planetary Prince of Panoptia has since been the only Lanonandek Son

to have rebelled, sought mercy from Michael, and to have been restored to service

after one millennium of rehabilitation at Michael’s side.

2) The last seraphic angel who defected to Lanaforge’s side when he achieved control

of Jerusem some 248,000 years ago may also be mentioned. Her work has been extraordinary and she now serves at the side of Manotia, the Chief of Planetary Seraphic Services once Luminerion returns to Paradise. The last seraphim to defect to Lanaforge is none other than Loyalatia who partners with Monjoronson to perfect the human staff in their morontia duties insofar as this is possible on an evolutionary

and material sphere like Urantia.

Take heed to those who think we have made a mistake in narrating these exploits that have taken place in the last few years during your existence on earth today. We wish to advise all that the writings we have made available are yours again in greater detail when you read the future text of the second Urantia Book. Monjoronson will bring this work with him and publish it shortly after his arrival.

Role of Urantia Foundation-Second Urantia Volume

Michael: We have forthwith given every consideration as to who should receive the text of this document and will decide and announce how it is to be published upon Monjoronson’s arrival sometime this coming year. Our choice for dissemination would normally be through the Urantia Foundation, but they are considered to be well advised to continue with their work of the first URANTIA Book. That leaves others to choose for the publication of this additional volume, and the choice will be confined to the Magisterial Mission staff of 144 mortals.

It is the intention of the Magisterial Mission to coordinate the publication and printing with the Urantia Foundation in order to have a commonality of purpose between the two texts for distribution and service to those who need help in directing themselves in the study of the two text books.

Urantia Declared in Default Again

Michael: We have declared Urantia in default. [Editor’s note: The Twelve Melchizedek Receivers were announced in the ABC Summaries, Document -D-, July 2011. The list was published as follows:

(01) Malvantra
(02) Mantecha
(03) Monsanloran
(04) Mancortia
(05) Mandelphi
(06) Manturgia
(07) Mamonjonlarson
(08) Manluermia
(09) Mantumia
(10) Monjeremiah
(11) Malcormutia
(12) Machiventa (Present Planetary Prince)

The list above may have some slight changes and will be finalized as to actual personnel when Monjoronson arrives with them at the beginning of the Magisterial Mission.

What does this mean to be in default?

It means that the usual administrative departments are no longer valid to run Urantia as we hoped they could be run. Hereafter we declare the following suitable to be in place until we return sometime during the early part of the Magisterial Mission:

1) No person under the age of 50 shall serve on the Magisterial Son’s human staff;
2) No person under the age of 30 shall be selected for replacement of others on the human staff

of the Magisterial Mission;

3) No one under the age of 40 will be allowed admission to the Temple until they are cleared for

discussion of the meaning of the Temple and what it holds;

4) No one under the age of 50 will be allowed to enter the Temple without a guide;
5) No one under the age of 50 will be permitted to arrange the tasks that are open to view for the

inclusion of Monjoronson on Urantia for the establishment of the Age of Man, a university program to be taught and reviewed by the returning Adam and Eve;

6) No one under the age of 50 shall be entitled to run the programs once they are accredited to

teach in the university under the programs established by Adam and Eve about the Age of Man;

7) No one under the age of 70 will be allowed to view the inner working of the Scriptorum

within the Temple. The Scriptorum is the inner sanctum of the Temple and requires a senior guide at all times to enter regardless of the human age whether 70 years or older.

I wish all to study these strictures. They are available to all as a set of general rules for when the Temple arrives on Urantia in the early years of the Magisterial Mission. This arrival of the Morontia Temple is not according to the description in your first Urantia Book.

The URANTIA Amphitheater

The reason why I am having the Temple come early is to make sure there are sufficient grounds existing on Urantia to enforce the codes of conduct expected of everyone who will view the building by reinforced vision in the amphitheater now under construction on Urantia today.

The amphitheater will consists of seven decks. Humans are allowed on the first deck above the Scriptorium. The deck above that, the second from the top of the Scriptorium, is to be held by the high Sons of my Local Universe of Nebadon; the third deck will be reserved for morontia beings taking origin in this local (Norlatiadek) area; the fourth deck will hold the lost souls who have willingly returned to me and have accepted rehabilitation on the mansion worlds; the fifth deck will hold my special guests; the sixth deck will contain the Finaliters restored to Urantia upon my arrival; and the seventh deck, it will contain the high authorities of the superuniverse who will be invited to return to Urantia to be witness to the reahabilitation of my bestowal sphere to the full circuitry and ministry of my universe of Nebadon.

The amphitheater will contain room to host over 1 billion beings and will contain enough room for all activities necessary for the installation of the Morontia Temple upon my arrival.

After I assume my responsibilities as Planetary Prince, and I have given thanks to Father, my first duty as Planetary Prince will be to assign a Keeper of The Door to the Morontia Temple.

