2012-09-13-Manifestations of Faith

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Topic: Manifestations of Faith

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, once again we are so grateful to be able to come together in this way to form this circuit of seekers, of your children coming together to find you in this process, to seek you and your direction. Every time we do we are rewarded with great things which we discover. So I pray it is tonight that we can assemble as one heart and mind to receive that which you would make available to us because we are seeking, we are reaching into the unknown and the uncertain. But we do this in faith, we do this in sincerity and we rely on the universe that our faith is the way to get through this process. So let it be so, even in this moment, even in this hour, that we will act in faith, extend ourselves in faith and receive that which you have for us in faith. Let us lean on this truth and be with you in the process, thank you.


Focus, Intention

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all this evening, I am Charles here to respond to this heartfelt petition. It is so literally true that when you invest yourself, there is an abundant amount of energy to play with in this process. By channeling your intention, by focusing your direction, you put into play a movement of energy which may originate with you, originate with your thought. You can be the first source and center of an ideal. You can be the originator, the beginning of a movement. That is what is so sacred about the role you play as mortals of the realm and how much you choose to interface with the principles at play and with the universal energies that furnish the energy for the whole equation.

Any time that you focus your intention, you are concentrating your energies and directing them a focal point which then becomes charged, becomes alive by virtue of the energy that you grant to the equation. As an individual you do this and see the effect in your daily lives, those things which you imagine, wish for, try for, apply yourself towards-happens. They are a result of your intentions manifest. So then, what is the difference between you as a mortal of the realm, desiring to say, take a trip? You must then put yourself into motion and apply your intention, focus your efforts. You must secure your airline ticket, you must make preparation, you must pack your bags, you must make it to the airport on time. You must apply yourself all along the way of your intention in order to insure that it will indeed manifest.

If you live by these principles and rules, I call you all to witness, it does indeed manifest. The universe obeys your command. What then is the difference between that and applying yourself in the spiritual plane? The same exact principles apply. The idea occurs to you it would be a good thing for me to have a certain attitude which would then manifest in a certain different reality and to apply your intention likewise, apply your focus thus and execute this task. It is no different from deciding you will take a trip and then leaving on your trip.

Faith, Manifestation

But in the spiritual realm, you do not get the reward of having arrived at your destination, having enjoyed your vacation as a tangible aspect of your creation. In the spirit dimension, you must rely on your faith. You must still follow the same principles and execute the same effort in order to secure the results but, you are asked to take one final step. You are asked to act in faith, not that you need a certain specific result, not that you are doing this for a particular cause but rather, you are doing it because you think it is the right thing to do. You are willing to invest your energies in faith that it is the right thing. You are also willing to take in this life the fact that you do not see or may not see with your material eyes, the effects of your application. But, I assure you they are quite real and one day you will get to see for yourself their impact, how these choices that you executed had ramifications that you were unable to observe in your present state.

And so, I am here as a result of activating one of these principles, of stating intention, of aligning yourself to focus on that purpose, of aligning your energies to be channeled in that direction, and creation happens. Circuits are formed, portals are opened, and I am here. It is no different from any of the other examples. We have created this arena with intention and secured it in faith. And so I rejoice with you that it exists, that we have participated together in this manifestation and we now, together, enjoy the fruits of this effort, the ability to be as casual as this and yet one could observe from the outside that there are very few tangible results for our effort, very few physical reminders of our energies and yet, you and I, all involved here, can witness to the real nature of what it is we have created. We act in faith, we receive in faith, we are grateful in faith, and we are empowered in faith.

And so it is that I, with joy, join you at these times as we so allow. I sense that there are other teacher views to this forum today and so I would make way for anything else that might happen. I remain in attendance should there be any dialog, thank you.

Spirit, Mind

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is Machiventa here in this circle of friendship, the eternal circle of love, the circle where you connect with spirit. Actually, I would like to talk about the place and the times that you do connect with spirit, this living edge, this place where the human mind touches the eternity of spirit. Think of this, not in a linear fashion but in a circular fashion. Think of your mind completely surrounded and touching spirit. Immerse yourself in spirit. In time you will allow spirit to totally permeate your mind like a fragrance, like a practice, like a flower opening up to the sunshine, the light.

