2012-10-08-Your Basis for Security

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Topic: Your Basis for Security

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “The reason why human beings crave security is due to their sense of vulnerability. Life during this first stage of your universe journey is full of danger, mainly with the risk of physical death, the inevitable loss of your material projects and failure of future plans. At this point, life is an exercise in survival, the often constant search for security. Security may seem illusory, quite out of reach, but you can experience it in this life if you realize its foundation.

“Your first source of security is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Even when it is conditional, it can provide you with informed options for your next move. Science is the organization of knowledge so you can draw understanding from universe phenomena. Your Cartesian logic is indeed limited as a tool to advance your knowledge, but it is a good start nonetheless. However, the knowledge that really brings security to human beings is to know the reality of the First Source and Center of all. Knowing God gives you the knowledge about your origin. There is security in knowing God as your Creator and the Center of your life.

“However, finite beings cannot know everything. There will always be something unknown, and there are realities that finite beings will never be able to understand. Therefore, knowledge alone is unable to provide full security, so the human spirit will continue to yearn for more. The tool that works and convinces, which knowledge cannot, is faith. Faith is not illogical or irrational; faith is supra rational – it goes beyond logic and insight to believe that which is spiritual. Believing that God is personal, good, and a caring Father of all, gives you the security of being loved and protected in the midst of a universe of unpredictability.

“Acquiring knowledge and harboring faith in your heart is vital to your security, but there is one last variable in this equation: your will. The choices you make directly relate to the level of security you attain in this life. In fact, the degree to which you acquire knowledge and faith is not so important, but being rational and articulate about what you know and believe is essential in enjoying a satisfactory sense of security in life. Life-choices determine your path in your evolutionary journey. You may neither know much nor believe all, but your knowledge and faith should be the source of your appreciation to do the will of God in life, for living according to this insight guarantees you the maximum security you can experience in your present status.


“Therefore, my dear pupil, security comes from the combination of these three life ingredients – all pertaining to you. Know the facts; question them and answers will come. Mysteries lure our speculations and theories, but faith makes all possible. Base your choices upon these three life-foundation stones and you will have a safe journey on Urantia. I am Prolotheos, always on call.”