2012-08-24-Adjuster Connection and Persecution

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Topic: Adjuster Connection and Persecution

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Jack, Frank, Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean, George Gordon



Prayer: Father God, we have so many obstructions to deal with. It’s so dense here sometimes it’s hard to know how to function. Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel … for being the Light! Imagine how miserable it would be to just blunder around in the dark all the time. Thank you for the clarity you bring, the peace, and the calm. Be with us this evening as we reach inward and upward for a better understanding of your nature, how we might emulate those qualities in our life and in our dealings with each other. Send us a teacher, or teachers, who will most suit our needs and your desires. Thank you, Michael. Amen



0802-AB Jack here. I will come in and get this session under way, fully and officially underway. I’ll be your emcee, as it were, or your translator, if you will. Your concern with interference is nothing new to us. We have put up with a lot of static for many years, thousands of years in fact, and we will all endure interference often as we forge ahead into tomorrow, for even though the circuits may be opening, there is always some kind of static to contend with, be it internal or external, and you may be assured there are agents and agencies on the job helping to clarify that condition. So many things go on in the universe, even in your immediate environs, that you are unaware of but that assist in the smooth operations of life as you live it. Every experiential world is that way and we are no exception. We have everything we need to grow; all the fundamentals are in play. [Very bad interference.]

George: Thank you very much, Frank, Jack, Gerdean. The reception is not very clear this evening. I am hoping that the listeners can hear me clearly. This is George speaking. I’m trying to get to a state where my Teacher Frank can take over the reins. I am indeed privileged to be on this call and to function in this capacity for the expansion of truth on this planet. I will now try to synchronize my thoughts with the thoughts of my Teacher.

Thought Adjusters

FRANK: Good evening, friends and associates, eagerly anticipating what we have to say from the other side. This is Frank, the companion/teacher of this, my truth associate for some time now. We appreciate the effort that is made of those mortals who are desirous to progress and advance along the lines of what people would call New Age thinking. It is traditional now for most people to sit back and wait on some guru or mystic teacher to advise them or tell them what is the latest happening from the divine personalities that they are supposedly in contact with. It is a time now on this planet for each person to connect to their own divine entity that resides with them. No more need to go to a central location, to have someone feed you with that which they have gotten from their special connection with the divine.

We are resolute in our message to you mortals that one of the most engaging activities that you can undertake is to try and connect better with that divine spark that resides with you -- your associate, your pilot, your guide -- that will shepherd you from this lowly stair on this wayward planet through the mansion worlds, system headquarters, constellation, local universe, minor sector, major sector, superuniverse, even unto the seven circuits of Havona, Central Universe and indeed back to the Source from which that Spark came. You will be the trophy that is presented back to the Father as the harvest of the long association with that Spark of divinity.

By that time, of course, you would have laid aside for a long time this tabernacle of flesh and blood and you would, by that time, be a pure spirit in the embrace of the Father and sojourn with those on high, only to be commissioned for service in the eternal future and even so you might be assigned to a planet similar to this one, or you might be assigned in the super universe, local universe, but wherever you find yourself, you will always look back and remember those things that are of value, even from this night here on this call.

We are just trying to spark your interest in getting this association with your Adjuster to be a priority, to try to heed the urges of the higher self. The culture of your planet should not override the desires to be selfless, to be unselfish, and to be of loving service to those with whom you come in contact on a daily basis. It is in doing so that the divine Entity in you will find better ways to express itself, find a more effective countenance to shine through. It is this that we are encouraging you to participate more -- in service, in sharing -- and when you are in that frame of mind, the Adjuster will undoubtedly have no choice but to participate in your activity since those activities are in fact divine in nature.

Practice this approach to strengthen the connection, to replace those animalistic tendencies with the divine tendencies that you need to cultivate; practice this approach to enrich yourself.

This planet is indeed fortunate to have this environment in which you can demonstrate more than anything else, service to those who are in need because there is always someone who needs assistance. We are not talking about financial assistance. We are talking about caring, giving advice, or just your portraying that aura of confidence, a comfort-table in a seemingly uncomfortable situation. This is what will spark the interest of those around you and in fact have them wondering why or how come you can show such calmness in a turmoil situation and they will no doubt try to adopt or inquire.

So the message is quite simple tonight: Adjuster connection. Strengthen your connection by practical demonstration of service, caring, giving, helping. This is what we are saying tonight that will unlock the door to have the Adjuster shining through and strengthening the connection and the togetherness that you are cultivating here on this planet that will last for all eternity. I trust that you have heard me well and that the message is clear.

I take my leave of you now and wish you well in your endeavors as you try to enact these words of advice that come from up here on the other side of the curtain. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. Have a good evening.

JACK: Thank you Frank, and thank you George for your service. I am going to let Teacher Merium speak for a minute. She has been tugging at my sleeve. One moment.