This is your mind, this is hard wired and programmed into who you are, this human/sprit mind seeking its kind, seeking spirit presence, activating within your mind a spiritual stance to the human life, to the stimulus, the exterior stimulus. So as you begin to discover within yourself this presence of spirit, it may not occur to you that at some point in the future you will allow this spirit to dominate your mind, in a certain sense to control you, to spiritualize all of those aspects within your mind which will react in a new, different way to the outside world. Others will begin to notice that there is something different about you.

So this immersing oneself in spirit is a willful acknowledgement, a human willful acknowledgement to allow spirit entrance and presence within your mind. It is kind of like a garden. Until a plant fully blooms it is constantly needing nurturing, watering, some attention. This is spirit within your mind seeking acknowledgement, seeking to be part of who you are, seeking to establish a dominant presence within you, not to overcome what you are but to the more fully enhance what you are becoming.

So spirit is able to meet you fully in this living edge of your mind and filling you to the point to allow this spirit to come in to live within you as one with you. It is not important what you call this, what you name it, how you see it, how you formulate it in your mind; the important thing is that you are accessing this. Spirit will work in whatever way your mind accepts this. Spirit will never control how you think of it. It will seek to fill your heart with more love, your mind with more potential, and a more powerful will. In a certain sense you will become more aware of your real existence in this world and you will become aware of how to bring more spirit presence into the world in which you live by bringing it into your life.

This is a gradual and ongoing process. It doesn't matter when you start, how you start, or how long you have been in the presence of spirit. Spirit is tremendously refined in frequency but spirit is a living part of you, it is a living part of your mind. Spirit lives in the adjutants in your mind, it lives in the Adjuster in your mind and it lives in the spiritual circuits which abound in human consciousness. So as the song says, take a giant step outside your mind and find yourself in spirit time.

I thank you for these few words I share with you today. Go in peace, all of you, and take this notion with you that you are one with spirit. Thank you and good evening.


Michael: [Mark] Hello my children, and I say the word children with such great fondness for you are all my children in whom I am so well pleased. I seize this opportunity today to come among you so that we may share each others presence in this way, I bringing my energy signature to co-mingle with you who have brought yours to this place. It is my greatest desire to be welcomed by all my children into their inner abode, that citadel of self that you have, that you have complete jurisdiction over, that you choose who you let in and who you do not.

This represents your presence, where you are, the citadel of yourself. This citadel of the self, as you well know, resides with you. It is resident in your being, it is centralized to your person; I on the other hand, have a whole different sense of self. I may be everywhere. I am not confined to a single abode of residence as you are, in fact I am pervasive and all around and the interface between us occurs, not from my desire to enter, but from your awareness to open yourself and let me in.

This is the greatest gift that you may offer your Divine Parents who have all conspired to bring you to this place, is to let us in, to simply accept us into your being. We are everywhere but we are not where we are not allowed. We are not resident where we are not asked in. We respect all places which have not requested our presence. And so this interface between Divine Spirit and your Divine Spirit is accomplished by this means, by this direction of your intention to open the door, the portal, the pathway, the door to the process and then the process may transpire because my presence is always ready to come in. It merely needs to be invited, merely needs to be shown a place and I will be happy to abide with you in your abode of self.

This is how we may work together as you go through this material mortal existence. I always being there ready to rush in and fill open space and you, accessing your experiences and more and more remembering that I am thinking of you and awaiting you to think of me. When we do, when this connection occurs, we are together in that instant and we are both made better by having invested ourselves in this relationship. You see, many times as you observe in your earthly lives, parents are more than eager to live through the experiences of their children to gain that insight derived from sharing a life with a loved one and being there together to go through it is a priceless gift. That is what you give to me when you think of me and let me in to your life. That is what I bring to you, ever willing to join you in your journey.

And so I pray that we more and more go hand in hand down this journey of experience. As I have said, I assure you, I am thinking of you each and every one I can and I do think of you each and every one. I keep you in mind and I merely suggest that you keep me in mind as well and in this way we share each others experiences and we are both richer for having shared them together. My dear ones, I simply desire that you know that you are loved, cared for, cherished even. In all the universe there is no other that matches you, that rivals you. You are a unique configuration of creation and I would joyfully join each of you to augment your experience as you so wish.


Let it be so. All is well and as you are learning through your experience, all get better and better as you move forward through the process. So be it; it is so. I love you all with a deep and abiding affection. I assure you I am never far and I am with you the second that you ask. Let it be so. Go in peace and spread this peace about you, farewell.