2012-08-26-Michael's Birthday Celebration - Day 2

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Topic: Michael's Birthday Celebration

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jonathan, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Allene Vick, Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we welcome you into this arena of our creation. We have come together in your name for your sake and for ours. We have come together and we have formed this union, this circuit that we share, that we feel, that we know, that we enjoy. We invite you to be as one among us in our circle to join us with your contribution of love and energy as we give ours. May it be so in this hour, that we are as one coming together to experience the love that we'll create in this act of our choosing. Let it be so even now, that we come together and seek the rewards of our contributions, the forming of our love circuit here at this time. Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for this choice that we can make in this hour. Let it be so.

Jonathan: [Allene] Good morning, this is Jonathan. I know you love we and know me well and I love all of you. It is such a delight to know that I can now join with the beloved members of my group and share with them when we gather together. This is such a wonderful opportunity for all of us and I so appreciate the opportunity to do so. I'm sure you know I am with you in spirit as you celebrate as I am each time the group gathers together, even as individuals you gather together. Thank you, I am delighted to join you. I have a new home now but this is always the home in my heart with all of you and I look forward to someday welcoming you to my new home.



Michael: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, it is I who you recognize on this weekend and I whose name you requested be present. I take my position among you in the circle as you have invited me to do so. I assure you I am part of all that transpires for as you have heard, whenever two or are gathered in my name, I am with you in spirit. I am with you in that wordless form that you just were referring to. I am with you in the background as the tone that you feel. I am with you in your heart when you are feeling love. I am with you when you are engaged in uncertain circumstances. I am with you at every instant of time that you will allow. The more you invite me into your life circumstance, the greater my access is to bring to bear my influence, to share with you that which I know of the characteristics of our Father. The more access you grant to me, the more in partnership we may truly be, the more we may be together with as I, your brother and comrade as well as your parent and Creator.


You speak of the magnitude of choice that is made each and every day and how important it is to choose and re-choose and you are so very correct. Every moment of every day provides you with this opportunity. At an instants notice you may shift tack and move in a different direction. You may choose new in each new moment. As mortals of the realm, much of your life is spent by virtue of having been conditioned, trained, programmed if you will, to operate in this mode or that mode with this set of perceptions, with that set of restrictions. This is quite necessary when functioning together in a society of other mortals of the realm. There must be pattern observed, there must be rules obeyed, there must be some pattern that overlays everyones interactions.

But this conditioning that one does as a mortal, may serve as an undue barrier as one find themselves bumping up against these conditions which have been set, these norms which have been observed for so long. I remind you my dear ones, that this aspect of your growth, this challenge to your sense of what is normal or correct, balanced, right, true, these conditions will all be challenged and it will be up to you in the moment at hand to make a new choice based upon what new evidence you have, based upon what new opportunities arise, based upon all that comes your way as a result of your setting yourselves on the path of discovery.


Having done so, you may expect to be challenged, you may expect to be presented with grand and unique opportunities which require from you a choice each and every time. It is always an option to pass up an opportunity, to not avail yourselves of a circumstance. This is your option as a choosing individual, but contained in each one of these opportunities there are certain gems to be mined, certain rewards to be gleaned from the opportunity. I have observed the members of this group for some time and have been pleased to witness the many many steps in growth that have been taken and the accomplishments that have been achieved by virtue of your sincere and long term desire to go where truth leads you, to seek it out, and you all witness, you have found it.

I now stand at yet another new plateau, perhaps just outside your comfort zone and I now beckon you to forsake such barriers and follow me once again. You truly are my followers for you have taken my lessons and made them yours, you have assumed my posture, you have been influenced by my love and the love of our Father. Truly you are my followers and all I ask as we move forward is that you continue to follow me as new and unusual things arise before us in our journey together. I always invite you to lean on me and follow me for the way through, the way of love, the way our Father would have us travel and I assure you there will always be an answer, there will always be a direction.