Angelic Contact

MERIUM: Good evening, children. This is Merium, your “babysitter.” I do love you so, and always enjoy the opportunity to come in and make you comfortable, as Frank was saying. Even you, sometimes, get stuffy and need to loosen up. And so I want to loosen you up and also say that today we heard from a woman here on your plane who has been lost in the catacombs of organized religion, as well as her family, who have recently become participants in what could be perceived as a very New Age exercise involving angels. It seems there is an invitation going around to invite angels into your life for five days, after which time they will venture forth to those you would send them to, where they will spend five days in contact with these people and then transfer to yet others, so that contact is forwarded and bounced around similar to your pyramid schemes.

At first glance, those who come from traditional religion might find that alarming and a superstitious practice of olden times, but you know, children are encouraged to develop their own personal religious experience and that begins at the beginning. In order to break out from the restraints of belief that are no longer enlivened with the spirit of truth, it is good to invite the spirit into your life. Many feel that inviting the Father would be presumptuous; indeed many who come from traditional religion fear the Father, and many others feel He is so busy He doesn’t really have time to spend with each of His children, and so they are not open to the kind of contact that we know is essential and life sustaining. But they may find value in his heavenly helpers.

We were amused today at the sincerity of this faith child who grasped the idea of entertaining spirit personalities with such childlike faith, even as she manifested a certain fear of being ridiculed, a certain guard against being chided for her immaturity or silliness. I say to you have faith in this idea of being able to contact your spirit helpers and guides, the teacher sons and merciful ministers who do indeed direct much of their attention to your growth and evolution. Everyone has a right to develop their own personal religious experience and each of you know, having set out to experience perfection, what is “less than”, what is insufficient, what served yesterday but no longer serves today. The God within you will help you discern these things.

Proceed with your faith-building exercises. And cultivate those kinds of experiences in others who are looking for a new level of comprehension of the divine. When you find your God and your religious life in the words of the ancient teachers or holy books, you have a wonderful and marvelous perception of deity but you don’t have the experience of it until you step out in faith as a little child. And children see God easily … in everything! It is like they see God in bunny rabbits, butterflies; they hear Him speak in wind chimes and crickets; they feel His caress in the summer breezes and the afternoon sunshine. Their lives are thus blessed by their innocence.

There is time enough later for critical thinking. Let spiritual children be children. Cultivate the faith that they have embraced. Love them for their effort. Be there for them if and when their belief turns out to be a house of cards, and remind them of the meanings and values they knew from that illusion that they can now keep as a foundation for their eternal passage. Error will fall away, but that which is lasting, true and enduring will indeed endure forever.

This is why I love my children, why I always urge them to run and play, to read and to play act, to dress up, to have tea parties, to imagine and to enjoy the experience of their naiveté and their faith, for this is the delight of being a child. Each of you is a child. And yet all of you will one day grow to spiritual adulthood. Some of you are already well on your way. You can begin to look now at your younger siblings with parental affection and parental affection has great tolerance, great mercy.

I believe your Uncle Tomas would like to say hello. I will just hand the mic to him, if you don’t mind, Jack.


TOMAS: Good evening, this is Tomas your teacher. It is good to be with you again. I always enjoy the opportunity to make contact. I have been busy. I have been spread quite thin, in fact. I always enjoy (indistinguishable). In many respects we are all echoes of the same voice: that still, small voice that comes from within, deep within.

I had thought to speak to you today for a moment about persecution. Persecution is not a topic that has been called for in the curriculum, but it’s good to have it on the record that persecutions happen in the evolutionary march to light and life. All evolutionary worlds know something of persecution. Those who strike out with boldness to break away from the status quo -- be they adventurers, explorers, discoverers, artists, or any of the occult who seek to investigate the mysteries, the unknown -- they are often jeered and scorned by those who depend upon the well-known, the well-understood.

And in many instances those who prefer the tried and true are upheld by legions of angels because they maintain the solidarity, the foundation that evolution needs as it advances so that it cannot march ahead too quickly, so that everything that has been built thus far does not topple, so that you don’t have to begin at the very beginning of your evolutionary climb. For this reason, those who attempt to beavante garde are often denigrated and curtailed.

Religionists such as you are also persecuted when you stand by the conviction of your beliefs when those beliefs are outside the norm. You have learned many things from the Urantia Papers that differ from what you were taught in school or in church. And yet in your hunger and your eagerness to grasp revelation, you have adopted those new truths/new facts; you have assimilated their value and you carry them proudly, wear them soundly, and so when you encounter those for whom your truths are anathema, there will be resistance, conflict, even persecution.

Now, there are philosophies about this kind of topic that would deny persecution even exists because to those who are so transcendent and faith-filled there is no persecution, it is simply misunderstanding. But I tell you, this kind of rejection has an impact on even the most stalwart soldier of the circles. Do you think that Jesus was unaffected by the rejection, the ridicule that he received? Do you think that any sincere religionist is unaffected by having his faith trampled, cast aside as if fit only for dogs? It is easy to say, “Well, don’t take it personally,” but when it is representative of who you are, all that you are, it is not so easy to set aside the feelings that come from such ignorance.

