2012-08-09-Free Will Experience of Truth

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Topic: Free Will Experience of Truth

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Machiventa, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, you know all things and therefore you know that we assemble at this hour in your name in the search for truth, the search for greater understanding and awareness. We understand that we are players in this process, that it is up to us to be engaged, to be involved, to open our hearts and minds and to extend ourselves in faith. That we do in this hour with the expectation that if we reach up and out, you certainly reach back for us. We have found this to be true and be demonstrated in our lives and as a result of our faith. So once again we would come to the well, we would seek your guidance and leading and pray that we be open enough to follow where truth may lead. We understand this is an ongoing process, that as soon as we find one level of understanding, you provide us with another and another. So, we ask your help in this hour to join with us as we create this process together and as we move in the direction of your truth and peace, your greater wisdom, that we may come closer to you and approach you with the desire to share that which you have in store for us. Let it be so in this hour. You have heard our petitions and requests and now, I state that it is my desire to be simply an instrument of your peace and grace in this moment. I ask for your assistance that it may be so, even now, thank you.


Free will, Experience

Inner Voice: [Mark] Yes, I am here to accept this invitation, I am this one's Inner Voice referred to as the Inner Guide sometimes although I do not do as much guiding as simply positioning myself in reference to you so that you may choose to move in my direction. I call you all to witness that your Inner Voices, your Inner Guides, are ever so patient and kind. They never commandeer you even once, they rather wait for it to be your choice, your decision to come to them for when you come to us as a result of your own choosing, you have opened yourself, you have made yourself available for this exchange that goes on between us and it is imperative that you be the one to open this door and to create this portal that we may use between us.

Your mortal life is designed around providing you the opportunity to exercise this choice and your freedom of choice shall never be overridden at any time even if it means that you choose to move away from what is divine and true and real and good and beautiful, your divine partners will have the patience to wait for you as you go explore that option and find what fruits you may or find the fruits are not there. It is imperative that you yourself investigate these different choices and experience these different options for yourself.

As you all well know with your children, you may instruct them thoroughly and tell them what to do and what not to do and even why and why not but, it is clear to witness, regardless of instruction, even regardless of stern mandates, the children fall into exploring options for themselves to see why not or why they should exercise these choices. It is only their direct and individual and personal experience which bring them the final conviction that what they may have heard or been told or been instructed is for a reason, that it matters not just because someone said it or instructed them to do it but because they have tasted why it matters. It may not be necessary for them to experience the full gravity of such transgressions, even the smallest taste brings with it the conviction of truth and purpose.

That is what you all are as developing spiritual beings. We may advise that you engage in stillness, we may even go so far as to encourage, perhaps even instruct you to avail yourselves of such activities but our guidance and instruction means nothing until you have experienced a condition for yourselves and then and only then do you know what it is we are referring to. All else is just words, phrases, meant to instruct and inspire and encourage but no more than street signs point in the right direction, they do not mandate that you choose it.


I will take up this question asked this evening and restate it for the record. A student observes that there is great energy being directed at this sphere, at this world at this time, and they observe this positive energy may be utilized for transformation, change, healing, growth and increased capacity. This is a valid observation, I acknowledge the truth of this statement. The question was: How do you as individuals interface and interact with these energies for the greatest possible good? To this question I would offer this analogy.

Your sun creates great positive energy that floods this planet. It creates the conditions wherein life itself may exist. You as an individual walking upon this earth find yourselves at times coming between this life giving force and the earth itself and your very being blocks out the sun and creates a place beneath you which is subsequently put into shadow. This occurs because of the density of your being and that light is unable to make its way through your being and therefore a shadow exists that you create because you exist. This is a normal and natural observable phenomenon.