The Keeper of The Door is the highest official in the Temple of non-universe origin, and is of origin on Urantia. This official will provide all coming and going into the Temple as designed to hold the various plenipotentiary victims of the Lucifer Rebellion, and to whom this Temple is dedicated in the Father’s name.

Here, in the inner sanctum deep within the Morontia Temple, may be found the crystal of light which will become the beacon that shines through the top or apex of the Temple and will beckon all to worship. The spirit victims of the Lucifer rebellion may enter the Sriptorium any time and use the facilities, while mortals may only use the Scriptorium when it is installed. Thereafter, the Keeper of The Door will see to it that all who wish to worship the Father may do so within its gates. The Scriptorium will be a room where only the highest beings are allowed unattended, and others may so use the Scriptorium when attended by the Keeper of The Door.

Within the Temple walls of marble and decorated friezes of morontia splendor, there will be an inner guidance room where each victim may go for examination of his heart and soul. Therein, he will receive the benefit of spiritual thought and the privacy of confession necessary to purge the heart of its transgressions.

The Purge of Sin

Michael: In my administration as God, I Michael declare that all who have sinned against me, and all who have sinned against my Father in Heaven, that each shall be forgiven for what they have done, providing they give me their hearts, their souls, and their temperament-of-being for reconstruction of their entire selves.

In this, I declare all who hear my voice, and all who may read these words, that no one will ever be held in contempt of the Father so long as they provide each of their transgressions an outlet to be purged by me at the pertinent time in the inner room set aside for such ceremonial additions to their being.

Here then, I declare all who have sinned against me and who have transgressed against the Father, that they may be taken to this place of worship and let be for whatever time it may take to realize that nothing I do will ever benefit outsiders, or my coordinates on high, but that the benefit so received is for the regeneration of health inside and the holy transcendation of sin away from the blackened history of Lucifer’s transgressions in Satania and on Urantia. Each victim will be made whole and invulnerable to further transgression before me and my Father on Paradise.

I am forever indebted to the angel Manotia for her work with all who have declared themselves ready to be part of my heart and part of my service to Father. Be decided all of you just where you wish to serve me, and I will make it available for you to act upon these desires. Your work for Monjoronson is for me, and I in turn, work for the Father. All else that is to be done aside from my Father’s will, is not of my making in these actions, as they are for Monjoronson to do as he sees fit to bring Urantia into the era of Light and Life. And then I will return once more to Urantia to inaugurate the era of Light and Life as it should be done according to your first URANTIA Book.

Seraphic Declaration

I am Manotia. I am the angel of record of service in this part of the universe. I serve Nebadon as a legionnaire in Battalion 106 of the 5th Angelic Army, under the banner of Michael through his first born, Gabriel, The Bright and Morning Star. I indict these messages this 27th day of July in the current Urantia calendar year, 2012. Herein I propose that all work done for Monjoronson is in the name of Michael, and that Michael shall reign Supreme over all jurisdictions under my command.

How This Transmission Was Provided

Manotia: In conclusion, we speak now to all of you who may be wondering how this message was transmitted.

In our work, there are two special carriers of information. One is the actual information channel, and the second circuit carrier is the connection wherewithal to communicate what we wish to a human who is typing it as it is received.

The first part is simple as it is the message as it is composed on high. The second part is the hardest because it requires placing the message within the brain scan of the individual who is receiving it. In our case during these transmission, the brain scan stops and goes blank. He can not hear the transmission when it does that, and that is because he is connected not only to Monjoronson, but to Michael, and to Mother Spirit, but also the Ancients of Days and to Master Spirit Number Seven, Aya, who is particularly hard to hear because of the distance and high frequency necessary to receive the Master Spirit. Therefore, to maintain contact, we must carefully insert a morontia tube of light between Uversa and the human receiving this and other messages from us.

That tube of light is inserted between the lower area of the brain case and the outer area of the crown chakra into what science on Urantia calls the cere bellum, and then the message may be imparted with the light conduit in place.

In this particular case, Michael provided the brain case connection (the actual circuit) through his own mechanism making it possible to download the information to the receiver without harm. However, as is frequently the case, the receiver could not hear the message without amplification. When we added that amplification, it blasted us harshly.

To quiet the high volume to our hearing, we had to remove ourselves from the station room of the broadcast building and listen from some distance via another device we use to personally connect to transmissions.

Consequently, the light line unit connecting the mind of the receiver can fail when there is insufficient feed from the broadcast stations, as in a pause, of the message. These moments of pause can result in a total black out to the mind, and the receiver finds himself almost at odds with his own imagination which then we have to step in, blank out other portions of mind, and reconnect the Uversa light line for continued broadcasting. The events then occur where the message can be picked up where it left off and the message concluded properly.

Messaging is received in total in receptivity, but when Uversa and Havona are connected, the ability to hear is reduced by the fact that Urantia has a censor wired into the circuit, and that censor turns on automatically when transmissions exceed their authority, which then in turn blocks the Uversa transmission from the receiver unless special instructions are entered into the circuit to bypass the censor’s circuit.