It is here, of course, that your relationship with divinity is most crucial. Lesser men and women might give it up, might say, “God, your path is too rugged for me; I can’t keep up. I can’t endure the weight of it,” and you know the Master would say, “Go back to your homes in peace and we will go on without you.” Thus there are few who wish to forge ahead as trailblazers, forerunners of a new experience, a new movement, a new belief, a new civilization.

Allow your spirit to speak to you, to counsel you, to support you in your decision, for that is what will stand by you, even as your peers fall away, forge ahead, or pause to nurture their own wounds. The struggle is sometimes difficult, make no mistake. Otherwise why would the Master have encouraged you to not grow weary in your well-doing? Continue to manifest these qualities of loving kindness, confiding truest, merciful ministry, comforting presence, caring attention, responsible reluctance, encouraging enthusiasm.

You are original, each of you. And you are so loved precisely for your originality, for the way you react and the way you respond. The triumphs and the failings are all part of your palette. The blessings and the persecutions are also bold colors on your canvas. Embrace the art of living completely. Although these experiences are not pleasant, they seem to be a part and parcel of the pursuit of truth where it will lead you and surely the rewards of your efforts are more than enough to compensate for the persecution from those of your brethren who would shame you into submission.

I see my friend Merium tugging on my sleeve now and so I will remove myself from the microphone. I know what she wants to do here. It’s Merium.

MERIUM: Yes, Merium wanted to come in and open the windows and fluff the pillows and refresh the air from ponderous Tomas. I tell you though, I think children enjoy it when their elders speak plainly about the facts of life and don’t sugarcoat it with platitudes. As long as they know how secure they are and well-loved they are, that it’s going to be alright, the future is bright indeed, they are cared for, looked after, all things look promising and they will follow.

I must say that having gotten a late start we seem to have made up for lost time. Let me give this back to Jack. Thank you so much for allowing us to spend some time with you this evening.

JACK’s back. If any of you have any questions or would like to come forth, we would be glad to hear from you. You need to release your connection. Those of you who will, come forth.


Ineara: Good evening and thank you for the T/R’s and the teachers. My question is: how can we, individually, reach our world leaders, through prayer, that their minds and hearts might be open to their Father fragments, their Spirit of Truth, and Mother Spirit?

FRANK: Thank you for the question. You have to look at the planet that you live on in a 3,000 year span of time, going back say 3,000 years, to better understand and appreciate the place where you are at the moment in your development. It is not so much what the individual rulers can do; it is what the system that they function in will allow them to do.

The earlier leaders on this planet collected whatever they wanted because all power was invested in a single person or a single family. Today you have many individuals weighing in on a given decision so even if the leaders are well connected to their Adjuster and have good intentions, they have to get support from other individuals to enact those good intentions. It is not so much a situation where they don’t have good intentions; it is the system they function in that will curtail the amount of ideas that they can implement. So be a little more understanding that this system is really what needs to be change and enhanced, not necessarily the leader. Did that answer your question?

Ineara: Yes, thank you very much.

JACK: Anything else, from anyone? on any topic?

Student: Yes, regarding that last statement. It seems it’s going to take divine intervention, since the corruption is so world-wide. And I think that’s why we’re going to see the massive changes on the planet itself before we see any changes.

FRANK: Yes and the changes are coming with strength, coming in a very unconventional way, for the ones that are pushing are the people themselves, and the rulers will have no choice but to bend to the pressure of the citizens.

For the large part, most individuals on this planet are desirous of a change to empower themselves more. Everyone is trying to stake a claim on Urantia to get what is rightfully theirs, so the pressure is coming through the media, through personal expression, where it is easier for an individual to contact the entire planet in a matter of minutes, so it is not that it might take a long. The state that is pushing for the change now has a greater capacity to connect with people who are desirous for the change. So it might have been a long process before, but with communication coming to people easily, if a concept goes viral on the internet, your opinion can be passed on to many individuals in the course of one day, so while the leaders might be slow to respond, the people are ready to let their voice be heard as a shock wave over the entire planet and when everyone is in unison for that change, then the pressure will be more severe on those that have the power and they will make a change. Does that answer?

Student: Yes.

JACK: Let me add: the hunger for spiritual reality has now leaked into the people, the voters, the people around the world, and they will demand that the leadership keep up with their needs. This is the day and age in which you live. This is the excitement, the ‘quivering on the brink’ they talk about, the ‘great time to be born’ we have spoken of. You are making it happen, you are bringing to life the perception of God and his agencies in our world here and so your work is beginning to pay off; and the people, as they are touched, will move this lumbering planet forward.


I have the unpleasant duty now of calling our evening to a close. It has had some bumps, but we have also had a chance to soar, so those of you that have come and stayed and born with our difficulties and ridden aloft with our successes, we thank you. We look forward to the next time.