Now imagine if you would, your being, being so transformed as to create a state of existence which is not so dense, which is filled with light. Then, as a light source yourselves, you are able to take this energy from on high and utilize it through your being, direct it, focus it, guide it and steer it with your intention. This is done by virtue of your conditioning your own being so that you are not simply a dense mass blocking out all energy and creating shadows, but envisioning yourself, conditioning yourself and becoming a being of light which simply has the ability to act as light with light to direct these divine energies, to soar with them at similar vibrations, to have them interface and go not only to you but through you, to not only serve as vital forces for you as an individual but for you as well to join this beam that happens and become part of the light.

This is something you are growing to do day by day. The more awareness you bring to yourself, the more of your spiritual nature you embrace, the more spiritual potential you are willing to welcome, the more your being is transformed from one of dark clouded matter to one of vibrant light beings. This you do because you choose to and as you make this choice, this sacred choice, you become empowered. The light that comes to this world for your benefit becomes infused with your being and you are part of the great circuit that is occurring instead of merely a material blocking the energy.

All this occurs simply and easily by virtue of your desire to do so. Nothing else is required. You need not be in any place at any time, under any specific circumstances, rather the whole equation hinges on your individual intentions and desire to either be part of what is going on or to be impinged upon by what is going on. It is a simple flip of a switch, a simple choice to be made and you become part of the solution and disappear as part of the obstacle. These attempts at analogy are always risky because they can carry so many different interpretations and meanings but I offer this one in response to the question tendered here tonight because I perceive that all of you have some notion of what I am referring to. You all have somewhere in your field of perception the idea that this is possible, that this is truth, and that this may be exercised even by the likes of you. I am merely here to reaffirm that feeling and to bring you further in your efforts to be aware in that direction.

So as these energies pervade your atmosphere, let them pervade your awareness, let them pervade your intentions, let them wash over you with such conviction that you don't hold back on what you believe to be possible. I pray you all may exercise your faith to this degree and in so doing, demonstrate to yourselves and all those who witness that you are acting in faith and that your actions are observable and real and tangible. Thus you have taken an ideal, a thought, a desire, an intention, and you singlehandedly have chosen to make it real and embody this truth. To a true believer, all things are possible and you are learning this in your own lives as bit by bit. Piece by piece you prove this truth to yourself.


Now in these times you are called to step out and be bold in this assertion and to act in faith and with conviction that all that you have seen up until now has led you to be bolder in your faith, to act with even greater conviction. The more this happens, the more you are rewarded and the easier it is next time and the greater this truth is not only to yourself but to all those around you. So it is you who is in place to demonstrate these new truths and to be these new realities; it is not up to us.

We may inform you, we may coach you, we may suggest; in the end we await your decision. In the end the universe awaits your action. I am confident that the investment we make in you by being your coaches, instructors and cheerleaders will be well borne out in fruit as you step forward and make the choices and take the actions. The universe awaits your choice, the universe supports your actions. We all can't wait to see how this game turns out but we're observers on the sidelines offering our support and our coaching skills. You are the ones that must make the plays, take the steps, say the words, move the direction of play.

But I tell you it is a thrill to be involved even if it is peripherally, even if we only have the sidelines to watch from, even if as your Inner Guides we are so close to you that we are along for the ride and yet have no say in the moves you choose to make albeit we are ever there to hold the space for you to choose and move in our direction. We are never the ones to give you that feverish locker room talk that gets you up off the bench and motivates you but we are always the ones to be with you every step of the way and to wait in endless patience for you to navigate your way down the field. We rejoice in this motion. It is with such satisfaction that we are attached to you as players and one day we will join together in this pursuit. One day we will actually join forces, you and I, and be as one in our desire. But until that day, these moments are sacred, these times are cherished for in all of eternity, these few times, these limited moments are where your divinity comes forward of its own accord, of your own accord and these choices that you make reflect your individual desires, unencumbered.

