2012-08-28-Truly Living

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Topic: Truly Living

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “When people imagine a life dedicated to the will of the Father they often think of a life of contemplation, a life devoid of passion or emotion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Your religious traditions offer an image of holy men as ascetics, separated from everyone else, stoic and indifferent. However, the life of Michael as Jesus of Nazareth — the only human being who has lived a life of true perfection on this planet — does not exhibit any of those traits. The life of Michael was dynamic, intense, and filled with love and courage.

“Do not think that you have to isolate yourself from everything else to achieve spiritual progress. The only thing you should leave behind is your animal tendencies, so you can become more real, more truly human. Those who dedicate their lives to know the will of the Father and to follow that will, discover an additional dimension of love, which moves them to become closer to their peers and to serve them. An authentic religious life is not a life of isolation, but a life in which the understanding of the unity of all increases.

“Do not think that a life dedicated to the divine will is a monotonous life without challenges. To the contrary, those who choose the adventure of being the best they can be end up facing the greatest problems of their mortal life, and the only thing that satisfies these souls is the victory over the struggles of elevating their being above their material origins. The journey of life then becomes a road filled with surprises in which challenges are faced with hope and courage because they bring with them the lessons that will open the doors to a bigger universe and reality.

“Do not think that a life following the divine guidance is a static life. All those who still breathe the air of this sphere have something left to learn. Anyone who has mastered everything that can be learned from a material life is ‘promoted’ to the higher realms. Everyone else still has more to learn. This doesn’t mean in any way that all who die automatically achieve perfection. When you reach the mansion worlds you will resume your life exactly from the point it ended in this world. Living the will of the Father implies constant motion within, towards perfection and towards Paradise. It is a path where after each achievement the universe opens a little more for you and you discover new and unimagined wonders.


“Nothing remains constant and without changes in the universe, except the love of the Father for His creatures. As a living part of creation you will forever be growing, co-creating with the Father a reality increasingly more perfect. Your task in this life is simply to prepare for the next life by establishing an effective communication with the Fragment of God that has been given to you. This process can only result in a perfected creature that actively participates in the development of the universes, making the design of the Father a reality.”