2012-10-15-Hope for Peace

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Topic: Hope for Peace

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “Yes, my dear, if you had lived for tens of millennia and had seen all the conflict on this planet, you probably would be doubtful about there being any hope for peace on our beloved Urantia. However, like you, I too believe in the final triumph of the will of the Father. Therefore, I too will say that there is hope for harmony on our planet. It is useless to continue to blame this lack of peace on the sins of Lucifer, Caligastia, or on the default of Adam and Eve. Their folly and error indeed handicapped you from normal planetary development, but it also blessed you with the supernal bestowal of our Creator Son, Christ Michael, which made Urantia so special in all Nebadon. In fact, because of this bestowal, the benefits accrued to humans on this planet have surpassed by great measure the losses blamed on the Lucifer Rebellion. Yes, where sin abounded, mercy and love abounded in greater measure’.

“You asked me to help you write a message encouraging people to hope for Peace on Urantia. Simply pacifist arguments will not do it. True, mutual understanding, fierce commitment to dialogue, and a willingness to be condescending are keys for reaching peace among nations. However, only the Brotherhood of Men will bring Peace on Earth, and it will only become a reality when most men and women on Urantia realize the Fatherhood of God in common. As long as individuals see any stranger as an enemy, when religions will kill for their dogmas, and nations will seek supremacy. ‘Peace on earth’ will remain mere words in songs, poetry and fables.

“Peace must start with the individual. First, you pacify yourself by reconciling, as well as you can, the two opposite natures of animal and spiritual that is in you. Evolutionary religions will tell you it is impossible, yet if that were so, that most-beautifully balanced personality of Jesus of Nazareth could never have been expressed on Urantia. His life is proof that you, too, can balance these opposing natures. When the individual finds inner peace – which cannot be attained without doing the will of God – it will be easier for mankind to abandon this foolish belligerence towards fellow human beings, by shielding the self against the hatred of others through a loving and understanding attitude.

“If only your moral status could advance as fast as your technological achievements! Although you left the moral-spiritual lethargy of the Middle Ages behind, you still have much progress to achieve to be worthy of earning the status of being a ‘civilized race’. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. It takes time to change yourself, it takes time to convince others, and it takes a long time to change the world. Your advance towards peace is slow indeed, but it is hopefully going in the right direction as long as true religions retain their essential value in your developmental process. Yes, my dear, there is hope for peace on Urantia; but much personal work must be done until this desire starts to become a reality.


“I am Sharmon, your lightning-fast friend from the midway realm. My love is with you ”