2012-08-26-Abraham, Mary, and Michael

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Topic: Michael's Birthday Celebration

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM, greetings. Our hearts are with gratitude to be here in this time of remembrance for the Master’s mortal life. I find it touching that you find these milestones in your lives to either celebrate, grieve or to simply think about.



Think about your happiest celebratory moment here in the mortal life and know that that feeling is every day here beyond the veil. We find our happiest times when we take moments for worship of the First Source and Center. Although we are assuming we are giving of our time, love and thoughts, we are actually receiving healing—mentally and emotionally and with you mortals, also physically.

If the Master had His way we would give energy to the joyful things in life instead of allowing sorrow to take. I am not saying ‘do not learn from the past’ but take what you can and move on and put your energies into something that you can make better. You can improve the future or even the present with a good connection with God.

Isn’t it wonderful we each have our own God within who understands us completely and loves us no matter what? A great deal of the population believes that God is in His throne on high and therefore it is difficult to relate with the First Source and Center.


I am MARY. Love and greetings to you all. I am especially grateful for my time spent with the Master because He showed me God, the Father, was my friend. God should always be the one we go to, not the last resort when we are in trouble. In joy or sorrow, He should be as familiar to you as Abraham and myself.

Many of the religions today keep God and Christ as having given up everything for you so that you will give all to them. Christ’s mission on Earth never asked that of His friends. Rather, He showed by example how familiar He was with Father, how He could talk to Father like a friend.

I have felt myself, in talking with the Master that He was also like talking to a friend. Never did I know of His divinity. As a mortal, never did I know what order of Sons He belonged to or had any universe knowledge whatsoever. All I knew is that Christ was my friend, my counselor, my example of how to live life, giving energy into things that really matter and with that, I give you my friend.

MICHAEL: My loved ones, What a treat to meet with you all together. I would hope that you know we have plenty of time—one on one—but being together brings back memory of my resurrection days. The joy and light on the faces of my fellows brought me a glad and full heart. Speaking of my fellows, I am with Mary and Abraham whom I have known so long and the generation of love shines such a beautiful light. I am with the same feeling with each of you. We are that close.

I am the door to the First Source and Center and always is my door open. I am renewing my relation with you, my children, with the hope that you can see God, the Father, sitting right beside you, listening to you, giving you guidance, understanding you. What other people may view as trivial, the Father does not. He knows your pain. As I am close to you, Father is even closer.

Correcting Time

We are in difficult times on the planet. I am speaking of the Correcting Time. There are a great deal of those who seek escape or those who choose to worship something else. I am suggesting that you make an example of how I am a friend to you, as well as Father and live your beliefs, not just talk about them. Those that know you shall also be inspired to think of me and Father as their closest allies. A real family, one who does not desert in times of stress or spirit poisons.

Overall, I would like to tell you that I am deeply touched by your faith and perseverance to continue on in this Mission. Our tasks are not hard. Our assignments should generate energy and joy. In ministering to individuals you should feel an abundance of energy and drive. Anytime you are feeling empty or put upon, then perhaps that is not the task for you. If you keep good prayer and meditation you should easily know the difference and find that direction from myself, Mother or our First Source and Center – easy to understand.

What helps you to step closer to me? What helps you to listen for guidance or to keep faithful when all seems lost? You know what they are. It is individual of course. Believe me I do know my children and desire to be close, just like a brother/friend.

I am willing to take on your feelings of anger, disappointment, sorrow. Trust me, I can handle it and turn it around so that you are confident, serene and energetic. I shall return you back to my friends. I give you my un-ending love and devotion. Feel free to call upon me because I will call upon you. Carry on.

I am MARY. Thank you, Michael. We are with inspiration to go forward to believe that you are our friend, right by our side in all that is good and bad. We thank you for making Father down to Earth for us. He is not too busy; our problems are not too petty. We feel loved and wanted in the Kingdom family.


For the weeks ahead, do those things that draw you closer to the Master—whatever they are. Talk to Him in all your times of emotional upheaval or joy. Including Him in your life helps to make better connection with the Father. We thank you, as we do every year, for your remembrance of the Master’s mortal birth on Urantia. Know that the three of us send you our love, hand in hand and heart to heart. Go in peace. Until next time, Shalom.