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Topic: Paradise Council of Equilibrium

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Michael, Veremerton, Rongar, Aya, Krenel

TR: Felix Caro, Ron Besser


  • The Council of Equilibrium Presence on the Salvington Worlds of Angelic Services
  • Michael's Consultation with the Council of Equilibrium on the Universe Problems of Salsisar, Honeidar, and Urantia

Section I

~Special Project~

  • Outside of the Superuniverse of Orvonton with Urantia
  • Revelation Concerning the Council of Equilibrium

The URANTIA Book, Paper 29, Section 4 (324.4) 29:4.2-3

“The Master Physical Controllers serve throughout the grand universe. They are directly governed from Paradise by the Seven Supreme Power Directors as far as the headquarters of the superuniverses; from here they are directed and distributed by the Council of Equilibrium, the high commissioners of power dispatched by the Seven Master Spirits from the personnel of the Associate Master Force Organizers. These high commissioners are empowered to interpret the readings and registrations of the master frandalanks, those living instruments which indicate the power pressure and the energy charge of an entire superuniverse.

“While the presence of the Paradise Deities encircles the grand universe and sweeps around the circle of eternity, the influence of any one of the Seven Master Spirits is limited to a single superuniverse. There is a distinct segregation of energy and a separation of the circuits of power between each of the seven supercreations; hence individualized control methods must and do prevail.”

[Editor’s Note: This FLURRY introduces some new names and terms to the reader and therefore a ‘Glossary of Terms’ is provided at the end of this document to aid in assimilation].

Details of the Proposed Offer of Help

By: The Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, Number 611,121

Spokesman: Michael of Nebadon is pleased with the work of The FLURRY. There is some information he wishes to be released in the aforementioned publication. Please send the following data points in order that the general public that reads or hears these messages becomes aware of what is brewing in the Satania System and on Urantia.

Michael: I met with and discussed with a brother Creator Son in Superuniverse Six (SU6), this Michael is to be known to Urantians as number 609,104. My Personalization Number is number 611,121 which should indicate to you we are fairly close in the length of time for our local universe work. Creator Son 609,104 is also Sovereign of His local universe.

Creator Son 609,104's seventh bestowal was on Honeidar. Honeidar is an old planet now in the earliest stage of Light and Life. Our work together was to establish a protocol for the visitation of advanced civilizations outside of Nebadon to have access to the concerns found in Nebadon and especially the System of Satania, and vice versa. In other words, share what Nebadon has learned dealing with the problems of Urantia with the concerns being raised by the planet Honeidar. In this mutual pact we found that each of us desired to hold out for the advice of the Council of Equilibrium due to the fact neither of us knows just how to rectify these planetary problems without first destroying the planet and starting over. Both of us considered this too harsh and truly unnecessary.

Background: Satania is a local system of planets in Nebadon (in the Constellation of Norlatiadek which is ruled by the Ancients of Days through the Constellation Fathers), and it contains known elements of rebellion. In this concern, we, Michael, proposed to Michael 609,104, that all systems in Orvonton under the rule of their respective Local Universe, which have experienced rebellion, that they become allied under the Satania banner and donate their expertise to those outside of Orvonton in order to facilitate their work of clean-up and reclamation of planets in serious jeopardy.

However, because the Universe Father adamantly forbids exchanges between superuniverse levels at this time, Superuniverse Six will be allowed to follow the principle that all things can be connected through the Paradise clearing house. Accordingly, both of us petitioned the Ancients of Days to be granted permission to exchange ambassadors and to provide each of us the opportunity to work together with the Council of Equilibrium.

The Council of Equilibrium had been accessed by Nebadon through our Chief of Urantia Angelic Services, Manotia, a Completion Seraphim of the Order of Michael 99,195, to allow us to petition members for advice on the resurrection idea of bringing Urantia to a stand-still in orbit to destroy all life that had accumulated so much poison and war bitterness that we could not bring the planet back to any kind of evolutionary sanity.

In our request before the Council, we asked how long it would take to evolve homo spiritus into the picture on Urantia by starting over. They responded to us and estimated that it would take another revolution of spirit to be able to destroy a whole planet in this manner and recommended that the universe of Nebadon petition the Father for His advice. Michael 611,121 did exactly that, and received the reply that nothing would be rewarding Father more than to have Urantia removed and that he would place the entire project back to the Council of Equilibrium when they are willing to take on the deliberations necessary to resolve the issue.

This era of thought proceeded through various stages in which Michael became transient to Paradise at least thirty times to offer His work before the Council of Equilibrium if they would be willing to share what he has learned to do with the knotty problems of rebellion, even to the point of having to consider destroying a bestowal planet to root out evil in Nebadon. Urantia had been so severely fought over that its legacy was nearly useless to the higher reaches of spirit thought, and that the planet could not continue for very long without being rehabilitated.

In your year of 2007, Michael proposed that the Council of Equilibrium join Him in proposing to Michael Son 609,104 in Superuniverse Six, who bestowed himself, likewise, on an evolutionary planet of Adjuster fusion humans, the one we have identified as Honeidar. While it never experienced rebellion, it has experienced an unfortunate disruption of its sun and is slated to be destroyed by that sun sometime in the near-time future. Both Urantia and Honeidar cannot continue as they are, and both need solutions to be decided by the Father as to how to finish clearing up what would be a tragedy in the loss of life and civilizations that need protection.

In due time, we, Michael of Nebadon, received permission from the Ancients of Days to exchange ambassadors with the local universe of Heledron. Heledron and Nebadon now have established mutually beneficial liaisons between ourselves, our ambassadors, our special representative to the Council of Equilibrium (Manotia), and have designated two humans on Urantia to receive imported messages from celebrated citizens of Honeidar. The Editor of The FLURRY has been part of the exchanges between Honeidar and Urantia insofar as familiarization exchanges have occurred.

I have asked The FLURRY to publish this information before too much more time takes place. It is to be known generally to all on Urantia we have authorized such exchanges when Monjoronson arrives, but until then the more enlightened Urantia subjects need to be aware such an enterprise is underway.

Description of Honeidar in Superuniverse Six (SU6) The System of Heliospadron contains about 1,000 inhabited planets and also contains many which are in either advanced states of Light and Life or in early stages of Light and Life such as Honeidar exists in today.

Honeidar, the planet, is nearly three times as large as Urantia. It contains nearly 1 billion inhabitants, and was the final bestowal planet of the Creator Son of that local universe, number 609,104 of the Paradise series of Creator Sons. It is a planet with a very rocky system of mountains, and it contains hardly any water except for a few pools that appeared there when it came into existence nearly 7 billion years of their system time ago. The planet contains all that life requires including a serviceable atmosphere very similar to Urantia’s atmosphere and it contains nearly 30,000 different kinds of animal and insect species that are catalogued with perfection in their science building located on the surface of this very dry planet.

In our work as a Creator Son we require that all Life Carriers use their basic templates as a starting point for creating life. This is also true for the local universe in SU6 we are addressing in this paper. Because the planet is nearly lifeless (due to the fact that it is a place where two suns shine on its landscape) most of the 1 billion inhabitants live underground in the cool caves hewn out a substance much like Urantia’s limestone. Once the entire planet was submersed under a deep ocean and only when the air became breathable did the land become favored for a placement on the life registry of that superuniverse.

In time, the ocean dried up and the heat became unbearable for most plants and animals. Due to an explosion in the primary sun, the sun disgorged more material than it could hold on its own and a secondary sun appeared in orbit around the primary sun. We hear there are two moons, but that is not the case anymore

[Editor’s Note: One of the Honeidar messages referenced two moons and named them as well. We surmise that our transmitter heard the names but not the English tense that the two moons existed in the past and not now.]