These are the greatest gifts you have to give. This is the most that you can do as a mortal of the realm, is to choose truth, beauty and goodness each and every time, however you may see it, wherever you may find it, in whatever condition it may be. It is truly a miraculous act that you do and every time it is done we celebrate, we rejoice at the process, at the grace involved in the process and the fact that the Father has provided for you everything you have need of to facilitate your journey and we witness as you more and more choose to go with the flow, participate in the process and exercise the dream.

Once again, it is my profound pleasure to speak with you this directly. This is another one of those rare and sacred moments and we have been granted this moment, you and I, here and now, because it is the desire of our hearts to come together in this way. This is yet another example that to those who will believe, all things are possible as this is in this very moment. I pray this exercises your faith muscles, strengthens your courage and emboldens you to choose again and again and again and each time may your choice bring you closer and closer to divine nature and your own purpose in discovering this nature. That is the plan of your Divine Parents and it so pleases them when they see that it works in you, through you and for you.

Let it be so, not only in this hour but in all hours in all moments of your lives. Let it ring out as a truth for you. I now, having shared those words, will withdraw at this time in appreciation for the opportunity offered and in gratitude to the First Source and Center which has allowed us to come together in this way. Thank you all, farewell.

Light and Life

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you, this is Machiventa here this afternoon to share in this circle of friendship, this circle of love, circle of peace and respect. I would start this evening's talk with the question that was raised about light and energy bombarding the planet and what can you as humans do to make better use of this. In a very real sense, there isn't really any more light and energy coming to the planet now than there ever was. It is still the same. What is happening though is that more of you are becoming conscious of the light and the energy. As more of you become aware and conscious of light and its energetic qualities, the greater the light and the energy become for you as humans.

This ability to be creative with consciousness is what Light and Life is all about, to be able to command the light to your bidding to the service of helping, helping heal the physical distress in the body, the mortal conditions of time and space and the enlightenment of mind in general. All of these services do become available with light and energy as it is constantly being poured down. You could never ever use up all of the light and the energy which is coming your way. It is consistent and synchronous. When there becomes a greater awareness, a threshold of awareness, the power that light and energy contain unlock themselves in a greater ability to respond to mental direction, to the mental awareness, the creative and conscious aspect of whether it is healing, whether it's in synchronous acts which promote peace. In all of these aspects it is the personal experience which renders the whole of this phenomenon to have the ability to bring healing into light, to bring it into a truth and reality, a synchronicity of health, the homogeneity of the body, the balance, the harmony which is truly within.

So be creative with your ability to use light as a weapon, as a weapon to destroy darkness, to destroy disease, to destroy deceit, to open up the mind to comprehend a greater amount of light, and a greater awareness of your mental potential as human beings. Though I may express this in a forthright nature, it is out of love and respect for you that the spiritual universe is constantly bathing this sphere and all life inhabitants herein in light and loving energy. It permeates everything. It permeates space, it permeates consciousness, it permeates the spiritual aspects of the mind, the adjutant circuits, the circuit of the Spirit of Truth and the circuit of wisdom.

Your ability to consciously harness this light for the greater good of others is exactly comprehending its nature for light is nothing more than spiritual reality, the absolute reality of love, goodness, compassion. It is purely the nature of spirit, pure light, pure light in which nothing can hide and nothing which does not belong there can enter therein. So as you were admonished by the Father moments ago to act upon this awareness, this knowledge, this understanding, is a great revelation of truth to the individual.

In time, the greater number of peacemakers will create a space where peace can exist for all to enjoy and experience. The light does not automatically, inadvertently create peace wherever it passes. Light responds to intelligence, it must be conceived and directed, it must be forthright in your application, in your use of light. The more specific you can direct the light the more effective it will become in its ability to respond to what it is you are asking it to do. Do not fear the light for the light is going to be a tremendous part of your nature at some point in your ascension career. One day, all of you will become beings of light. You will literally live in the light as light. So I think we have addressed that topic.


