2012-09-30-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Manifestation of Portals

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT, Charles, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Manifestation, Portals

Light: [Mark] Good morning to my friends and family, I am Light. I feel invoked this morning by the mention of my name in reference to the focus that you all provide to this avenue of expression referred to as the portal. As mentioned, there are innumerable ways in which one can fashion for themselves internally, a vision, an idea, conjure up an image of what this means to them, how this would be expressed in terms of their understanding. Any and all versions of this are truth, are the reality that exists for the individual and all serve the same purpose of moving your center of being from being contained within the confines of your vehicle to an arena of expression which goes beyond any confines of a physical being or dimension.

There are innumerable pathways to choose, approaches to take, avenues to travel on this route and all provide the same type of experience in that when one travels from a captive physical experience into a limitless spiritual experience there is a great feeling of accomplishment of having done something real, of having accomplished a mission that you and only you as an individual determine for yourself to set out upon. Likewise it is only accomplished by the individual and personal efforts that you render to the equation. No one accomplishes this mission for you, no one brings you to arrive at this destination or even to travel in its direction. This is done individually and personally by accepting the inherent aspects of going beyond the physical plane and venturing out into the spiritual one.

So all of this travel must first be done as individuals, must first become familiar with this gateway back and forth, to and from this spiritual dimension. Then there comes the exciting potential of pooling your energies together and focusing them on a collective goal, a project, a vision that you wish to manifest. This collaboration of benefactors to this equation means that there is a unique combination of energy and as you have been told, wherever two or more are gathered, there I am as well; you have heard from the Master.

So, whenever you have collectively gather and strive to focus your intention as a unit, you can rest assured that there are others in your equation investing themselves as well. And so, as a normal and natural part of what transpires, your efforts are dignified by divine grace. So it is when you act together, so it is even when you act as an individual. There are divine influences co-mingling with you in this realm of spirit. So it is that you learn to harvest and channel and focus and to magnify these implications by virtue of your own choosing.

I as well have pledged to donate my energies to this collective project of portal building and so you may count on my influence in the energy field as I have come to count on yours. It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of what we create here during these meetings, a portal in and of its own which we have become familiar with but nevertheless, was created in identical fashion and has been supported these many years and has brought to both of us on both sides of the paradigm, great satisfaction and great accomplishments. I join you in these sentiments as well as the sentiment of gratitude for all that has allowed us and made it possible for us to find these meaningful values together.

I now make room in this portal experience for others who are equally grateful to have access to such an opportunity, good day now.

Growth, Control

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you, it is I, Charles, here this morning on this great day to join you in your circle. You are beginning to see with spiritual eyes and you are beginning to believe with conviction. It is necessary for you to begin to trust the spiritually referenced experiences you are having, not only those that are spiritually referenced but those that in your understanding, are necessary for you own personal spiritual growth. Because there is always periods of growth and periods where the growth is not so obvious or the sense of spirit is not so obvious, that you begin to doubt, you begin to have second thoughts, you begin to disempower yourself. So it is necessary to strengthen this reservoir within yourself of a spiritual dimension and trust in the realness of what you are experiencing, no matter how you perceive these things at the moment because in retrospect, you will keep seeing these spiritual values from different perspectives and different references. You will begin to see them with a certainty and understanding.

This is the challenge of a human spiritual being, to begin to own the spiritual counterpart and to begin to let go of the human element, to allow spirit a full measure of control rather than allowing the human physical counterpart the default of control. It is always easy to fall into the human physical control part of your being but it is of a greater reality and a greater practice to ask spirit. You are told to invite spirit in to help manage, to help control, to help show you what is available in this new reference for life, this spiritual counterpart, this counterpart where the seat of reality lies and all things in it are of substance and all things are possible, especially if they fit into the order of spiritual life.

It is not necessary to give tremendous energy to things which do not contribute wholly to its spiritual counterpart. There is enough going on on your world which does not engender a spiritual counterpart, that as individuals, your ability to begin to identify with this spiritual counterpart, to begin to trust it, to begin to put it before yourself, will help to insure that others will have reference that such is possible and a greater collective will begin to establish itself with some momentum. In a sense, you are not personally able to qualify anothers spiritual reference or experience. Here again you must trust that their spiritual experience will synchronize, will harmonize, dovetail into your own, that all spiritual experience begins to organize itself into a grand pattern which reflects truth, beauty, and goodness. It is one thing to have such conflicts on your world and have no refuge. Spirit offers the internal refuge, isle of peace within yourself.

I thank you for allowing me to share these few words with you today. Go in peace my friends, have a wonderful week, thank you.


Jonathan: [Mark] Hi guys, Jonathan here as well and I am pleased to be associated with such a powerful group, of such devoted individuals, fellow seekers such as myself. I fully identify, as you well know, with what it is to have created the portal that we use to have this discussion and I look forward to greater and greater creations by the same method using the same forces at play and under the same universe principles. There is so much that can be done that lies ahead, so many opportunities for such creations as we now enjoy.

I join you, cast my vote with you, that the light bathe our brother and transform with healing energies. I similarly visualize all of you, each one, being bathed by the light as my vision of a portal has so expanded that I may easily include all of you. What a great opportunity it is to have the chance to come to this realization of your own doing, by that I mean, of your own spiritual investment in the process. To see the rewards which are present upon such investment is such a thrill and to know that all such investments made are so well worth it in the long run is a privilege that I am beginning to embrace myself. So I will join you in your portal building process, to create yet another avenue of expression because there cannot be too many of these at this time. We need to make abundant approaches available so that they may be accessed and chosen by friends on both sides. I'm envisioning the paradigm of the earthly plane being riddled with such portals and covered over with potentials and access points and opportunities.

I just had these words to share and I approach this group feeling welcomed. For this I tell you, I will be eternally grateful, this sense of belonging, this sense of sharing is truly what binds us. No matter what dimension, time, place, opportunity or life we may find ourselves, these aspects of relationship are so enduring that they are the true pearls, the true gems to be gathered in this life, the life of the flesh. They are the eternal aspects that may be taken with as you traverse your various incarnations. This treasure box that is your life and into which you gather these gems, simply grows and grows as you keep bringing into your realm of experience, to your treasure box, these gems of relationships, these gems of opportunities, these choices made which are so defining. All of these are indeed the real treasures and I tell you plainly, I count you all among mine.


I stand in gratitude with you at this opportunity to share and at its meaningful stature that it represents in my experience as I see it does in yours. It has been wonderful once again to circle up with you and be a part of the experience that we share, that will endure because we have experienced it with that part of ourselves which is enduring. I share with you the joy that this is so. I look forward to sharing many more circles with you and now would take my leave in gratitude and with love for all of you, my earthly gems.