The original moon dived into the sun about 1 million years ago their system time, and the remaining moon, Karia remains the primary night light in the sky. Karia will someday join its neighbor by falling into the primary sun called Krallaar and then become a dominant source of light for no-one when that occurs.

Karia is never more than 350,000 kilometers away from Honeidar. Urantia’s moon resides about 356,000 kilometers at its apogee and about 406,000 kilometers at its perigee to give you a comparison to the Urantia moon and this one. Both moons are about the same size and degree of brightness to their mutual planetary accompaniment. The moon at Honeidar is slightly less round than Urantia’s moon and this explains why it wobbles in its orbit more than the Urantia moon does. It is our concern that it rotates so fast that it could be thrown out of orbit if it encounters forces outside of the local system it currently inhabits.

SU6, like we do, requires a permit from Paradise to exchange information. It also requires a permit to exchange thought patterns that transmit pictures of some of their accomplishments. In this regard we have allowed several ship transports to be shown in the pictures, and we advise all who view them they are taken through the lens of a Urantian who favors long ships and very wide construction. The Honeidar constrictions are modest compared to their near neighbors of an outlying star system called Varen. The Varen people (their home is planet Salisar) live about 60 light years away from Honeidar, but the people of Honeidar and the visitors from Varen trade and do the work of reconstruction on both culture’s planets after devastating storms tend to wreck their best efforts at architecture on both planets.

The Honeidar Citizen

The Honeidar citizen averages eight and one-half feet in height, and weighs about one hundred fifty pounds in their atmosphere and gravity attraction. On Urantia that height would weigh nearly three hundred pounds for the same architectures of body they have. They live, on average, one hundred fifty to two hundred fifty years of age. Both the philosopher and the scientist that have been chosen to work on this project are two hundred years of age of their planetary system’s time count. On Urantia that would make them somewhere around four to four hundred fifty years of age.

They all wear a white cloth draped from the shoulder and all wear the banishment of their sect or cultural heritage of which there are at least two dozen different versions, all taking place on Honeidar. They work for twelve hours of their day, and their day lasts from about six in the morning to ten at night (to use the clock determinations held on Urantia). They become involved in civic organizations and they are nearly finished using the old idea of telling time by sun movement and have graduated to using sidereal time as their official planetary time.

They are non breathers.

Their mouths and their noses are very small and they hardly ever use them, either to breathe or to speak. Instead they use telepathy which is taught in their grade schools from about the seventh year of age until they are about thirty years of age. It requires a long study period to master and lots of patience to use the system of telepathy, but it works so well there are few misunderstandings that arise, even with the lack of body language when speaking and even with the deficiency of intonation.

Past Trouble with Visiting Off-Planet Species

Honeidar is a pleasant planet to visit, but they are not unlike humans on Urantia. They can be unforgiving when trespassed upon, as happened between them and a series of invaders into their system several million years ago. The invaders were looking for trade routes and stumbled upon Honeidar as it was not on their star maps for being an inhabited planet. The invaders landed without permission and stored the energy from one of their plants so long the Honeidar could not refire it to reestablish the process for energy output. When confronted with the last of the energy plants being taken off line the Honeidar people rose up and threw out the invaders with the admonition to never return. These invaders were none other than the Varens who now are among the best of friends of the Honeidar people.

The Binary-Star System

Honeidar is a place of special beauty even among the other 1,000 planets in the system. While the system is not complete in numbers it is nearly finished as an astronomical unit due to the error of the star students who incorrectly calculated that their binary star that lights the planet is no longer a threat to Honeidar. On the contrary, the binary star system will eventually destroy Honeidar unless some measure is taken to protect it against the wrath of its cosmic disruption. The power of those two stars is sufficient to light Urantia and most of your solar system out to the edge of Neptune with full sunlight as you experience on your planet in the summer time.

This causes great heat and the plants on Honeidar have nearly all died except those which stay in the cooler crevices of the mountain stone so prevalent on the planet. That stone, by the way, is nearly six billion years old and constitutes the original mantle of the planet when it was formed.

One of the considerations is that the planet must leave its orbit if it is to survive, and we wish to address that briefly for you.

New Orbit

Honeidar resides in a belt of planets that were formed by seismic explosions of the main Jupiter-like planet in an old solar system that had failed to produce life in that particular area. In the Jupiter-sized explosion two small planets escaped the old dead planet and were thrown toward the primary sun, one of which ignited and became a white-hot secondary sun in the binary system. Hraldar became a sun of its own and went into orbit around the main sun, and the main sun became dependent on Hraldar in order to gain periodic re-ignition when its nuclear fuel ran low. Krallaar steals material from Hraldar and they can re-balance one another well enough to survive another periodic loss of fuel. At some point, the smaller star will fail to recharge the larger star and there will be a primary eruption of the kind told in your Urantia Book where the suns will collide, merge, and become either a pulsar or a black island of energy.

Master Spirit Notification of Paradise Authorities

In either case there can be no correction of the situation until we bring it to the attention of authorities on Paradise, which we, Master Spirit Seven, and Master Spirit Six, and the Master Spirits of Four and Five, have done so.

In reviewing the work of SU6 and its local universe of Heledron overseen by Creator Son 609,104 we regret to say that nothing (when reviewing our options in time) could be done except to evacuate the planet. However, in 2012 of the Urantia calendar, it was discovered that Urantia had to be removed for other reasons, but that it had to be redone or be abandoned. The solution for Urantia was to make it an architectural world on which (when it was an evolutionary world) is where the Creator Son of Nebadon confirmed His Sovereignty over His local universe. In the case of Honeidar, it too served as the one in ten million bestowal world of Creator Son Number 609,104, and the question then arose, would the Father prefer to let the planet become claimed by its binary star, or would He allow Honeidar to become an architectural world as Urantia was to become in its future history.

Paradise responded with the resplendence of Spirit as the Eternal Son’s Spirit Directive 55 by the Eternal Son.

Elements of Spirit Directive 55 Reviewed:

In that Directive, the Eternal Son noted that the last of the architectural worlds given to the Father were to be found only in Superuniverses One and Three. No such worlds existed in the rest of the superuniverses except as proposed in Superuniverse Seven in the case of the planet, Urantia.

Therefore, Spirit Directive 55 concluded that the worlds of Honeidar and several others not named to Urantians should and would become architectural spheres so long as there was sufficient reason to warrant their inclusion in the Council of Equilibrium’s deliberations searching for solutions and remedies without making them architectural worlds. Urantia was particularly pointed to as a planet that had no choice but to become an architectural world, but the others were not in the predicament Urantia was, in that its life forms had been so polluted by rebellion there was no means available to do otherwise. Candidates for architectural status must always, insofar as evolutionary planets are concerned, have been a sphere of bestowal by a Creator Son, and of those planets which could qualify, only seven have been approved for architectural status. A number of planets in the past (in all of the superuniverses) have acquired architectural world status due to previous decisions directly from Paradise and upon the vote of the Council of Equilibrium on the issues before them concerning their needs to continue life outside of their original solar systems.

The Directive contains at least 40 principle spiritual directives that allow us to move quickly in reestablishing the planet as the primary sphere in the system of Satania. My bestowal there completely changed Urantia (as it was intended to be) and for that we must take some of the blame for its fame well beyond the shores of Nebadon and Orvonton.

We also see that it contains many Agondonters who need correctional work to establish themselves with credentials on high. That is possible to do so long as there is a visible representative on the planet to prepare most of them. Remediation with visible representatives of the existing Agondonters does not in the slightest change their status. They shall permanently remain Agondonters, even to the shores of Paradise.

