2012-08-21-I Am Just the Messenger

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Topic: I Am Just the Messenger

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “In discharging my duties as a lightning-fast messenger, I contact different kinds of personalities, both human and celestial. I am able to appreciate distinct aspects of individuality, as well as that I recognize common characteristics we all share as children of the same Father. I have delivered all kind of messages to diverse kinds of beings. I found that at that particular moment all of them have in common the need to know something. And yes, it is ever the very message I have for them that fits their specific situation.

“Not one of us knows everything. We all are at one time in need of learning something to help us consider better choices, so we can make the next informed decision. I am glad that I can make my contribution to this effect for many in our sphere. If my messages will make them happy or sad, it depends on them, but one thing I do know: they needed to know. Never can we be entirely sure about the consequences of our decisions, because we never know how they will affect others and how they will react; but it is always comforting to know that one made the best choice one could in a particular situation.

“Being open to knowledge, to information, is essential to personality development. In connection with this, let us consider the old saying, ‘if you don’t like the message, don’t shoot the messenger’ – me. Sometimes, my messages will not please others, and I understand, even sympathize with them about how they can be upset with the information I am instructed to convey to them. Mostly I am seen as being just the messenger. The messages, depending on how they are received and utilized can be life progressing tools. They can also become obstacles to growth, due to the refusal of a receiver to take the new information to heart.

“The messages I deliver are not about trivialities. For the frivolous there are other channels that can be used. The messages I bring are vital to people and celestials in all kinds of situations. They are of minor or greater importance to the spiritual administration conducted upon Urantia in this, the Correcting Time. That said, my dear, yes I have prompted you several times with the number prompts you recognize me by, because I had a message to deliver. Do not worry about your ageing, your safety and well-being, because you, and other human helpers like you, are under the care of a number of spiritual beings, and you were cared for even before you knew us. We will not abandon any of you, neither now nor at the time in the last days of your lives.

“As general policy, we Midwayers are advised to not interfere in situations that may cause distress. Notwithstanding, my dear, you have free and real access to higher personalities – even to the Creator of all personalities – and I would not be surprised if your request is manifestly granted. Make decisions based on information and facts you have available to you now, and continue to be optimistic about the future, because we do enjoy perfect care in this Universe that is perfectly cared for.

“This is Midwayer Messenger Sharmon, your friend, always on call for you and many others.”


My request for information was personal, and so was the answer received from Sharmon. I deemed the rest of this transmit to be useful to others – Valdir.