2012-09-09-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: The Live Edge

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael, Jonathan, Mother Spirit, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z., Allene Vick



Spirit, Presence

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Charles to come into this circle this morning to share in your lively discussions, your personal insights and your referencing of experience. I also particularly liked the term "live edge," that interface of human and spirit activity, that point at which you acknowledge connection with spirit, that point at which you consciously become aware of spirit presence, of spirit purpose and you begin to assimilate the notion that within your own mind it is possible to become like this. There is some peculiar notion in your mind that this is actually even possible.

There is something that is already in place within to accept this experience of spiritualizing the human mind. You are discovering that there is software already on your hard drive in place that up until now you had no reason to even use and this software is a tremendous spiritual resource. You know what software I am talking about, the still small voice, the one who adjusts your thoughts, the one who comes from the center of all things to guide you back through reality from within.

You talked about, as humans, you were very young when you started to become aware in a spiritual presence that was somehow linked to your own ability to become who you are. Somehow or another, in trying to define yourself, the experience of spirit as you understood it coming in and enlightening this area that you had not seen before, that all of a sudden you could own, it was your area. In that space which is yourself, spirit was always there enlightening the space you needed to move into to become who you are, just like it is doing now; it is enlightening the space you need to move into.

At a certain point you reach a threshold of understanding that you didn't need all of this other stuff that you were desperately holding on to, that now you could own your own self and be who you are, the individual and unique person which you were created to become. So this 'live edge' is always present, it is always living in terms of an actual experience in your lives today because you have chosen to acknowledge the spirit which resides within and you have reached an understanding that it is now necessary to work with this spirit presence to access the greater potential which resides within you. All of you had this in your own experience and this is what important, is to understand within your own experiences that you are all very similar, you are not tremendously different because in the end you have found yourselves all in the same place doing similar things.

So the dynamic of life is such that it can come from anywhere, from any genetic gene pool, through any human conditioning and grow to a spiritual threshold where you become likeminded, not alike in mind but likeminded. You like interacting with spirit and it is this unpretentious, guileless human nature, this humbleness which makes possible the tension necessary for spirit to begin working with you on a deeper level. What I mean by the tension is that you have relaxed the tension on your side so that spirit can come in and work with more easily; not that spirit doesn't trust you or that spirit isn't ready to assist you in any way possible but, you create the conditions in which spirit interacts.

Your ability to believe, to have this cornerstone of grounded faith is like putting your water in a deep well, it will always be there, it will never run out. You will always be able to draw your water from a deep well. You will always be able to resource spirit when you yourselves have created the receptacle to resource and that is this 'live edge', this interface, this belief beyond any doubt, this ability to hold this space and feel comfortable and relaxed in it enough to admit to yourself that I know I am only human but with spirit, I can be so much more.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you this morning. I will take my place and open this forum up for others, thank you.


Michael: [Allene] Good morning, this is Michael. It is again a great pleasure to be amongst you and to listen to your conversation this morning. As I told you last week how pleased I am that my words, "All things are possible" are coming to light for many people. This morning I would like to focus on something else and that is, the seeds of potential that your Father has given each one of you. These are so precious and they are such beautiful gems that each one of you has and I would like to ask that in your quiet time that you come to me, Mother Spirit, and your Adjuster. You have their help for you to come to understand what these seeds of potential are within you. They will be a wonderful, truly amazing experience to get a little glimmer of what they say and then you can begin to work on it within your lives and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. So I ask you, in this week and in the coming weeks to take some time in your quiet time to ask for greater understanding of your seeds of potential that Father has blessed you with. Thank you, have a great week.


Jonathan: [Allene] It has been very pleasing to follow the threads of this mornings talk and to see Michael's suggestion that you pay attention to the seeds of potential. This is truly an exciting adventure and I would ask that each one of you really pursue this. This group has reached the point that it can really stretch the boundaries of what each of you know and believe. Now is the time to do this and I encourage each one of you to do this and to share amongst yourselves what experiences, what understanding you come to. Just like Allene experienced the inner space when I was talking, you too will understand that you have inner spaces and other discoveries to make. I look forward to sharing with you as you share your experiences and together we can forge ahead to make great progress. This is really very very pleasing and where I am, I am so pleased to be able to work with you. Have a great week and a big D for your discoveries this week. I will be with you next week as I always am, thank you.

Mother Spirit: [Allene] This is Mother Spirit and I wish to say how pleased I am to see the direction that your group is heading towards and I can help you as you go within to understand some of these other levels that you are going to be looking at and the seeds of potential that you are going to start to discover. So please, I ask you to come and ask me to help you in this search for discovery. Find out what incredible blessings Father has bestowed upon each of you. Now is the time for you to learn more about these wonderful blessings. So do come to me, I am here, thank you and have a great week discovering. I laugh with joy for I know what awaits you, thank you.


Light: [Henry] Yes, greetings to you this morning, this is Light, here to briefly illuminate this space you have shared this morning and to take a few minutes to include those who are not here today, to bring others into this circle and put them in the light. You are living in turbulent times and the turbulence affects everyone. So just put the souls of those you cherish and love into this circle of light which I illuminate. Know that they too are connected as you are here in this moment, that your loved ones are being sent whatever aid they need in these moments and in these times which are upon you.

Feel the tones in the light, the color tones, the frequency tones. Color is nothing more than light frequency. Imagine the gold light, this light which brings truth, prosperity within and the green light, the healing and energetic, vital and vibrant light working within the physical and human natures of your loved ones. Now imagine the white light, the true light which pierces all darkness, the true light which lays bare all things.


Thank you for this exercise this morning. I do not have a tremendous volume of words for you in this moment. What I lack in words I make up in light. Go in peace, have a great week.