Sharing Urantia’s Plight and Rectification Plans with SU6

We must therefore conclude, that while we (Michael of Nebadon) have no direct intervention in that local universe wherein Honeidar exists, we do have a lot of information they can use in discussions to remedy the problems of Honeidar’s existence. You will see in the next few months a decision to fold our work into the work of the Council of Equilibrium’s deliberations as to whether Honeidar finds a remedy in becoming an architectural world or is moved out of orbit with the aid of the Universe Power Directors, and then resettled in its new space home with the culture intact.

We shall discourse briefly on the idea of architectural worlds now.

Evolutionary Worlds Must Change Practices as Architectural Planets

They are, of course, special worlds for special purposes. They serve the staff of a local universe with a place to live and to be assigned their duties outside of the landscape the architectural worlds represent. However, in doing the work for architectural worlds, two things must come into play:

  • 1.There is no more usage of land, sea, and air for private excursions by people living on the planet or by people living outside of the planet. Things like flying airplanes and driving cars or using submarines are not tolerated since the planet cannot sustain accidents of a mechanical nature where the electromagnetic fields could become disrupted for any reason.
  • 2.No more usage of the several space ports built by the respective Creator Sons in order to entertain those who are welcomed to the shores of such a sphere. In other words, an architectural world becomes a closed system that must be entered and left by established ports of call. Currently, Urantia has several ports of entry that are not guarded. Urantia has no sentry at this time regarding entry to the planet. This becomes reversed in practice when architectural spheres are established and all ports are guarded and entry is by invitation only.

Animal and Plant Life for Urantia

On Urantia we decided to allow the planet to retain its normal design as an evolutionary planet replete with animal and plant life that evolved there as Urantia I. To provide true architectural design for Urantia, Urantia II will fill that requirement. The original Urantia will become an oasis of nature and of the divine love of humans and animals while Urantia II will oversee the development of Urantia I and become its mentor as it learns how to cope with the changes that must evolve to make Urantia fit for human life once more.

Because Honeidar does not have Urantia’s main problem for being unfit as a human habitation sphere, Honeidar will be allowed solutions not allowed Urantia. Others will see that the Council of Equilibrium is being established on Urantia and that will make Urantia a sphere of interest to all who see it in the distance and wish to know what activities could be going on there that precludes them from landing on it.

Urantia must become a haven for the direct intervention of the Father, and as such is closed to visitors until there is good reason to open it again as originally established in Spirit Directive Number 55.

Last year we entered the last days of total control of thought over Urantia. Henceforth, the Council of Equilibrium shall become the dominant legislative body governing Urantia together with the twelve Melchizedek Receivers. I, as your Sovereign Planetary Prince, will leave Urantia with other considerations of design and remedy as to how administration of the new architectural sphere will be permanently directed.

Monjoronson must do many things that will not be divulged in order to have the planet survive its judicial review. I speak to this in a later paper.

Section II


Received from October 13th to October 30th 2012 on Urantia through Telekinesis

Message 1

From Veremerton, A Solitary Messenger Artist’s View of Sunset on Honeidar

  • Greetings from Superuniverse Number Six Binary Solar System in Superuniverse Six
  • October 13th 2012
  • Received by Telekinesis in Washington State, USA
Artist's View of Sunset on Honeidar, Binary Sun System in Superuniverse Six

In the name of the Universal Father and according to His Will anything is possible, even very long distance communication, extra-superuniversal in nature. Nothing like this has been previously informed to the mortals of your world as this information is reserved for the enlightenment of worlds where mortals have a more advanced level of spiritual comprehension than those living on Urantia.

For the benefit of all those who sincerely have decided to serve the Universal Father in any capacity, extraordinary means of communications can be made possible if the information to be conveyed is to help fulfill Father’s purpose anytime or anywhere. As you have requested to know certain information pertaining to the only superuniverse not named in the ABC Summaries being prepared, we decided to satisfy the request, with Father’s permission, by means of this message.

This message reaches you from Solonanger, the Capital of the Sixth Superuniverse. I am Veremerton [Solitary Messenger], with the additional permission of the Ancient of Days ruling it.

The vast and incredible grand universe is in reality small in our Father’s hand, so no distance can make any necessary communication impossible if He Wills it. This message has been conveyed via a Solitary Messenger sent from our superuniverse capital to Uversa, which is the simplest way of communication between superuniverses, but there are other special methods of communication that can be achieved from a superuniverse, to its corresponding Master Spirit, to Paradise for processing and to obtain the necessary permissions, to another superuniverse via its corresponding Master Spirit.

This method is used when it is necessary to obtain the Deities’ counsel and recommendations.

The struggles in your world are known not only in Paradise, but in every superuniverse as well. So complicated is the state of affairs on Urantia that the highest representatives in the other six superuniverses could not come up with the appropriate solution to correct the spiritual debacle currently extant there and, as a consequence, the Universal Father Himself has and will continue to directly intervene in your world’s spiritual evolution for the foreseeable future.

There will come a time when this will no longer will be necessary, but that will take perhaps even a few centuries. This Paradisiacal intervention will ensure that the stain of sin is completely eradicated by its roots from your world, even from your genes. There is no evolutionary solution to your spiritual problem.

Humanity, all by itself, cannot undo what was done to them, which is why the “homo sapiens” will be already completely gone long before your Magisterial Son has completed his mission on Urantia, roughly one thousand years from now. In under 100 years from now, all of the Agondonters now in existence on Urantia will have already departed for the Mansion Worlds, where they will grace their halls with their presence and by sharing their experiences during their life in the flesh, where they proved to be very resilient to sin and demonstrated that it is possible to believe even when no celestial company was tangible to them.

Believe that there is love “out there” for the struggling mortals on Urantia. Your brothers in every superuniverse cheer you on towards your inevitable victory over evil and sin! May the God of All Eternity continue to bless you and sustain you!

Message 2

  • October 14th 2012, From Superuniverse Six
  • To Same Reception Area as Message 1
  • Veremerton, Solitary Messenger on Solonanger communicating through Reflectivating Seconaphim stationed on Uversa, and from Uversa to Urantia through intermediary stations.

Greetings again from Solonanger: Capital of the Sixth Superuniverse. This is Veremerton!

The organization of this superuniverse is of the same order as that of the superuniverse of your residence, Orvonton.

Languages: The celestial organization is also identical. (To the Receiver): We are aware of your interests in languages, and we strongly agree on the importance to master them, or at least to “get by”, so that you can establish some communication with those that do not know your language. The languages spoken in this superuniverse vary from those spoken in yours, from the local systems and all the way to our capital. The languages spoken have a variation that, in a way, is associated with the nature of the Deities Trinitarian association that is represented by the corresponding Master Spirit.

The languages that the celestial orders speak in the different superuniverses are designed to properly convey the meanings and ideas that, in their use, represent those that the corresponding Paradise Trinity association wants to convey.

We understand that this concept might be rather complex at this time, but more clarification could be provided later on if needed.

When a Creator Son communicates with the celestial personalities of origin in His local universe, the conversation is conducted typically in the language of said local universe. When Michael of Nebadon was observed by His apostles to be communicating with Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek on the day of His “transfiguration”, the language being used was the language of Salvington.

As you can see, even in this superuniverse, we are aware of what happened in your local universe throughout its history, and we follow the current events with great interest. We await the inevitable time of your planet’s deliverance from evil and sin; the times when Father’s glory will indeed be made tangible to you all.

Like in the past, we stand ready to provide any required assistance according to the Universal Father’s will and the capacity of other superuniverses which may be in need to cope with their internal problems.