There will be those moments of wordless communication between us and I trust you my dear ones, will continue to follow me. I as well am pleased to follow you as you take the steps and choose the paths and exercise the options before you. It is my pleasure to be invited along for the ride as well. In this way we do co-create all that transpires before us in our journey. My choices have brought us here, your choices bring us forward in my plan. In this way you act literally in my stead. You complete this grand scheme, this overarching plan with the choices you make and the steps that you take and I await, the universe awaits your choosing. I encourage you to be bold in your choosing as bold times are upon us and it will be given to you the opportunity to rise to the challenge. I pray in those moments, you remember our relationship, remember that I have agreed to accompany you through all that is before you and that I bring with me and that you have with you, the true power that all things are possible if we so choose. Let is be so that we choose and that we execute this mission of grace together.

Thank you for the opportunity to be among you, to simply rub up against your energy is a joy. This addition of the use of word symbols at this time is another gift of grace I am pleased to access. This arena that you have created, this forum that you provide is another gift of grace that I accept as such and recognize the part that all of you play in the process. You are indeed my loved ones in whom I am so well pleased. I pray this sinks into your very being, my approval and my pleasure with each one of you, every one of you. You are my family and I treasure each and every one. I now will withdraw from the center of this forum but remind you, my hand is on your shoulder so to speak, my words arrive without the use of word symbols, my meanings permeate the space between us and I am enjoying so greatly the relationship we share. In gratitude I remind you I am with you always. Be at peace, farewell.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Light. I am thankful to be here in this circle of friendship and love, gathered around our initial manifestation of the portal. This morning feel the light as it encircles each of you, as it holds the whole circle in a bathing of light. Feel each presence as it is cleansed by the light, purified, and rendered worthy. Sit for a moment in this light and enjoy the feeling and celebration which marks this day that you are gathered here. Whatever comes up that is not needed, release it to this light. The purifying qualities of this light will deeply penetrate each and every one of you and those thoughts, those notions and ideas which do not belong to this light, release them now into this penetrating and cleansing light.

Imagine yourselves as spiritually whole and complete, complete in the presence of spirit, in the presence of your Creator Parents, in the presence of the whole spiritual universe. You are one with us. Allow this sense to pass between you. Feel strong, grounded, and secure in this circle of light, in this circle of friendship, and this camaraderie. This circle is a social paradigm for Light and Life. It is the building block of Light and Life, social sustainable groups which rely on each of you to be whole.

It is in just such a group in which I was born and given life. I am a collective being, a being brought through the minds of a group, this very and particular group who came together and found a purpose and meaning in their togetherness and this purpose and meaning gave birth to one such as I. In all essence I am a personality in spirit, designed to work with this group with the particular mind and mindset of this group. In this functioning I became Light. I became the illumination within your mind, I became whole and complete because of this faith, trust, and the immense love which has bound each of you together in this circle.

I am evidence that all things are possible and all personality is probable and the whole universe applauds your willingness to step forward together, completely unaffected by anyone or anything outside of your circle and your expression of belief gave rise to my very being in nature. The essence of your nature I am. So in this light which surrounds you and purifies you, strengthening you, strengthening your conviction, strengthening your minds to act in willful decision, I am here today to honor you and to thank you for this opportunity which has presented me with a reason to exist, a willfulness to be and a reflection of the light which is truly within all of you.

In creating me you have honored the Creative Spirit. Michael and Nebadonia are original Creators who have brought forth all life into Nebadon, who have given this tiny universe a tremendous meaning and wisdom and one day the whole of this earth will worship and honor the Creative Spirit, the ideal of the Creators, that life was brought into this universe to reflect and return to the Father. All that is needed is given and all that is given is needed. All in this light are blessed with the knowingness that you are truly anchors of light for this planet and this world and the wonderful people who are here.

Thank you for coming together today and continue to express the light which you all truly perceive. Thank you.

