2012-10-13-Revelation, Prophecy, and Gross Error

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Topic: Revelation, Prophecy, and Gross Error

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



George: “Might we ever progress to be sharp enough to detect your perfume, I wonder. I guess you have a message relating to what so many of us feel. Fire away, I invite you.”

Sharmon: “Likely you will perceive my contagious charm before my excellent perfume, my dear friend, for we are one at heart, and in mind and motivation, and all that is set to produce progress is a ‘never-to-forget news item’ to us both. This is your friend for all eternity, Sharmon, the sixth offspring of the MNO family, greeting all those present, and all who will receive these words from me and my clan. Let it not be said that we are either unaware of the goings on on Urantia, or fail to note your needs for occasional clarification.

“There has been a great deal of chatter about revelation in months gone past, leaving many with the thoughts that the local universe Creator has thrown up his arms in despair and greater minds must now resolve an impasse of Urantia going to wreck and ruin. However, a great future awaits both, the planet, and its time-space (evolutionary) deity, Gaia, whom we all serve. It is needless for you to consider that our esteemed Creator and Employer, Michael, and our Planetary Prince and Instructor, Machiventa, be at a loss to push forward.

“You humans, our tender-hearted little puppies, are hardly designed to be inundated with revelation of the kind – not any kind – that will throw you off of a psychological-intellectual cliff, as happened of late. We do not ever ‘bathe you in news’ of massive changes, calamities, and certainly not of new rules that are one-off, first-up digressions in universe routine. It hasn’t, doesn’t, and will not happen in the way portrayed by some, and there is no way in which the universe can here be forced to act in response to calculated, devious human design.

“You are human, hardly yet experts at living suitably balanced time-space lives in which you can adequately cope with terrestrial routine and its changes without becoming a menace to yourselves and myriad others. Your history is one of blatant examples of careless experimenting with anything that flouts the obvious will of the Father Creator. And besides, what allows you to conclude that you be allowed details of such far-reaching revelation, when Midwayers and Angels are left in the dark and must progress by faith alone?

“When it comes to revelation, you are allocated a mere ‘grain of reality’ at any time. When it comes to prophesy expect a morsel of truth to be contained therein, and when it comes to endless banter of a changing of the Celestial Guard, expect gross error. I am Sharmon, a humble midwayer messenger.”

George: “Your puppies thank you.”