Free will is a gift of the Universal Father to every mortal creature or celestial personality, and so the possibility of rebellion somewhere is always present. However, good lessons are learned from each case and plans are implemented in order to make the possibility of rebellion as distant as possible. And it is in the experience obtained in the current seven superuniverses that the administration and ruling in the outer space levels will become more efficient under the watchful eye of God The Supreme after its actualization in a future still distant, hundreds of millions of years away.

The Role of Agondonters in The Future The role of the Agondonters in the effective administration of the worlds of time will be important in achieving “spiritual stability” early during the existence of mortals in the worlds of the outer space levels. Among other roles, Agondonters will prove to be excellent “Counselors of Spirit” in the different capitals of the universes’ sub-divisions, as well as at the planetary level.

They will advise on the futility of rebellion and its consequences based on their own experiences. Those counselors [Agondonters], in a way, can be compared as the person accompanying your rulers of antiquity during their celebrations, when they (Agondonter-like Advisors) would whisper behind their ear “memento mori” (“remember that you are only mortal!”), but in this particular case, it will just be a reminder to the possibility of extinction in case of spiritual default or incitement to rebellion.

The opportunities of service for Agondonters will be many indeed, not only in the seventh superuniverse, but in other superuniverses as well, and beyond, after the actualization of God The Supreme. Great indeed is the God of Eternity and fantastic the adventures ahead of you and your fellow mortals should they choose to continue to believe and serve Him.

Our greetings to you all on Urantia! May God’s presence continue to be with you and in you for all Eternity!

Message 3

From Honeidar by Telekinesis

  • (Telekinesis is Thought Transfer from a Mind Matrix not well understood on Urantia)
  • October 16th 2012

Message from: RONGAR (Teacher and Philosopher) of the Planet Honeidar (a world of the Sixth Superuniverse).

Far away and near, from the beginning of the times of mortal existence, and in the eternity of the future, there will always be the need to struggle, to strive for first; betterment in things associated with the material well-being, and then in matters of spirit. There is no betterment in anything unless there is some effort to achieve it, even when the motivation is the wrong one.

Struggle becomes hardest in worlds where people are led astray by spiritual confusion and deceit. There is also the existence of wars, in order to typically position themselves in a better strategic national situation, to pursue an agenda, or just out of spite by the rulers of the aggressor nations. Just like in many worlds, whoever the mortals perceive to be their “Deities” such Deities are first brought to their level in order for them to comprehend better their existence, their perceived power over the mortals’ existence, and are even understood to take sides in warfare.

There is no bigger aberration than to kill “in the name of God”. The Eternal God has never taken sides in all of eternity when it comes to warfare between mortals anywhere in the grand universe. “Deus lo Vult”[God Wills It] screamed many warriors before killing their perceived enemies many centuries ago in your world, and now the same killing is being done in the name of God or in the name of “Allah”.

It is beyond the comprehension of many mortals in other worlds how it is possible to think that “God Wills” the killing of your brethren, or to see God’s greatness as you kill each other. It all comes down to spiritual ignorance and the wickedness of rebellious celestials (and mortals alike) while furthering the confusion and deceit. But like in my world, “Honeidar”, where long ago its share of fighting was also observed, eventually the fighting stops as either we spiritually evolve on our own accord, or we achieve said evolution with extended celestial help.

Fortunately, the celestial personnel in service in my world has always been faithful to the Eternal God and to His appointed administrators and representatives, and so I grew up, and still live, in a world where we have been enjoying peace for many centuries.

From early age, with celestial help, we learn about the love of the Eternal God and how it is manifested everywhere. Our children learn first to love, obey and respect their parents and elders, while later in life, after being indwelt by the “Guide of the Eternal God”, they soon are taught how to establish communication with Him and to obtain great benefits from His great teachings and advices.

We are taught to be of service to our brethren; to love them and to provide for them. Love and selfless service to our brethren was instilled in us, centuries ago, by our Sovereign Creator Son, whose love and charisma still captivates us. We are extremely proud of the great gift of His presence amongst us and we closely follow His teachings.

He left this world, surrounded by untold of His followers, and when He left He took with Him our most sincere love, affection and thanks for how He changed our lives and our world. We were greatly appalled and troubled when we learned of the fate of your Creator Son, but we have come to understand that the mortals of Urantia of the time did not know better; they were lacking the spiritual baggage to comprehend the gift of your Creator Son’s presence amongst you.

However, with the exceptional celestial help that you are being provided and just because the Eternal God indeed “willed it” your lives and your world will change from the core. We consider exceptional the desire of the Eternal God to change your world to such an extent to make it last forever in order for it to serve His purpose.

Our scientists are very interested in knowing how your Sun can be modified in order to extend its function indefinitely as well. Due to our location in the sixth superuniverse, we have not yet attempted travel to your superuniverse in order to do some study and observe, but eventually we will travel to see it.

After the wars and struggles in our worlds ceased, we took to the stars in order to learn and explore, and now we have open contact with very many of our brethren, who come from other local systems, as well as even from other local universes. We all share a bond of love, understanding, cooperation and selfless service. The inhabitants of Urantia are destined to also take to the stars and join their cosmic brothers, but this will not happen until the turmoil currently in existence there stops, and the level of technical achievement is equated to and even surpassed by your spiritual achievements.

My name is “Rongar”. I am what you may consider a teacher and a philosopher, and I have lived considerably longer than it is possible for a mortal of Urantia to be able to. During my existence I have strived to perfect my connection to the “Guide of the Eternal God”, and even to my brethren via their “Guides” and the celestials in service in our world. But I have also been cultivating the possibility to establish communication with other brethren, independent of time or space, anywhere in the grand creation, with the purpose of knowing about them and understanding them, much in the same way that you may want to know more about a cousin growing up on the other side of your planet. This connection is possible via the “Guide of the Eternal God” as there is no problem for them to communicate with each other via the “Center of All Existence”, the dwelling place of the “Eternal God” Himself.

I am certain there even may be additional ways of communication between the “Guides”, but this knowledge escapes us, even when we live in a world in the early stages of the epoch of “Light and Life”, as it is known to you. Once you have learned to eradicate your spiritual ignorance, you will learn that it is possible to “reach out” to your brethren, inside and outside of your world, especially if the effort is concerned about matters of the spirit.

Well, I consider this opportunity to reach out to you a great pleasure and a privilege, and I am looking forward to more contact as your life on Urantia progresses through the many changes that the planet is about to undergo, both materially and spiritually.

I bid you farewell for now. May your “Guide of the Eternal God” help you soon to achieve the heights of glory in Eternity!

Message 4

Master Spirit AYA to Flurry Editor

  • October 19th 2012

The following transmitted to the Editor of The FLURRY by Master Spirit, AYA, Master Spirit Seven, providing Urantians some history of Honeidar’s problems.

Rongar has passed to the telekinesis site pictures of himself and of the ships they pride themselves in using to visit the cosmos. Honeidar is a planet of great wealth and beauty and it is to be found among the wonderful planets of Superuniverse Six that have left the fold of their brethren and have become planets of respected esteem among the Deities.

Their work on high is established on the planets of Havona and they have never forfeited one iota of their brethren to war-like crimes or have they dealt the game of horror that Urantians felt during the period of their world wars in their twentieth century history.

Honeidar is among the few worlds ever allowed to come visit a place outside of their superuniverse and they are honored for their integrity and well kept secrets of the “Stations of Deity” locations, nearby their home sphere. The work of the people of Honeidar is noted for its complete record keeping of their history and of their evolution, and this evolution will be a record for even Urantians to read once the ban on intergalactic travel is lifted from the Urantia experimental world.