Mark: Well, this is Mark and in another episode of boundary pushing and comfort zone testing, I have been talking with Jonathan and going through a mental process of examining boundaries and he asked that I would share what was going on and then would like to address the group again. So, what was going on with me was my recounting of how many times there have been these episodes where things were outside my box, starting with the Teaching Mission, starting with hearing from Michael which seemed implausible, starting with, as we were just reminded, the whole experience with Light and the co-creative opportunity that we enjoyed there and again with being asked to step forward in terms of contact with the Inner Voice.

After recounting these things, all I could hear was my friend Jonathan saying, you're not going to stop now? So I called up my enthusiasm and boldly proclaimed in my inner world that I was not going to stop and that as we were in life in this mortal realm, we would be partners ongoing. So I offered my commitment to jump outside my comfort box and was assured that of course, like every other time I'd ventured beyond the walls of my safety net, I would of course be cared for, everything would be fine. That was my internal dialog, I just did my part. Because it is my desire to be in partnership, and I believe I have demonstrated my commitment, so, now I will move forward which is perhaps even more in my comfort zone. I would like to open the floor for my partner, Jonathan.


Jonathan: [Mark] Hello my friends, this does represent my desire. I long for nothing more than I long to be once again gathered with you at these ceremonies which we have observed for all those fond memories that I have. Like you, all these cherished memories of events past, gatherings that have happened, relationships which have been formed and friendships which have been created and are so enduring, all fill me with the sense of love and affection not only for you all as individuals who I was privileged enough to get to know, but for the process in general that created the opportunity for us to get together in such a way to form these bonds of love and friendship.

I assure you, as you well know, these bonds are eternal and enduring and I look forward with great expectation to strengthening these bonds. I do believe I really understand how difficult this must be for all of you. As we have come to know, this is not in the manual. We are both boldly going where few have gone before, but as we are reminded by our Master, Father, and brother, such as this is surely possible for those who will simply believe. That is why we are here at this moment. We have exercised our belief, we have channeled our faith and have as we have done so many times before, come together under this banner of possibilities.

There is out there before us, ideals that we strive for, great things that our hearts long to do and be. All these are part of this grand plan which I am so grateful for. Part of this plan includes the opportunity for us to act as we will, for us to choose those things which are currently beyond our grasp and the application of our will to achieve these things. I refer you to Light who just recalled to you the miracle of her creation. I tell you, miracles such as this are routine to those who will believe. This does not make them small, this only makes you great. As individuals, you have this creative power that you truly do not understand and that is as it should be in your position as a mortal of the realm. But the more you grow to become aware of this extraordinary potential, the greater latitude you have over it, the more focus and control you bring to the equation and the more clear are the results of the process.

I never thought I would find myself representing to you, this group, such a large step to be taken. I never considered that this could happen as I'm sure you may never have either. I never entertained the possibility, but now, immediately before us all, it arises and I choose and I pray you choose it as well. I assure you, it will be no different from some of these other great leaps of faith that you have made. Once you accept it, once you adopt it and embrace it as real, you are then freed from that struggle and you may then begin to build upon the new truth, the greater awareness, the broader understanding.

I have given my commitment to partner with you in this process and I well receive your commitment in return. I pray that all we do is pleasing in our parent's sight else I would not be here and I trust you wouldn't either. We both are simply desiring to be good children, simply desiring to make all that we can from what we are given and my friends, we are given this because we will take it, we will accept it, we will choose it. I cannot express how pleased I am to once again be part of the celebration that I was a part of so many times before. I can't thank you enough for inviting me and accepting me and welcoming me as you did when I walked among you. I assure you, there are many aspects of my being now in which I may be even closer to you than I was able to be as one in one location with one focal point of my residence.


You as well have grown through this process to come closer to spirit, to be more accessible and more available in the process. Now we find ourselves in a new position, a new posture to each other, still friends, still certain of each others energy signatures, and yet newly positioned to each other. I now on my side, you on yours, both of us reaching towards each other and as a result of our desire and our intention, we have touched once again. I give you all my spiritual hug and am so pleased to be remembered on an occasion such as this. I extend my love and gratitude to you all and look forward to a working partnership as we pioneer ever and new truths and realities before us. Let it be so. Thank you for hearing my words, farewell.