2012-10-23-Escapist Solutions

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Topic: Escapist Solutions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Messenger Sharmon (MNO-6)

TR: Valdir Soares



Sharmon: “As seldom before, much spiritual help is available on Urantia. It is the mandate of Christ Michael to correct more than three-hundred-thousand years of Urantia being under the yoke of the malevolent Lucifer Rebellion. However, it is not the policy of the Creator Sons’ universe administrations to provide miraculous escapes from adverse situations that occur in their domains. Evolutionary religions are prone to create ‘messiahs and religious heroes’ teaching escapists solutions for human problems. However, entering the era of Light and Life is the result of routine universe administrative measures, not products of sudden intervention on a planet.

“The greatest intervention in the universe of Nebadon was the Bestowal/Incarnation of Christ Michael upon Urantia. Even so, He followed a well-established practice in the universes of time and space; the incarnation as a male of the realm and living a life according to the will of the Father. Teaching – not miraculous and unexpected interventions – is the regular administrative technique employed to ensure planetary progress. The idea that the second coming of Christ Michael is a divine intervention to enforce the will of God on our planet would be a complete departure from the norm. It would be an unthinkable acknowledgment that the first coming of Christ Michael as Jesus of Nazareth would have been a failure.

“For the planets affected by the Lucifer Rebellion there is now in place a transitional period called the Correcting Time, which on Urantia is conducted by our recently appointed Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek. The Teaching Mission is the ministry of celestials to improve Urantia’s spirituality, working with the world-wide 11:11 Progress Group and the TeaM channelers also from around the world. An order was given to the 11:11 Progress Group to bring people to the spiritual portals, and to from then on let them run their own race. Teaching, leaving acceptance of the teachings to human free will, not by suddenly intervention, is the normal way of promoting spiritual progress on all planets.

“Many celestial teachers have announced with acceptable precision, that the next dispensation on Urantia is a Magisterial one. A Magisterial Son called Monjoronson, an Avonal-Paradise Son, is expected to incarnate on our planet as an adult male of human likeness, whose mission and ministry will bring Urantia to the portals of our Era of Light and Life. A Magisterial Son stays in a planet for at least one thousand years, indicating that a long teaching period will be necessary until his influence and leadership be acknowledged and its benefits accrued. Again, the procedure will be a process, not an arbitrary and abrupt intervention.


“Christ Michael’s return to Urantia is certain; and it is of record that His Second Advent will be in connection with dramatic and traumatic events on the planet. However, when this will happen has not been revealed. When it does happen, it certainly will not be a total surprise. This, my dear friend, is again from me, Sharmon, as per your request.”