Unknown Spokesman from Superuniverse Six begins to speak: We pride ourselves in the work of Honeidar and we work with all of the people who reside there to improve their lives as they seek to improve the lives of all they speak to and are in contact with. Our heart goes out to them for the disaster that is about to overtake them unless they can find a way to lead their fellow men and women to new planets for resumption of their civilization. If not, they will be evacuated to a star nearby and settle a planet that has been devastated by events not yet revealable to mortals on Urantia. The place they now reside is called Honeidar, but the place they may leave to is another planet ending with “tia” and we do not mean to imply this is Urantia, but it is an experimental world like Urantia and it has much fauna already established on it. If they leave Honeidar, they must be modified in body and soul for ascension to the higher levels of the universe. They currently are indwelt by the Father Adjusters and leave Honeidar by Adjuster transit to their local universe capital.

Message 5

From Krenel, a Honeidar Astronomer

  • October 17th 2012 Urantia is 1 AU from Its Sun
Honeidar's Distance From Its Nearest Sun is 0.65 AU, Urantia is 1 AU from Its Sun

VIEWS from HONEIDAR Greetings fellow mortal and brother! My name is KRENEL, and I am a scientist, if you will, an astronomer. This message is what you would consider a test to evaluate our ability to send remote views, like snapshots, at least at the early stages of the development of this method for sharing information. This transmission is being facilitated by way of our “Guides of the Eternal God” in order to determine also your capacity to perceive visual information at very long distances.

The binary stars that illuminate our world are not of the same size. The biggest one of the pair, KRALLAAR, is approximately three times as large as the smallest one HRALDAR. HRALDAR spins around KRALLAAR and both used to form only one star before it was disrupted by a celestial body of great density, which caused its disruption and rupture. While this disruption took place, the binary pair also lost mass, which formed our world as well as six others that form our “solar system”. We have a scientific colony in the world occupying the fifth orbit around our stars. Our world occupies the second orbit around the pair. HRALDAR is approximately ten times the size of your sun, with KRALLAAR being thirty times as big. You can imagine the problems that the plasma ejections from the binary star causes to our planet when the closest of the stars comes as close as 0.65 AU (your astronomical units) from our planet during its rotation.

This is just a quick “burst” of information sent to test the connection between us. More will be forthcoming soon enough. May the “Eternal God” continue to guide you forever!

Transmission of Pictures

Editor’s Note: Of all the transmissions being received to date, the trickiest to do well, or to represent what the Honeidar transmitters wish us to see, carry a double duty tax on them. First the receiver pays with his inability to draw well even when he has the likeness well done in his mind; and second, the pictures tend to get smudged with the receiver’s interpretation of what they are sending compared to what he knows about other objects sketched by artists on Urantia.

What the FLURRY has done to represent some of the pictorial material received (in the case of transport in particular) is to show the drawing of the object and beside it show the similar object Urantia artists have constructed from the past. This method is an attempt to be honest about what is being represented in the drawing; it may not be accurate, and the Urantia model may be the unconscious source of the picture drawn. Only if the Honeidar transmitter(s) are willing to work with our reception can we feel more secure in honestly showing what they intended.

These drawings are being sent by the telekinesis process. We feel they are accurate, but we have no way to compare them with the genuine article versus the telekinesis representation. Many who transmit/receive (T/R) often obtain graphical interface with the celestial transmission. Your editor has experienced the pictures many times, but that process (T/R) does not intend to be used for picture synthesis, but telekinesis is developed primarily as a graphical transmission to another.

The Honeidar people, judging by their communication skills and what they have told us of their education, value the ability to communicate with each other using the mind first and only lastly, if that fails, to communicate with sound, which we would call language. It takes schooling (maybe nearly 30 years) to get the technique down and in that process they have developed ‘specialized skills’ that enables drawings or pictures to be sent in the speech transmission. That process is what we have labeled “telekinesis” although it is a complex practice.

Let us begin with what has been labeled a Scout transport. The Honeidar scientists use the transport as a scouting ship for short distances away from larger research ships. The Scout ships can be used to get close to objects (as close as twenty of our feet) and they have the ability to photograph lunar or planetary objects with great skill.

These Scouts are used primarily to go between larger ships that transport trades people from other galactic regions in the sixth superuniverse. They are like the little boats that are dropped into the water between the ocean liners of old on our planet to exchange messages and obtain permission to enter into negotiations with the ship’s captain to obtain various means of transport to other systems and galaxies. In other words, these Scouts can be like taxis to drop off fares on the large ships to see if they can book a ride to other star systems.

Urantia plastic model.jpg

Left < A Urantia plastic model of a Scout Ship designed from reports of seeing similar ships in Urantia skies.

Honeidar scout ship.jpg

Right > A picture sent by Telekinesis from Honeidar of one of their Scout Ships, followed by a second attempt a few days later to show the ship design once again.

Scout ship 2.jpg

Notice the observation ports on the Honeidar transmission are beneath a large dome structure but the Urantia model has the observation ports near the top under a shallow dome. Both Honeidar transmissions resulted in similar appearance. Propulsion forces are represented at the bottom of the ship by lines coming out in a radial fashion. The first transmission did not show them.

Another transmission from Honeidar

Scientific expedition craft.jpg

(Right> in pencil) was an attempt to provide us a visual representation of one of the scientific expedition craft used for interstellar command operations. Interstellar command operations, they tell us, are those expeditions which result in discoveries that can be used on the home planet and to benefit the sciences of their civilization.

Next is an artists’ rendition of the type of ship we believe they attempted to transmit to us. This is from a drawing off the internet showing the cigar-type of craft seen in the Yukon Territory of Canada in 1996.

Cigar ship Yukon.jpg

Those little white dots are either probes or Scout Ships. This picture is not quite what the Honeidar transmission depicted, but these cigars are fairly rare to observe on Urantia for unknown reasons. The Honeidar craft is wieldier (wider and heavier than pictured here) and has support struts in the picture not used in flight. Additionally, the Honeidar craft uses a fast forward approach to flight and never backs the ship, since to do so would reverse the draft it creates when it moves in molecular space. Scouts move without this restriction, but the large interstellar ships use totally different navigation systems on them compared to smaller vehicles.

In this next picture, a ship similar to the Honeidar telekinesis transmission depicting their Galactic Star Cruisers, only this one has its docking support units built into the hull. The Honeidar ships must be attended to when docking to be sure they do not tilt as they come into their space berths.

Star Cruiser.jpg

Most of the ships are so large that regardless of who invents them and sails them, they must take on a hundred years-worth of supplies in order to prevent sickness or mental weakness of the crew and passengers.

Although these ships travel vast distances in a “twinkling of an eye”, they are not equipped to “burn rubber” like hot rods. Instead they are heated and cooled like ovens by convection and are turned into water boards as they skim molecular space at speeds approaching the light vectors shown on your Star Trek programs called “warp speed”.