The next topic I wanted to address is the one on truth. It is my understanding that in simple terms, the most important aspect of truth is its living quality for truth is not like words in print or words carved in stone. Truth is like the reflection of the wind creating ripples on the surface of the water. The water only moves when the wind moves it, when the tides pull it or when you are splashing in it. So this aspect of truth, this living quality of truth is something which you cannot put on a shelf and say: There's truth over there, I know exactly what it is. Truth is not a command, it is not a commandment.

Truth is an experience. At this level on this planet there is no absolute truth. The only truth there is is the truth which you can experience and you can only experience this truth in connection with the giver of all truth. That aspect resides within you as the great Spirit Monitor, the great personality changer, the transformer of thought. This is the only truth you will ever know at this level of your life in your experience. It is the only one you can know for there is no other truth. Everything else is just artificial reality, a thin veil nonetheless, where if you dare to pull it back and separate it you will see that beyond the veil there is a completely different and separate reality that seeks to become synchronous with the so called reality you are living here now.

How much quality does your life contain? How much truth does your life contain? How much love are you able hold and give to others? Are you able to bring these realities into consciousness? This is the area of truth that I am concerned with here and now in relating to you. These notions you have as humans that everyone is seeing this great reality from different perspectives is tremendously true. You are, you are all seeing the same thing with a different aspect of mind. You are all seeing life as it is being played upon this stage this present day at this present hour, this present moment.

Was it not the Master whose walk upon this planet said that faith and truth must be living? It must become an experience in your life. It's not that you can take it out of a jar or a plant or any other thing except possibly relationship, because there is tremendous truth within relationship. Therein is your ability to decipher the greater reality in relationship, in relationship with spirit, in relationship to your mind and in relationship to your fellows. Everything living is in relationship.

So I leave you to ponder these thoughts this afternoon. I thank you for allowing this forum to exist that I may express such thoughts, that the awareness and knowledge of the Father is expanded through this acknowledging of its existence, this sharing of its experience of the knowingness of the Father, His greater good and His greater truth. May we all become whole as one in His Eternal Light. Thank you, I now allow this forum to become open for others, good evening.


Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light and I am well aware that you have very much on your plates for consideration this evening. Not wishing to overburden you, I have one final thought pattern to offer. In all this discussion of truth and light I offer yet one more expression for understanding and that is: If all this truth is relative, and it is, and your human minds desire so much for there to be one source of truth, one definitive level of truth, then I offer you to consider this configuration.

Since all truth is relative to something, what if you consider all truth being relative to one, and that is love. The condition which permeates all of reality, all of truth, is the underlying foundation of love and all truth that you may consider is in relationship to this love, in reference to this love and this light which has been offered for your consideration, what is the source of this if it is not love? So yes, there is a universal truth, a universal principle. It is the essence of love from which all other expressions will be relative, will be in relationship to.

So while you consider this bearing of light into all equations, this illumination of light, the true source of that light is love. What you are searching for in your reference for what is true and what is real is what has the greatest relationship to this primal force of love? It is a moving target and it is all relative based upon your vantage point, your experience, your awareness, so many factors. But what you are attempting to find is universally known if you go up the chain as light and then even as the source that generates the light, the love.

I invite you to consider that when reflecting on all these truths that you hold dear, as they are all relative to this one primal force, you consider them to be more and more true the closer they are to this force. The further away they become from love is when you consider them to be untrue, no longer reflecting of the truth. Likewise, you as individuals become more and more real, more and more based in truth, more actual as you approach the love, the divine force. Those things that choose not this direction and they go further and further away from this primal force, simply wither and die of their own accord for they have not attached themselves to this primal force, they do not see their relationship to this foundational force.


I perceive that is well enough for you to consider this evening in this ever expanding search of yours for truth, goodness, and beauty which are also reflective of this divine force. May you have happy hunting and successful finding in your process. May you be about this with the joy that your Divine Parents have intended that you have throughout. I will conclude my remarks with those. It has been a pleasure to address you this evening and I now take my leave, thank you.