Analon is the Universe Censor doing his job on Urantia, and he is now personally aware of the instructions by Michael not to remove transmission data for this receiver. Following this transmission, we received congratulations from Michael for making it works so well. While we can not guarantee every scintilla of every word taken down, it is accurate to the point of conceptual perfection, and we relay our congratulations to this receiver.

Transmission Acknowledgments

We wish to acknowledge the transmission staff for tonight’s messaging originating from Salvington, Uversa, and Havona, and as well as from Urantia itself. The listing is made to, first, to show appreciation to this marvelous staff for their hard work, and second, to demonstrate to the reader what it takes to do a universe transmission to Urantia under the conditions prevailing tonight (July 27, 2012 approximately 23:30 EDST).

  • The Midwayers involved in setting this transmission up are acknowledged as follows:
DEF-14 Sharron
DEF-15 Mathew
DEF-17 Mark
DEF-19 Simone
DEF-25 Thruston
DEF-26 Manotia’s friend Loyalatia working as a transformer to provide the tube of light into the

receiver’s brain case and into the cere bellum. DEF-26 is a special identification, not of a midwayer, but for the angel who is selected to handle the transmission with the midwayers to complete the circuit spiritually.

  • Other personnel with us tonight:
DEF-30 Canton
DEF-35 Manotia’s friend Loyola, a fellow seraphim acting as a transmission technician with the

midwayer services.

DEF-45 Sanford
DEF-47 Manotia’s friend Luminerion, the Primary Supernaphim who acted as liaison between

the Havona circuits and Urantia to this receiver.

DEF-50 Califonia, as a thought processor to translate the acts of the midwayers into one

concentrated and perfect process of the transmission signal itself.

DEF-51 Michael of Nebadon’s liaison on Urantia, the Midwayer Califonia and Desidre as one

unit acting simultaneously together to provide noise reduction and fading of the transmission in the ear of the receiver.

DEF-52 Father himself who presided over the transmission through the Thought Adjuster of the


  • Additional Spirit Personnel Placed at Our Disposal for This Broadcast

Additional personnel were available on Uversa and are the Reflective Spirits connected through Mansonia 1 and 3; the Reflective Spirit on Uversa dedicated to the Voice of Michael; the Reflective Spirit connected through to Mansonia 4, dedicated to the Voice of Michael; the Reflective Spirits deciphered on Mansonia 5 who are dedicated to the voice of Thought Adjusters in Nebadon; Reflective Spirits on Mansonia 6 and 7 who are dedicated to the Supreme, both on Urantia and in Havona and the various subordinated Supreme Deity located in the System and in the local universe of Nebadon, and notwithstanding there are other liaison forces at work with Deity who gave permission for this revelatory document to be transmitted this evening.

We may also thank Manotia and Michael, who together made it possible to scribe this work for the reader’s edification and knowledge as to what is transpiring on Urantia and in the local universe of Nebadon almost on a daily basis for the reconstruction and readmission of Urantia to the neighborhood of associated planets in Satania.

Thank you.


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Document L Addendum

  • TR-Felix Caro, Everett, Washington

Defining Use of the Temple's Scriptorium

In the traditional sense, a “Scriptorium” was a designated building, typically located in monasteries, where monastic scribes produced copies of documents to stock a nearby library, also typically located in the monastery or abbey. Also, once the library was appropriately stocked, the “scriptorium” may have been used only to restore originals of important religious documents, or even copies of originals.

In a broader sense, the “Scriptorium” can be considered as a room or building destined for the preservation of general knowledge of spiritual importance. In the case of Urantia, the “Scriptorium” will be used to “document” in a number of unique ways, especially in morontial form, the important information to be used for display, in different sensing forms, for the benefit of mortals and celestials alike, students of this universe as well as from others. The big size of such a structure is necessary to support the educational needs of vast numbers of celestials, that will be flocking to this planet to learn how this planet had evolved, thanks to the direct intervention of the Universal Father, from one of the lowest worlds of spiritual appeal to Father’s own personal garden in Nebadon, as well as the “place” for future education of Sovereign Creator Sons, but will not be limited to support that function. From this “Scriptorium”, fantastic presentations can be produced for display in the Mansion worlds, Norlatiadek, Salvington and Uversa, but it might not be limited for use in those destinations.

To keep the population of “homo spiritus mortals”, and even celestials in service on Urantia, informed of the Universe events, the amphitheater to be constructed will mimic that which exists in Jerusem in the form of the central broadcast amphitheater (See paper 46 of the Urantia Book).

In a typical well equipped library, there is an audio-visual room to support study needs or just to keep the occasional student well informed of what is currently transpiring “out there”.

Summing up: In the “Scriptorium” information is recorded and adequately presented for the enjoyment of those that will be present on Urantia once the building has been commissioned, as well as for those wishing to visit the planet and learn how it evolved spiritually.