Honeidar citizen.jpg

Racial Characteristics

  • Race: The Honeidar People.
  • Height: Range from 8.5 feet to 9 feet.
  • Skin color: Pinker than human but also brown easily by the sun.
  • Facial Hair: None.
  • Scalp Hair: Little hair but lends itself toward curl and very light almost blond.
  • Cheek Bones: Very High.
  • Face Shape: Oval and angular and long.
  • Neck proportion: Short with head nearly placed on the shoulder.
  • Eyes: Almond shaped sockets with large blue eyes. Brown eyes were not seen for millennium.
  • Mouth: A small slit and rarely opened as they do not eat and speak little.
  • Nose: Practically non-existent by there are remnants of nostrils which do not op en into the throat any more.
  • Arms: Proportional to human anatomy according to height.
  • Legs: Very long and slender.
  • Feet and Fingers: Ten Toes and Ten Fingers shaped as on Urantia except the fingers are slender and much longer.
  • Body Type: Modified Non-Breathers able to gasp air through their mouth and have no circulatory dependence on oxy gen.
  • Brain Type: Two brained as Urantians have and their brains are larger in relationship to the skeletal proportion than Urantians have.
  • Body Organs: The same anatomical details as have Urantians.
  • Clothing: Adaption of a costume worn universally from adult to death. Toga like garment hung from their right shoulder.
  • Special Clothing: Ceremonial garb is robe-like and in the case of Rongar (Philosopher Teacher) he is a tenured academic and on formal occasions wears the dark robes of Honorary Citizen of The Academy of Science and Literature. There are formal portraits of highly skilled teachers hanging in the gathering rooms where awards are made. The clothing is dark and embroidered with the symbols of their language, which are graphical unlike the cursive appearance of the Roman alphabet on Urantia. These symbols dot the robes in the fashion of circles in circles with the triangular symbol of the Trinity center and uppermost below the “V” of the neck at the shoulder. Large medallions on chains of precious metals are draped around the shoulders of dignitaries and they all appear much as your paintings from the Renaissance when sitting in chairs in their ceremonial finery.

Thought Graphs Passed in Telekinesis Messages containing photographs are sent via a process learned centuries ago where the snap shot of an object can be monitored in mind (perceived, studied and characterized in mind, and held for processing) and then digitally enhanced by a graph machine receiving these thought frequencies which are located at the side of the person sending out by telekinesis. Many Honeidar people are capable of high-speed transmissions which they use to keep track of children and even scientific crews on expeditions and for many other reasons as well.

The receiver of the ‘thought graph’ photographs explains how he felt and was able to transcribe the telekinesis data.

“When it comes to receiving visual information, it would be sensed in my mind as a combination of first a very brief and live image, like a snapshot, and then it kind of transforms into an equivalent drawing.

“I have a hard time separating an image from a glimpse of "inspiration", if you will, used to transform perhaps a concept that becomes an image. The images that I perceive are very brief, leaving only a drawing that I can copy myself.

“I am most definitely looking forward to using the mentioned "device" to obtain actual live images, although how a "fuel cell" (1) can be used as a video communicator (2) instead of a device for producing power escapes my understanding. I am sorry if I cannot be more specific in my description of the process to obtain the transmissions, but in my engineer mind it lacks the tangibility that I am used to when assessing and analyzing information.

(1) [Editor: The term “fuel cell” was used as an example of a portable device known to us that is small, light and compact, and is a specific piece of equipment not loaned (not named) at this time].

(2) [Editor: A slightly misleading concept stated as there is no video signal, but a signal sled inside of a device utilized to promote thought frequencies which converts those signals to electrical impulses to a printer for our use. For those curious of the term use of “sled”, it was explained to me that a straight line communication is radio and such. A “sled” is not a straight line of sight communication but a packet produced in a sled-like ember of thought totally unknown to us on Urantia].

From the Receiver on October 25th 2012

  • Everett, Washington, USA

(Michael of Nebadon) ”I am totally in awe of your ability to understand what we have not been able to do for many who reside on even advanced planets who do not have access to these types of transmissions. Our wish is for you to realize that you are releasing information far ahead of your compatriots on your sphere; however, we see that the language being used is sufficient to convey a mental picture of technology that is light years away from use on Urantia. Use these messages sparingly throughout your dissertations and keep us informed of your purpose as that makes all the difference in the world to the Censor (Rochelle) assigned to your part of these compositions. I am authorizing the use of these terms and concepts for this message only. Be caring you do not mention other things we have spoken to in other messages that are not yet for the ears of most of your audience.

“Our wish for your audience is to take these descriptions as allegorical as they cannot be used for experimentation without knowing the thought patterns of the race involved. The Honeidar people are especially good at producing vitamins within their blood stream which enhances thought and are examples of changes between racial designs on Honeidar and Urantia.”

Additional Information from Honeidar Pertaining to Nuclear Contamination

(From Michael of Nebadon)

We now come to the point where we must introduce another amazing expression of the similarities of problems shared by Honeidar and Urantia.

During the transmission of the Michael message to me (above), I received the okay to go ahead and use one more issue taking place between Honeidar and Urantia. It is this:

Honeidar contains nuclear stockpiles of its own. It is not weaponry in its main usages, but it is used to obtain the rare earth material known to us as radium. Radium is a heavy element used to fuel their reactors to attract protons in order to break them into other substances not used on Urantia. Proton reactors are known to Urantia scientists, but they are so radioactive they cannot be used safely on earth for fear of contaminating everything they touch. Honeidar has about seven hundred nuclear reactors producing the heavy metal, and they must watch carefully that they do not contaminate surrounding areas they use for recreation.

These reactors must be removed. Honeidar has recently been able to synthesize radium without causing high pollution to the environment and they are preparing now to take the plants off line over the next several years as they are so dependent on their power that they must be very careful about supplies of energy before removing them.

Urantia has now been experiencing a proliferation of nuclear energy from plants to bombs. They are extremely dangerous devices to keep around if they were not so necessary from power to defense. Honeidar will be allowed to review certain plans of the various military and civilian authorities on Urantia to defuse nuclear contamination and weapons. They will be permitted to utilize methods developed on Urantia to keep nuclear waste at bay, and while Urantia has not solved nuclear waste storage safely, Honeidar has the necessary means to store and remove all contamination within months of declassification of these facilities from military to civilian over control.

Ultimatonic Generation Essential on Urantia and Honeidar

We are aware of the length this document has reached, but it is necessary to set the stage for yet another episode of revelation that has been kept from us for decades due to the lack of interest shown by so many on Urantia about others they know nothing about.

It is not our intention to show more than can safely be held by the reader of these documents, but we must press the envelope of knowledge in order to complete a whole range of thinking held back for a long time for reasons given and for other reasons that have to do with the heat and cold of the past century. Perhaps it is strange to your mind and ears that the heat and cold on Urantia in the 20thcentury has caused many species to disappear and to cause a change in the biosphere of the planet. Humans are so short lived they rarely encounter a situation that develops quickly enough to notice it and record it.

But science has recorded the changes in temperature on the planet beginning in the late 20thcentury to the extent that it has raised graphs showing anomalies of temperature inclines over a short period of time. Sea temperatures and atmospheric hot spots develop when the sea cannot retain the short wave radiation of the primary sun.

On Honeidar, the sun no longer produces the short rays** (see extract of Urantia’s understanding of short rays below), and because it does not, its plant life is disappearing. They too are experiencing blasts of solar heat which they cannot mitigate by sending cool currents of air out of their polar regions (they have an ice cap temporarily every year from their October to the end of December when it melts off when Krallaar motions itself directly in front of the binary star system producing extreme heat on the planet). While Urantia scientists are not as advanced in their thinking about so-called polar collapse or global warming, they are aware of the devastation so much water may cause Urantia. On Honeidar the opposite is true and they must find ways to keep ice caps in place longer to overcome the lack of water and the productions of so much solar heat.

  • Brief Mystery: What are Short Gamma-ray Bursts?

From https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2008/20oct_briefmystery/

An artist's concept of a gamma-ray burst

An artist's concept of a gamma-ray burst.

October 20, 2008: For decades it was baffling. Out of the still night sky, astronomers peering through their telescopes would occasionally glimpse quick bursts of high-energy light popping off like flashbulbs at the far side of the universe.

These bursts seemed impossibly powerful: to appear so bright from so very far away, they must vastly outshine entire galaxies containing hundreds of billions of stars. These explosions, called gamma ray bursts (GRBs), are by far the brightest and most energetic phenomena in the known universe, second only to the Big Bang itself.

Scientists were at a loss to imagine what could possibly cause them.

Astronomers now know what the longer-lasting GRBs are: the collapse and explosion of an ultra-massive star to form a black hole at its core, an explanation first proposed by Stan Woosley of the University of California in San Diego. But there’s a second category of GRBs that still remains a mystery.

"The short-lived ones are very poorly understood. It's where the frontier [of research] is now," says Neil Gehrels, principal investigator for the GRB-detecting Swift satellite at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. . . .

"We have had good evidence since the 1990s that the short bursts and long bursts were different classes," Gehrels explains. "It had to do with their gamma ray properties." Not only do the short bursts last less than about 2 seconds, the spectrum of light they emit is distinct. Gamma rays from short bursts lean toward the high-energy end of the spectrum, while long GRBs emit lower-energy gamma rays.

On Urantia, you understand so little about Gamma Rays and how they are produced. On Honeidar, they understand Gamma Rays or more commonly referred to as photons of the classification found in X-rays, although they (the photons) are not the X-Ray itself. We have allowed this discussion because it falls right into my Parable of the Sower

[Scripture: Luke 8:4-15]

In my Parable of the Sower, I made the point that not all people understand the whole story and that while one should bring relief to another that relief sometimes fails because the understanding that brought the relief action was not sufficiently understood to maintain the relief. Honeidar knows enough to obtain relief, but not enough to keep the relief in place.

Urantia has been quite excellent in determining the source of gamma rays, but hopelessly lost in understanding why they operate at all. Photons are not a mass particle, but belong to the classification of Ultimatons not yet found or known to exist except in particle theory that is yet to be accepted.

Photons are a type of ultimaton not discussed in your Urantia Book. This is because theory of particles in 1934 and before saw no reason for massless objects to exist. In the meantime other planets (not in Nebadon) began to experiment with the photon to understand how ultimatons are generated inside a star system when it collapses.

Ron has written two papers on how much of this transpires but it has not been published as an ABC Summary or in The FLURRY. We suggest that he publish these two excellent papers for dissemination to the members of the BCC list in order that they may understand the dynamics of this exchange of energy in very cold areas of the universe.

Honeidar is a planet with little use for ultimatonic delivery systems. On Urantia there are no such systems even thought about. Their conception is believed to be outside of the realm of possibilities, but we deem the use of these devices (that can convert gamma rays to ultimatons) essential for the life sustainment on both planets.

Development must precede usage and it is our desire that this begin as soon as there are resources available on Urantia. Honeidar requires the same kind of thought in order to provide for the reactivation of their polar cap on a more permanent basis.

Ultimatonic devices and the theory required to produce them will be a priority for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, and on Honeidar their Creator Son will see to the development of thought which will lead to the discovery of gamma ray usages for the generation of ultimatons.


The Honeidar people are not without allies in their planetary woes. Long ago there developed a friendship between Honeidar and the System of Valen. The Varen (a people greatly advanced, even far afield of the Honeidar) are traders of renown, and they discovered Honeidar nearly ten millennium ago while on a trade scouting tour of the local universe of Heledron.

During their second visit ever to Honeidar they ran low on fuel for their Mother Ship, a ship ten times the size of the scouts and able to withstand intergalactic travel, even outside the superuniverse of their origin whenever permission is to be granted for such journeys. Spying the System of HELIOSPADRON, the home of Honeidar, they proceeded to the nearest port of entry for space ships of their size. They sought to dock at a power station.

The following picture of the event was received by telekinesis October 25th2012 and shows the huge intergalactic transport of the Varen coming to land to take on what they thought was molecular gas to fire their gamma ray generating device on board. The Varen ship is quite distant from the power station in the photo (drawing of photo received), and the receiver estimated the circumference of the ship to be ten miles around; however, locating the ship this way confounds the Honeidar

Varen transport.jpg

authorities (who monitor the work for this issue) and they confirm the ship is about eight miles in Urantia circumference measurement and is as tall as the Empire State Building in the State of New York. In practical terms, the ship is so large it cannot be equipped with even a modest amount of personnel to fly it, as it requires 3,000 specialists on board to man all of its systems of operation and navigation, and this does not include the life maintenance crew, the navigation personnel, or the officers and long-shore men used to dock and undock the ship for flight. All told, ships of this nature carry a crew of nearly 5,000, plus whatever is needed in supplies and equipment for space travel beyond the borders of their original local universes.

Honeidar is a complicated and obvious dock site. It is used by ships for refueling, both their own and visitors who arrive to trade and exchange information. Honeidar did not provide clearance for the Varen ship, but did not react with hostility until the refueling caused a short circuit in the power supply of the underground living quarters of the Honeidar.

In that now infamous episode, the Varen deprived nearly one quarter of a million inhabitants on Honeidar to lose all life support systems used for the underground maintenance of their supply of food and shelter. Alarmed, the Honeidar signaled the ship to debark from the power planet, but the Varen were not familiar with thought transfer the Honeidar use for most of their communications. Instead, the Varen sought to refuel completely and proceeded to declare their refusal to move off until they completed the fueling procedure.

After nearly one hour of Honeidar time, the principle fueling rod used to inject ships with molecular gas and other energies unrevealed on Urantia, became enmeshed in one of the supporting devices and caught a metal support on the port causing the giant ship to roll slightly to its right side and tore off the mast holding the energy injector. This accident failed to convince the Varen to move off and stop refueling, and so there was nothing to stop the molecular gas from spewing out into the thin Honeidar atmosphere at the rate of 60,000 of your cubic feet per millisecond. The power plant was completely disrupted and emptied of generating capacity taking nearly one year to rebuild.

The Varen were ordered to shut down the refueling immediately under threat of a military incident. A major diplomatic issue arose immediately and the Council of the Most Highs on Salisar were summoned to obtain the release of the Varen who from then on, and for another 100 Honeidar years, vowed never to come near the planet again!

We narrate this incident fully in order to obtain a modicum of understanding from the reader that mistakes and human error abound in every society (in every star system) in the universe. This is why ambassadors and technicians travel widely on these great ships of exploration, so that when things happen (as they did to the Varen and Honeidar peoples) that they have a chance to be eventually understood and overcome in time. And that is what happened between the Honeidar and Varen peoples within a short space of 100 years.

The Varen now are the greatest of the peace promoting people in any superuniverse or local universe of record, known to the highest authorities such as the Master Spirits and the Honeidar System of Transport Specialists!


Some attempt has been supplied to provide us a few details of the allied race to the Honeidar. A thought graph was supplied to make a drawing of one of the captains of the intergalactic vessels described above.

Varenian pilot.jpg
  • Race: The Varen.
  • Home Sphere: Salisar.
  • System: Valen.
  • Local Universe: Heledron.
  • Facial Characteristics: Nordic using this description familiar to Urantia regarding the blond races of northern Europe. They are blended with the Material Son and Daughter of their local universe and appear much as Urantians would appear had they received the blending from Adam and Eve resident on Urantia 38,000 years ago.
  • Height: Seven to eight and one-half feet tall.
  • Color: White and Blue and hail from a universe containing nearly all Nordic characteristics.

Indwelling: Father Indwelt.

  • Brain Type: Three Brain Series.
  • Hands and Feet: Typically much like Urantians.

Eyes: Large, direct gaze, far forward of the cranium and are colored either blue or green.

  • Clothing: Typical uniforms are limb tailored and close fitting and exist in many variations and styles unlike the Honeidar they greatly admire.
  • Food: They transport all food for their exploration which is similar to Urantia tomatoes and potatoes and of vegetable types not seen elsewhere in the universe of origin.
  • Planet Type: Smaller than Urantia with a great many green areas resolved to be kept from development.
  • Planetary Atmosphere: Three gas; morontia gasses based on a similar atmosphere nearby which they obtained when Salisar became overpowered with a corona blast from a nearby star system passing through. The atmosphere was replaced with the morontia varieties discussed in the Urantia Book because most of the citizens were lost in the fiery heat of the sun flare experienced. Salisar became a ward of the Most Highs and is reined over by a Planetary Prince of the Melchizedek Order. Varens can only breathe morontia atmospheres and would quickly perish on Urantia without protection.


(Michael of Nebadon) The hospitality of the Varen is renowned. It is a classification of hospitality we can only described as being verdant - rich hues of green and blue in their character makes treatment of visitors a pure pleasure.

They provide sofas and deeply upholstered chairs and the sofas are what Urantians would call brocades. The colors are luxurious beyond description because they use a dye that is not available on Urantia which can be managed in thousands of variations to color yarns and other fibers available only on Salisar. Their homes are above ground, and they walk upright as you do, but they are not available in certain pleasurable aspects as they reproduce via sperm/egg combination that is en vitro.

Contrary to what Urantians think as a good time out on the town, Varen call home a quiet spot in their homes replete with forest features as with trees and shrubbery and water falls. These are common appliances in most homes and feature a variety of wildlife that exists only in the home as it is bred for home living and would not survive outside in the morontia gas atmosphere.

Home style foods include what appear to Urantians as raspberries and taste similar to those found on Urantia. Their version of the banana also exists and a fruit (you do not have) made up of a skin that is blemished with pink rosettes of color and comes forth from gardenia-like blossoms that when ripe falls to the ground in a way that causes it to splash open. Varen eat the succulent residue extracted from the viscous liquid from its center-most parts. They term it “the nectar of the gods” and prize it above all other foods and spices to flavor other meals.

They do not eat meat, but their past was of familiar practices of raising cattle-like animals which they devoured in great quantities until the planet was decimated by the corona flare of a passing star system. Now that the species has been replenished from past experiments using the DNA of their progenitors found in the material experiments made thousands of generations ago, they no longer are capable of digesting the flesh of animals and gather fruits and vegetables as many of you do when going on a shopping expedition, only their expeditions are galaxies apart sometimes.

This concludes our look into a future of the cycles of life beyond Urantia. This paper is meant to serve all a wake-up call that life expectancy on Urantia will plummet for about twenty years very soon because of the disasters that await to reshape Urantia into a planet which can survive its destiny as an architectural sphere.

Life becomes a mecca for pleasures when they are earned and if left to Urantia’s own devices, no pleasure could exist in another 100 years. Place your bets on Urantia to survive well, and that the inhabitants of Urantia will exist in splendiferous form when the genetics are re-balanced and the hearts spiritualized. In this I am pleased to call it a day and will gladly operate further afield than Urantia when it is well again.

Closing Remarks

We have attempted to fairly represent the information sent to us. You will find that it contains a lot of new place names and words that do not look so good in the English language, but that is how they sound and the phonetic equivalents are then spelled for me.

I have also enclosed the journal entries I made that were not seen by our other receiver and blended them into the story for a complete review of what Michael of Nebadon asked me to do. It may come as a complete surprise to some of you (including the Washington State receiver) that I have full contact with the Honeidar and the Varen and they sent me their reactions to this narrative as follows:


We see the document as a review of our past and not so much as a document of our present situation. If we were to review that, the Universe Censor would intervene. To avoid that, we have relied on your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, to come between this receiver and us in order to avoid confusion in place names and honorary degrees of thought so well established in the document presented to you. We believe it is the first time on Urantia that some of the truth of what it means to be an advanced race with advanced travel machines can do. It is our privilege to make this document part of our records for the enjoyment we had producing it where we could add information that Michael of Nebadon did not enter in the original transmission to this receiver. We are the Varen and we are watching Urantia from great distances, but we are there in spirit with you as you begin your planetary travails very soon. Thank you.


We have decided to decline comment to the extent our Varen brethren have done in order to provide a summing up of our work with you. Ron has been our eyes and ears on Urantia for nearly twenty months now, and we have enjoyed every minute of the association. He provides us the mental stimulus to overcome our awkward transmission device he calls telekinesis. That is a proper word for our process, but it fails to tell you that it is lively and operable over distances even the Varen cannot duplicate. When we are familiar with the English language, soon we will make more available to the Washington State receiver and the one doing these pages. We thank you all for listening to our story and even the extent of our planetary woes. We have much to relate and we will be doing so over the coming years of these communications. We are the Honeidar and we greet your souls with our hearts of spirit.

In closing these pages, remember I am not privileged to enter space areas forbidden by the Council of Equilibrium to protect. Therefore, statements received, while directed to me, are monitored by the Universal Censor assigned to these particular experiments in communication between species.

I am indebted to my friend Manotia, the Seraphic Transport of Thought for me many times, and to Michael of Nebadon who fearlessly addressed the Council of Equilibrium to allow me and a few others to make these discussions available to you. Additionally, I am enfianced with my Thought Adjuster who must be sitting at the switchboard of incoming communications below my ability to witness as there is only silence and non-interference inside these communications and they result in a clearance of voicing I rarely enjoy. Between the Adjuster and Michael of Nebadon I have rarely felt such free roaming inquiries that my mind was allowed to bestow on the Honeidar and the Varen. Each of these magnificent races provided me humor and shocks I never expected, as they revealed their worlds and some of their habits.

The historical events of the first meeting between the Varens and the Honeidar still has me chuckling over the incident which reminds me so much of the well intentioned soldiers and officers of the television series “F Troop”. The Seinfeld cast could do the whole episode justice too as one well-meaning slip piles up a variety of disasters until there is nothing left but a hasty retreat! I am so glad they could communicate enough of the situation that we can enjoy it here on the planet that invented the cataclysms of good intentions gone awry!

In closing, I am informed that there will be additional FLURRIES which address the ongoing problems in Superuniverse Six, the galactic home of the Varen and Honeidar peoples whom I feel indebted to for their friendship and courtesy in producing a document completely unique for its time on Urantia.

Ron Besser October 31st 2012 York, Pennsylvania, USA

Glossary of Terms in This Document

  1. COUNCIL OF EQUILIBRIUM - A Paradise advisory council on power and force requirements
  2. HELEDRON - Name of Local Universe in SU6 of the Creator Son 609,104
  3. HELIOSPADRON - The System in which Honeidar is one of about 1,000 planets
  4. HONEIDAR - Planet of a human race of non-breathers in Light and Life making contact with Urantia
  5. HRALDAR - The smallest sun of the binary star solar system of Honeidar
  6. KARIA - Moon around Honeidar
  7. KRALLAAR - Largest or primary star in the binary star system of the Honeidar solar system
  8. KRENEL - A Honeidar Scientist Astronomer
  9. ORDER OF MICHAEL 99,195 - awarded to Manotia, a Completion seraphim, Chief of Urantia Seraphic Services
  10. RONGAR - A Honeidar Teacher and Philosopher
  11. SALISAR - The planetary home of the Varen about 60 light years from Honeidar
  12. SOLONANGER - The Capital of Superuniverse Six (SU6)
  13. SOVEREIGN MICHAEL 611,121 - Local Universe of Nebadon
  14. SOVEREIGN MICHAEL 609,104 - Local Universe of Heledron
  15. SUPERUNIVERSE SIX (SU6) - composed of numerous galaxies similar in construction to SU7
  16. VALEN - A Star System and the primary home of the Varen people who reside on planet Salisar
  17. VAREN - A race of traders on Salisar located in the same local universe as Honeidar and are Honeidar allies
  18. VEREMERTON - The Solitary Messenger making the first announcement from SOLONANGER to Urantia
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